California Senator Richard Pan Claims That Raising a “Vaccine Injured Child” Is a “White Privilege”…

Dicky Pan is NOT Someone To Envy…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Admittedly there was a time when the name of California Senator Richard Pan created fear in the hearts of parents of vaccine-damaged children, for Mrs Pan’s little boy Dicky seemed to be the brilliant architect of “Childhood Mandatory Vaccines” with the passing of California’s SB277.

But, the passing of time showed three things:  (1)  Dicky Pan was just the figurehead in SB277.  The real work was done in the background with Big Pharma lobbyists stuffing baglets of hundred dollar bills into California Democratic Party legislators’ pockets, (2)  SB277 itself completely failed to increase vaccine rates in California, and (3)  Dicky Pan is DESPERATELY trying to hide SB277’s lack of success.

It is hard, sometimes, to find humor in the fight between the  sleazy pro-vaccine “Vaccine Holocaust Deniers,” and the heroic anti-vaxxers dedicated to saving the world from the ravages of Big Pharma.  But, then there is Dicky Pan, standing right in front of us providing comic relief.

California State Senator Richard Pan has made himself the butt of jokes world-wide – not something one wants to do.

Pan is the kind of person, these days, who worries that when someone pats him on the back, even another California legislator, he has to check to see if that person left a “kick me” sign taped to his shirt.  Why?  The reasons are legion.  And he brought it all on himself.  Do NOT feel sorry for him.

Dicky Pan brought the infamous SB277, the Childhood Mandatory Vaccine legislation to the easily-swayed, ultra-liberal, California legislature, and, with the help of a  boatload of lobbyists stuffing hundred dollar bills into Democratic Party legislators pockets, got it passed.

Although Dicky, and his minions, make claims of success for SB277, it was a cataclysmic failure on all fronts…

As we know, from yesterday’s article “Official Analysis Shows – California SB277 FAILED…” absolutely NOTHING was accomplished by SB277 to increase vaccination rates.

More importantly the ANGER and RAGE created over the passing of SB277 has dominated vaccine discussion world-wide – in EVERY language.  SB277 back-fired big time for Big Pharma.  Dicky Pan, and SB277, became a HUGE liability for Big Pharma…

I think Dicky is getting shunned…

Before SB277 you could see photos of Dicky with prominent Democrats. But not any more…

These days Kamala Harris, California Democrats’s 2020 presidential bid, I’d guess, makes CERTAIN that Dicky is left off of the Guest List, lest he accidentally ends up in a photo with her.

The ANGER of the anti-vax movement, and the photo to the left, probably caused the election of Donald Trump.  The descriptive term to be used here, for Dicky, is “pariah…”

Go ahead and laugh – everyone else does…

So, what’s this “white privilege” thing?…

It has ALREADY been all over the internet.  Dicky has formally declared that having, and raising, a vaccine damaged child is a “white privilege.”


Next, little Dicky is going to claim that the issuance of “Vaccine Medical Exemptions” is  responsible for the failure of SB277…

Or will he?  He wouldn’t be THAT STUPID would he?

Stay tuned,,,

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen




10 thoughts on “California Senator Richard Pan Claims That Raising a “Vaccine Injured Child” Is a “White Privilege”…”

  1. Walter: The explanation for Pan’s success in school is simple: In some people the part of the brain involved in memorization is particularly well developed. They do very well in school. This does necessarily correlate with actual intelligence, but usually does with success in our system. Intelligence involves much more than factual knowledge. In Pan’s case, the part of the brain involved in judgement and character development was either missing at birth, or shriveled up along the way, perhaps crowded out by all the stored factoids.

  2. Tim,

    I think you hit the nail on the head about public anger. For most of my life, I’ve lived as a very conservative Christian woman. I love my children more than just about anything and the betrayal I’ve felt over the vaccines cannot be described. The shock I’ve experienced with each new sordid revelation has caused me many episodes of “cussing” with expletives that I didn’t know I had within me to utter. Most horrifying, as a parent, is to realize that you contributed to harming your child by following government instructions. I’m a lot better now as the anger has led me to consider how best to protect the people dearest to me and to, when possible, share the truth with others. I think God has better plans for me than to remain under the “authority” of entities wholly committed to my destruction and worse, to the destruction of my children.

  3. Australian state and federal governments also claim that “No Jab, No Pay” is a huge success. But even by their own numbers it’s actually a huge failure. Yes, some parents have been blackmailed into vaccinating their children. But not a lot.

    And BTW, never believe the government numbers about vaccine uptake. Those numbers are completely impossible. Besides, if vaccine coverage would still be around 95% there wouldn’t be any need for the panic and persecution. In many places it will be closer to 70% and going down pretty fast. You see, THAT’s why there is such a panic by Big Pharma and its cronies.

  4. What that Nazi “senator” is calling for is a child sacrifice for the profits of pharmaceutical criminals. This non-human must be arrested, tried for child endangerment and spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. My son is vaccine-injured with two life-long disabilities, and I will not rest till I hold the state of california liable for that crime against humanity..

  5. When Pan was attacking PBE’s he argued that people without M.D. degrees might make the wrong choice. Now that he is attacking ME’s, will he argue that M,D.’s without financial conflicts might make the wrong choice?

  6. This Dicky the picky see the message written on the wall. This is the reason of his behavior and of his mental unreasonableness. What he is displaying about himself is the underlying fear of loosing all, that he gained by his criminal nature. He simply can’t help himself. He sees himself between the devil and the deep blue sea. Remember the Biblical proverb: “Pride before fall”. For he is too pride to admit his failure. He is a type, who never can say, “I’m sorry”.

  7. Hahahaha, Richard Pan-fried is as dumb as bug-eyed Occasional-Cortex, and as evil as baby killers Gov Cuomo & Gov Northram. But until Californians, New Yorkers, & Virginians rise up and fix their election fraud problems, they will be stuck with all these ridiculous goosestepping fascists (Fawlty Towers, anyone?) for a looooong looooong time.

  8. Dicky, if getting medical vaccine exemptions is “white privilege,” then *any* way people pay to access legally-available options is also “white privilege.” TSA Pre-check or Global Entry are *exemptions* from having to follow the same security rules as everyone else. That’s obviously privilege. Dicky, please turn in your TSA Pre-check or Global entry status so you don’t come off as a hypocrite.

    In reality, it is elitist that parents whose children may be injured now have to pay out-of-network doctors to write legal medical exemptions. Dicky, your elitist law set this up. People who can’t afford to leave Kaiser and Medicare/Medicaid will have more vaccine-injured children thanks to you. They are the ones who can least afford to care for these children, and you are ensuring that the rich have healthier children and the poor have sicker children. Did you watch Idiocracy? I guess you liked it. Shame on you. YOU set up an elitist law. You can’t patch up your elitist mistake by directing the medical board to witch-hunt doctors who are following the law. Shame on you, again.

  9. Senator Dick Pan Ran, you are a complete disgrace to the human race and should be prosecuted for violating basic human rights and the Nuremberg Code of ethics. You lie to legislators to pass your Bills. You rip families apart, causing financial devastation and discord. Let’s take you out back and beat the crap out of you by making you catch up on all 74 vaccine doses. I’d actually like to watch that.

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