California Liberal Democrats Imploding State… It is Fun To Watch…

Trump Stopped the Chemtrails in California, Laughed at Funding the “Bullet Train…”

And the Dem’s Plan to Destroy California’s Agricultural, and Recreational Base, FAILED…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The demise of the liberal Democrats as a force in American politics had to begin somewhere.  I think it began on the day that the liberal Democrats shut down the California legislature in the face of parents with vaccine-damaged children to celebrate “Gay Pride,” instead of listening to those parents concerns about vaccines.

The arrogance of the liberal Democratic political machine was at its peak that day – and California legislators showed their scorn for heterosexual marriage and family issues in the most insulting way possible.

And, they are paying for that insult NOW with the complete, and utter, destruction of their political platform nationwide.

The Democrats are not just being destroyed over their vaccine stance, their anti-family-pro-LGBTPQ positions, their insistence on BIG Government, their promotion and dedication to the interests of Big Pharma, their abusive ObamaCare one-size-fits-all drug-based health care system, but also their attempt to destroy the American economy with fake climate change.

After the 2018 elections it is doubtful whether or not the Democratic Party will even survive.

California’s government is like a bad episode of Saturday Night Live that got left on the cutting room floor…  The Producers decided it was just too horribly fragile to mock.

And every day it gets worse…  Collapse is imminent.

And I cannot help but laugh at this well-deserved outcome.

For all their bluster the liberal Democrats are rather easy to beat.  And, frankly, it is fun frustrating them – just to see the look on their faces.  Drive by any Starbucks, during the day, in California, and see them in there with their double-lattes, looking like they have been run over by a steam roller (and, they have).

So, let’s laugh a little, right now, at the wanna-be despots… (keep reading).

California, the “Left Coast” Socialist/Communist State Had a Plan…

California’s seemingly ludicrous  “Bullet Train” project, supposedly a link between San Francisco and Los Angeles, had NOTHING to do with transportation, and EVERYTHING to do with seizing prime Central Valley farm land “for the collective.”

“The Plan” was in two parts:

(1)  Reduce the value of the land by creating an eight-year drought using chemtrails to create high pressure areas keeping rain away, and

(2) Create a Public Agency (the Bullet Train Agency) that could use “Eminent Domain” to force farmers to sell the land cheaply to the created Public Agency.

One problem was that NO ONE, not even public employee pension funds found the “Bullet Train” idea viable enough to pour in investment money.  The Obama-Nation GAVE California eight billion dollars ($8,000,000,000) as seed money, and it disappeared into Democratic coffers instantly.  Senator Diane Feinstein’s husband got the first billion, supposedly to form the “Bullet Train” agency, before the ink dried on Obama’s check.

The 64 billion dollar price tag…

Ed Ring, from the California Policy Center writes “What Californians Could Build Using the $64 Billion Bullet Train Budget…”

Ring says that the 64 billion could be spent much more efficiently on things California could use.  Like:

(1) Build 10 natural gas power plants generating 6.2 gigawatts of electrical output for $5.7 billion.

(2) Build plants to desalinate 1.0 million acre feet of seawater per year, supplying 1/3 of ALL California’s residential (indoor and outdoor) water requirements for $15 billion.

(3) Build plants to reclaim and reuse 2.0 million acre feet of sewage per year, supplying 2/3 of ALL California’s residential (indoor and outdoor) water requirements for $10 billion.

(4) Build the Sites Reservoir for $4.4 billion.

(5) Build the Temperance Flats Reservoir for $3.3 billion.

(6) Widen and resurface every major interstate (and then some) in the entire state.

(7) Fix the Potholes.

As Ring summarizes:

“Apart from the fact that a few farms have been purchased in Fresno County, and a few pylons have been stuck in the ground, and a handful of extremely well-paid bureaucrats are doing everything they can to preserve their jobs, why is high speed rail still being pushed? The reasons are a disappointing example of our dysfunctional democracy here in California. Because you could accuse every project on the above list of being susceptible to cronyism and cost-overruns, and you’d be right. Just as the Bullet Train will never get built for a mere $64 billion, it is likely these projects will also, in aggregate cost more than $64 billion. But we’d have abundant energy, abundant water, and a 21st century network of wide, upgraded freeways. If you’re going to play the innately corrupt game of public works, build things that help people live better, more prosperous lives!

Instead, California contends with an alliance of financial oligarchs whose pecuniary interests depend on Californians paying punitive prices for energy and water. Their green energy and high-tech ventures depend on forcing Californians to completely retool their homes with new, upgraded appliances (all of them – washer, dryer, dishwasher, air-conditioner, furnace, refrigerator) that are efficient to the point of diminishing returns. As mentioned, these appliances now double as surveillance devices that will force us to live our lives according to utility company algorithms.

