Owen Shroyer and Jon Rappoport oF Infowars: America’s Children Need Your Help!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Last week I put out a plea to twenty-five leading individuals with knowledge of vaccine injury to help with my White House petition for a FIVE YEAR MORATORIUM ON CHILDHOOD VACCINES.

At the top of my list were Owen Shroyer and Jon Rappoport of Infowars.  I did this for a very specific reason, combining a relatively young truth seeker, with a more experienced veteran.

About Owen Shroyer…

For Shroyer, who is one of the leading lights of Infowars, you might be surprised to learn he has taken the “red pill (Matrix reference), relatively recently, in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing.  In listening to Shroyer, it is clear he understands what is at stake in the vaccine issue.

As something of a veteran in this fight I have to say I am pleased at what I see as an emerging libertarian streak in this generation.  I especially like the libertarian philosophy as it allows one an ideological basis to attack the lies of the left and right.  As an attorney, this comes naturally to me.  We are taught to follow principles, not personalities.

There is a reason all dictators throughout history have wanted to “first, kill all the lawyers.”  We are trained to follow the law, without fear or favor.  Tyrants of all persuasions fear lawyers.

About Jon Rappaport…

By contrast, Jon Rappoport (also a contributor to The Bolen Report), is a more seasoned hand.

In 1982, the LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus.  He has also run for Congress and started “The Great Boycott” against eight corporate chemical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, and others, which continues to this day.  He is a prolific writer and commentator, although since 2000 he has largely operated away from the mainstream media, because as he says, “My research was not friendly to the conventional media.”  I have also heard him speak about vaccines on Infowars and he knows the very fate of humanity is at stake in this issue.

Here is my petition on the White House web-site:


American children are in crisis with an explosion of once-rare neurological problems like autism and seizures.

Recent scientific evidence has shown massive contamination of vaccines with unsuspected chemical and biological agents. Other evidence shows dramatic differences in in health outcomes between vaccinated and un-vaccinated children. In order to remedy this we ask the White House to:

ONE: Impose a five year moratorium on all childhood vaccines from birth to age eighteen.

TWO: Repeal the 1986 National Childhood vaccine injury Act and return vaccines to the traditional civil justice system.

THREE: Perform large scale studies of vaccinated and un-vaccinated children.

FOUR: Ban direct pharmaceutical advertising to consumers and allow such advertising only to medical professionals.

I need 100,000 signatures by August 2, 2017.  I am ready to fly out to Texas to appear live on your show or appear remotely through Skype.

I estimate that this measure will save at least 250,000 children from developing autism and 15,000 babies from dying of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  And when the world sees these dramatic improvements in children’s health, there will be NO GOING BACK.  BIG PHARMA will forever be changed into little pharma.

Here is the link:


Thanks to Tami Canal of March Against Monsanto for being the first on my list to publicize this effort.  For the rest of you, I’m still waiting for a response.  Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, where are you on this?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com



6 thoughts on “Owen Shroyer and Jon Rappoport oF Infowars: America’s Children Need Your Help!”

  1. Kent, Your call for a Moratorium on childhood vaccines is a brilliant move that ought to have full support by the vax freedom movement. I’ve begun to alert everyone I know about it.
    But let’s take this one step further.
    Let’s enlist the Trump Admin in the fight.
    By filing a formal APA (Administrative Procedures Act) petition.
    Many are unaware, but most Fed Agency rule making is initiated by a formal APA petition. Once properly filed two things happen: FDA is supposed to respond and the public can file comments about the Petition at Regulations.gov
    This is quite different from an online petition as it has governmental standing and can become the subject of litigation against the agency if it fails to reply.
    Here is an example of a formal Petition we filed, that can be used as a model for the Moratorium Petition – http://drrimatruthreports.com/fda-accepts-petition-to-stay-the-shot-citizens-petition-demands-safety-testing-first/
    I’d be happy to help prepare the petition.

  2. Why isn’t there more signatures? This is old now?

    I’ve been following Jon for years. Why hasn’t he had this on any of his emails? Jon’s always on Alex Jones, John B. Wells, Health Ranger, Hagmann Report, Etc.

    Get with it people!

  3. Ralph’s approach is wonderful and I have given him the go-ahead!

    I am currently in discussions with Jon Rappoport as to how to best move this forward.

    Keep up the pressure!

    Everything we are doing now is WORKING!

  4. I think that vaccines, the way they are handled; are only for the sake of the profit for big pharma, not for the health of our children.

    Moreover: I think they represent a violation of our constitutional rights, especially the right of choice. They aim to force us all to be vaccinated, just for the sake of profit.

    This should end.

  5. I would add that we need to Stop Subsidizing Sickness in the form of processed foods, drugs, vaccines, etc. If freely-created products can make it in the free market, fine, but they should not automatically receive taxpayer money which just goes into more sickness / addiction / dysfunction. One of the reasons for today’s opiate addiction is that processed wheat has a similar effect on the human brain — so no wonder burgers and pizza are so incessantly advertised! Keep up the vital work through as many channels as possible, like The Power Hour is also a great one.

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