President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates…

Wars are won by making political alliances.  If our side EVER wants to win we need to understand that simple fact.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

It’s not the differences with your allies which should worry you, but the DESTRUCTION your common enemy has planned for everybody who is even remotely on your side.

With the establishment on Thursday of the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division in the Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights, Trump has laid the groundwork to smash every single vaccine mandate as well as turn BIG PHARMA into little pharma.

Don’t think this new division of Conscience and Religious Freedom at HHS is a big deal?

THINK AGAIN.  It gives many different groups a BIG TENT under which to fight.  I think it is time that Christians and Libertarians, and people of other religious faiths realize that we have a COMMON INTEREST in fighting against a FASCIST HEALTH ESTABLISHMENT.

Yes, we should protect Catholic nuns who don’t want to buy an insurance plan that provides for birth control.  And we should protect nurses who don’t want to take part in abortions.  And we should protect those who do not want vaccines with aborted human tissue injected into their children, Muslims and Orthodox Jews who do not want vaccines with pig products, vegans who do not want  vaccines made with ANY animal products, or the conscientious parent who does their own research and comes to the conclusion that ALL VACCINES ARE A REALLY BAD IDEA.

Is it clear by this time I believe all of you are capable of coming to your own conclusions about vaccines?  I have my own opinion and I am happy to share, but I will not impose my will upon any other person.

Here’s why this is such a BIG DEAL.

The House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy (R – California) is one of the people who worked on this project.  Do you think he is unaware of the draconian mandatory vaccine law in California which took away religious and philosophical (conscience) exemptions?

This new division at HHS is a HOME RUN for all those who believe in HEALTH FREEDOM.

In a press release put out on Thursday by the HHS Office for Civil Rights, Director Roger Severino said,

“Law protecting religious freedom and conscience rights are just empty words on paper if they aren’t enforced.  No one should be forced to choose between helping sick people and living by one’s deepest moral or religious convictions, and the new division will help guarantee that victims of unlawful discrimination find justice.  For too long, governments big and small have treated conscience claims with hostility instead of protection, but change is coming and it begins here and now.”

In an article for TownHall, House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy was very explicit.

“In the past this office sent the message, now is not the time for freedom, it is time for you to conform.  What a difference one year makes.”

Dr. Everett Piper of Oklahoma Wesleyan University echoed these comments and brought a laugh to the group by noting what a difference it was to be thanking Health and Human Services rather than suing them.

The acting Health and Human Services Secretary, Eric Hargan, also had some remarkable words:

“For too long too many of these healthcare practitioners have been bullied and discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and moral convictions leaving many of them to wonder whether they have a future in our healthcare system.  When faithful Americans are bullied out of the public square and out of public service, when bigotry is allowed to flourish, we all lose.”

(“Members of Congress Explain Need for New HHS Conscience and Religious Freedom Division,” By Lauretta Brown, TownHall, January 18, 2018.)

The lawyer in me recognizes expansive legal language and my little litigator’s heart rejoices with the arguments I can spin from it.

What about the HIPPA Privacy rights of nurses who decline the flu vaccine and are required to wear masks, thus broadcasting their vaccination status?  What of nurses who are given the choice of getting a vaccine or losing their job?

The new web-site for the Conscience and Religious Freedom Division even has a convenient portal to file a complaint and encourages ANYBODY who feels their religious rights or conscience have been violated to file a complaint.

What about all those California parents living under the mandatory childhood vaccine law?  Aren’t their religious and conscience rights being violated?

President Trump has given us a tool to use against tyranny.  My dear brothers and sisters, it is time to pick up this weapon and use it against our common enemy.


By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing, in 2014 and is now available in paperback with NEW material.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, published in 2016 and available on Amazon and at Barnes&





46 thoughts on “President Trump Drops NUCLEAR BOMB on Vaccine Mandates…”

  1. It has all just begun…

    We are going to take back America from the fruitcakes.

    Then we are going to force the fruitcakes to eat good food, and take supplements, changing their body and brain makeup – so that they abandon the Democratic Party out of new-found common sense.

    Humor intended…

    Tim Bolen

  2. I cannot wait to see how they exclude vaccines from this new policy. If you were honest, it would be clear the intent of this is to give cover to right wing and fundamentalist groups to deny health coverage and care to people who, exercising their own freedoms, do not fit the bigoted categories of these groups.