Read the details of each thing above by clicking on the article title:  “What Californians Could Build Using the $64 Billion Bullet Train Budget…”

Trump Pulled the Rug Out From Under the liberal Democrats…

No wonder the liberal Democrats HATE Trump (and the Populists).  Trump did TWO simple things that have set the destruction of California’s WHOLE liberal Democrat establishment in place.

(1)  He simply laughed at California’s demand that the fed give California 86 billion dollars for the “Bullet Train.”

It now rains in California…

(2)  He stopped the Obama Chemtrail operation that created and maintained the eight-year drought.  This year it is regularly raining in California.

It rained two days ago in the high desert – that hasn’t happened since Obama was elected.

Things are NOT going well for the California lib Dems…

In no special order:

(1)  California’s newly passed gun law outlawing 10 bullet, or more, magazines for handguns was declared unconstitutional by a Federal Court.   

(2)  California’s SB 18,  a measure turning over control of children in the State to a homosexually run non-profit was shelved – there was so much opposition.  

(3)  California’s efforts to become a separate nation fell flat.  I guess Hillary and Obama won’t have the opportunity to fight it out to become the new nation of California’s first president…  (snicker here).

(4)  California’s hiring of ex-US Attorney General (Fast and Furious) Eric Holder bombed.  I guess Holder wasn’t holding the right cards (pun intended).

Dams or trains?

(5)  Inadequate water storage.  For whatever reasons, liberal Democrats want all of the water from the Sierra snow melt to flow into the Pacific Ocean.

The idea that Californians outside of the liberal coastal bastions might want, or might NEED, to use it is totally foreign to lib Dems.  California has about 1,300 reservoirs behind dams.  It needs another 4,000 of those.  For liberal Democrats, I guess, water comes in plastic bottles available at Starbucks, and their lawn-sprinklers-at-home are on automatic – so what’s the problem?

(6)  California liberal Democrats told parents concerned about vaccines to go home, and vaccinate their children because the science has been settled, blah, blah, blah…  Look how THAT worked out for the Party.

The fun has begun.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

14 thoughts on “California Liberal Democrats Imploding State… It is Fun To Watch…”

  1. Tim Bolen,
    I agree completely that the Socialist Democratic Party is destroying our state and we need to take it back, NOW!
    I posted the few following paragraphs below a few days ago.
    “I’m one of many Northern California Republicans , District 2, Del Norte County, getting ready to do battle in 2018 state elections. We as Californians need to stand against the democratic socialist party. And it may be a very long uphill battle.
    California is a member of the United States, not socialist experiment. The democrat’s strategies and tactics are some of the oldest used in war, Divide and Conquer. We as Republicans need to unify the people. There’s only one race, the Human Race, which consists of a multitude of ethnicities. And all the differences that make us Humans are not deciding factors.
    Where as the democrats will use political correctness to divide ethnicities, genders, age, religion, preference of life styles then turning them into weapons to where we can beat each other severally about the head and shoulders.”
    I would like to add, as far as illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities go, lets look at San Francisco. Almost 7000 homeless American citizens, and the same amount as in illegal immigrants. The raw deal is that the illegal immigrants are getting all the public services and legal aid while the Homeless get nothing, absolutely nothing.
    We as California citizens need to take our state back from the Socialist democrats and oust Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and his cronies and elitists. Basically fire every democrat in the state.
    Yeah, all these new taxes are for infastructior and health? B.S.
    2018 elections are right around and they’ just padding coffers. Money doesn’t buy everything. Sure as hell, not my vote.

    In closing, all I ask is for each of you to weigh the facts and get out and vote.

  2. Great article. Let us hope that these horrible mutants continue to fall and fail in their miserable attempts to deceive and destroy humanity. If these criminals are allowed to continue manipulating electronic voting machines, elections will be meaningless That is where we have to focus our attention or nothing else will matter.

  3. Only one blip on the horizon for the well-deserved demise of the Demoncrats: the failure of the (G)OP to keep its promise to “drain the swamp.” Only (G)OP failure can prolong the “two [tax-eater] party system.” If the (G)OP fails to follow RandPaul’s leadership on health care reform, that party will die too.

  4. I got bad news for you all. Both parties take turns like clock work. Ever checked the Dem/Repugs cycles? Only if Jimmy Carter got the one term boot because supported Palestine. not elected but selected.Donald Trump is another. A Fake elections. any bets? Demoos will be back 2020 and 2024. Big joke on Americans. Drain the Swamp?
    It is getting wider.

  5. Have the Chemtrails stopped in California? If they have that is awesome. I can only hope that SB18 is dead, that was one scary bill that made SB277 look like childsplay. I hope that the National Republican party will step up & recognize that California is important & we need there help.

  6. Why doesn’t the Republican party allow Independents to vote in primaries. I think what is killing the Republican Party is that no one can run against a Democrat and succeed because only registered Republicans can vote in the primary. Let’s bring some real opposition into the primary season. And Democrats can’t think independently the way the party is structured. Anyone who opposes the Democratic agenda is not allowed (apparently) to use the voter information. We had a few sympathetic Democrats in SB277, but it was all hush, hush. I’ll never vote for a Democrat again.

