“The Great Global Social Media Boycott Of 2021” Has Already Started…

FaceBook, Twitter, Google/YouTube and their subsidiaries are now under attack, and for good reason…

For what they did to us we need to respond LOUDLY.

Opinion by Ralph Fucetola JD

Make Social Media Great Again#GreatGlobalSocialMediaBoycott

Before there was the Great Global Social Media Boycott…”being done by OUR side there were the three “Social Media Purges of 2018, 2020 and 2021” done to us by them.

      • First they came for the “Neo Nazis” and nobody complained.
      • Then they came for “Alex Jones” and a few people complained.
      • Then just before the 2020 election in October they came for me and thousands of other independent voices on the social media and people were “too busy” to complain.
      • Then the Election Fraud of 2020 was engineered and they started coming after President Trump and anyone who questioned the Deep State narrative that the election wasn’t stolen. Some complained.
      • The complainers were banned too. Some have even been arrested. One blogger was just arrested for a satirical meme he posted in 2016. [1]
      • The Great Social Media Purge banned nearly all dissident voices, even retired Congresspeople like Dr. Ron Paul, “The Conscience of the Constitution”. There was no one left to complain.
      • We watched in disbelief as the Supreme Court failed to protect the electoral process, although the 2018 Perez Decision, written by the now-compromised Chief Justice, told us that the courts must consider public-record statistical evidence of fraud in election cases.
      • We were further shocked to see the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other oath-breaking officers allow foreign-controlled, corrupt politicians steal the election.
      • We saw Congress first abandoning the Capitol (in false-flag false fear of unarmed People) and then meekly allowing the fraudulent electoral votes to be counted. Shades of the Reichstag Fire.
      • Finally, the ultimate spectacle of Deep State operatives installing [not “inaugurating”] the new Head of the Regime while 25,000 troops apparently loyal to the deep state Regime, but not the People, stood in witness, at the Capitol, surrounded by barbed wire.

The Constitution in shreds. American Liberty denied. Illegitimate regime installed: Biden to the White House; Xi to power.

Who is really running Social Media?  GoogleHead and the ObamaNation?

All because a few monopolistic social media companies were able, in violation of the clear intent of Section 230 of the Telecommunications Act, which disallows media censorship but does allow the service providers to remove obscenities and “excessive violence.”

Misusing that law they thought they could ban anyone; make anyone an unperson and no one could stop them.

Well, the Deep State gambit has worked so far.

Crony corporations not acting in a truly free market, but rather, acting under color of law, protected by their state-authorized corporate franchise privileges, disenfranchised the majority of legitimate voters.

The election was neither fair nor free. People feel cheated and are more angry than ever before.

What is to be done?

There is only one power greater than self-righteous politicians who think they have just won a civil war. The Market.

The People, without resorting to our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, have but two powers: the vote and the dollar. They have taken away our votes. They plan to take away our dollars through hyperinflation, but for the time being, we can choose to direct our dollars away from the Deep State Social Media.

We can choose to boycott those who think they control us.

The first step in the Global Social Media Boycott of 2021 is to stop patronizing Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and their subsidiaries.

If you need to keep in touch with family and friends through the social media, do so carefully without posting comments and never, ever, buying anything presented to you there.

Better, get off the Big Three Control Media. There are growing alternatives and people, by the tens of millions, are beginning to turn to them.

Here are some alternative media to patronize:

1. Use www.BrightEon.com,  bitchute.com, or www.Vimeo.com instead of YouTube
2. Use www.Telegram.org or Parler.com, when it comes back, instead of Twitter
3. Use www.Minds.com instead of Facebook to engage in social communications.

Additionally there are a number of news aggregations sites and media to patronize:

www.Newsmax.com and OANN.com are alternatives to Fox, CNN and CNBC.

www.BolenReport.com and www.OpenSourceTruth.com are alternatives to Drudge, etc.

Social Media depends on your time and attention to monetize their potential.  Boycott them and you will see what happens…

The #GlobalSocialMediaBoycott of 2021 starts today.

Opinion by Ralph Fucetola JD

8 thoughts on ““The Great Global Social Media Boycott Of 2021” Has Already Started…”

  1. Hi Ralph,
    I would delete Vimeo from your list of alternatives; they also carry ou YT like censorship.
    Bitchute is still clean and intends to stay that way. There are others up and coming but not yet fully functional.

    Blessed be

  2. Excellent idea Ralph.
    People are already responding, fleeing the three social media prisons.

    Also, for Tim-

    Please consider the research and revelations provided by Dr. Len Horowitz re Covid development and depopulation.

    No one in social media is referencing his research or deep knowledge base.

    Please consider referencing his work in your commentary, it will educate those who care to listen.


    Thanks for your fine work.



  3. Oann, and Newsmax have been trash sites/organizations for along time. They don’t talk about the vaccine/autism link which is a sign for me to stay far away from bought sites like them but other than that I agree with most everything you said. Well done!

  4. Recent conversation at work:
    Client; “I only use Facebook to stay in touch”.
    Client’s 14 year old daughter, who happened to be sitting in on the session; “Mum, why do you use Facebook? NOBODY uses Facebook”.

  5. Ralph, regarding protonmail, I totally believe it. The same has been said of Tor browser etc. It seems NSA/CIA money has not only created monsters, but also their ‘alternatives’ in large numbers.

    A friend of mine got shut out of protonmail last summer due to a misunderstanding over content of emails. The system flagged him up as Blantifa. How did it know what was in his emails? Easy! They autostamp every email sent with the words ‘sent from Protonmail secure email’.

    That’s how the Enigma Code was cracked, at least according to Hollywood: the scientists at Bletchley realised every message ended ‘Heil Hitler’. From there it was easy.

    So, now I always delete the stock text from emails. One friend goes further and never puts a subject heading. Seems sensible, but then you need a good email client to search old emails by content.

    So, unfortunately yes, we have to vote with our choices, but that isn’t enough. It all has limitations. And be careful how you phrase things also. At least using alternatives keeps them on their toes. Most of all, we must be aware.

    I still write letters.

    Lastly, in case anybody hadn’t already suspected it, the existence of the Shadow Net is extremely worrying on many fronts, not least that it all got largely automated at one point. That means that AI is following everything we do, then feeding back to us powerful psychological triggers in real time; doing the job of human trolls, and much more.

    For all I know, the Pandemic could be entirely a construct tailored for me, and others I seem to be in contact with could have an entirely different ‘reality’, tailored for them.

    Since g-mail can now auto-write our emails, perhaps whole threads and conversations I have been having were fabricated by a machine. Lockdowns make it less easy to detect such treatment. Far-fetched? Only slightly, I believe, at least in my matrix. What about yours?

    Since several private companies worldwide are involved, and hte fact it has been automated may now be impossible to switch it off, since it may also be manipulating those humans who would be capable of shutting it down. Are those the people whose psychopathic behaviour is making a complete mess of things right now? Are they sincere in their belief that they have to continue, because Skynet is training their brains to think they are saving mankind from germs/war/Trump/Pelosi/migrants/intolerance etc etc…?

    Are we reaching some kind of tipping point into mass insanity, which the machines are generating to rule over us? Should we pay more attention to science fiction, or less?

  6. Larry, you have raised powerful and disturbing points.

    Maybe we need to do what my late friend and best-selling author Robert Anton Wilson used to tell us: assume the world is controlled by conspiracies and that you and your friends are among those conspirators, and act accordingly.

    Next posting in this series will be about how to join several of the Alt Social Media.


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