More Covid-19 “Fake News” From Germany…

It Just Never Seems To Stop…

Opinion From Europe by Karma Singh

On Tuesday 12th January, the German newspaper “Bild Zeitung” (nearest British equivalent, “The Sun” and in the USA that would be “The National Enquirer”) published an article claiming that “mass deaths in England and Wales are nearing those of the Spanish Flu of 1918/19”.

A large part of the rest of the Main Stream Press picked this story up and ran with it without checking.

And, of course, it is all one big falsehood.

As this was news not only to myself but also to all of my friends and colleagues in the UK, it seemed that a little digging was in order.

The article which, for those who speak German, can be viewed here begins with a photograph of a small excavator digging in a cemetery in Bradford, Yorkshire. It is, of course, to be expected that very few Germans would know the history of Bradford’s downfall or why it has such a large ageing population.

The machine in the photo is far too small for the “mass graves” that Bild Zeitung seeks to imply. The article also fails to mention that the soil has a high clay content making it both low in fertility and very heavy digging. Along with many large municipal cemeteries, Bradford City Council has deemed it cost effective to purchase (or hire?) a small excavator just the right size to dig one grave rather than to employ several full-time grave diggers.

The article then goes on to claim the following:-

1. During 2020, the same number of people have died in England and Wales as during the “Spanish ‘Flu” of 1918.
2. 608,002 people died in England and Wales – the highest number since 1918. The article then goes on to admit that such a comparison is senseless because the population size and all other demographics have changed to become almost unrecognizable.
3. “It is shocking that in 2020 more than 70,000 more people died than the average for the previous five years”
4. More than 80,000 have died “of or with” Covid 19.
5. Supplies of Oxygen in London hospitals are running short.
6. The Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Whitty, has warned that the worst is yet to come and the problem is not only the high “infection” rate at more than 50,000 per day but also the new “super virulent” mutation.

Of course, there is exactly zero evidence to back any of this up:-

It is both unclear what the origin of this is; death figures for 1918 are difficult to find and the (estimated) 20 – 50 million deaths across most of the warring nations caused so much disruption, immediately following the First World War, that reliable figures may never be available. We must, further, note that 611,861 deaths for 1918 stated in the Bild article represents a much, much higher proportion of the population: 1918, approximately 43 Million, 2020 approximately 67.5 million or about one third less! (Figures are for the whole of the UK – an extract for England and Wales has proved difficult to find.)

The actual death figure 2020 from the Office of National Statistics is 603,127**. The ONS is very careful to avoid stating that any deaths were caused by Covid-19, using phrases such as, “it is claimed that Covid 19 may have been involved”, or “deaths by which Covid-19 may have been involved.”

Nowhere, however, do they state that any deaths were caused by Covid-19: A most interesting statement in itself implying that certain knowledgeable people are “covering their arses”!

A quick look at this graphic from the ONS shows something very interesting; almost all of the additional deaths took place in one massive blip from late March to mid-May. Although an exact number may never be known, it seems that, from the ONS figures, around 56,200 of the 78,000 deaths above the five year average took place in this one short period.

Although all hospitals were closed to everything other than Covid-19 patients and the military was ordered to set up “Nightingale* hospitals” to cope with the “overflow”, we know from the evidence of many doctors and nurses, independent journalists and even news reports in the pharmaceutical controlled press that most hospital wards were standing empty and the “Nightingales” were packed up after a few weeks, mostly without ever seeing a single patient.

We also know that this action denied essential treatment to tens of thousands of seriously ill people resulting in their rapid deaths.

From the end of May, things normalised themselves until the government pulled a second lockdown in November. Once again, death numbers shot up but the ONS did not positively attribute any to Covid-19. Even the “Bild” is not so rash as to claim that any deaths have been caused by Covid-19, rather it seeks to lead readers to this assumption by presenting selective and distorted information.

At this time of year, it is normal for hospitals to be very busy looking after elderly people with breathing difficulties. In this period it is not unusual for oxygen stores to run low. Again, nothing unusual is happening.

Dr. Whitty has made many statements about Covid-19, most commonly that it is harmless and could only ever be a problem to seriously weakened people with serious illnesses:-

This followed on from the National Health Service advisory body on 19th March downgrading Covid-19 to “harmless”.

It behooves us to constantly remind ourselves of the symptoms of Covid-19 as well as posing the question, “Where have all the annual ‘flu cases disappeared to?” Doing so, we can do no other than to determine that not only the incidence but also the symptoms, course and morbidity of Covid19 and influenza are absolutely identical. Doing so, inevitably and unavoidably gives birth to the question, “Has the ‘flu simply been renamed Covid-19?”

Finally, what of the remainder of the deaths in excess of the 5 year average, approximately 21,000 in number? Whilst the ONS does not list such separately, information from other countries indicates that this may represent the four-fold increase in the suicide rate caused by the lockdowns.

In all this, we must not forget the enormous physical and psychological damage caused by the compulsory masking which, of course, does absolutely nothing to stop a virus (did such a thing exist). There do not appear to be any UK statistics on this but a survey in the USA has shown that 87% of people admitted to hospital with breathing difficulties had been wearing such masks almost continuously.