    I further criticize your very limited view of groups of people who question and resist enforced vaccine drugging. Your prejudice and ignorance of people who are progressive is increasingly broadcast. This exactly the divisiveness sought by the oligarchy and prevents the kind of coalition building you should be seeking on this volatile issue. As someone who has worked against big pharma quack busting and, I expect, knows of the many nefarious tactics of this multi-billion dollar industry, it is amazing to me that you would simply write off the millions on the left who oppose mandatory vaccines. This puts the lie to your position of organizing a movement for freedom of health choice. Libertarians can be so deluded about their view of laissez-faire with corporations.

  3. Tamarque:

    You are literally hallucinating a different reality. If I say that everybody should have the freedom to make their own choices, informed by their conscience and religious sensibilities, you say that I am a fundamentalist. If I did not make it clear previously (as I believe even a cursory reading of my article would show), I believe in the FREEDOM to make your own choices.

    How is it that you confuse FREEDOM with TYRANNY? Please explain in a way which does not require you to hallucinate a completely different version of what I said.

    Kent Heckenlively

  4. @ tamarque, It is not just that there are people on the left who oppose mandates, it is that there are people all over America who would be horrified to know what is really in the vaccines and how many children have been sacrificed by the medical gods that they thought were upright citizens. the battle against vaccine mandates is a truly good battle. It is a battle FOR THE TRUTH.
    People on every side of the spectrum are living in a twilight zone as of today. The federal vaccine court unknown to them; the risks of vaccines unknown to them. The toxic ingredients of vaccines unknown to them; The current health statistics for American children unknown to them.: facts and nature of autism and many other disorders unknown to them. Which American would realize today that if their healthy baby receives a vaccine and dies 24 hours later – their child never existed. The ever-curious media knows nothing about him . Our populace is ignorant and naive when it comes to health. Health propaganda even convinces them that it is the right thing to do to throw away the key to what few health freedoms they have or had.
    Join hands and fight for truth to prevail.

  5. Bolen report always gives me hope !!
    A few years ago at my employment I came to work to see a sign posted in different places with my name on it,stating “ It’s Flu season and Tracey has opted out of the flu vaccine let’s help her be compliant by making sure she has her mask on “ Are you kidding me I wrote across it HIPPA VIOLATION!!!
    I was so so angry !!! I put the word out I was contacting a lawyer… Needless to say the signs came down …. This year I started wearing the mask , until my husband was in the hospital for 11 days and I was all over my work without a mask and as a guest I’m ok to not wear it but when I walk in the door as an employee I’m all of sudden diseased … I think not!!! Keep up the great articles and I will help by pushing my agenda …. Thank you

  6. In Oregon, the Oregon revised statutes define religion as “any system of beliefs, principles, or ethical values.” That’s why the first thing vaccination zealots had to do is abolish the religious exemption and call it a non-medical exemption. This new office applies to any parent where the state is forcing a medical intervention/treatment that violate a parent’s “system of beliefs” including chemotherapy over some other approach consistent with their system of beliefs. Or where the state forces a parent or child to be removed so that they can be psychotropically drugged.

  7. Tamarque- as a person happy throughout my life to call myself a left winger, it saddens me to find the left increasingly subsumed into the skeptical, anti- health freedom movement and by so doing creating the hideous spectacle of ‘progressives’ harnessing themselves to the aims of profiteering drug companies that deal in sickness and death.

    Looking at the way so called progressives treat Donald Trump, the slanders that people of the left parrot uncritically, it has become clear to me that terms, ‘left’ and ‘right’ have little meaning any more. It is important to see behind the words and the sloganising and to support life itself before it’s too late.

    Whilst you may be praised for wishing to support the left, understand that many on the left would not wish to associate with your aims. Please understand that extraordinary circumstances may well call for extraordinary alliances.

  8. This absolutely is an answer to my prayers for year. I’ve been honored to use homeopathy to help kids recovery, or improve, from vaccine injury for 20 years. But we are facing losing our remedies the FDA’s latest proposed “guidance for enforcement” for homeopathy wiping out our tools.

    So the question in my (non-lawyer) mind is – could we save or resurrect homeopathy as a choice for healthcare for reasons of conscience? The thought of knowing what my colleagues and I know and having to stand by entirely helpless to extend our aid to the vaccine injured (which is almost everyone these days, from conception to the grave), is truly devastating.

    This move is a HUGE answer to my prayers that the behemoth of Pharma can start to be rolled back. To stop the carnage – or at least slow it – is the first and most important step. Praise God for His mercy to our children here. To be honest, if Donald Trump’s presidency did nothing more than this, it would be a legacy that, while much of the world is unaware of it, will carry through for generations!

