Part #3 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger…

It is time to make some MAJOR changes…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The passing of Mandatory Childhood Vaccine legislation (SB277) in California was a Watershed Moment in time.

Watershed Moment – A point in time when nothing after will ever be the same as before.”

To struggling parents in California the passing of SB277 was a disaster in more ways than one.  But to others outside of “The People’s Republic of California” SB277 was an early wake-up call, shifting their life priorities – forcing them to get involved with their own State political structure RIGHT NOW – which they did, shutting down similar legislation in their own States with ease.

California, it turns out, was, and is, its own pile of corruption.  Although the anti-SB277 strategy and tactics was HORRIBLE, run by organizational nitwits (but nicely dressed), the primary reason they lost, I think, was that they used FaceBook as their organizational tool – and I am about to tell you why that was a VERY BAD THING…

Why FaceBook Makes Activists Lose Campaigns…

I have been designing and activating health care political campaigns, according to time-honored methods, for years – so I know what I am talking about.  That sort of thing is just, exactly, what a Crisis Management Consultant in health care does.

The main problem with FaceBook is that it emphasizes the “Me” idea, rather than the “We” type of thinking.  Campaigns are designed and conducted by using a teams concept – ALWAYS.  FaceBook is responsible for the “selfies” concept which is so far away from team building – it is in reality, narcissism gone wild.

FaceBook creates a very unhealthy situation NOT conducive to getting people to work together.  And, as it has turned out, it is not even a good communications tool since the censorship started.

Worse, it is more invasive then the Obama-Nation’s cameras everywhere.

So, why are we there?

That is a very good question…

Probably because it is there.  Already, younger people have abandoned it for other platforms.  True thinkers, Elon Musk included, have dumped FaceBook completely.  Musk is one of thousands of leaders to do so in frustration.  Apple founder Steve Wozniak dumped FaceBook April 9th.

And, if the US Congress has its way, FaceBook could disappear overnight world-wide.  The talk is that FaceBook needs to be super-regulated – put into a category like public utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer). I agree.

So, what do we activists do?

(1)  Consider the FaceBook experience to be water under the bridge” and move on.

(2)  Put together a FaceBook close-up-shop strategy.  If you have a group start collecting email addresses, especially those of regular participants. Plan for “what-ifs.”  The best rule is “Plan for the worst.  Hope for the best.”

Keep in mind that there are MANY outside factors that can, and will, affect FaceBook.  There is a very strong possibility that FaceBook employees will just decide to shut down accounts of all Americans.  If you have photos, etc., stored there, it would be a good idea to download everything you want to keep to your personal hard drive.  North America ONLY represents 13.7% of the FaceBook population.

If you are looking to continue communicating with your family, friends, and fellow activists you need to plan to be elsewhere:

(a) Email programs are very difficult and expensive to use, but it CAN be done.  I, Tim Bolen, was able to build up a list close to three hundred thousand, and set up my own email service – but it is a hard thing to do and maintain.  It has its own set of time-consuming problems.

(b)  Better, and FAR EASIER to use are “Discussion Groups.”  The downside is that you don’t get to post pictures.  It is only text.

Yahoogroups is a free online service provided by Yahoo!. It is a free service allowing communities with common interests to set up a common “group” and share message (which are archived), photos, events calendars, polls and links.

Googlegroups is a free online service provided by Google.

(3)  Investigate Alternative Platforms – This is NOT as easy as it looks.  Several of us have been looking at a different platform (withholding that name for now) that, in some ways, resembles FaceBook, and although the CONCEPT has merit, at this point, the delivery suffers in quite a few ways.

More research is necessary.  And NO I am not recommending it at this time.  But, that’s not to say I wouldn’t in the future.

What I didn’t see happen with the Anti-Vax Movement…

The worldwide reaction to SB277 in California was definitely a Watershed Moment in time.  The REALITY of vaccines, and those that promote them became almost common knowledge.  So, as a communications tool that reaction achieved a purpose.

But, to me, what was disappointing was that there was no “Organizational Structure” formed to do battle with the pro-vaxxer scum.  People became comfortable with what happened – and NOW the ability to continue that messaging has been removed.

So, what’s next?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

13 thoughts on “Part #3 – The Anti-Vax Movement Has Collapsed…”

  1. The next step, Tim, I finished this morning and it will be in the mail to you in a few days time as soon as I get it from the printers.

    Blessed be


  2. My politics are vastly different to yours but in an area where there is a good deal of airy fairiness, you speak a great deal of sense. The other side is ruthless and well funded and we need practical, down to earth thinkers prepared to put their money where their mouths are.

    I applaud that in you.

    all the best,

    Kev Morris

  3. Email lists and discussion groups support in-group discussion, but do NOT market the group. The wonderful thing about FB, if only it was unbiased, is that it markets your group to all your friends. You share a post, and it reaches 100s of people; if any of them share it, it reaches 100s more. Activism can get massive, exponential traction, or at a minimum provide numerous touches to improve receptivity over time.

  4. You’ve got to have google or Yahoo to be in those chat groups. After the trouble I had with Yahoo, and heard about Google, I went Russian with Yandex, and that seemed to help me enormously with the hacks. I was on about 4 or 5 Yahoo chats till I changed my email.

