Why Senator Dick Durbin INTENTIONALLY Torpedoed the DACA Discussions…

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

Hey, folks.  Here we go again getting dragged through another news media knothole forced to endure endless diatribes about how President Trump is unfit for public office.

Last week’s topic was how he was mentally unstable and needed to be impeached ASAP before he blew up the world.

This week’s topic is how Trump is a racist.  Oh, really?

Let’s do a fact check on this one……..

For example, as far back as the 1990s, Trump started doing his best to help Black people and other minorities gain access to the American economic system.  The press never mentions this these days.

Here are several videos of varying lengths where Jesse Jackson acknowledges Trump’s hands on and substantial help to forward the work of the Rainbow Coalition.

Below – Jesse Jackson praises “racist” Donald Trump…

Below – Donald Trump At The Rainbow/Push Coalition Wall Street Project Conference 1999

Then there is Trump’s big deal about opening up his exclusive Palm Beach Golf Club  as well as his beloved Mar-a-Lago to both Blacks and Jews, something that was unheard of in those days.  He used his usual pushy and flamboyant ways, including lawsuits and creative tactics to make a lot of waves in one of the most socially-restrictive communities in America.

To call Trump a racist is beyond absurd.  And…..shame on the press for not even bringing up his litany of good deeds in this area this week.

Saul Alinsky Strikes Again…

These days you have to learn to read between the lines when the headlines are attacking Trump using every ridiculous weaponized topic they can dream up.  Anti-Trump forces are well schooled in how to disrupt society because many of them are trained in the strategies of the late Chicago-based Communist/Socialist Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” is the instruction manual anti-Trump leftists are actively using in an attempt to tear down the basic principles of the American way of life in order to create a socialist society where capitalism no longer exists.

Trump, in office, is a BIG, problem for them.  He’s not just another hack politician.   He, and his experts, have analyzed the entire American system of ossified bureaucracies and know where democracy and good government have been eroded and turned into the Washington Swamp he has vowed to clean up.

Dirty politics are not a mystery to Trump, either.  His tweets are designed to keep everyone hopping and not sure what he will do next. These tweets are also the best way to get through the fake news industry to get the news out.  And, if you think he’s a rude SOB – well, get over it.  The trick is to surf the net to find sources of more reliable information that is covering what Trump is really doing and spread the word as best you can.

After decades of assault on our capitalist way of life as well as our cultural values, Trump was elected by millions of Americans to restore America to the wealth and prosperity it once had, based on the cultural values so near and dear to  our Founding Fathers that they established them in the Constitution.

We have to keep in mind that when President Obama ran for office, his only civilian job experience was as a community organizer.  The press didn’t look into this.  Community Organizers are those who teach people how to operate political strategies using Alinsky’s various rules which are designed to create an agitated population that no longer understands the principles our country was founded upon.  These same Alinsky followers are also trying inflict political correctness on the public to force collective thinking, just as the Nazis did in the 1930s to make sure all Germans agreed with Hitler’s values, or else.   Trump represents all that these anti-American Alinsky-style political correctness agitators loath.

Of the several Alinsky rules that seem currently popular include:

(1) Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. That’s where the late night comedians do their part spreading their poison in the anti-Trump campaign.

(2)  A good tactic is something everyone enjoys. In this case, this is where everyone can say dirty words and call people names, especially President Trump. To me this is a sick business.  Encouraging people to claim the elected leader of the free world is mentally ill, is a bigot and otherwise unfit for office is a great way to undermine the power and prestige of America.

(3) A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Last week’s mentally unfit theme got old when Trump televised his successful negotiation about DACA and other immigration issues and it looked like everyone got close to a deal.  Don’t worry.  Trump will be declared crazy again in the future when they run out of the other character attacks on their list.

Maxine Waters

(4)Keep the pressure on. Never let go. Note how many sound bites get used during each themed anti-Trump news campaign.  Maxine Waters can be counted on to scream out invectives and demand impeachment after every utterance of Trump’s no matter what the topic is.   Here’s just one of many articles about Rep. Waters pointing out why she morphed into the head of the  “impeach Trump campaign” in order to divert attention away from the fact she is considered one of the most corrupt members of Congress.  Google these stories about her corruption yourself.  There are a whole lot of them.

(12)  Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. In case you missed it, some people hate Trump and can’t articulate why.  If I were to make a stab at it…I think Trump is such an original and his methods of accomplishing things so different from ordinary politicians not to mention being extraordinarily successful, lots of people just can’t make sense out of what they see.  So… they reject him.  I was never bothered by his tough, no-nonsense language.  You shouldn’t be, either.

Keep in mind, Trump grew up on construction sites in Queens, New York.  He talks like a working man.  He learned the business from the ground up and has grown blisters on his hands working side-by-side with construction workers from all over the world.  He’s probably had a few fist fights with tough guys and knows how hard life is for unskilled labor, many of whom he knows by first name.  To expect him to morph into just another hack politician living in the White House talking politically correct nonsense is ridiculous.  

The fake news people are deliberately ignoring Trump’s long history of going out of his way to do the right thing.   They’d prefer to create outright and outrageous lies about him.  Politicians who know he doesn’t put up with crap when he is being blocked from doing the right thing, are now fighting for their own political lives and the lives of the hidden powers-that-be who do not want Trump to succeed.

Skating Rink in Central park

In an article in the New York Times, his decision to fix the skating rink in Central Park is an interesting and detailed example of a small project he did as a civic person and not a national figure.  The project was done ahead of time, under budget and without paying Trump a dime for his services. He did it in his signature flamboyant way and here’s how New Yorkers felt about his efforts.