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Admittedly, I needed some good news. And this is tremendous news. Now if we can free alternative practitioners through this to be able to practice to help those already injured, that would just be amazing. Because they, too, need our help.

  9. We definitely need to join forces and this is a bold step in the right direction. Ralph Nader wrote a book a few years back called ‘Unstoppable’ which also embraced bringing left and right together to oppose and dismantle the corporate state. I personally know a pharmacist east of here who bravely opposed making the abortion pill available in his drug store, due to his strong Catholic convictions. So if we can form a mighty Health Freedom coalition or even party, this will be the countervailing force to tame the Big Pharma beast into actually serving us instead of being our demise. Now let’s keep the momentum going and create this counterforce to get the job done!

  10. Kevin Morris you have put it so well. The left has been subsumed into the skeptical, anti-health freedom movement whether they like it or not. They are enslaved by big pharma and the media and their agendas. Indeed it shouldn’t be a left or right issue, but a human issue.

  11. One of the deepest ironies in the whole issue of skepticism and the growth of violence against anti vaxxers, is that many of these sad individuals appear themselves to be vaccine damaged. The late Harris Coulter asserted in his landmark study of vaccine damage, ‘Vaccination, Social Violence and Criminality’ that between five and ten percent of Americans are minimally brain damaged through the pertussis vaccine, and that many of these individuals gravitate towards antisocial or even criminal behaviour. Around 15 years ago a World Health Organisation report claimed that ten percent of all of the world’s children are mentally ill, a story so shocking that nobody in the news media here in the UK seemed to wish to comment apart from reporting the story. We know that these stories are far more than merely straws in the wind.

    For we all know something very bad is happening to society worldwide, and whilst we might not all share the same political viewpoint, the time surely has come for many of us, left, right or centre, to wish to stand up and be counted.

  12. Trump forever! As I run a news/views blog I wonder if I could share your video but I don’t see a Share button on it. Thanks for the good work and let’s stand by Trump for freedom and conscience.

  13. Praise God!

    As I posted this week:

    Hundreds of dead children from the HPV vaccine now? — I know of two more in the last week — and thousands permanently injured. Banned in several First World countries now.

    My local friend David recently took his three month old son in for a “well baby” visit. He was vaccinated, which is what a “well baby/well child” visit is, and immediately appeared to be unwell. Wouldn’t eat anything and died in his little jumper seat the next day.

    As I’ve noted before: Interesting fact: In 1986 the US Government made vaccines a no-liability product and set up a Vaccine Court to adjudicate vaccine injury claims under the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Companies jumped at this windfall opportunity and sales shot up from about $200 million to today’s approximately $50 billion per year. There are now 54 vaccines required by age six, up from about 8 on the CDC Vaccine Schedule. The CDC owns several vaccine patents by the way.

    The Vaccine Court has paid out $3,800,000,000 to vaccine injured children now. (Recently triplets all became autistic within hours of a routine, scheduled pneumococcal vaccine. Try telling the McDowell parents that was genetics.) That’s $3.8 billion. Currently the flu shot and the HPV vaccines seem to be the most deadly.

    Actually, the 2017/2018 flu vaccine contains 25 mcg of ethyl mercury in the .5 ml dose. Some government scientists conclude that ethyl mercury is more toxic than methyl mercury, from studies on pigs.

    SIDS became the new way to explain infant deaths which occurred right after an infant vaccination. Death is listed as a potential adverse effect on the long form product inserts. Don’t believe that? Check LearnTheRisk dot org to read the Manufacturer cited adverse effects, and World Mercury Project with Robert Kennedy Jr.

    According to US government statistics, approximately 5,712,000 people were injured by vaccines in 2016 out of a US population of about 323,000,000.

    I have a friend who had to rush his little daughter to the emergency room after her last two vaccinations. He asked his pediatrician who had given the shots what to do. The pediatrician told him that he had seven children and none were vaccinated nor would ever be. He said that if he said that publicly he’d lose his job.

    “___________ pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2. If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000.

    But here’s the catch: Under ___________ rules, pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine. So it’s not just $400 on your child’s head–it could be the whole bonus. To your doctor, your decision to vaccinate your child might be worth $40,000, or much more, depending on the size of his or her practice.”

  14. i love this concept and don’t doubt that such an office has been set up. i DO doubt that it will have any teeth or any cooperation at all, though.
    If anything good does happen, it is the nail in big pHARMa’s (keeping harm large) coffin – and it couldn’t come too soon.

