Save 250,000 Children from Autism and 15,000 Babies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Oskar Schindler saved about 1,200 Jews from the Nazis in World War II and Steven Spielberg made an Academy Award winning film about him.

My ambitions are much greater.

My five year moratorium on childhood vaccines (especially with the changes I’ve suggested to be implemented in those five years) mean that CONSERVATIVELY I WILL BE SAVING 250,000 CHILDREN FROM AUTISM AND 15,000 BABIES FROM SUDDEN INFANT DEATH SYNDROME.

I really do have to stress that this is a CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE.  The true effects are likely to be MUCH GREATER.

When you look at the numbers for the numbers of children diagnosed with autism you get a lot of variation in the numbers.  50,000 a year is a conservative estimate.  It’s likely to be much higher.

That’s not counting all the kids with ADHD, sensory processing disorder, and all of the other associated learning problems I believe should be laid at the feet of vaccines.

It’s estimated that the cost of raising a child with autism is about three million dollars, a good deal of it paid for by the government, insurance, or borne by the families.  Let’s look at just the lost opportunity costs.  250,000 kids and each one costing $3,000,000, that’s a savings of $750 BILLION DOLLARS.

That’s not even factoring in the emotional costs, the broken marriages, financial devastation and all of the other things that autism so often leaves in its wake.

Here’s that petition again:

Now let’s talk about dead babies.

Isn’t it staggering to the reasonable mind that the mainstream news media will go absolutely crazy over claims of whether some Russian met with some person connected to some political campaign, but when you ask what is killing about 3,500 babies a year as they lay sleeping in their cribs, you get a great, collective silence?

I’m even willing to concede that maybe 500 of those 3,500 dead babies a year are due to something other than vaccines.  But I’ve met the parents of enough children who have died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, telling me of how it happened so close to a “Well-Baby” visit with 6-10 vaccines in the visit that I’m starting to be in favor of homicide charges against those pediatricians.

Considering the bonuses that those pediatricians are getting paid from the pharmaceutical companies, I think I’d even throw in a charge of murder for hire.

Here’s that petition again:

In my last article I begged the pro-pharma trolls to attack me.

They obliged, with David Gorski, (aka, Orac) attacking me in his blog.  They say you should always listen to your enemies, because they may see you in the clearest light.


Orac claims I want to be like Aragorn, the character in Lord of the Rings, who rallies the scattered tribes of Middle Earth to fight the evil of Mordor.  Guilty as charged.  We all need examples of virtue to which we can aspire, and I happily claim Aragorn as a model I wish to follow.

I am interested in rallying the scattered tribes of the various disease communities to fight against the oppressive evil of Big Pharma.  Plain and simple.

In the historical realm, I prefer Eisenhower as a role model.  He understood the value of generals like Patton, Bradley, and Montgomery.  Some are hard-charging geniuses, others show quiet strength and resolve, and others can occasionally act like a primadonna.  We may squabble from time to time, but in the end we fight the enemy.

But turnabout is fair play.


As Orac has named me, it is now my turn to name him.  He is not Orac to me.  He is Orc, the ugly, savage, and unpleasant being that in the end is not really that interesting or consequential.

I mean, seriously, Aragorn is such a bad-ass that he probably takes out a few Orcs before breakfast.

Fight with me, my brothers and sisters.  

Here’s that petition again:

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



8 thoughts on “Save 250,000 Children from Autism and 15,000 Babies from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome!”

  1. Counsel Kent writes with eloquence and passion. The Five Year Moratorium is urgent and we all need to support it.

    However, even if the toxic assaults that are destroying the children ended today, we would be faced with millions of injured children.

    What I am seeing is that the holistic doctors and healers are beginning to step forward with compassionate plans to retrieve the children.

    As Dr. Rima tells us, “Autism is not the new normal; the children can be retrieved. Here ebook detailing proven natural therapies is here:

  2. I can only say from my own personal experience. I have 2 step kids. One born in 1987, and the other born 1989. What a difference a couple years can make, and the way they racked up the vaccine schedule as according to the CDC! So my step son has ADD, and ADHD! This was diagnosed by the SCHOOL! What sounds wrong with this? How many have had there kid sent home for NOT being on drugs (Adderall)? (so much for zero tollerence) Sadly I supported the school shrink from the start, despite my wife’s argument that Chris was normal! I hated the way he acted on Adderall! He was like a zombie! He wasn’t bouncing off the walls, but he wasn’t acting normal either. I was a wild child to, but what Adderall did to Chris was one extreme to the other.

    My question in hind sight is was it the vaccines, or was it all the GMO shit he was eating? Frankly, I think it was both! To many toxins! I wish I knew then what I know now!

    To the new parents, never give up you instincts, and critical thought. Don’t be afraid to ask or challenge the Drs.! My wish is to help other parents to learn from my mistakes! We all make them, but when “they” lie to your face, you’ll make a bad choice!

