SB 277 Lawsuit – What’s Going to Happen August 12th, 2016 at the Preliminary Injunction Hearing?…

This is only the BEGINNING  of the Battle…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

California Senate Bill 277, perhaps the most obvious takeover of State Government by international corporations in America’s history, forcing “Made-in-China” death pus tubes (vaccines) on California’s innocent children, has been legally challenged by the North American Health Freedom Movement.

The first major battle, with both sides lining up their expert legal argument brigades in front of San Diego Federal Court Judge Dana M. Sabraw, will start at 1:30 PM in Courtroom 13A, a small 30-seat enclave, used for Motion Hearings, and things like that.

What’s happening in 13A?

The “Good Guys,” the Plaintiffs, are basically asking Judge Sabraw to open the window and drop California passed legislation SB 277 thirteen floors down into the dumpster, along with the rest of the garbage, so-to-speak.

The attorneys for the “Good Guys” are asking Judge Sabraw to sign an Order, called a Preliminary Injunction, preventing the implementation of SB 277, so that those same “Good Guys” can then use the Federal Court system to get to the bottom of how, and why, the sleazy California Democratic Party machine in California was bought out by drug corporations intent on physically and mentally, damaging as many California children, as possible, in as short a time as possible, using “Made-in-China” vaccines.

What will the Judge’s Decision Be?

That’s the Question.  Will the Judge issue the Injunction, pass on it, modify it, or put it off for another day?  We’ll find out within an hour, or so, of 1:30 PM, Friday afternoon.

Since the legal team, and the Plaintiffs, themselves, came to this war to go the distance on this argument, the decision, no matter which way it goes, is just part of a long process – one we intend to use, to stop this drug lord takeover of California and every other State.

We need, and expect, in this country, and certainly in California, a REAL health care offering based on science, history, and common sense.  The US vaccine program, shoved at us by the CDC and their toady State Health Departments, cannot meet the test of ANY of those qualifiers.  It is all a dangerous, money generating, hoax…  The participants in it are low-lifes.

So, let’s look at the options, and see what will happen…

(1)  The Judge grants the Preliminary Injunction

(a) We celebrate the victory State wide, country wide, world wide – party time. And, then get ready for the next battle within this case – see just below.

(b) The State will immediately Appeal to the Ninth District Appeals Court. Their chances of overturning the Injunction are slim-to-none.  We party again.

(c)  The State will file a “Motion to Dismiss,” and we will get to read, once again, arrogant legal braying, with the State screeching in court documents that we “are all a bunch of conspiracy theorists, blah, blah, blah…”

(d)  And the case goes on…

(2)  The Judge does NOT grant the Preliminary Injunction

 (a) We immediately (same day) Appeal to the Ninth District Appeals Court. Our legal teams are ready to do this.  The paperwork is ready to go.

 (b)  We put off the party for a week.

(3)  The Judge puts off the writing of the Order/Decision for a day or two.

(a)  We wait a day or two..

(4)  California Senator Richard Pan shows up to order Judge Sabraw to deny the Preliminary Injunction stating that he, Dicky Pan, knows that vaccines are “Safe and Effective.”

The Judge gives Dicky a WTF look.

(a)  “Vaxxed’s” Del Bigtree, and Polly Tommy walk over near where Dicky Pan is standing in front of the Judge, and look at Dicky sternly.

(b)  Dicky Pan turns, runs, out of the courtroom. Smell of urine in the air.

(c)  Del and Polly follow Dicky down the hallway recording Dicky’s whimpering.  They put it on the internet to give us all a laugh.

That last part was humor… (or was it?)…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

27 thoughts on “SB 277 Lawsuit – What’s Going to Happen August 12th, 2016 at the Preliminary Injunction Hearing?…”

  1. LMAO at 4 (a), (b) & (c) but praying for some sanity and good news of 1 (a) then (c)!

    Does anybody know anything about this judge?

    Thank you for your articles and for getting a copy of the pleadings out for those of us who enjoy reading them!

  2. Hey Tim, I really appreciate these well thought out informative updates on this vital process. Thank you

    What do you mean in 2b, wait one week?

  3. Thank you Tim Bolan and legal team et al! Thanks for holding our hands during the run up to tomorrow 8-12-16 and keeping me, us, posted / educated on this legal maneuvering. I am most eagerly waiting on your next post, even though I expect no issuing of a preliminary injunction. People don’t have the stones for taking a principled stand anymore, including judges, everyone wants to kick the responsibility down the road for someone else to deal with. But I have been waiting for the vaccine issue to be brought up in court where rules of evidence apply and where the “emperor” can be shown to be truly naked, and I still believe the truth can triumph over well funded propaganda.

  4. I always love your commentary. I truly hope and pray the judge grants an injunction. SB277 is evil in so many ways. Including Dicky Pan.

  5. Let us ALL seriously pray to whatever power greater than ourselves & ask for the order to be in favor of plaintiffs!!

  6. Laughed.

    But what if Justice decides to ‘stay’ indefinitely?
    Doctor’s Data is pretty slow, and would sure be useful.