  15. To tamarque
    Look at this below in relation to mercury, aluminum and vaccine damage.
    A path to old age with minimum physical and mental disability
    Here is the path showing how mercury as the main source of ALL chronic “diseases” and cancers
    Follow the money big pharma allopathic medicine hiding in the bottom of the global swamp and implementing agenda 21 globalism NOW.
    Following up on the research below will lead to the primary catalyst leading to this suicide and mental and physical health epidemic. A simple experiment would be to be to supply two or three Brazil nuts per day to each member of the most effected reserves . Mercury compromises your bodies self healing and self repairing function as well as corroding your electrical control system.
    The Information below shows how every body in health (CMA, CDA AMA, ADA, CDC, FDA) , Politics, Pharma, Law, Media, Cable-Phone-Internet, Insurance, Seed and chemicals, workman’s compensation, as having a clear and obvious conflict of interest in regards to the continued financial, physical and mental health and productive lifespan of every one and especially the poor and aboriginal population.
    The info here could be easily used to set up a DIY healthcare system. No Pharma needed. Dec 17 2017.
    WakeUp. We are All Being Gamed. THIS SHOWS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN MERCURY AND MAGNESIUM SELENIUM ETC DEPLETIONS. MASS Murder, maiming and bankruptcy by mercury. The most likely source of all chronic illnesses.
    How pharma is shortening everyone’s productive life including the brain washed allopathic doctors instituting the Rockefeller business plan even against themselves and they do not even know it.
    References: Corbett Report No 310 Replacement of 4yr Diagnostic Training with pharma recipe treatments around 1923 election by Rockefeller agreeing to finance medical school “research”. This has made it financially impossible to research and publish any prevention or cure from the past that did not have the financial backing of a patent. This is treat forever never prevent or cure Allopathy.
    They are so stupid they do not look at Or understand their own and everyone they treat suicide and death rates. Wake up.
    EXPOSING THE MERCURY SECRET that is financing the Unhealthy Care System called allopathic health malpractice system.
    Mercury poisoning ( likely methyl or ethyl ) is directly related to high blood pressure, vaccine related polio, stroke, cancers and at least 222 medline abstracts showing medical conditions (physical, mental and chemical) related to magnesium depletion. (see medline or greenmedinfo )
    Part of complaint of medical malpractice to be registered with CMA CDA and Manitoba Health

    Refusal of 5 MB doctors to Recognize tox screen and multiple symptom of mercury poisoning since birth in 1942. Attempted murder?? . Prescribing BP meds (Coversil) known to cause strokes.
    Mercury buildup in ones soft tissues as one ages (often because of amalgams, inland fish, and vaccines) seeps into ones system via detox which depletes magnesium, selenium, etc. Because of the effect of this on your immune system you are susceptible to EVERTHING treated but NEVER prevented or cured by the profiteering Allopathic medical system. A simple explanation to be fully investigated
    ELABORATION. I have gathered 200+gig.
    The business model of the pharma run allopathic medical system is set up to lead you to extended disability, bankruptcy and early death by treating symptoms until death.
    This benefits banks and insurance companies (by keeping the death rate high and predictable and minimizing pension payouts) , politics (by minimizing CPP and OAP payouts and maximizing party contributions) , MSM (advertising support.) , medicine (continued stream of returning customers and income), dentistry (continued stream of returning customers and income by covering up danger of mercury amalgams and resultant cavitation’s producing methyl mercury) and pharma (Continued profiteering from sale of prescriptions ,vaccinations and chemotherapies.).
    This treat but never cure or prevent model operates by never looking for the basic cause or causes preventing your immune system from doing its self repairing function. Mercury buildup in ones soft tissues reaches a point of saturation and your body reacts by detoxing and recirculating. Which makes Mercury the prime disabler of ones immune system and catalyst for almost all medical costs and all disabilities and life shortening conditions.
    1) Deteriorates your selenium based nerve electrical connections (paralytic momentary collapse often misnamed as stroke or PSP)
    2) Depletes magnesium etc. required for muscle control and calcium removal (for muscle relaxation after calcium tightening ) as well as immune system function. Check Medline for multiple consequences of magnesium depletion. (I have 222 references to 222 different medical conditions and cancers).
    The resulting mass slow extermination of the older population (agenda 21) benefits pension funds especially OAP.
    Especially susceptible to early sickness and death before age 65 are the poor and my fellow aboriginal population. Example: Grassie Narrows
    The “death rates” for people in the U.S. older than 50 have “improved”(increased?) by one percent per year since 1950 on average. The long-term trend increased up to two percent in the years from 2000 to 2009 before stalling; the death rates only improved by about half a percent each year from 2010 to 2014. The life expectancy for 65-year-olds rose by a meager four months in the years from 2010 and 2015, which is half of the improvement noted in the years from 2005 to 2010. Moreover, the American death rate actually increased in 2015, and the death rate worsened for those over 65 in the first reversal for Americans of retirement age to be seen since 1999. Do you see the meaning is fudged by separating/mixing two death rate (one for birth to death and one for over 62). Presented to a math and English comprehension deficient population.
    . Let me add in the 2000 US Census 18% of the population didn’t make it to 50 and 40% never made it to 62 and the median age of death if you made it to 62 was 75. See line below to see how data selected to make thing appear less worse.
    In 2010 the median age of death was 62 13 years less than the 75 in 2000
    Where are the detailed Canadian figures (Or do the provinces even gather and publish them anymore? (Ref; Ontario -cost cutting after 3 mile island incident- laid off all statisticians collecting health care records (see Harrowsmith Magazine article) .
    I may be contacted at 204-981-3732 ll cell /text
    tharnden at mymts dot net
    And have almost all references in my research database available in digital form (docx or pdf) with links. Text me with email address I can send to.