  7. The Democrats are not just being destroyed over their vaccine stance, their anti-family-pro-LGBTPQ positions, their insistence on BIG Government, their promotion and dedication to the interests of Big Pharma, their abusive ObamaCare one-size-fits-all drug-based health care system, but also their attempt to destroy the American economy with fake climate change.

    Every year Jerry Brown Governor of California!
    How the heck can this State force vaccinations on children without parents consent? (SB277)
    I hope Jerry Brown is impeached for Sedition & Treason for all the unlawful things he has done in/to California!
    I can’t wait to leave this screwed up State!
    He has bankrupted this State by all the welfare to Illegals!

  9. It was not the spraying of the atmosphere that held off the rain from California….it was the HAARP stations strategically placed on ships in the Pacific that did it. A friend mine who watched radar screens for a living for the govt told me she SAW these HAARP rings in the ocean far from any land. I know of a few HAARP stations where I live and I find it amazing that I can literally watch a huge storm headed towards my county here in Ohio suddenly break up at the exact spot where there is a HAARP station!!!! They even mask this out on my local radar on the local weather saying that their radar picture is not working today and instantly cut to another shot….. I did have a cable tv station that I got for years that I could literally SEE the HAARP rings all over Ohio literally blow up out of nothing into huge mushroomed rings in minutes… near Columbus and another near Dayton and one in Cleveland!!! I uploaded such a loop to Youtube but it’s probably yanked by now. I do know that when they would chemtrail spray they were trying to bring over some storm or snowstorm in the winter….now the chemtrails are lessening….but they are still here…. They can either break up storms or steer storms or literally MAKE storms…I have seen all 3 phenonema happen here in Ohio.

  10. I saw chemtrails in the Inland Empire today. Certainly nothing like what was happening last year but they are still happening.

  11. Yes, it was allowed to rain in California…thank goodness! However, the chemtrails have been awful that last 3 days in Orange County, CA. The Geoengineering deployment needs to stop NOW and for good. I have no idea where President Trump is on this issue, but it should be a top priority. Americans need protection from this blatant public health assault, because there is no way to protect yourself. We all have the breathe.

  12. Too bad Condoleezza Rice won’t run for the governor’s office here in California, She’s highly intelligent, well spoken, and very well familiar to politics and politicians.
    She would be the ultimate rallying point for California Republicans to regain our freedom from the socialist democrats. She’d surely win by a landside.

  13. In the wake of former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s well-received speech to the Republican National Convention, Republicans are talking her up as a candidate for governor in California, where she lives.
    Former state party chair Ron Nehring even posted a list of 10 reasons why “Condi for Governor” makes sense. The reasons focus on her electability and her Republican credentials.
    The problem with this thinking is that Rice’s Republican affiliation would hurt her in California politics — it may be an albatross. Indeed, Nehring misses the biggest reason why Rice could be an intriguing candidate: she’s done smart work on California reform.
    Rice is a member of the Think Long Committee for California. As your blogger described in detail recently in the magazine Pacific Standard, Think Long developed broad, integrated recommendations for how to fix California governance.
    The focus of those reforms is highly relevant to governors: Think Long tried to come up with ways to give at least some state officials greater power to make decisions and plan for the future. Which is to say: they tried to make it easier to govern the state. Central to Think Long’s recommendations is the creation of a citizens’ council with broad powers and political independence; a majority of the council members would be appointed by a governor.
    Rice signed on to the Think Long recommendations; that decision didn’t represent a full endorsement of each specific idea in the Think Long recommendations, but a broad agreement of progress. But if Rice were to run for governor, she would have something important to run on: ideas that she helped develop that would change the game in California, and perhaps make the state more governable.
    If Rice were this kind of candidate, it would be a refreshing departure for the state. None of the 2010 candidates for governor talked about changing the system to make the state governable. Gov. Jerry Brown has dismissed virtually every approach to broad reform as unrealistic. A Brown vs. Rice race would offer a clear choice between a governor who believes in muddling through California problems, and someone who has embraced much more systemic changes.

  14. The last couple weeks anyone notice the sun doesn’t feel so intense lately? For every year during the Obama era just stepping outside to (sun bathe) would instantly send you inside with a burning sensation on your neck like being in/under a heat lamp. (There’s many theories to this which takes too long)

    Just search for *Our sun is no longer yellow* and many well meaning people have come forward mainly those who work outside and see things with their own two eyes and are exposed the most to the changes way more then I am.

    The sun actually feels good again and I can last longer without applying sun screen or any of that nonsense.

    When I was little I was known to go for hours without sunscreen and we lived in the foothills of Paradise california where it goes up to 100F very frequently.

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