Part Two – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…

How It Is Being Done – The Globalist’s Counter Moves……

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Big Pharma, a substantial player in the globalist’s “Destroy America Project” was in literal shock when the world-wide reaction to Mandatory Vaccines (California’s SB277) happened.

Literally overnight the Anti-Vax world grew from several thousand to multi-millions of SERIOUSLY angry people out to destroy vaccine programs, and shut down the companies and government agencies that promoted those “Made-in-China” death pus capsules.

Pharma Boardroom meeting members, I bet, had a look on their faces similar to CNN Reporters on Election Night 2016.  They simply couldn’t accept what had happened.  The “Make Childhood Vaccines Mandatory” program had blown up in Big Pharma’s face.

And the mechanism to get it done – to back big Pharma into a corner they had NEVER been in before happened on Social Media.

So, The Globalists Spent a Few Billion Bucks and TOOK OVER Social Media.  We Have Lost Access To It And Most People Do Not Even Know That…

The Congressional Hearings that MOST people DID NOT WATCH tell the whole story…

But I, Tim Bolen, watched them and I will explain what happened.

So let’s set up the explanation logically…


Almost since the beginning of the common use of computers and internet there have been efforts to control what information people can see and not see.  For the most part, until fairly recently, the information flow was mostly free – but not any more.

In health care, especially among those of us that herald necessary change, we found SIGNIFICANT effort to control information – right from the start.  Why? Because US Health Care, as a social issue, is an anomaly.

Anomaly?  Whereas, in America, INNOVATION drives our nation’s success, the holders of the US health care reins BLOCK any, and all innovation in favor of the EXTREMELY PROFITABLE,  but damn near useless, US health care offering.  “Innovators” frequently, literally, look down the barrel of a government issue 9mm held by a government employee whose boss is looking to move from the FDA to a much better-paying Big Pharma job.

Looking down the barrel of a 9mm from the wrong end will generally discourage the majority of US health care innovators.  And THAT is the reality of our US health care system.

But, not all health care innovators get intimidated easily.  Some of them, more and more each day, hire someone in the “warrior class” – like a well-known activist attorney, a Crisis Management bad boy like Tim Bolen (me), and they join and form activist groups to engage the issue.  Hence the North American Health Freedom Movement grew to immense size.

And the war was on, and IS on.  Big Pharma countered by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to try to counter “Health Freedom.”  Big Pharma had the money – we had the people.

In desperation Big Pharma began to use society’s dregs to act as their front line in the war.  In the early days they created a group calling itself “The Quackbusters”  intimating that any, and all innovation, especially those things like Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Homeopathy, was “quackery” to be avoided.  “Quackbuster Central” was failed MD Stephen Barrett’s “Quackwatch” website.

The Quackbusters were pretty much destroyed by 2004, and were slowly being replaced by “The Skeptics,” an even nastier, much more hateful group of society’s dregs and flotsam – raw nastiness was, and is, their delivery system.

But, let’s be VERY specific about who, and what these  “skeptics” actually are.  I had written an answer to a comment asking me why I kept bringing up the “homosexual” issue regarding vaccines.  My answer explains the “The Skeptics,” very succinctly.  Here it is:

Vanessa – It was NOT an easy decision to include information on sexual orientation of our opposition in articles about health care until I discovered, through research, who the “Skeptics” really were, and what specific sexual orientation made up their group thinking and their type of expression (ultra-nastiness).

Once I found what I found, and discussed the implications with others. I made the decision to openly talk about what, at first, I considered to be an anomaly or aberration. Then I found the “Skeptics” funding sources and their “training camps” and realized that something MAJOR had happened here.

What I found was that “someone” with lots of money (Big Pharma?) had in essence “weaponized” the homosexual community, taking advantage of certain anger (nastiness) behavior patterns, and focusing that nastiness OUTWARD at targets of the funders’ choice.

Then I examined, very carefully, the “skeptic” leadership – and described it very carefully for my readers. Why is this important? Because the “Skeptics,” the ones I call the “homoskeptuals” haunt the internet – doing as much damage as they can for their paymasters.

When you add this finding to what happened in California regarding SB277 and SB18, quite simply, “The cat is out of the bag.”

