President Trump: Release the “Conspiratorium!”

It is Time…

(Conspiratorium: “A group of free-thinking individuals with certain belief systems who trouble the authorities with their persistent questions.  This group also harbors suspicions that governments of the right and left are ALWAYS lying about the important issues for the government’s benefit.”)

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Like many of you I’ve been thinking a lot about Q and the “Conspiratorium” which has gathered around him – not necessarily considering if Q is real or a Psy-Op, whether he is Artificial Intelligence, or  he’s Trump, or in league with Trump, but something much deeper.

The most important questions are spiritual ones and I respectfully wonder if Q is spiritually advanced enough to handle what has been placed in his/her/its hands.

I refer to the Q posts in which it is said that not everything can be disclosed because the ninety-five percent of the population who has not entered one of the hallways of the conspiratorium would go absolutely nuts if the truth was revealed.

This is a matter of faith.  I have no evidence or facts to back this up.  But neither does Q.  It is a gut-level feeling and I will tell you mine.

The ninety-five percent of the population who is in the dark about the wickedness and corruption which haunts so many parts of our world can handle the truth.  I believe in them, even though at this moment many of them may believe I am nuttier than a fruitcake.

The five percent of us who have struggled with the darkness will take them gently by the hand and lead them to a better place.  I believe my fellow members of the conspiratorium have become kind and powerful spiritual warriors.  That is what being vilified by the mainstream media, and being ignored by family and friends has done to us.  We have become better people through what for many of us has been unimaginable suffering in our families.

We are fierce warriors, especially against those who lie, and yet we have a gentleness about us which would astonish our enemies.

I have no hesitation in letting people know my wing of the conspiratorium deals with vaccines and autism.

I do not have an informed opinion about other wings of the conspiratorium, such as the 911 wing, the Kennedy assassination wing, the GMO wing, the suppressed technologies and cures wing, the alien wing, the chem-trails wing, or the virtues of a plant-based diet wing.

Because of the lies that have been allowed to flourish, those of us who have sought the truth on various subjects have been confined to a virtual conspiratorium, where our friends and families believe us not only to be wrong, but dangerously misguided.

When I listen to the other wings of the conspiratorium I feel I am hearing my own story in a slightly different package.  It seems like our stories all have the same characters, the same cast of corporate and government villains, the brave scientists who risk so much, and the community who bravely soldiers on, despite the ridicule of family and friends.

I know that all the various members of the conspiratorium are my fellow brothers and sisters in the fight for truth.

And in each of these different wings of the conspiratorium I am hearing the same thing: A concern for those who are not yet “awake” as to what has been going on.

You can see it in so many places in the world.  The Kanye West tweets about Trump.  The situation in North Korea looking like it’s going to be solved.  I believe that Trump is changing reality in a way that is unappreciated by many people.

Whether you like or loathe President Trump, you must admit that if he had a party with all of the people he calls his friends, from Dennis Rodman, to Omarosa, to Roger Stone, and all of the politicians to whom he’s given money over the years, it would be a pretty wild group of people.   They’d probably never meet under any other set of circumstances.

While it is certainly true that Trump is a street-fighter of a type we probably haven’t had in the Presidency since the days of Andrew Jackson, there’s another less-acknowledged side.  Unless you are directly attacking him, Trump will talk to pretty much anybody.  Seriously, is there any President in your memory who doesn’t mind talking and telling you exactly what’s on his mind?  And yet now he’s also talking about a summit on race relations with Kanye West and Colin Kapernick?

Quite honestly, I love those two sides of his personality.  I’m all for complete honesty and I’m all for talking to ANYBODY.

That’s my idea of a perfect world.

Which brings me back to Q.

I believe the various wings of the conspiratorium have evolved to a spiritual state where we can handle the load of the “normies” who will be traumatized by the revelations of the evil of the Deep State.

I know I am asking Q for a “leap of faith.”

The people will respond to the truth.  I believe those among our family and friends who have shunned us are in great pain over this separation.  The revelation of the truth will begin to heal those divisions.

The conspiratorium will gently take the rest of our traumatized society under our protection when they learn the truth, dry their tears, deal with their rage, and lead them on a positive path.  The path we take now must have NO LIES.

Q, we trust you.

You should trust us.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



4 thoughts on “President Trump: Release the “Conspiratorium!””

  1. Indeed unparalleled fascinating times we live in. This world went so far in corruptions on every level, we can say this quite freely. Here are things steering in our faces and yet, the bulk of the population just unwilling to acknowledge, let alone would be willing to deal with. Yes we all like comfort and hope that tomorrow will be a better day, but that tomorrow never come, instead another issue raising it’s ugly head and we forgetting all previous issues unsolved problems, that never ceased to go away. We’ve been fed so many lies all our lives and getting to the point not being able to separate facts from lies anymore. Why bother with all this? Our rulers indeed aware of our psychological make, like the ancient Roman’s did and provide ample distracting means to look the ‘other way’, while busy carrying on with their Agenda. Yep, if you dare to point to some delicate issue to those close to you, you are met with suspicions, denial, even hostility. Nevertheless truth will emerge as self evident and mankind will be forced to face reality. How will it play out? this is remained to be seen. I see only how zealously the masses are led by, be it politics, religion, science, medicine, selfie-ness, entertainment, etc. Being unaware getting ushered into the uncertainty, that is not promising for the em-betterment. This present society is ready to vomit out all that is being fed with, thru the ages.

  2. Yup, the wings are all intertangled because the DeepState does amazingly twisted backstabbing of the public…. Such as: Someone might want to check the CDC’s funding of groups that ‘tackle health issues’ like ‘March for our Lives’, as that republican candidate (Ron Bassilian) in California discovered a $3Million big grant to ‘Community Coalition’ for just such activities…. namely the CDC is diverting our tax dollars to take away the constitutional rights of the American public…… end the CDC!

    Well maybe the 2nd Amendment wing will take a swing at our own nemesis…

    But as for how this all turns out and how The Donald favors playing games with everyone, we need to watch the iran/syria war games as it turns out that Donald Trump OWES THE ROTHSCHILDS BIG TIME for saving his real estate and gambling empire back in the late 80s and the Rothschilds now want the oil along the Iran/Syria border so Trump is marching to that drumbeat…. so, for vaxxing, how much debt pay-back does Trump have in the Rockefeller frankenstein/hyde department as that’s also Rothschild territory…. look for BlackStoneintel dotcom and their latest money-following episode… ttyl

  3. MJ – Can you get me more infor on the Ron Basilian discovery about the CDC funding the “March for our lives” thing?

  4. The “forces of the light” have always had the simple problem that you cannot destroy evil without becoming evil yourself.
    Kill all the murderers, then there will be a peaceful paradise just does not cut it.
    I believe the “Divine Consciousness” has arrived at a solution.

    Expose all the hidden evil so it can be clearly seen, then let every soul decide which side it is on. Self judgment if you like, for all.
    When our individual end comes, as it must, we know exactly where we stand and each gets what we truly deserve.

    If you are of the good guys, just be patient. At this stage all is not what it appears to be.

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