The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…

And I’m Not One Bit Surprised…

There could be Mandatory Childhood Vaccine programs in the majority of States within three years if we don’t make a shift.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

In 2015 I watched from the sidelines as the California Anti-SB277 (Mandatory Childhood Vaccines) activists conducted the worst campaign I have ever seen trying to defeat legislation.  Ir was like the leadership had a prescription for “dumb” pills.  Their primary communications tool was FaceBook – and that, itself, was a HUGE mistake.

I truly considered that possibly the Anti-SB277 leadership was, in fact, Big Pharma itself.

The operating principle of the Anti-SB277 California group was:

“We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff), but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper).

The California legislature responded with a major sneer, treating the participants as whiney, self-absorbed, over-privileged adult-sized children who needed a nap.  The legislature even went so far as to shut down in their faces to celebrate “Gay Pride,” making it VERY clear who their prefered constituency was.

Prefered constituency?  Yup – The California Democratic Party’s primary candidate for Governor this year is Gavin Newsome – a San Francisco/Bay Area anti-gun homosexual.

But, SB277 backfired on Big Pharma…

It may have been easy to convince a legislature dominated by homosexual interests, like California, that “Mandatory Vaccines” for children was a good idea, but the rest of America, dominated by heterosexual parents of children, were abhorred and repelled by that concept.

Jim Steyer, of SB18’s Common Sense Media, and What’s-Her-Name…

California, after their SB277 success,  even tried to take complete control of California’s children (SB 18), turning authority for those children over to a homosexual run private organization with Hillary Clinton ties.  That group promoted children to get involved with certain web sites identified as “child sexual predator” hunting areas.

Read California activist Karri Lewis’s article series on this problem here.

However, the primary tool used to backlash SB277 and Big Pharma over the vaccine issue was Social Media.

And that avenue for activism has been stopped dead.

FaceBook, for instance, is TOTALLY blocking, or throttling, activists in favor of Big Pharma, and demands by quasi-communist-despot countries like Australia.

It isn’t just politically conservative commentators, but ALL health issues, anything that criticizes Big Pharma, or Big Medicine,  are being blocked or throttled back.

FaceBook has turned COMPLETELY anti-American.

Sandar Pinchai (president of Google) and Barack Obama plotting the destruction of the American Christian work force by bringing in MILLIONS of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jainists, Zoroastians, etc…

As we know, the Obama-Nation imported millions of foreign workers into the US, all from cultures that espouse outright HATRED for America to work in Social Media in a program designed and operated by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

Those foreign workers live from hand-to-mouth in California’s Bay Area and are at the total mercy of Gates and Zuckerberg – consequently they do what they are told – and block who they are told to block on Social Media.

But, the Anti-Vaxxers Are NOT Addressing the Issue…

It hasn’t sunk in yet with most people that FaceBook, Google, etc. are “globalist” enterprises which are about as un-American as anything could get – on par, as a personal invasion of privacy, with all those traffic-intersection cameras, coupled with facial-recognition software the Obama-Nation installed across America to watch us.

So, its is no surprise that Anti-Vaxxers across Planet Earth have not caught on, or do not yet fully understand, that FaceBook, using its foreign employees in Silicon Valley, has marginalized the movement.

But what does this mean?  Does it mean that we’ve lost the war?


it means we were so successful that millions, perhaps billions, of US dollars was spent to stop our progression towards total removal of the US Vaccine program.  Most of that I’d venture, was spent to control us on Social Media.

There are two things we need to do:

(1)  We need, along with all the others FaceBook is banning, to shut FaceBook, itself, down.   Already that process has begun with the “Populist Movement.”  – we, the anti-vaxxers, need to help that happen.  The US Congress has held hearings on FaceBook’s behavior and the general consensus is that it has become a monopoly operating “not in our interests.”

US law on monopolies is VERY simple.  It resides in three entities. From the US Deparlment of Justice “AntiTrust Laws and You” website comes:

Many consumers have never heard of antitrust laws, but enforcement of these laws saves consumers millions and even billions of dollars a year. The Federal Government enforces three major Federal antitrust laws, and most states also have their own. Essentially, these laws prohibit business practices that unreasonably deprive consumers of the benefits of competition, resulting in higher prices for products and services.

The three major Federal antitrust laws are:

The Sherman Antitrust Act (criminal statute), The Clayton Act (civil statute), and The Federal Trade Commission Act (creating the Federal Trade Commission).

We simply cannot, as Americans, allow monopolies to continue.

The US Congressional Hearings focused on determining whether, or not, the Social Media companies (FaceBook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter) met the criteria for “monopoly.”  The consensus was that they do.

