US Health Care Changes Under Trump – a Tectonic Shift…

It Isn’t About Who Pays For It, and How.  It’s That We ALMOST Have To Start Over…


Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

“Five Minute Medicine” is a mocking term used to describe the current US medical system.  What it is referring to is the simple fact that no matter what health care plan you have, or don’t have, when you visit your doctor what you get is always the same – junk.

When you have a health problem you make an appointment for two weeks to a month away.  When you get there you wait to  be called.  When you are taken into a room a “medical assistant,” who’s other job involves fast food, weighs you, asks you how tall you are, takes your temperature and blood pressure, and asks you what medications you are taking and types something into the computer.  Then, of course, they ask you if you have had your flu shot.

Then you wait for “your doctor…”

Shortly, “your doctor” breezes into the room, looks at you briefly, sits down on a roll-around stool, looks at the computer screen and begins to type something.  MAYBE, they will listen to your breathing.  All of this  takes less than two minutes.

At the beginning of minute three “your doctor” begins to write out your new drug prescriptions, which you will find, once you go to the pharmacy, cost CONSIDERABLY MORE then your last prescriptions.  This process takes up minutes three, four, and five.  Don’t blink or you won’t see “your doctor” exit the room.. They have sixty-five (65) more patients to see today.

THAT is “Five Minute Medicine” and “We the People” spend a fortune for it.

And it is junk…

You ask yourself – “How Could such a System be Breaking America’s bank?”

Don’t start me…

It took a long  time to get to this point.  Think greed and corruption.

There are actually TWO medical systems operating in America – the Official One, and one we call “Underground Medicine.”

“Underground Medicine?”  What the hell is that?

It is the system that smart, and rich, people, find out about and pay for out of their own pockets.  It is the one that actually works, where people get healthy and stay healthy.  It is not available to poor people because health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, etc., will NOT pay for it.

There is a story I’ve been telling for years explaining the reality of “Underground Medicine.”  It goes like this:

(1)  Years ago a famous basketball player named Magic Johnson had to get out of the game after he was diagnosed with AIDS.  AIDS, everyone knows, is incurable, and is a very harsh death sentence, with some VERY, VERY harsh drugs ruining  your existence even more About three years into the problem, SUDDENLY, Magic Johnson DOES NOT have AIDS any more…  Ummm?

When asked what had happened Magic said “God helped me…

(2)  Also, years ago, a famous mother-daughter country music singing act had to break up because the mother, Naomi Judd, came down with INCURABLE Hepatitis C.  A few years later Naomi was back – sans Hepatitis C.

When asked what had happened Naomi said “God helped me…

Really?  “God helped me?”  That phrase, I think, is a code-phrase for “I found Underground Medicine.”  Most likely both Magic, and Naomi, had simply found some very good practitioner who got them to sign a “confidentiality agreement” as a condition of being physically fixed.

So, Why is Their an Underground Medical system?

Because the “Five Minute Medicine” proponents owned the White House…  So, every federal and State agency attacked it when they could find its practitioners and those that trained them.

BUT NOW, they DO NOT own the White House.

Tectonic Shift?

Yup.  Big time.    The other day I wrote:

“But, almost better yet, Brenda Fitzgerald MD is a “Fellow of Anti-Aging Medicine” which means she completed the three-year program put on by the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).  A4M puts on two conferences per year in the US, and many others worldwide.  They have trained in excess of 125,000 doctors in these non-drug techniques.  Over 6,000 health professionals attend A4M’s December conference in Las Vegas every year, and 4,500 attend their Orlando, Florida event in April.

A4M has been under almost CONSTANT attack from the drug industry, and their federal agency toadies, for years.  “

What does this mean to the US healthcare system?  Everything. A4M is one of the biggest trainers of “Underground Medicine” practitioners on Planet Earth.

So, Is It sinking In yet?

Have you figured out what the Trump Team is doing?  There is a whole new system being put in place, and it IS NOT “Five Minute Medicine.”

And it is going to be paid for…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


6 thoughts on “US Health Care Changes Under Trump – a Tectonic Shift…”

  1. Thanks Tim! I enjoy your writing. Reading your posts, gives me a sense of confidence I don’t get from many others. I know only time will tell if history is on our side, but I hope you are right.

  2. As a very active practitioner, yeah these many decades, of “underground medicine” I would wish to add a small correction to your article, Tim.

    We do not only treat the rich. We charge the rich a little more so that we can treat the poor very cheaply or, in some cases, for free (most of us do anyway). Many of us also have an education programme for the many who have not yet “seen the light”, subsidised by treatments for the “enlightened” rich.

    The principle reason why so few “poor” get treated by us lies in the fact that from kindergarten onwards, they are indoctrinated in a religious system which says that doctors are the gods in white coats and everything else is the work of the devil. This all came about because of the Papal Bull of 1484 which began the push to criminalise the wise women – the natural healers – to enable the Papacy to take control of the land instead of just the towns and cities which they had controlled for some time. What has now become pharmaceutical medicine is the church appointed ersatz for healing. You can read the full story here:

    It is a far from infrequent event for the plethora of neo-Christian churches to receive payments from pharma front organisations to pray that God take away the abilities and customers of we healers.

    Changing the structure of how health care is dispensed is a useful start but unless you eradicate the pharma-religion the customers themselves will continue to support the old way.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. Great points indeed — and you can also add Jerry Lewis and Dr. Joel Wallach to your list. Lewis enlisted Dr. Wallach to take on muscular dystrophy and he discovered the nutrients needed to resolve it. So Lewis ended up getting fired from his own organization — for actually curing the disease! I think he should write a book on his experience, as should Magic Johnson and Ms. Judd. If we can get enough of these fine folks together we could really take on the medi-beast. It’s kept us in the dark for far too long so we need to pull back the curtain like Toto did, and reveal the truth to an ailing populace. Thanks for helping to make it happen, now let’s go the distance and stop all the ritualistic medical torture!!

  4. The approach to revamping health care in my opinion is backwards. There are many inexpensive suppressed technologies that can cure pretty much everything. We need to release suppressed technologies. Not only the technologies dealing with health…but the advanced technologies for free energy, and fast free transportation. If these were released EVERYONE could be insured for less than $1 a day, and our cost of living would be much less.
    The father of modern rocketry Werner Von Braun said there are enough suppressed technologies to turn the world….-(NOT just the United States -but the WORLD) into a 100 year renaissance.!!! Advances so awesome we could work 20 hours a week and have a nice and healthy life style. Imagine actually having time to be with those we love and do what we love!! Bring it on!! What could work better than this to take power away from the cabal?? Relate suppressed technologies Mister President!!!

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