Inoculated: Looking for a Publisher with Guts and Integrity…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I always believe there’s a guy (or gal) who knows a guy (or gal) who can get you what you really want.

And what I want, and hopefully what you want, is for me to find a publisher with the guts and integrity to publish my new book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost Its Soul in Autism.  And I know that among the countless readers of the Bolen Report, there’s somebody who can start this ball rolling.  You just need to be convinced.  So let this chapter outline get somebody out there excited about seeing this book in print and causing trouble in the world.

Chapter One: The Call –

Dr. Brian Hooker, a university biology professor was working in his office when he got a call from a senior Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) scientist, Dr. William Thompson.  The two worked together years earlier when parent groups were clamoring for the CDC to conduct research into vaccines and autism.  Thompson reveals that the CDC found such evidence, but covered it up.  Thompson had retained these documents and eventually turned them over to Congressman William Posey.  The most explosive of these allegations is that earlier administration of the MMR vaccine is causing a 3.36-fold increase in autism among African-American males.  With Thompson’s guidance, Hooker publishes this information in the summer of 2014.

Chapter Two: The Insanely Good Soul of Dr. Andrew Wakefield –

British researcher, Dr. Andrew Wakefield first published his findings suggesting the MMR vaccine was linked to autism in The Lancet in 1997, even going so far as to share these results with the CDC prior to publication.  In the ensuing years, Wakefield was subjected to unbelievable persecution and his name was vilified throughout the world.  Hooker brings the Thompson documents to Wakefield’s attention.  Hooker also initiates contact between Thompson and Wakefield, with Thompson apologizing for participating in the cover-up of research that would have vindicated Wakefield’s research.  Wakefield accepts Thompson’s apology.

Chapter Three: The Lipkin-Hornig Team –

No two scientists are more frequently quoted in the media regarding vaccine issues that Dr. Ian Lipkin and his collaborator, Mady Hornig of Columbia University.  And yet the picture is more complex than painted in media accounts.  The author reviews the Lipkin/Hornig publication of 2004 and their Congressional testimony which DID show a link between the mercury in vaccines and autism in laboratory animals.  Also reviewed is their “debunking” investigations in the retroviruses and chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, the MMR vaccine and autism, and the simple flaws in their experiments which would be clear to anyone with a passing familiarity in scientific principles.

Chapter Four: The Documents –

On December 22, 2015, science teacher and author Kent Heckenlively applied for and was granted access by the office of Congressman William Posey to the documents turned over by Dr. William Thompson.  Heckenlively reviews some of the most damaging documents and also reflects on how his own struggle with his daughter’s autism would have been significantly different if this information had been publicly released in 2001.  There would have been no “Vaccine War” or dismissal of autism parents as being “anti-science”, just researchers and parents working together to find solutions for their disabled children.

Chapter Five: The CDC Runs Away to Simpsonwood Retreat Center to Defend Mercury in Vaccines –

On June 7-8, 2000 more than fifty scientists from the CDC, private universities, and vaccine makers gathered at Simpsonwood Retreat Center in Norcross, Georgia to discuss findings that suggested thimerosal in vaccines, a mercury derivative, were linked to increasing rates of autism and other neurological disorders.  The meeting was supposed to be secret, and the “study” was not published until more than two years later, after a lot of the incriminating information was eliminated.  Using the actual transcript of the meeting, Heckenlively shows how the science was twisted by the same individuals who would later prevent Dr. Thompson from honestly reporting his own findings about the MMR vaccine.

Chapter Six: The View from Congress –

Heckenlively interviews Beth Clay, a former senior staff member of the House Oversight Committee chaired by Congressman Dan Burton which had looked into the mercury issue and issued a report in 2003 called “Mercury in Medicine: An Unnecessary Burden.”  The report concluded that mercury was probably linked to the autism epidemic and made numerous suggestions for change, none of which were adopted.  Clay’s memories of the investigation provide a chilling look at scientists who do not want to honestly investigate one of their most cherished practices.  The chapter ends with a speech in 2004 by another Congressman, Dave Weldon, a medical doctor, in which he reviews the shameful conduct of the CDC in this investigation.  Weldon’s talk got minimal press coverage.

Chapter Seven: The Legal View –

Most Americans don’t realize they cannot sue a vaccine manufacturer for injuries.  That right was taken away by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which established a special “Vaccine Court” which hears all claims.  Injured parties are not allowed to obtain documents from the companies which manufactured the vaccines, or are they allowed to call researchers who worked on those products.  Even with all of these obstacles, the court has paid out more than three billion dollars in claims, including to several children whose injuries included autism.  This chapter features an interview with a judge who worked in the “Vaccine Court” for twenty-two years as well as a Stanford law professor who conducted an in-depth investigation of the court, ultimately concluding it did not provide a good model for other proposed alternative courts.

Chapter Eight: Those Who Oppose Goliath –

Brandy Vaughn was a pharmaceutical sales representative for Merck pharmaceuticals, selling the medication, Vioxx, which was later pulled off the market because it was causing heart attacks among those who took it.  The experience forced Vaughn to more deeply consider what she had been a part of, and led her to research vaccine ingredients when she had her own child.  Vaughn went on to found the “Council for Vaccine Safety” and has been a leader against efforts in her own state to mandate vaccines for all children.  The story of Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, an autism doctor who died under mysterious circumstances is also profiled.