Taking all in all, it is difficult to draw any conclusion other than that all of the excess deaths have been caused exclusively by government action and, without the unusual and unnecessary interference in the duties of the National Health Service and the normal lives of everyone else, the overwhelming majority of those people would still be alive today.

At this juncture I wish to express my thanks to the in-house writer at Principia Scientific who penned this article:-

Since 1999 Five ‘Flu years’ Saw More Deaths in UK than 2020!

He, or she, draws my attention to something very important that I overlooked – it’s not the death numbers, per se, but the death RATE which is of importance.

So, for example, if you have a population of 500 and 3 die, your society continues to function. If, however, from your total population of 500, 200 suddenly die then major disruption is inevitable as there is not sufficient slack in the system for the work which they did to be done by others.

When dealing with the populations of modern countries, the numbers are much, much larger but it is still the proportion rather than the actual numbers that matters.In the article above, you can see that the author has taken the trouble to quantify the death rate, which he or she states to be 8.900 for 2020 which puts it at number six on the death rate leader board for the last 21 years.

I beg to differ.

When dealing with the unique events of 2020, it is essential to make an adjustment for the number of people whose deaths were, directly or indirectly caused by government action.

As we have seen in the ONS graphic above, this shows a massive upswing in the Spring which can only be described as unique other than in wartime. By subtracting the 5 year average figures from those of 2020 for this period, we arrive at an approximation of 56,200 deaths caused by the government, by dictatorial fiat, denying seriously ill people the medical treatments which they needed. This number must be subtracted from the total death number to arrive at an approximation of the number which we need to use to calculate the actual death rate. The massively increased suicide numbers should, perhaps also be deducted but it is difficult to precisely quantify this so we leave this to one side for the moment. Deducting the number of government caused additional deaths, we arrive at (using the figures in the PS article) 547,845 total deaths for 2020 which gives a death rate of 8.0701.

On the death rate leader board since 1999, this places last year at place eleven, i.e. more than half of the last 21 years have had higher death rates than 2020!

In terms of the death rate, 2020 shows itself to be a much better than average year!

Just to completely quash the fake comparison in Bild Zeitung; taking their own figures we see that the “Spanish ‘flu” death rate was nothing like 2020 but is, in fact, 14.229 – approaching TWICE that of 2020 and could, in no way, be considered similar.

It is, perhaps, germane that the “Spanish ‘Flu” has been introduced to this present situation:

The millions of deaths were caused not by some sort of ‘flu, but by vaccines as so admirably described by Dr. John Bergman in this video:-

As the rapidly rising death toll from the various “vaccines” shows, something is needed to divert public scrutiny; this is the origin of the Sars-Cov-2 mutation. Whilst it may have mutated, it remains totally harmless as shown in this 20 minute video:-
(Due to the very large numbers of people censored by Google being forced to migrate to other platforms, bitchute can, at times, be slow to load.)

Your author does not know whether he was the first to make this connection but has been saying since May that a vaccine is not being created to tackle a new super-deadly disease but a fantasy plandemic has been created in order to sell a fake and deadly “vaccine”; that this whole thing is part of a eugenics programme – an assumption which finds further support in the fact that most, if not all, of those pushing the “vaccines” are, themselves, eugenicists.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

* Named for a famous 19th century British nurse, Florence Nightingale.

** The ONS figures are updated several times daily – hence the small difference between my figure and that quoted by the Principia Scientific author(ess).

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “More Covid-19 “Fake News” From Germany…”

  1. Karma, I downloaded the CDC deaths in July and at that time the total all causes was not much different than normal…. for the 6months of covid…

    And that Canadian Denis Rancourt did an expose on the terror-producing use of the genocide of the elderly in that early time period to explain the time series look of day-by-day death date, just like is done in the Wales/English graphs you are showing…

    And here in Ohio I did the full year deaths as of December and the Suicides and Drug Overdoses were the explanation for the excess…

    Latest humor is the CDC advising that the reason for the disappearance of the flu deaths was the face-diapers and distance-cringing,… followed by the advising that the reason for the covid surging numbers is that people aren’t wearing their face-diapers, nor distance-cringing….. rotfl as you may imagine

    My daughter is interested in doing some fundraising for her cat rescue [naturopathic, hyperbaric, etc] and as a front page ‘current news’ article, for her proposed business pages we looked at the 1918 data in the USA, courtesy of a USA Vital Statistics publication from 1950 and the story that emerged was stunning…

    That report had death history for influenza from 1900 on, and it was there by age category… the elderly did NOT die in excessive numbers in the 1918 flu… no spike….

    THE ONLY AGES THAT SHOWED THE HORRIFIC SPIKE WERE THE MILITARY AGES.. the groups starting at age 15 to mid 30s… all the other ages were practically unaffected… even tho the babies 1-4 had a spike it was not much worse that the regular death rate 10years prior… and then we found an NIH research analysis that TOTALLY BLEW THE LID ON THE EXPLANATION…….

