My Goal in 2021 is To Be “the Most Dangerous Man in America…”

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Since the debacle of the election…

… the shame of the courts not looking into claims of election fraud, the false flag of the Capitol riots which were NOT INSTIGATED by Trump supporters, and the embarrassment of an Inauguration of Joe Biden, complete with barbed wire and National Guards troops more akin to a military operation, I’ve been wondering what is the proper response.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to ChaosI’ve found myself listening more and more to the podcasts of the Canadian Professor Jordan Peterson, the insanely popular author of the book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.

In particular, I like this ten minute video of Jordan Peterson in which he argues that in order to be a good man, you must be dangerous, meaning you have the strength to stand up to evil.

I was intrigued by this video because his description of those who become truly good later in life, are generally those who in their youth rebelled against authority, often quitting high school in his experience, and going to work in some roughneck job, like the oilfields of Alberta, Canada.

That wasn’t me…

I wasn’t a rebel in high school or college. In fact, under Peterson’s example, I was the kind of boring kid who followed authority, and was likely to become an adult who would follow the dictates of my society, even if they did something as horrible as the Holocaust.

And yet at the same time, I don’t feel I ever craved the approval of authority. I was indifferent to it. It makes me think I might have some chip missing in my emotional makeup when it comes to authority. I did not feel defiant of authority. But at the same time I did not feel submissive towards authority.

If somebody tells me they’re in charge, I’ll think, “Okay, that’s nice. Now, let me ask you some questions.” If I like the answers I’ll follow along. But if I don’t like the answers, I’m outta there.

Peterson makes the point that if you only know how to behave and follow the rules you’re nothing more than a domesticated animal.

The critical question becomes whether you possess the ability to say “no” to authority. He thinks that ability is based on your shadow, the evil inside of you. I’m not sure I agree. Personally, I think that part of you which stands up is divinity, the goodness in you. But whether he calls it the shadow, or I call it divinity, it stands apart from human society.

Because the tyrants don’t present their plans all at once. They ask you to violate your conscience a little at a time until there’s nothing left of your independent will.

Peterson talks about this shadow as having the strength to defy authority, but also in the context of doing something positive for society. It can’t be just about breaking rules. It’s needs to be about breaking the bad rules, the rules which hurt and dehumanize our fellow citizens.

At the end of the video Peterson talks about a Biblical verse which had always confused him.  It reads, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” It appears to be something of a mistranslation, because the actual meaning is something closer to “Those who have swords, and know how to use them, but chose to keep them sheathed.” That sounds a whole lot different to me.

My sword is my pen and I fight with my books and articles.

Implicit in that Biblical verse is knowing when the sword needs to be unsheathed and an attack must be made.

You will be hearing a lot from me this year. I plan on being VERY DANGEROUS.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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7 thoughts on “My Goal in 2021 is To Be “the Most Dangerous Man in America…””

  1. Thanks Kent. God bless. I just cancelled a financial newsletter because the current issue said that Trump and his partisan supporters “spent several weeks embracing a host of conspiracy theories, filing scores of failed lawsuits that claimed that the election was stolen.” If their intent was to purge Trump supporters from their subscribers, it was likely quite successful.

  2. Kent: We all must be dangerous. Refuse to comply. Get the boot off our neck. By the way, the Capitol is still militarized, and will be until March, or maybe for always? What I find so deeply disturbing is that the courts, with the exception of a single federal judge, refused to rule on the merits of a single lawsuit about election fraud. Her ruling, in the plaintiff’s favor, stated that they would likely win on the merits. Such was the vast quantity of evidence.

  3. William – I had a similar situation with a financial newsletter – but instead of cancelling them I pointed out that they were angering the 110 million voters for Trump. I sarcastically asked if their financial advice was as sound as their marketing to potential customers.

    I also pointed out that the kind of message they were delivering resonated best with communists and socialists – those that live in their mother’s basement – NOT with people with money to invest.

    That worked rather well…

  4. I don’t think rules are inherently bad. While I don’t pass on blind curves, I think disobeying oppressive rules is good for freedom. I also think it is possible to be considered dangerous just by insisting the government follow the rules: no embezzlement, no perjury, no scientific fraud, no financing gain of function research.

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