SBN 277 Lawsuit

SB 277 Lawsuit – We’re Just Waiting…

Hopefully, Lunch will Be Along in a Minute…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  

Last Friday, August 12th, 2016, SB 277 Lawsuit San Diego Federal Court Judge Dana M. Sabraw, after hearing oral arguments in the Preliminary Injunction  Hearing said ”I’ll Give you My Decision in Writing Within Two Weeks”…

Two weeks?

You can bet that  Judge Sabraw will be very careful with the writing of this legal decision.  He, and his staff, will be spending quite some time on it.

Why?  This case is going to the US Supreme Court.

The Options…

The decision to issue, or not issue, a Preliminary Injunction preventing the implementation of SB 277, could be in our hands any minute.  Whatever it is we proceed to the next step.

As I’ve said before, whatever happens, the side that loses this hearing will immediately Appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

So, we wait…

But, there are some side issues…

I didn’t just wait five days because I was busy.  I am always right on top of what is happening.  I knew the Judge’s decision to give himself time within minutes of that action.  It was THOSE OTHER THINGS, and my investigation into them, that kept me from acting.

Something strange was going on – in fact, TWO strange things.

Strange thing number one – Apparently there are some people interfering with our attorneys’ ability to manage the case – and it is severe.  I received, I think, five separate reports of someone, an aggressive woman (NOT part of the legal team) at the Hearing, who was CONSTANTLY handing notes forward, obviously trying to distract our team’s efforts to answer the Judge’s questions.  I HOPE, for our sakes, that that person didn’t upset the Judge against us.

Attorneys prepare days ahead of time for Judge’s questions, discussing answers, and points, with their colleagues, so as to make a smooth presentation.  They DO NOT need distraction…

I have been investigating who that person was, and at this point I can say “She was not invited to participate….”  I have questioned this person via email, about what she was up to, who she represented, and, so far, have not received an answer.

Don’t worry – I’ll find the answer one way or another.

Strange thing number two – Several hours after the hearing three of the attorneys met with the Plaintiffs and other interested parties to talk about the Hearing events.  A video was made, and it aired on Periscope, and invited “comments.”  The readily visible “comments” took up most of the left side of the screen, and at 12:47 into the video one of the attorneys was offered a “blow job.”  Just a little further the REALLY NASTY COMMENTS  started.

So, how did those “comments” appear so fast. The “skeptics” had no notification of the video…

It took a while to get the video taken down.

Rife with rumors – I’ve been getting bits and pieces of a story telling me that there is a group, acting behind the scenes, to disrupt the case, and our attorney’s management of it.  That wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  If any of you have anything to contribute in that scene, please get a hold of me.

I do have, based on the information I am gathering, a working theorem of what’s happening, and I think, so do the attorneys.

i suspect that some strong language has been, and is being, used, this last week, in attorney communication networks.

We’ll see…

I’m getting hungry.   Where’s lunch?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen






17 thoughts on “SB 277 Lawsuit – We’re Just Waiting…”

  1. Controlled Opposition in the Courtroom? Say it ain’t so. At least we have our eyes wide open this time.

  2. I just finished reading the 27 page reply brief and all I can say is wow! The document was well written, it disputed all of the states case law and mentioned every defect in the states reasoning for passing SB277. I love how the plaintiffs used the states very own evidence against them. I am here praying for an order!

  3. I don’t even know what to say. I will be interested to read when you have more information. I only watched a little of the periscope, but I didn’t read the comments. I know sometimes troll people show up on Polly’s Vaxxed periscopes & sometimes their comments are restricted. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  4. I don’t even pretend to know everything that could be going on. It definitely sounds like, if things are disintegrating to the lowest common denominator against the plaintiffs’ attorneys, that the opposition is running scared.

    What I do know is that when faced with a Goliath, the best offense OR defense remains PRAYER, which I will be continuing to fervently do, and I invite others to join in prayer petition for everyone involved to fight this fight. “David” can definitely win.

    Thank you!

  5. As a non-lawyer I’m curious if there is any viability in approaching this case (or others where science is being used to justify coercion) from the standpoint that a) science is essentially a religion and b) the Establishment Clause grants us freedom from any particular religion.

    The government has no right to force our children to take Communion not matter how good it might be for the soul.

    I know that the idea of “science as religion” is scoffed at by “skeptics,” but it is fundamentally no different in that it is just another epistemological framework at best. And in practice it is frequently as dogmatic, faith-based, and tribal as any religion.

  6. Expect the worst. I’ve been in legal field for over 32 years. There’s big money here. Trolls/moles have been involved from beginning and will be ready. They know there’s Periscope going on, they would absolutely be expecting it after hearing.

    And There’s that other attorney who has not made progress and only wants attention his way – I’d watch him and the ones supporting him too. Egotistical liars will try to sabotage if attention would be on the winner.