”I don’t really care about Trump’s ego or the attention he’s grabbing,” said George Rinaldi, a skater at the rink, who echoed the sentiments of many others. ”It’s a great rink and he is a great man. Anybody who can get anything done right and done on time in New York is a bona fide hero. He should get a ticker-tape parade.”

Skaters yesterday stopped to profusely thank Mr. Trump. They asked if he was going to skate. ”No thanks,” the flamboyant developer said. ”There are too many people who would like to see me fall on my rear end.”

Dick Durbin is Just Another Political Hack Trying to Stay in Power?

Who is telling Durbin what to say?

This week’s distraction about Trump’s character, thanks to Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin, was orchestrated to characterize President Trump is a racist and, thus, unfit for office.

For weeks prior to this assault, Trump’s enemies had mounted a non-stop campaign challenging his mental health and fitness for office.  To counter this assault, Trump called a bi-partisan meeting at the White House to hammer out details on how to fix DACA and the other issues surrounding the immigration issue.  Trump decided to allow the American public to see the meeting.  At the very least, with cameras on them, we witnessed a very cordial gathering which ended with the great hope that an agreement could be reached.  Trump looked and acted with great clarity and skill which provided ample evidence he is as sane, sober, and responsible as anyone with his negotiating skills would be.

However, this love fest could not stand because the Democrats don’t want to be caught dead actually working out a deal with Trump or anyone else on immigration.  They want to keep the floodgates open.

So, a few days later, Durbin initiated a private, presumably confidential, closed-door meeting with the President in the White House, to show him a potential bill.

Durbin came out from the meeting claiming Trump used the word “s…hole” to describe all countries made up of dark skinned people.  No one who was at the meeting has confirmed that anything like that was said and, in fact, two participants in the meeting told the press they don’t recall what Durbin reported actually happened.  Trump flatly denied saying anything of the sort.  The only thing everybody agreed on is that salty language was used during the meeting, a common occurrence in the White House and all over Washington since our country was founded.

The bottom line……

The Democrats cannot afford to look like they could work out a deal about any part of the immigration issue.  Illegal aliens are seen as the future lifeblood of what is left of the Democratic Party.  They need to have as many new foreign nationals flood into this country so if there is amnesty, the Democrats can hope these new people would register as Democrats.   Black people are getting hip to the reality that the Democrats have never delivered and, realizing Trump has historically had their best interests at heart, are moving away from the Democrats.

Since racism is now the hot button headline thanks to Durbin, one person who stood up and backed Trump’s place in the sun as a promoter of good race relations is none other than the late Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece, Rev.  Alveda King .  She carries on the work of her revered uncle working toward better race relations.  Her own accomplishments are considerable.

King said many things in recent days about her support for President Trump... She pointed out that the unemployment rate for Black people fell to the lowest rate on record last month.  She also pointed out that there is great promise to get a lot of people who have been unfairly incarcerated out, a major issue among Black people.

A frequent contributor to Fox News, she was particularly eager to detail her faith in  President Donald Trump and his commitment to forwarding Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s work:  You can view what she said here.   The occasion was President Trump’s declaration that her uncle’s birthplace is now a national park.

Crying Racism is a Red Herring – Open Door Illegal Immigration is Bad for American Minorities…

At the beginning of the Obama Administration, in testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Vernon M. Biggs,Jr., a board member of the Center for Immigration Studies, explained the negative impact illegal immigration had on the wages and employment of Black workers.

Bottom line…. For all the talk about wanting to help Blacks and minorities move up into the middle class, there has been a concerted effort to bring in more and more illegal aliens to fill jobs American Black and minority citizens should have.

These illegals come from countries where the political systems are so corrupt and/or unorganized that education is basically unavailable and poverty is rampant.  Consequently, these unskilled and uneducated people, desperate to put food on the table, flood into the US and are quickly sucked into low-paying jobs where they are routinely exploited.  They are willing to take substandard jobs at reduced wages and work for employers eager to exploit them.

The real racists here are the people who employ illegals and the politicians who promote open door immigration policies.  These same racists call Trump a racist because he wants to put Americans first in the job line through rational and common sense immigration policies.

Unemployment among Black people historically has always been high.  Since President Trump is in the construction business, he has been dealing with the issue of employing low-skilled labor his entire business life.  His interest in integrating minority citizens into all aspects of American life has been longstanding as discussed above regarding access to all private and public facilities, but the media has actively refused to acknowledge Trump’s efforts.

Trump’s Pro-Minority Employment Strategy Is Already Working…

After one year in office, the black unemployment reached a record low of 6.8 percent. That’s the lowest black unemployment has been since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking unemployment, which started in 1972. This is the lowest in nearly 5 decades.

It’s time rational Americans who want every citizen to enjoy true equal opportunity, rise up and support Trump and quit being dazzled by smoke and mirrors news reporting to hide his ongoing efforts to Make America Great Again!

 by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

One thought on “Why Senator Dick Durbin INTENTIONALLY Torpedoed the DACA Discussions…”

  1. My sentiments entirely Elissa.
    Exactly the same thing happens over here in Germany: No hopers making political capital out of things taken out of context and (known) downright lies.

    For more than 100 years, politicians have assumed that they have a right to lie to the people. Why do we let them do it? Much more to the point, how are we going to stop it?

    All useful suggestions welcome.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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