    THE SPIKE IN MILITARY AGES WAS THE **MALES**… and yes the NIH was only commenting on the disrupted social consequences, but the history of THE INTRODUCTION OF VACCINES shows that there was no mass vaxxing UNLESS your community was in trouble or you personally were going to go to such a community…

    THE ONLY MASS VAXXING in the 1900’s pre-1935, WAS FOR THE WAR — WWI TROOPS were heavily vaxxed….. voila…… there’s the cause of the stupendous death spikes in 1918……..

    DESTROYED LIVES UNDER GOVT DIRECTION……. AGAIN………. this time in 2020 they wiped out the elderly and the sickly, as drains on their coffers…..

    I wonder if the stunningly lying German article you encountered is a sign of the criminals’ fear of the German-American lawyer Rainer Fuelmich’s progress on his class action NUREMBERG case against those that brought this on…..

    ttyl and thanks for the leads on what’s happening in the UK….. and Germany……

    oh and for links to that American Vital Statistics report and the NIH ‘gender’ concern as well as images of the by-age graphs, those are on these pages from my daughter’s website..

    btw, we sent prints of those pages to the members of the US House of Reps Doctors’ Caucus and then watched their twitter, their webpages and their letters to constituents….. it may have reinforced their greatest fears but it surely did not produce any sign of conversion …. well maybe except for the DENTIST among them, rotfl…..

  2. Thankyou Karma Singh, for this detailed analysis. I often think that someone needs to write an article that will be useful for posterity. that would be entitled something like The Many Mysteries of Covid 19. What particularly intrigues me is why there seem to be at least two different disorders ending up in hospitals named Covid 19. One is something like a regular flu, and the other has symptoms that we have not heard of before. A few times, doctors, usually young physicians have begged for some clarity of the severe symptoms, and it appears that they are silenced. And I wonder how, in countries such as the U.S. , where each disorder has its own protocol, how do doctors know what to do when some patients have one disorder and other patients appear to have very different symptoms.
    And to add a bit of humour to this topic, an account in the Times of India of 5-6 days back tells us something about where the Covid statistics come from: A young soldier in India, was posted in Kashmir. One day he was found dead, an apparent suicide. the bullet had gone in from the chin and exited from the back of the head. His parents disputed the idea that he would have done such a thing. Meanwhile, the Army authorities had to do an autopsy and send the body to the parents, in another part of India ….BUT …… it would take rather long, as much as 3 days for the body to reach home because the soldier had tested positive for Covid. (special arrangements had to be made)
    Another corona death statistic – for sure.

    And this seems to be the latest approach to corona (I have seen it elsewhere also) – to compare it to the Spanish Flu (play that scary music please) which probably would have been nothing in todays world, with our knowledge of vitamin s D and C and the presence of modern antibiotics. and to top that off we now have some evidence that doctors in europe were treating their flu patients with as much as 20 times the safe dose of aspirin. And to think that some poor microbe got the blame for that.

  3. Thank you MJ,
    I have been praying that someone would do that job for me.

    Hi Cherry,
    more than an article – it’s looking like a small book already and I’ve still got a long way to go.

    Now, what a could really use is a list of ALL the countries that have rejected the Covid panic machine.
    I already know of Argentina, Belorussia, Russia, South Dakota, Sweden and Tanzania but if someone could dig out a full list for me it would be greatly appreciated.

    Blessed be

  4. As somebody who has lived in Bradford almost his entire life, I fail to understand the relevance of your comments on the ‘downfall’ of Bradford to your review of the content of the Bild newspaper article. More relevant is the fact that the article’s list of covid deaths in several countries is out by several orders of magnitude.

    It’s very easy to see articles such as the above as being evidence of a conspiracy to subvert the truth when it’s just as likely that such sloppy journalism is simply evidence of a worldwide decline in newspaper sales combined with the truth that sensationalism has always tended to sell papers.

    Thankfully, when it comes to Germany, you still have erudite and articulate critics of government and news media covid misrepresentaion as Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, a real scientist who can communicate his concerns about covid policies to the general public using substantiated scientific facts rather than speculation.

    It is sad that such integrity as his has become rare in a world where most sides seem to prefer to misrepresent the situation in order to purvey their own agendas.

    Perhaps it was ever thus.

  5. Kevin Morris… has it ever occurred to all those erudite Bradford Deutsche that — after seeing the Kraken in action, and how swiftly that was swept off radar — that MAYBE, just maybe there was something needing explaining in the CONTINUED PRESENCE OF THAT NWO MERKEL IN YOUR OWN LAST ELECTION..?? Are our European ancestral cousins afraid to face their own PERIL still unexposed? Is it enough that Merkel quietly stepped down?

    Does that even scratch the surface of the list of NWO treachery in your midst? We had hoped to hear big headlines of the Rainer Fuelmich class action lawsuit on Nuremberg crimes in the Plandemic Testing Fraud that genocided the elderly?

    And where was YOUR OVER-THE-COUNTER ACCESS TO HCQ/Zinc? Worse was the French people’s LOSS of that access precisely when the pandemic was about to be blared on European airwaves….

    Karma was simply displaying the depth of our shock that the medical wizards of German science were not reaching the airwaves in Europe either. You don’t have to take it as an affront to your cultural history. TTYL

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