Official Analysis Shows – California SB277 FAILED…

California’s “Mandatory Vaccines For Children” Law, SB277, Passed In 2015, Accomplished ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

But SB 277 Author Senator Richard Pan Tried to Cover That Up…

Now What?

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Everyone in the civilized world knows about the huge fight over California Mandatory Vaccine Law SB277 requiring school children to get 74 “Made in China” vaccines injected into their fragile bodies before they are allowed to go to California Public Schools.  Vaccine damaged (Special Education) children litter the school landscape, nearly breaking the budget of Public Education.

But what virtually NO ONE knows is that an official study was done to determine the extent of success of SB277 in terms of improving vaccination rates – its intended focus.

Below we will show you what that study ACTUALLY found – and show you Richard Pan, and the pediatrician gang’s efforts to COVER UP those findings.

But, first some background…

SB277 was a  HUGE VICTORY for Big Pharma and its minions.  The legislation passed through the California legislature like prune juice in a Retirement Home – ending in a similar result.  Vaccine Holocaust Denialists smacked their lips in anticipation of enacting similar legislation in all 50 States…

But in THAT sense, despite massive funding from Big Pharma, and massive attention from liberal Democrats nationwide, no other State enacted anything close.  Why?

Because, overnight, after SB 277, the “Anti-Vaccine Movement” grew into a MASSIVE worldwide movement…

Rage over SB277 was everywhere.  Without doubt anti-vaxxers elected Donald Trump in Presidential Election 2016.

“Empress Hillary” made it VERY clear that when she was President, under her regime, EVERY man, woman and child in America would be force-vaccinated according to CDC guidelines.  Trump had simply said “No.”

And the war was on…

In California The Fight Over Children RAGES…

California’s super Chinese-Totalitarian-Communist Senator Richard Pan tried to cash-in on his SB277 success by authoring another big bit of “taking control of children away from parents” legislation.

SB 18 bill sponsor Common Sense Media’s Jim Steyer with what’s-her-name…

Senate Bill SB18, the so-called “Childrens Rights” bill would  have taken control of California’s children away from parents and given it to a non-profit organization run by Hillary Clinton’s friends and associates.

BolenReport writer Karri Lewis summed up the problem very concisely in her article:

Communism, Common Sense, and What Senator Richard Pan Intends For California’s Children…

“California State Senator Richard “The State Owns Your Child” Pan is At it Again…”

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California  

“According to the US Supreme Court in the 1979 Parham Versus J.R Case:

California Senator Richard Pan’s attack on Californian’s Parental Rights has morphed into an all out assault on family and religious rights – in complete defiance of the US Constitution.

Senate Bill 18 is the culmination of all of a totalitarian socialist state’s hatred for liberty and freedom.”

California Parents Have DEFEATED SB 18 SO FAR…

But the California liberals are not totally defeated over children.  They were able to enact two other policies NORMAL people are concerned about.

(1)  Senate Bill 1322 makes it LEGAL for children to sell their bodies to anyone; ADULTS INCLUDED, without any interference from the State of California.

According to BolenReport’s Karri Lewis, in her article:

California Democrats Make Child Prostitution Legal…

California…The New Child Sex Trafficking Destination Hot Spot of The West…

“As Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley, a national leader on human trafficking issues, told the media, “It just opens up the door for traffickers to use these kids to commit crimes and exploit them even worse.” Another prosecutor insightfully observed that if traffickers wrote legislation to protect themselves, it would read like SB 1322.”

(2)  California’s Sex Education policies have made it mandatory for 7 and 8 year-olds  to be taught how to masturbate with a cucumber, a carrot, or a banana..

Boys of that age will also be taught about anal lubricants.  The General Counsel of the Orange County Board of Education wrote, in his legal opinion, that parents will NOT be allowed to opt their children out of these classes.

So, SB277 Failed?  It Really Did?  Let’s Look at the Details…

Greg Glaser is a California attorney involved in the vaccine issue.

A few months ago, on November 6th, 2018, Greg wrote a letter to the Editor-in-Chief of Pediatrics magazine requesting a retraction of an article there authored  by California Senator Richard Pan titled “Vaccine Medical Exemptions Are a Delegated Public Health Authority”, Pan, R., et al.” 

There was another Pediatrics article equally as misleading that I will cover in another article.

In his letter Greg pointed out, quite clearly, that Pan’s claims that SB277 was a success, were exactly the opposite. 

Greg’s criticism was in five parts as follows:

(1) By Ignoring Conditional Entrants As The Majority Factor in Changing Exemption Rates, The Mohanty and Pan Articles Contain Misleading Information About Medical Exemption Rates. 

(2)  The Pan Article Fails to Disclosure Dr. Pan’s Ongoing Conflicts of Interest.  

(3) The Pan Article Contains False and Unreferenced Information About Vaccine Safety.  

(4)  The Mohanty And Pan Article Conclusions Are Based on Unscientific Assumptions.    