So, action will be taken…

What legal action(s) will happen to FaceBook, Google, and Twitter?

That decision will be up to Donald J. Trump the 45th President of the United States.  He, and the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, have probably already set a plan and solution in place.  FaceBook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter are the 2018 version of “The Walking Dead.”

And they damn well should be…

What is going to actually happen?

Social Media, itself, is going to be under massive legal assault, both criminal and civil  – and it should be.

Those people, in Social Media, that organized the anti-conservative blocking and banning need to go to jail, and have ALL of their assets seized.  Those were, by US laws CRIMINAL ACTS.

All of the foreign workers in the US involved in Social Media need to be sent home on the first boat.

All of the Social Media companies need to be broken up into smaller entities, none of which should be allowed to be based in “The People’s Republic of California…”

We need to enact laws forbidding the gathering of private information about people.

The Anti-Vax Movement Needs to Move on…

Although FaceBook became a marvelous tool to get the word out, and create rage over what California did to damage America’s children (SB277, SB18, and other projects) it REALLY IS NOT a good tool for activists.  E-Mail programs, and Discussion Groups are far better for organizers.

Why?  Easy answer.  Why build up a list of 40,000 activists on one aspect of a project on FaceBook when that same FaceBook ONLY lets you communicate with three or four percent of them at any one time – and FaceBook PICKS who those few people will be…

New Things Are Coming…

Get ready…

And, stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

19 thoughts on “The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…”

  1. I posted several things on Facebook concerning health anti-vaccine and several other things and then I decided I was going to delete the entire Facebook account. As far as I know it has been deleted I don’t ever want to go back because of the incredible comments that were posted. I am hoping that there will be some kind of legal action taken against Facebook Google and several others if that is possible. Meanwhile there must be some anti-vax chapters in different cities and states and indeed County’s where people can be organized in Reach Out hopefully

  2. This issue is not dead. POTUS has a stake in this as well. The number of vital issues to be dealt with is breathtaking. With almost total obstruction from a totally corrupt government, “news” outlets, this is going to take some time.

  3. New things for Anti-vax groups to communicate?
    YES!, we really need to make the shift/change to a better platform
    to communicate. We are being censored on FB.
    What about MEWE?
    What platform is best?
    Looking forward to what you suggest…..
    thank you!

  4. Right on. I came to that conclusion almost a year ago. I have spoken about the globalist agenda till
    I was blue in the face to the most outstanding fraction leaders of the Facebook( Zuckerberg is a Globalist) anti-vax movement about the the fact that Big Pharma is not just in for the greed, it is and has been and will be behind the major trust of the Globalists; To Reduce The world population at any cost . ANY COST.! But no avail. Total Shortsideness and at the bottom a terrible propietary arrogance – failure to unite their different organizations, resistance to give up their exalted leader role . I came to accept the fact that the Globalists are in the majority of the Democratic, Republican, and other independent political parties, They have infiltrated every branch of Government and their auxiliary branches, Medical profession, the biological sciences, Weather engineering, The real actual monster funding all organizations whose biochemical products that one way or the other maiming, dumbing down or killing our children, our elders is THE Globalist Agenda already in place for years through the UN. And worst I have become totally desilusioned with Donald Trump. Excellent promoter of our country’ wealth but this vision does not go beyond that. No soul.

  5. I get what you are saying here, but you cannot discount the major victories the parental rights activists have had in California. They killed two bills in the last two months. They deserve credit for that.

  6. Let’s see how long before other legislation is proposed targeting same issues hidden in the unctuous political legalize. I do not hold my breath anymore; we may have won battles but as long as we do not recognize the force behind all
    this we will
    never wiling the battle

  7. Christy Gay – I agree – GOOD work has been done, but Social Media is clamping down RIGHT NOW.

    FaceBook is partnering with “Snopes” (go ahead and puke) to decide what to allow. Youtube is partnering with Wikipedia.

    It is all in the Congressional Hearings.

  8. What do you propose to get the word out ? I created a site like Drudge with major headlines for alternative health and vaccine risk info….a launching pad for all of the major links from which to begin research. It’s a start? Updated every few days. Easy way to pass info on.

  9. It’s always easier to stand on the sidelines and blame others for their failures. If Tim Bolen has the answers how to fight pharma money and win with the anti-vax movement, I’m game. If he can tell us how we stop them from lining the pockets of politicians, I’m all for that too. For isn’t that the end game we’re trying to win? Maybe if he weren’t always referring back to Clinton politics and forward to trump’s psychotic behavior, we could gain some traction in this fight.