I have had this discussion with LGBT leadership across America, and my point is always the same “Clean up your own house or suffer the consequences. What is happening is happening.”

David Gorski MD (Orac) sitting on a loveseat with James Randi at a “Training Meeting” teaching new “skeptics” how to manipulate the internet.

Just so we are REALLY on the same page here, i am going to make one more important point about who, EXACTLY, these “skeptics” actually are.  I am going to let you listen to an audio recording of a phone conversation of top “skeptic” leader James Randi soliciting sex, and  talking about the size of his penis, to a young boy – here.

Did I make my point?

Which brings us to today…

The Mechanism:

The Social Media is being controlled by using millions of foreign workers in the US  to do what they are told to frustrate American internet freedoms.

According to US government labor statistics, under the Obama-Nation, 16.7% of America’s work force are now people born outside the US.

16.7%?  Yup.  No wonder “Americans” cannot find jobs.

What we know, from earlier research, is that 75% of the Social Media employees  (about 4.7 million) are in the US on a Green Card or some version of a Work Permit.  NONE of them are Judeo/Christian.  They are, predominantly, Hindu and Muslim.  As we know Hindus are a “Caste System” an idea totally foreign to Americans,  but one they are about to get VERY used to.  

Why are Americans going to have to get used to a “Caste System” .  Because it is being done to them, without permission, by the globalists.  How?  These Hindus and Muslims are being imported not to take lower level jobs where as promoters claim “They cannot find Americans…” but in “Decision Making” positions where Hindus and Muslims decide the fate of Judeo/Christian Americans – like on Social Media, or IT jobs.   In actuality Americans are BEING FIRED to make this happen.

See CRTV’s Michelle Malkin’s short 4 1/2 minute video on this horror story directly below.  You will have to TURN UP the sound…

Ep 5 Excerpt | H-1B Hell: The Sellout of America’s Best & Brightest Workers

American workers are being fired and forced to train their foreign replacements! Michelle Malkin is shining the light on America’s open borders H-1B Hell.

Posted by CRTV on Thursday, May 10, 2018

This is your Obama-Nation at work…

What, EXACTLY, is being done on Social Media to CANCEL America and silence activists like the Anti-Vax Movement?

(1)  Let’s talk about Diamond and Silk’s run-in with Facebook.  Why?  They have the very same problems we, as Anti-Vax advocates, do.

I, absolutely, love these two sisters.  Watch the video below and listen to Diamond and Silk talk about what happened to them.  Why?  Because they are describing the exact same situation that happened to the Anti-Vax Movement.

Now, if you are at all like me, you have asked yourself the simple question “What kind of people at a company like FaceBook would do these kind of things?”  Maybe, like me, you used some descriptions that, had you said them out loud, had your Mother heard them, you would have had your mouth washed out with soap…

As kind of a footnote, what happened to us, here at the BolenReport by FaceBook is easily seen in readily available numbers.  Down at the bottom of this page, on the left, is a row of icons.  Note the number next to the FaceBook icon.  Rarely these days, since we have been shadow banned, does the number exceed 300.  In the early days, right after SB277 passed those numbers would hang-in between 10,000 to 15,000.  What those numbers actually indicate on a WordPress website (BolenReport is on a WordPress foundation) is NOT the number of people that read the article but those that actually put it on their own Group or Personal Page  – a link back to the article that pushed that article to the top of Google ranking.  “The Skeptics,” I am told, were LIVID at our page rankings.

(2) FaceBook has partnered-up, not only with “Snopes” (go ahead and puke) but with “The Skeptics,”.  They don’t even hide it.

But, we are not going to go there today for the information we have about this is significant and worth an article of its own.

Part #3 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed… is about what we are going to have to specifically do to take control back, and INCREASE the Anti-Vax presence – and what is being developed to do just that…

We are at war…

So, stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on “Part Two – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…”

  1. I will not use the word “hopefully”. Rather, that the “masses” will finally get the total act together, and realize how they are being used and abused for the greed of Big Pharma, Banks, etc.
    When having a conversation with so-called friends (former now), the wife told me “You read too much.” This from a Public accountant who has major medical issues which she will not solve, but prefers to live with. Like Fibromyalgia. That malady can be resolved to more than just a degree or two, but she will not go to the clinic where she can be helped. Just wants to live with it, and use her malady to control others.
    Thanks for the rant.