  7. No one is allowed to take our rights as human beings and the right to choose how we want to raise our children. We are not a communist country, WHAT IS GOING ON? How much are all these people getting paid. These pharmaceutical companies are not paying for the children that have already been damaged and have been killed by ALL these vaccines.
    We have to stop it now or they will take it all the way to vaccinating everyone there will be no stopping them from this type of population control and the greedy money hungry system.
    This has to be the most ludicrous thing happening right now, and just imagine the crap that is going on in the world.
    We truly need to remember that we live in a FREE country, what happened, that people or a system can dictate and demand, control our FREEDOM and our RIGHTS as human beings!

  8. A victory in CA will be a victory for the country. I hope BOTH lawsuits win. And sb277 overturned. Dick Pan probably ran, for office, JUST so he could push this law. Mainly.

  9. I will be praying for a positive outcome. “Dicky Pan”, lol, love it. It would be kind of funny to see #PanRan part III, but he doen’t have the “you know what” to show up.

  10. The making of history is in progress now! SB277 is yet another attempt to strip people of their basic inherent rights of freedom. Freedom to chose medical interventions, freedom to chose what gets injected into their children’s bodies, freedom to make an informed decision and remain the gatekeeper of their child’s health and well being. It is the parent’s right to make that choice.
    Ultimately, the freedom to choose medical treatments (such as vaccination) has to fall in line with the autonomy and sovereginity of the person. One’s reign over their body is a sacred inherent right that is NEVER to be subjected to the notion of transposing it into a privilige and hence becoming a matter of exemption on any sort of ground.
    Parents are their children’s caregivers and as such the sole responsibility and right to decide what goes into their bodies is theirs to exercise. Children have the right to access of free public education and denying such rights based on the choice to refuse enforeced mandatory medical procedure is nothing short of fascism.
    This will lead to some dire consequences for parents and children alike. Some will succumb to this draconian bill as they will find themselves cornered with no other choice but to subject their children to unwanted medical procedure and others will be left with no other option but to leave their jobs and homeschool or worse free their homes and see for a safe haven elsewhere under the sun…..and it will be only a matter of time for the pharma squad to come and get them. There might not be a safe place under the sun unless we write our own history TODAY!

  11. Thank you for simply breaking down the process – what could or could not happen in the coming hours/days!

  12. We the People!!!! Time to stand up and fight! My husband and I prayed for justice to prevail. Believing the judge isn’t suckered by mainstream reporting and falso doctrine.

  13. Pan’s not a man to do what he can, Pan ran, damn Pan!
    So glad to see this and I hope it come to fruition that this mandate is struck down!


    China supplies a lot of the vaccine ingredients to manufacture and has beeen called repeatedly for substandard ingredients to mold on equipment to. bits of plastic/metal/galsss etc in them! They care not about their own people, do you think they care what goes into ours?!

    Today’s Rundown
    Alexion making €100M Ireland plant investment

    Chinese API maker spanked in warning letter

    Akorn’s Hi-Tech is the source of large Actavis recall

    Manufacturers in India said to hold Epclusa licenses for developing markets

    Heartburn? Latest Dr. Reddy’s recall is for more than 84,000 bottles of antacid

    Japan’s Taisho buys nearly 25% stake in Vietnam’s DHG Pharma for $97M

    FYI any parents caregivrs who have children with issues needing imaging, please DO NOT get any MRIS with gadolinium contrast, as it is building up in the bodies of patietns with NO KNOWN KIDNEY DISEASE, it is NOT CHELATING from our bodies ( I have HIGH amounts in me from 9 MRis with Gadolinium contrast over ten year’s time-span! I am doing chelation getting lots out, fighting with insurance to cover this (also getting out mercury, lead, cadmium too)



    Good luck, hit me up on FB if you have any Questions!

  14. maybe like trump says people use the 2nd amendment against those people trying to force vacines into us ,who in the hell do they think they are i have always voted democrat ,but those democrats have failed the people they promised to represent, its only a matter of time when all your rights are taken away.i will be voting republican from now on.

  15. The judge said he will rule the week of Aug 22 on the motion for a preliminary injunction.

  16. That the Judge is considering the motion suggests a written decision will be forthcoming, addressing the issues raised by both sides. To preserve the rights of the litigants, the motion should be granted.

    However, don’t be too surprised if there is another “outbreak” of some vax disease, among the vaxxed, of course, just before the decision is announced!

  17. Hey Ralph Fucetola JD…

    Sure, and new feigned outbreak could be orchestrated at ANY time… but WHY specifically, do you conjure it might occur just before this decision is announced? (What possible influence could that be at THIS time?)

  18. Tim and others, this is off topic but I believe of similar importance.

    Is the Health Freedom Movement involved at all in trying to prevent GM mosquitos from being unleashed in the Florida Keys?

    The Zika scare driving this push is dubious for many reasons, but even taking it at face value this episode reeks of corporate/government manipulation in order to force a technology on an unwitting populace all because “science says.” People are about to become test subjects against their will. The hubris of these scientists and bureaucrats in pushing their genetic creations without any concern for unintended consequences is disturbing.

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