  10. I am an ardent anti-vaxxers, I have a son (49) and a granddaughter vaccine injured. Have been said so I wish we Anti-vaxxers woul meet criticism from a learning point of view instead of a defensive posture that does not open the doors for clear, unbiased analysis of our processes and goals and whether we met them or not.

  11. While I understand most people against mandatory vaccines are conservative, not all share conservative views regarding homosexuals and personal lifestyles. I personally think it’s wrong to lump this issue in or mention this in your article. You’re dividing people -conservative/liberal/independent – that all need to come together and tear down this fascist agenda. That’s not going to happen by bashing people for other beliefs they may have. You’re also generalizing/making assumptions that all conservatives are against homosexuality. It offended me and I’m sure I’m not the only one that would feel this way.

  12. I “rage quit” Facebook last summer and haven’t looked back. When social media outlets oppress me, I throw them away. The “anti-vaxx” movement hasn’t collapsed “the anti-vaxx FACEBOOK” movement has collapsed. There is no way that Mark Zuckerberg came up with FB on his own. FB was started immediately after the US DARPA “shut down” their efforts at a social media surveillance tool- I’m thinking it was passed off to Zuckerberg. The potential for media platforms to manipulate our minds is IMMENSE. Be glad we cannot survive on “platforms” designed to surveil, manipulate and control us.

  13. Tim please please please put a page on Minds. Somebody didn’t like what I was writing on Facebook so I effectively got silenced there. And I got tired of starting up accounts from fresh. I lost years of original content and all my subscribers but I don’t care – if I can’t have a voice on there they can’t have my writing. Minds pay for what you write in crypto and a promise of no censorship.

  14. Maurine Meleck – I do not stand on the sidelines. I am right here pointing out problems that need to be solved…

    Why do I pick on Democrats? Because Hillary Clinton, for instance, through her Clinton Foundation ARRANGED for China to make US Childhood vaccines – with NO inspections.

    And, because EVERY Mandatory Vaccine bill in the US, except one, was carried by Democrats

  15. Certainly there is no crystal ball to gaze in, the future is obscure. One thing is sure though, to me, that the horses got bolted. Those of us, who came to our senses by whatever means in regards the vaccine issue and are awake, we are not going to go back, no matter how much obstacles are put in our ways.The long dark night is over and early raisers are up and fully awake. Pan and Offit and all the devils can go to hell, we are fighting for the survival. This is life or death battle. The harsher they treat us, the more resistance will be on our part and more people will wake up. We must learn and accept, that we are solely responsible for our selves.
    The lies and misleading tactics they been using against us is open to all to see. There is no tyranny that ever worked, no lies ever remained uncovered.

  16. Vanessa – It was NOT an easy decision to include information on sexual orientation of our opposition in articles about health care until I discovered, through research, who the “Skeptics” really were, and what specific sexual orientation made up their group thinking and their type of expression (ultra-nastiness).

    Once I found what I found, and discussed the implications with others. I made the decision to openly talk about what, at first, I considered to be an anomoly or aberration. Then I found the “Skeptics” funding sources and their “training camps” and realized that something MAJOR had happened here.

    What I found was that “someone” with lots of money (Big Pharma?) had in essence “weaponized” the homosexual community, taking advantage of certain anger (nastiness) behavior patterns, and focusing that nastiness OUTWARD at targets of the funders’ choice.

    Then I examined, very carefully, the “skeptic” leadership – and described it very carefully for my readers. Why is this important? Because the “Skeptics,” the ones I call the “homoskeptuals” haunt the internet – doing as much damage as they can for their paymasters.

    When you add this finding to what happened in California regarding SB277 and SB18, quite simply, “The cat is out of the bag.”

    I have had this discussion with LGBT leadership across America, and my point is always the same “Clean up your own house or suffer the consequences. What is happening is happening.”

    Tim Bolen

  17. Now this is a very interesting development indeed.
    Could this be related to the passing of sb277 I wonder ?

    A Republican running for office in California’s 37th congressional district is sounding the alarm about some shocking information he recently uncovered concerning the gross misuse of taxpayer dollars by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    Ron Bassilian, an information technology (IT) guru who specializes in Microsoft’s Exchange enterprise email solution software, has offered up solid proof that the CDC knowingly diverted at least $3 million in taxpayer funding to leftist groups that have nothing to do with science.

    Back in 2014, Representative Karen Bass, a Democratic congresswoman from California, was seen handing over a giant $3 million check to a local group known as the South Los Angeles Healthcare Organizing Project that claims to advocate for improving the health of the poor. And emblazoned on the check as the payer was none other than the CDC.

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