  2. Excellent & very informative article! Sharing. What a war we are in. Only one side will win & it will not be the dirty filthy lying death cult.

  3. That nice lawyer woman trying to get justice for the american STEM workers is either naive or disingenuous to state that major US ’employers’ don’t know that there are american STEM workers available for the job openings… give me a break… they have decided to go for the enhanced profits and use the services of their ‘human resources’ pawns to supply management with zuckerberg’s sound bites… Maybe she thinks she can get some of the big brass to feel shame and shock at exposure of the reality and be forced to pretend surprise and promise rectification…. a way long shot with nil chances of justice while it matters urgently in the current american challenge of the ‘swamp’ dwellers and their puppeteers…

    Back in the pre-2000 days, the game was to claim that the american workers were not upgrading their skills and the demand for new tech was necessitating ‘new blood’, so old blood had to go, preferably before old blood got certified for nice pension rights… so don’t tell me that US employers of big corporations don’t know….. I worked in board room level decision analysis for many years and don’t ever tell me that the US (or Canadian either) executives don’t have a clue on what agenda’s mean… ttyl

  4. Tim – please put your content on instead or as well. Many of us have moved over there. I am sharing your articles there. I can’t use facebook, got sick and tired of being shadow-banned then flagged and id checked and in the end I took my content off there altogether. Bunch of fascists. You don’t have to give up facebook, just a few clicks and you can post on minds as well. And you get paid in crypto for content. Much easier than bitcoin mining…

  5. I don’t think “weaponizing” the homosexual community is a new thing. When AIDs really got going ACT UP (Aids Coalition to Unleash Power) started doing these demonstrations that were down right terrorism. Since we weren’t sure what caused AIDs, infected people (primarily homosexual men at the time) gathering to demand attention. They “won” and so much money was pumped into AIDs research that it surpassed what we were spending on cancer treatments. Fear seems to be a common pharmaceutical tactic. On another, related note: Some time ago I noticed a wedding notice for Eliav Barr and Paul Koulogeorge. As I read the announcement it was mentioned that Dr. Barr had worked on the Gardasil vaccine. Without trying to draw too much of a conclusion, I admit, as a parent that I wondered what kind of perspective this man would bring to a vaccine designed to prevent a sexually transmitted infection in girls. Here is a link to the announcement I saw: When I believed the “gay rights” movement was about fairness and access to employment I had some sympathy. The more I perceive a reverse bigotry towards “breeders” the more I want these folks to think about what will happen if tolerant Christians are replaced with Muslims advancing Sharia law.

  6. Tim, the first part of this article after I posted, to a few vaccine-unfriendly sites, there was some rather discouraging comment as a feed back. Completely misinterpreting the whole issue. I doubt, that these people’s mentality would be par beyond. Either they just made their conclusion, without reading and understanding the said topic or being trolls to create discontent in the groups. As is, these groups are our only fortresses of rescue, from the viciousness of Pharma controlled Governments world wide, Big Medicine, even our friends and family members are sadly opposing our stand. This is the power of Big money and the scare induced effect on humanity.

  7. In the News yesterday – Twitter is going to hide tweets that detract from the conversation (like they haven’t been doing that for ages already.):

    “Twitter in 2018 remains a cesspool of narcissists, scammers, and trolls—I’m not just talking about Kanye West’s mentions—and on Tuesday the service announced its latest attempt to solve that problem. In the coming weeks, Twitter will begin hiding tweets that are “detracting from the conversation.” Twitter isn’t going to start flat-out deleting tweets from your Twitter feed.”.

  8. I think that the Anti-Vax Movement is/was a target of the globalists on par with the “Trump Populists.”

    Why? Nobody has EVER before gone after Big Pharma this fast and this hard.

    What is VERY clear is that, today, we need to INCREASE our attack by ten-fold. And tomorrow by a hundred-fold.

    We need REAL health care on Planet Earth – NOT drugs, drugs, drugs, and more drugs.

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