Trump Should Appoint “Stormy Daniels” to Special White House “Drug Industry Liaison” Post…

It Would Be The PERFECT Appointment…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate” Tim Bolen

When you are handed a bag of lemons you just have to make lemonade…

Stormy Daniels would be absolutely wonderful as the White House Liaison to the Drug Industry.  Trump would be sending someone who would fit right in with them.  They’d completely understand her, and what she wants and does, on a moral, ethical, and behavioral level.  The Drug Industry has sent Stormy’s counterparts, and maybe even Stormy,  as their own representatives to Congress, for years.

Why would something like this be beneficial for America? 

If you think about it Stormy looks just like, and may act just like, the average “Drug Rep Big Pharma sends into Doctor’s Offices every day promoting, in every way possible, the “drug of the week.” 

She’s got the moves…

It has been obvious that Trump, and his staff, have found it difficult to deal with Big Pharma. Trump tends, so far, to just criminally prosecute them. 

With this move, however, the White House would be able to communicate with Pharma leadership on a level they, themselves, can understand, and identify with,  They live it.

When in Rome…

It’s Perfect…

You need to get a mind-picture here of Stormy, just like “Drug Reps” do for doctors, boobie-bouncing into CEO offices all over Pharma land.

Hey – Pharma has trained tens of thousands of “Drug Reps” in these techniques so they MUST WORK, right?

Just think, Stormy could help drug lords at Bayer, Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi-Aventis, you-name-it, with their children’s birthday parties, just like “Drug Reps” do for Doctors.  And more...

And just think of the “free samples” Stormy could leave…

Stormy Could Still Promote Her Upcoming Books…

Already publishers are fighting over “My Time With Vladimir Putin…”

And her blockbuster “Why I did Hillary – and Thank god I Never Went to the Island…” is causing an uproar.

However, no publishers are bidding on “My Time With CNN – making connection with Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Charles Blow, and the rest of the gang...” for obvious reasons…

Stormy Has International Experience…

This could be very helpful as most prescription drugs are made in foreign countries (80% in China) with “No Inspections” before the products are delivered to American Consumers.

Stormy has been made in many foreign countries with FULL inspection.  She could work on this issue, perhaps convincing drug lords that “Inspection” could be a good thing.

I Know That Some of You Might Think This idea “Sucks”…

Well – you are entitled to your opinion.  I ‘m not a liberal.  But, I want to point out that the entire Drug Industry sucks and so does Stormy – so what’s the problem?  Looks like a Perfect Match to me.

Just imagine Stormy’s  “Monthly Reports.”  Would they be banned on FaceBook?  Can you imagine the look on CNN Anderson Cooper’s face when he reads, out loud, sections of those reports?

Of course there would be no health benefit for Americans by this appointment…

But just think of how high CNN’s ratings would go up on the days Anderson Cooper read the “Monthly Reports” on camera.  We could all use the laughter.

To keep abreast of this situation, stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate” Tim Bolen


12 thoughts on “Trump Should Appoint “Stormy Daniels” to Special White House “Drug Industry Liaison” Post…”

  1. I love you, but this ho doesn’t deserve ANY attention whatsoever.
    Please stick to writing articles with actual content.

  2. Oh, I don’t know Tia.
    I think ridicule is a most excellent way of dealing such matters.
    The first time I’ve actually laughed at American humour this year.

    Let’s have some more, please Tim.
    Incidentally, what did you think of “The Whole Hogg Wash” I sent you?

    Blessed be


  3. Whao! Tim, you touched the nerve. All make sense 100%, why not?Your message is clear and true to the facts.I like your sense of humor.After all if we honestly open out eyes this is the circus we are in. A big stinky, corrupt, shameless establishment leading us by our noses. No good for the human psyche to lament endlessly in despair. Your color of voice gave us something uplifting to see the brighter side of the issue too. Good one, Tim. Keep up, we’ll stick with you.

  4. The drug companies have hired cheerleaders as salespeople; I knew one personally who went that route, so you are spot-on with this one! And doesn’t Stormy look a lot like a young Dolly Parton? Perhaps she could have an initiative similar to Dolly’s library, only geared to adult Washingtonians instead of children. So she could distribute books unmasking the official accounts of history and also sell some of her own! Apparently most members of Congress are beholden to a certain foreign power and could be blackmailed if they stop their support, so Stormy could provide the antidote — threatening to blackmail the blackmailers!! “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” but keep up the pugnacious polemics!!

  5. It seems as if Trump is not doing anything about vaccines and autism, some one needs to tell him that the donor from Florida can turn the tide against him in the next election. As far as I’m concerned he should be impeached.

  6. I knew where you were going with just the title. I think that would be great!! Then people could see what a sock puppet Cooper Vanderbilt is, and the other Al-CIA-duh cronies are!

  7. Great smile on the mug today with this one Tim-and it’s so true of the drug rep marketing in human interface…these new IT systems now in hospitals are popping up drug selections and vaccine marketing from right inside the beast…digital devils.

  8. I agree its funny. I’m just sick of hearing about her. Who cares. Yawn.

  9. I’m liking the ridicule. I see that Prevnar is associated with more pneumonia, HPV vaccine with more cervical cancer. I don’t know whether to be more outraged at the press not covering this or all the child sex trafficking networks like NXIVM being uncovered and taken down. It is mind numbing absurdity.

  10. Well, I agree with Joey. Trump just gave a big wet kiss to Big Pharma, with no negotiation over lowering prices. No action on vaccines or autism. We need to work on stopping state laws mandating vaccines. And it looks like was hacked. You cannot read their articles.

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