    I started to try to get off Farce Book 8 years ago. It took me almost 2 years to get off of it, but what I know about computers couldn’t fill a thimble.

  5. …a couple points…
    ” The talk is that FaceBook needs to be super-regulated – put into a category like public utilities (electric, gas, water, sewer). ” I SURE HOPE NOT….. the idiots who ‘super-regulate’ our electric have FAILED TO HARDEN IT in spite of the extreme need…. and the idiots who ‘super-regulate’ our water had whole cities in Michigan and Ohio without decent drinking water last year as another glimpse of performance, not to mention the disaster of fluoridation!… and the idiots who ‘super-regulate’ our sewers have fundamentally faulty ideas on putting *solids* into the *liquid waste* system and now bankrupt everyone trying to get the water clean again… not familiar with gas, but THREE STRIKES AND THE IDEA IS *OUT*…

    How about treating the internet like the online library of world information… if you have a library card, the access is yours, period… and let people learn to control their private data as sensible people….

    AS FOR YAHOOGROUPS, etc… those typically do not serve such large groups iirc, and the big handicap in the early days was the virus-transmission risk, so attachments were forbidden if you were wise manager… but that required some annoying use of logging in so that you could post files, hoping that would solve it… ancient remembrances.. but at least it is more common knowledge than the ‘new’ alternatives with their strange names for each service…

    otoh, the latest story is that the crypto-currency world is now ripe to challenge the Federal reserve control of our cash transactions…. interesting to consider… including their point systems for creating content that is convertible to cash/crypto/etc… like the Swedes pay authors for each time that author’s books are borrowed… sorta…. ttyl

  6. Corruption, corruption and more corruption at highest places. There are two options to all of us. To go along with them and be submissive, or else to resist and demand our God given right to choose from. Just as Shakespeare sad in his days; “Be or not to be – this is the question”. Nothing less, nothing more.

  7. We know there is heavy infiltration amongst us (which of course is how sb277 passed in the first place – Barry Look$).

    And then we have the huge issue of ego;s .
    Everyone wants to be the winning leader .
    The leader who finally breaks Pharmas back and the hero worship that will go with that .

    I don’t see Fakebook as necessarily being the issue , in fact its been very useful for edging out the “make our vaccines greener” brigade.

    In the end what happened in Italy is the best I have seen so far.
    Proper resistance , political upheaval .

    Our numbers are our strength now. And we are growing all the time.
    It isn’t going to end well. It cant.

  8. I think many may be overlooking the best asset available, and that is the kids themselves that have been set up to receive these poisons. People should be helping these students themselves organize protests and walkouts and let the schools feel the brunt of what they are trying to force on the children. Have a massive skip ‘shot’ day and every time the school offers shots don’t show up. And if they don’t let the kids come back to school until they have the shots then DON’T GO. Massive school boycotts. Massive disruption as often as possible to the status quo and if all else fails get the hell out of the Communist Core recruit centers and home school. Your kids health is worth it. Teach them to FIGHT injustice!

  9. The evil new world order headquarters – Belgium – has come up with a study claiming the brains of transgender people are different. Really quite funny and predictable. So now we are to believe science does back up this crazy stuff.

  10. Come to think of it I wonder if Dr. Bakker is funded by the Atrazine or other chemical companies. She should consult with Dr. Tyrone Hayes who found many structural anomalies due to pesticides, plastics.

  11. In 2015, Tim Bolen predicted the vaccine construction would collapse in two years. That was over optimistic. Now he suggests the anti-vaccine movement is on the verge of collapse. Now he’s too pessimistic.

    SB 277 seemed to bring all the anti-vaxxers out of the woodwork and making noise. The anti-vaxxers have quieted down a bit, but the group is still intact. Certainly the control of the alternative media by the pharmaceutical corporations has impeded the growth of the movement, but so has the pharmaceutical control of the mainstream media, the pharmaceutical control of Congress, the pharmaceutical control of the CDC, and the pharmaceutical control of state public health departments. The pharmaceutical companies have too much money.

    Hopefully the anti-vaccine movement will never be taken over by some Savanarola or Pol Pot who thinks it is inherently bad to make money. But some kinds of money making are bad. Contract murder and extortion come to mind. Certainly killing and maiming children for profit is a bad way of making money.

    Imagine Merck’s bottom line if Merck had to pay for all the damage it causes. There is a political price to pay for opposing Big Pharma. But we’re at the point where there is a political price to pay for parroting the lies of Big Pharma. Our President thumbed his nose at Big Pharma and got elected.

    Is there not one member of Congress bold enough to introduce legislation to repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act? The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act has a lot to do with our epidemics of autism and learning disability, our embarrassing infant mortality rate, and our Nazi-like erosion of civil liberties.

    Elisa Meineger”s third article back had a comment about a Danish study finding that those vaccinated wiEinar H. Daleth the DPT vaccine has a death rate up to ten times higher than those who were not vaccinated with the DPT vaccine. It is ironic that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passes because the pharmaceutical companies threatened to discontinue the DPT vaccine, as if that were a terrible tragedy.

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