  7. 08-18-2016
    Great work Tim Bolen ! I took note of this paragraph in your latest report. :
    ” Strange thing number one – Apparently there are some people interfering with our attorneys’ ability to manage the case – and it is severe. I received, I think, five separate reports of someone, an aggressive woman (NOT part of the legal team) at the Hearing, who was CONSTANTLY handing notes forward, obviously trying to distract our team’s efforts to answer the Judge’s questions. I HOPE, for our sakes, that that person didn’t upset the Judge against us. ”

    I hope when you identify this woman; that you put her identity on the Internet and make it go viral. We sure don’t need some self-appointed Pig sabotaging this case. This case is way too important and of Nationwide importance. And of Life and Death importance; as has overwhelmingly been shown by many examples on many websites.
    yours truly,
    Roger Fuller

  8. My UNALIENABLE RIGHT to NOT be any further “vaccinated”, AND yours my friends…
    I have a personal right, to refuse to be injected with insect cells, aborted baby cells, monkey cells, calf cells, pig cells, yeast, sterilizing agents, artificial colors, sugars, alcohol (I’ll INGEST that, thank you, if and when I so choose), antibiotics, E-Coli, Salmonella, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, heavy metal toxins, etc…. (Many of these things I refuse to put in my mouth, so why the heck would I consent to injecting them? NO. Period. Not up for debate thanks.) I do believe that this is a critically important issue, and my body and those of my loved ones depend on it, but the more I learn, the more grossed out I am…. insect cells…so vile. The right to choose and not be Forcibly Injected Against My Better Judgement (for myself), and My Will (for my skin), to Be Vaccinated for ANYTHING, If I Choose (for myself), NOT TO, is an Unalienable Right. Your right to choose to blindly inject unknown cocktails into your bloodstream, oh except it’s a criminal act, so it’s not an actual acceptable option, but had it been a legal and lawful practice, it would then be your right to choose; but I digress…. Friends, I am afraid they are attempting to divide us with this issue as well as distract us from their true actions and intentions. As well as potentially turn us on one another when the potential false flag, “outbreak” (defined – more than 3 cases), they create, “breaks out”…Vaccines DO NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED. They are CRIMINAL, BIOLOGICAL WARFARE. This is not an issue of do they cause autism. This is an issue of is there any disease they do NOT cause. Facts are Facts friends, and if you will revisit the “science” you’ve seen “prove” otherwise, you’ll see it really does NO SUCH THING. I invite intelligent comment or questions and I invite you to provide the info if you did find it, I’d love to be wrong, oh wait…insect cells. Yeah, that goes on my DEFINITELY NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO I CONSENT TO HAVING INJECTED INTO MY BLOODSTREAM. Insect cells are on that list for you too, right????? ?

  9. I have been researching who is behind Education4all, only to find Canary Party member, Rebecca Estepp as their spokesperson. But I have also seen a gofundme account to finance this lawsuit through Our Kids Our Choice (renamed “Health Choice”), with a Kristen Hundley behind it. No one knows much about this organization or this person.

    Tim spoke in detail about his concerns with Controlled Opposition and the Canary Party/Calif Coalition for Health Choice.

    The points made by the attorneys are solid and well articulated. However, Tim, should people be concerned that this lawsuit is also being controlled from the inside?

  10. Your concerns are very real, and they have been addressed PRIOR to Jim Turner agreeing to take the case as lead attorney. Note that, almost immediately, Jim brought in THREE new Plaintiff non-profits, ALL of which are large, well established organizations with sterling reputations. Each of those conducted special Board meetings of their organizations to decide whether or not to become a Plaintiff. I, Tim Bolen, know these organizations and I vouch for their authenticity and veracity.

    I, personally, behind the scenes, have demanded of E4A that they reveal their organization structure and membership – and they are not complying. My suggestion to the attorneys on this subject is that E4A be DROPPED as a Plaintiff, and a REAL California organization, one with a REAL track record, and people you can see, be substituted. I have several in mind.

    E4A may THINK they are in charge – but REALITY is biting them in the ass…

    Tim Bolen

  11. Tim – thanks for the response. I know that Jim Turner is lead attorney, but Kim Mack Rosenberg is also an attorney on this case. She too is a Canary Party/Health Choice executive member, as well as a colleague of Rebecca Estepp, who speaks on behalf of E4all.

    I’m just trying to wrap my head around this legal defense team. I agree with you about fishy behavior within the Canary Party, and the appearance of controlled opposition. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m concerned there is a fox in the hen house with this lawsuit. If this lawsuit fails, you can bet they’ll be coming after all of us for mandatory vaccines.

  12. Joanne Addis, it is known that Dorito WAS there. While I DOUBT she was the woman (as everyone knows that stupid haircut or lack of and that unintelligible talk), it should be known that if you want to decorrupt this case, first thing is get Dorito out of the picture. She is a Zionist and has a ton of corrupt people backing her.

  13. Are all schools (including private schools) required to report on vaccination records of students? Are the private schools penalized in some way if they do not comply with reporting? How is this enforced?

    Hasn’t it been two weeks? When will we know about tro? Will schools be informed so they can suspend vaccination requirements/reporting?

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