  16. I’d rather be killed quick than take another vaccination. I been sick eight years after I took a flu and pneumonia vaccinations.

  17. It’s sad even a disgrace when a government or schools make it mandatory that children must take immune shots PERIOD against the will & desire of the parents when the family are vegans & completely healthy because they’re vegans for instance–This so-called law in California forces parents to take their children to another country that is more health conscious who honor life without needing drugs to stay healthy!

  18. Great article, just a quick note about a typo: you wrote “HIPPA” when it should be “HIPAA” 🙂

  19. Big pharma is like a dragon that is critically wounded but before it dies it makes a big mess. The way vaccines are run are a big mess.
    They don’t have to die, we as humans are not that health conscious to say we don’t need drugs. But all this pull and power the have had has to stop

  20. Spelling. Really? Spelling?

    I loved the article! Shows a thinking being constructed it!
    Not a Row-Bot! Wait…. did I spell that right?

    Trolls. Proof vaccines cause injury!

  21. Sounds like a very smart move of Trump’s (and whoever was also in on this). Instead of directly confronting the frauds of big pharma, which, given the legions of those with vested interests must be like wading through set concrete, he is giving a free megaphone to all those voices lost on the roar of hysterical pharma promotion. Plenty more people who have hitherto remained mute will step forward if they think they have a chance of being heard. This is good for America and good for the world as the example being set will not go unnoticed.

  22. This is also a big help to homeopathy as it is an alternative medical treatment that does not use harmful and addictive drugs (in the Bible witchcraft is the Greek word pharmakeia).

  23. I’m wondering: After receiving 60 vaccines, that have been grown on live fetal tissue, children now having both male and female DNA, could this be the reason there is so much gender confusion now?

  24. I keep reading the article over and over to be sure I’m seeing the words right. Lol. What a breakthrough.
    We can’t forget about our military personnel who sign up to serve this country to preserve our rights but at the same time are not given their own right to refuse vaccines.
    This is just the beginning. I am happy to be a part of this change

  25. Great news. One good thing that Trump is doing. I hope it works. Too many kids are either dying or suffering permanent injury from vaccines. I personally know a few children who are injured for life, one severely. Makes me angry that it’s been pushed on parents, who trust their doctors.

  26. The biggest horror of having an Autistic child is
    “Who will take care of my child when I am gone?”
    I Praise The Lord for this freedom.

  27. Hello Kent,
    Thank you for your video and the information regarding the vaccination tyranny we are all facing here in California and all over America. My daughter moved to another state to save her 4 children from California’s vaccine program for school kids.

    By the way, we are related. My family are Heckenlively and Heckenlaible’s.

  28. Love your site !! Other than religion, how can Health care workers stop the unwanted vaccines !!!! Ohio

  29. Here is the biochemistry of health: Many health problems are impaired blood flow in the brain and body. I tried finding his treatments. Part of his MASS FlO2 Life water supplement might be baking soda. I wish I could find someone who knows more about his treatments. Other treatments he mentioned are hyperbaric oxygen, vita-O2, and light (I don’t know what kind of light.).