    I’D also like to state, that after 8+ years of researching questions I had, and being blown off as some wacko conspiracy theorist, I now know I was right!

    So new parents, don’t 2nd guess your judgement! Always stand your ground, and DON’T back down!

    My next question is now what are we going to learn about ExTend? This is the latest frankenphude. I see this is killing Round Up ready crops! There’s a law suit to ban this in Arkansas! But those whores in the USDA, FDA & CDC claim this is safe. YES I buy that, after all they’re looking out for us and our kids! When a bunch of bought and paid for whores in congress are watching out for us, it makes me fearful!


    Hi Ralph, give my best to Rima and Bert. I was banned from there yahoo chat groups years ago when I started doing the research paper that kind of went viral on GMO phudes.

    Does any one remember the Brady Bunch? How about RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA?

  3. I was a participant at a couple of forums a few years ago where Gorski was present. It took people a while to recognize his grotesque style, but when we did we were all in agreement that he was a shill, and the worst kind of shill – he was a barker for something he didn’t even understand. He was just on there with his ignorant blabbing.

    Only he would equate fighting for human rights/children’s rights with something as inconsequential as a fictional story full of horrid, ugly characters. I’m not into sci-fi or whatever classification things like Lord of the Rings would fall under so that comparison does nothing for me, and I can’t be the only one who could give a shit less about fictional characters. Then again, Orac may believe they’re REAL. :\

  4. I hope (all of) you are using the full power of social media. It’s worked in the recent past.

    It is unclear on that petition whether it can usefully be supported by those of us who are not US citizens – I could make the observation that you North Americans frequently do make the assumption that the rest of us don’t exist, but that would be carping 🙂
    What is the the situation for the the other 95.% of us, vis-à-vis your petition?

    How best can we support your initiative?

    Imagine a country-by-country initiative, outside of the United States.

    Good luck, but I have to say that I don’t think Federal administration or Congress (let alone Senate) will buy it – they are likely to act out of familiar ignorance & draw on current false wisdom that such a move would cost the lives of thousands and thousands of infants (let’s exaggerate here).

    Panic, everyone, they want to take away our temporary safety!

    Only recently a US teacher I was talking with said that “only a few bozos” were against vaccines. I explained that in favouring safe medicine, I would be one of those bozos – and gave him some pointers. I hope he can keep his job.

    As you know, across the world (Australia’s psychopathic scientism being perhaps the worst – but not so far off here in the UK where our NHS & Press constantly LIE to us that vaccines are safe), those who question the vaccine construction are frequently accused of being potential mass child-killers – in direct contradiction of the likely facts.

    That bastion of crowd-based pseudo-skepticism Wikipedia has a list of cognitive biases

    It’s a high mountain to climb.

    Let’s go there.

    Let’s do that.

  5. I was thinking on a less drastic plan to achieve a similar result, keeping vaccines honest (which they clearly are not at this present time).

    An obvious test would be to apply a presumption of whether to vaccinate or not on a regional basis, then to compare regions over time.

    No compulsion on parents, no ownership of our children by the State, but also no withdrawal of service for those daft enough to continue believing the Big commercial Lie to which many are attached.

    It seems an obvious thing to do. Even Cuba would have done such a thing if they were testing a vaccine.

    I don’t know how it might work in the States, constitutionally.

    Of course ‘we’ should have to be prepared to tolerate potential small outbreaks of minor diseases – it’s another challenge to re-convince brainwashed government & public that minor diseases are still minor diseases (unless they’s been modified & weaponised, that is) – and go back to old-fashion treatment & survival. Thus we could also check over a decade or three the thesis that natural life-time immunity leads to healthier populations, savings in health care costs, and myriad other advantages.

    Supposing of course that statistics were to be honestly collected & analysed. That’s another big If.

    Such an approach could also make it just a little more more difficult for vaccine distributors to accidentally engineer scary local outbreaks by accidentally including live disease in some of their output, not that any of them would ever have even considered accidentally doing such a thing by accident, thus accidentally introducing a renewed fear of epidemic on which to base further sales. Accidentally. No-one would do that of course. Completely unthinkable. Laughable, in fact. Ridiculous. What would they have to gain? And it would be noticed that vaccinated sub-populations also caught whatever disease, so weren’t protected anyway. And that’s never happened has it? Something about herds.

    Yet somehow, we continue to experiment on entire populations, without doing the basic and obvious no-treatment comparison.

  6. My 2 more cents. What if I wanted to jack your kids up with rat poison, embalming fluid, mercury, aluminum, Poly Sorbate 80, and other toxins, plus Round Up Ready animal products?

    Then why doesn’t any one challenge the Dr. that insists on doing this to your child?

    Now Extend is is killing Round Up ready crops! This shit will be in vaccines soon. Think people!

  7. Abe:
    Do you have a link to info on “Ex-Tend”? I searched but only found dictionary definitions of the word and it’s use in various search results as a verb….

  8. Are there really only 3,776 signatures on your petition? I signed it at least once.

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