Chapter Nine: Curious Alliances –

After publication of his article, Dr. Brian Hooker becomes part of a group of individuals trying to work in concert with other groups trying to get to the bottom of Thompson’s allegations.  Most groups turn away, but significant and enthusiastic support is given by three unlikely groups: right-wing Republicans, the Nation of Islam under Louis Farrakhan, and the Church of Scientology.

Chapter Ten: De Niro, Tribeca and the Real Goodfellas

Wakefield and Hooker’s documentary film about CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, is accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival in March of 2016, immediately becoming the subject of controversy.  De Niro supports the film at first, then pulls it, then later on The Today Show says he regrets pulling the film and everybody in America should see it and make up their own mind.  The film is also pulled from the Houston International Film Festival under pressure from the mayor and a local judge on the grounds that it conflicts with the city’s immunization program.  The film opens in theaters across the country, attracting record crowds, and provoking a long overdue national conversation.

Chapter Eleven – The Battle for California, America, and My Hometown –

In this chapter, a significant legal challenge is levied in California against SB 277, the VAXXED team meets with Congressman Jason Chaffetz, head of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and the author details his struggles with setting up a showing of the documentary in his hometown.  The author also meets with his local congressman who pledges to help.

Chapter Twelve: Can Science End the Autism Epidemic? –

Can the autism epidemic be reversed?  Can we give those people who currently suffer from this affliction a normal life?  Heckenlively sounds a hopeful note by interviewing a leading scientist from the University of California, San Diego, who has been using a century-old drug to reverse autism in animal models, and has had similar success in his initial human trial.  Sometimes science can make quantum leaps, and this research holds the promise of not only transcending the current bitterness, but pointing towards treatment for many other diseases.

Chapter Thirteen: Justice –

What steps can be taken to punish those responsible for this epidemic and insure that a similar tragedy does not take place in the future.  Heckenlively lays out four recommendations to end the autism epidemic.

I’m hoping that this outline gets your thinking process going and a lot of you out there are considering calling up that friend in publishing.

And to make it even better, they don’t even have to contact me, since I am represented by the magnificent, Johanna Maaghul of Waterside Literary Productions, the world’s #1 literary agency for New York Times non-fiction bestsellers.  Her email is

I know somebody in this amazing reading audience can make it happen.  Maybe an L.A. publisher?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

8 thoughts on “Inoculated: Looking for a Publisher with Guts and Integrity…”

  1. I’ll read this later when I have more time, but if you don’t find a satisfactory publisher you can self publish & still sell on Amazon or through your own website & self promotion

  2. Sounds good. I’ll buy it when published.

    One question though. I see people swearing up and down that you CAN sue the Pharma corp and the Dr that gave the shots if you don’t accept the vaccine court decision. They frequently reference this statement; “The special master’s decision may be appealed and petitioners who reject the decision of the court (or withdraw their petitions within certain timelines) may file a claim in civil court against the vaccine company and/or the health care provider who administered the vaccine. ” It’s here:

    Any thoughts on this?

  3. Do on-line publishing……………. you don’t need a publisher.
    If it is a hit, a publisher will then pick up on it.

  4. In general, publishing is every bit as much a mafia as the pharmaceutical industry. This should be no great surprise as very large parts of it are owned by the Rockefeller conglomerate.

    Even if a publisher accepts your book for “potential” publishing (thus tying your hands) it can easily be 18 months and more before anything happens. If the book is good but the author unknown then it is quite likely that a small number of books will be published with no publicity and, therefore, virtually no sales. The books will be remaindered after a year and the author sent the bill. Meantime, one of their own “in-house” authors will copy your text with a few slight alterations and, in a blaze of publicity, you will find your book published under someone else’s name!

    In your case, this could be even worse, your text will be skewed to “prove” the exact opposite of what you are trying to get “out there”.

    There are exceptions to this but by no means are all of them honest!

    You should also bear in mind that, unless the author is already very well known, the author’s royalty will be between 50 and 70 cents on a book retailing at $20.00!

    Many years ago, I started self-publishing just with e-books and no capital. As turnover grew I began to offer the most popular titles as printed books (you will be amazed how little it costs to print 500 copies, or even 150!). Two of my better sellers have been taken up by a small publishing house but not at 50 cents per copy; I get 1/3rd of the retail price.

    So, make yourself a website. If you don’t feel confident doing this then contact (he makes websites for “hot stuff” and hosts them in Iceland where the banking cartel has no sway). Then, when you’re ready, get Tim to write a review and send people to the website to purchase. Then you’re rolling.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  5. I agree with Karma and Angie. Self-publish (like some churches do with their cookbooks, etc). Or publish online which you can do if you have a wordpress blog set up for yourself or through Tim or whomever. I would NOT depend on a regular publishing company to do this properly. They’ll rearrange your words to mean the exact opposite of what you’ve written.

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