  30. Vaccines are destroying and killing both people and animals. All suffer the same horrible damages and deaths vaccines cause. There is NO safe or harmless vaccine. It’s our right as free Americans to choose what we will and will not put into our bodies as well as the bodies of our families and animals. My religious beliefs are against all vaccination – human and animal. Thank God for President Trump signing this executive order! It truly is an answer to prayer and it’s far past time for our nation to honor religious or conscience rights as given by our Creator.

  31. No religion allow to take other’s organ, other’s blood by the name of treatment, in same way it is not permitted to take germs into body to increase immunization. In all religion also said how to cure people with natural elements like plants, animals, mineral; and other form of treatment is cupping therapy. vaccine is a devil invention by the name of scientific treatment.

  32. My son was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 and that was right after his vaccinations! I haven’t vaccinated him since and he is 12 years old!!!
    I live in California and was told before he enters 7th grade he needs to be caught up on his vaccinations!

  33. I love your awareness and conviction. When people wake up to the facts that; vaccines contain poisons that disrupt your immune system and health making you sick or die, and, they never did eradicate disease but actually made us sicker, and, were bad science to start with because healthy immune systems don’t get very sick or sick at all when their body is adjusting the the virus’s, bacteria etc on our planet which makes you strong and healthy; then the history books (if we survive) will laugh at how easily people can be fooled into poisoning their babies. Of course with so many aware of 911, Kennedy, Kennedy Jr., Vietnam, etc, and yet still believe the current MSM lies. Thank you for being a beacon of Truth.

  34. Maybe I missed the sentence where to take advantage of this new exemption or is this just in the “conversation” stage?

    That aside, I found it interesting that my mother’s infectious disease doctor told me that mom was to NOT take the flu shot that was regularly pushed on her during her various stay in a hospital, then rehab for her broken hip, and then elder Care facility. Why? “It is not the flu shot that will directly cause her severe harm, but the fact that her already compromised immune system will become stressed because of the flu shot, thus allowing her pseudomonus to rear it’s ugliness.”

    In addition, my grandson went into accute kidney failure after a vaccination at 3 months (we can see no other cause and it “baffled doctors” and irreversible renal damage insued) and we were instructed that not only he is not to have further vaccinations (due to his compromised immune system) but neither are those caregivers, family members and school age siblings that are “close” to him due to a side affect called “shedding”?

    Isn’t it an oxymoron to claim vaccinations are “safe” the medical professionals have all of these “safe guards” in place; against vaccinations for already “immuno- compromised” family members?

    I would think these evidentiary FACTS speak volumes!

  35. Thanks so much for great information. I have a lot of info to share as my autistic son is 50 years old and I have an ex military friend who spent nearly three years in Mayo Clinic from effects of military forced vaccines. Also a PA from Kaiser Hospital in Ca. said bounties were always paid and lots of money involved. etc.,etc.,etc.! My e-mail good way to contact. Thanks so much and God bless all persons of good will! Sandy Acosta

  36. This may be a first small step in right direction.It is really timely that a man with balls stand up and take to his hands the interests and well being of it’s citizens. Kudo to you Mr. Trump to dare to grab that wild bull by his horns, aka the corrupt Big Pharma.This disastrous tragedy never should of happened only if the corruption -bribery was not a custom of practice in high places.Off with this draconian yoke for once and for all. And those, that support the vaxxinology, let them be, let them enjoy all that is coming with, but leave us alone who want fairness and justice and freedom to decide and to take care of ourselves and those depending on us. Those of us respect life, fear God and all his commandments well knowing that it is only to our benefit, physically and spiritually. I say Halle lu Jah.

  37. What about objections to anything mercury (thimeresol) or aluminum, not just eggs, pig, etc. We are about to be deluged with more and mandatory vaccines for seniors, a sure death sentence for those, not already encumbered by toxins from our air, food and water. We all must be cautious in assuming that a written complaint filed with any government agency will actually produce quick or any results for that matter. Remember if a child is faced with a school admission, a “do it or else” situation, one is dealing with time restrictions and a snails pace reaction to a mom and pop state objection may not help.
    Our consciencious objections may go nowhere when under state mandate ( the caveat). Did you ever receive fast positive feedback on a government complaint ? What happens after this God appointed president leaves office and is replaced by another Satan? There must be a quick positive turn around, once filed, both at the federal and state level. All those who receive the complaint must be strong activists willing to do the job, not sit on their rumps and say “ we don’t do this or that” as we have had too many of those in government. There must be an audit on getting this new department to produce quick positive and effective outcomes.

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