Travis Allen: California’s Best Hope for Health Freedom?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Sometimes when it comes to health freedom and politicians I feel like Charlie Brown wanting to kick the football his friend Lucy has teed up for him.

I want to believe this time a politician REALLY MEANS IT when they talk about health freedom and bringing back sanity and intelligence to health care.

But the truth is I don’t know if it’s serious.  The only thing I can do is act as if it’s real, and let you know what’s being said.

That’s why when a reader sent me the following clip of Travis Allen, running for the Republican nomination to be be governor of California, I was interested.

He sounds about as educated on the issue as I’ve ever heard from a politician, especially regarding SB 277, California’s mandatory childhood vaccination law.  Here are some excerpts:

“This whole nonsense about having to give your kid seventy-nine different vaccines to get into school is absolute nonsense.  I have legislation coming up about that in a couple weeks.”

I’m a huge opponent of SB 277 and you will see legislation from me during the next week or so about the vaccine situation. [Assembly bills 2832 and 2668]  We’re all vaccinated, right?  I got like fourteen vaccinations.  California’s immunization rate was over 90% before Dr. Pan’s terrible law.  Now kids have like seventy-seven vaccines, some of them are nineteen in one day.  We don’t know what these vaccines are doing.  Autism is now off the charts and they recently found out there’s elevated levels of aluminum in a lot of these kids’ brains.  You want to talk about science?  I have a scientific problem with that.

We believe in science, but we don’t believe in unproven science.  This unproven science of seventy-nine vaccines, or however many are on the list.  And by the way, with that new law they can add as many new vaccines as they want, and we have no choice about it.”

When I listened to Allen I was very impressed.

I was even more impressed when I learned that in the governor’s debate of May 8, 2018, among six candidates, Allen was marked the winner of the debate in two different polls.  One poll showed him the favorite of 43% of those responding and the other found him the favorite of 72%.

California has a strange primary system, allowing only the top two vote-getters to advance to the general election.  Often it’s just two democrats, given the make-up of the state.

However, this year might be different.  I’m hoping it is.

To my fellow Californians I make this plea.  We need health freedom.  The democrats are FULLY bought off by BIG PHARMA and a good portion of the republicans are as well.

Based on what I know, I believe Travis Allen is the person we need to support in the California primary on June 5, 2018.

It might surprise you to know I voted TWICE for Bill Clinton because I considered him to be MUCH SMARTER than George W. Bush or Bob Dole, even though I held some affection for both men.

Clinton did not satisfy me on everything, but he had brains and enough of the right stuff to convince me to vote for him.  Aside from his personal failings, I thought Clinton did a pretty good job.

I encourage my democratic friends to look at what’s really at stake for our children in the upcoming election.  California is ground zero for the BIG PHARMA game plan.

If Gavin Newsom had used the same words as Travis Allen, I would be urging you to vote for him.

The vaccine issue and medical freedom is for me, the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIME.

I don’t think it will always be like this.  I would like to see a reformed democratic party which protects people’s rights rather than those of BIG PHARMA.  However, that democratic party does not exist in California now.

Vote for Travis Allen on June 5, 2018.  It will probably save millions of children not yet born, and lead to the revitalization of the democratic party.

When that democratic candidate arises who will vow to protect health freedom, let me know and I will consider giving him or her my vote.

For now, the only choice in California is Travis Allen.

Support Travis Allen on June 5, 2018.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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10 thoughts on “Travis Allen: California’s Best Hope for Health Freedom?”

  1. Kent: Thanks. I’m sold. Forced vaccination is the only issue that matters. Kevin Mottus, running for the U.S. Senate, is on our team, too.

  2. Vaccines are not only one issue. The rest of the Republican ticket is too reprehensible for me to be able to ever vote for one: greedy and mean-spirited.

  3. Thank you, Mr. Heckenlively, for a clear, thoughtful, issue-oriented piece. Yes! Because how will California ever be able to vote intelligently, let alone simply function, if we don’t put a stop to vaccine-aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, et. al. being mandatorily injected into our future voters’ brains?

  4. He is my choice! Are you going to put together something together with your choices for other ballot options? That would be helpful.

  5. Wake-up California, stop dreaming, your dream became a horrible nightmare.

  6. I once dated a man who was self-centered and cruel. I eventually broke up with him. I met another man, who was lazy and ignored me. I eventually left him. Later on, I got married. He was also a man.
    Point is not every Republican is greedy and mean-spirited, just like not every man is selfish, cruel or lazy. If you don’t like SB277 and if you feel passionate enough about it being wrong, then Travis Allen is currently your only choice for a governor who intends to repeal it. With enough vaccine damaged children in California, it won’t matter a bit whether or not we have a wall or an open border, mega-freeways or bullet trains, rain catchment or blocked salmon ladders or legal/illegal immigrants to do the jobs that our children will not be able to do. Because our whole system will already be completely overwhelmed caring for these kids.

  7. I’m not American but I’ve heard all about Pan’s fascist health dictates so this is a promising outlook. But you thought Clinton did a good job? He’s a deep state globalist with a very checkered history, not to mention the Clinton Foundation – you may want to research why the plug was pulled on that and reevaluate your assessment of Clinton Inc. Thanks

  8. Cara: Well said. Add the crushing bond debt and pension systems in a deep hole, we are headed the way of Illinois. I was a registered Democrat for many years, but I no longer have anything but contempt for the two political parties. Nevertheless, there are good people in politics. I pay no attention to the party preference of those I choose to vote for. While I very much disagree with Travis Allen on some issues, the autism epidemic is the worst crisis we’ve ever faced as a nation, so he is the only choice, as far as I am concerned. I will never again vote for any candidate for president. A waste of ink, and I abhor waste. They all turn their back on their campaign pledges, Trump no different than Obama on this score. The national security state has assumed full control over the government in D.C. Thanks, President Truman.

  9. I feel confident in Travis Allen for Governor of California. He’s had experience and his platform is what California needs. We definitely need to someone who will help us to protect our chikdren from having to take all those vaccines full of aluminum and other very harmful chemicals.

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