(5) The Mohanty Article Improperly Attacks Physicians For Following Medical Best Practices in Physician Time Accounting and Medical Billing requirements.

Here is the REALLY Important Part…

“The recently published paper by A.M. Buttenheim et al., Vaccine 36 (2018) 3789–3793 and the evidence in Attachment A proves that both the Pan and Mohanty papers misrepresented the data on school vaccine exemption rates in order to falsely claim that Dr. Pan’s bill (SB277) is responsible for elevated numbers of vaccinated Kindergarteners.

As explained in Attachment A, the Pan and Mohanty papers failed to identify the primary factor: decreasing rates of ‘conditional entry’, thereby enabling the Pan and Mohanty papers to falsely suggest SB277 was a “success”.

Indeed, the Pan and Mohanty articles make mathematically impossible assertions regarding the downward pressure the PBE rate had on “all required immunizations” rates, prior to SB277, and equally impossible claims of upward movements post SB277.”

It gets better…

Greg also points out from the REAL study that:

“In 2015 the California Kindergarten Personal Belief Exemption rate was 2.54%. The maximum effect upward or downward a 2.54% PBE rate can have is 2.54%, i.e. a theoretical 100% rate minus a 2.54% PBE rate equals 97.46%. Any rates below 97.46% are unrelated to PBE.

First, the Pan and Mohanty articles improperly suggest that the 2015/16 92.8% “all required immunizations” rates were related or caused by the 2.54% PBE use. This is mathematically impossible, as that value (100% – 92.8% = 7.2%) is 280% greater than the 2.54% PBE rate. 

Next, the Pan and Mohanty articles improperly suggest that the 2016/17 “increase” in “all required immunizations” to 95.8% was a function of PBE elimination, again a mathematical impossibility as the increase is greater than the prior PBE rate (92.8% to 95.6% is 2.8%, .3% greater than the 2.5% 2015/16 PBE rate).

The Pan and Mohanty articles additionally ignored or downplayed the continuing grandfathered .6% PBE, the .5% newly added “Other” status where previous PBE with IEP are now measured, and the conversion of .3% of PBE to PME, so that the theoretical maximum upward effect could be only 1.1% (2.5% 15/16 PBE -.6%PBE -.5% Other -.3% PME = 1.1% PBE).

Where is the increase in “all required immunizations” coming from, if it is not eliminated PBE? It is shifting students from the “conditional entry” status to “all required immunizations,” explained below.

You REALLY Need to Read the Whole of Greg’s letter and the three Appendixes…

Yes, it is a lot of information to absorb BUT…

It clearly shows Senator Richard Pan’s attempt to cover up the fact that SB277 ACCOMPLISHED ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

You can read Greg’s entire letter, and the Attachments, here.

The fun has begun…

Dicky Pan – America is coming your way.  And we are angry about what you, and your friends, are doing, and trying to do, to our children…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


4 thoughts on “Official Analysis Shows – California SB277 FAILED…”

  1. Senator Pan and others like him are the reason we must protect the universal right to Informed Consent. The reason the USA hung a bunch of Nazi Doctors after WWII was that they violated the universal right of Informed Consent.

    Senator Pan and his colleagues may have political power to abolish the religious exemptions previously part of California law, but neither the legislature, former Governor Brownshirt or his successor have legitimate authority to condition the State Constitutional Right to a (so-called) free public education on the surrender of the universal right to Informed Consent.

  2. It is high time to stop making schools a division of Merck marketing. The key to reducing infectuos disease is sanitation. The argument that chroncally diseased overvaccinated children are a sanitation problem is more plausible than the argument that the unvaccinated endanger the vaccinated.

  3. For every parent with normal functioning brain must come to conclusion and decide what is their first priority regarding the well being and the future of their children. To cave in to Dicky Pan’s non-sensual Tyranny or stand in a way and defend their prodigies from this lunatic madness. Irrelevant where in this world we live, parents must oppose this sort of aggression and extinguishing it, like of a consuming fire.

  4. Just a quick comment about the tangential issue of sex education in public schools. The linked materials referring to masturbation are clearly stated on the documents as being aimed at adolescents, not elementary aged children. The linked materials referring to transgender issues and using the book “I am Jazz” as a teaching tool are clearly stated as tools for elementary schools. Not sure what went down in Orange County specifically, but I have a friend whose elementary aged daughter attends public school in NorCal, and about a month ago she received a letter from the school with detailed information about a menstrual education class they would be holding for the girls. She was given the opportunity to withdraw her child from the class, and to preview all the materials the class would be presenting.

    The issue of children’s safe and healthy sexual development is crucial to the health and safety of our society. Making patently false statements about what the state of California is requiring children to be taught invokes depraved imagery for the purpose of sensational journalism.

    This is not satire, it’s just disgusting.

    We have a duty to report the facts and nothing but the facts on these issues because there are real children who are the victims of real pedophilia.

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