“Mad-Vaxxers” Losing Control of Argument…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I’ve been wondering recently whether the “Mad-Vaxxers” and pharma shills realize they’re losing control of the argument.  There’s something NEW in the way they’re talking these days, and I want to know if you see it in the same way I do.

This is from the Joe Rogan podcast of March 11, 2019 when he interviewed Dr. Peter Hotez, who looks like he’s taken over the Iron Throne of Vaccines from Dr. Paul Offit.

Hotez:  Let’s be clear,  The anti-vaccine lobby owns the internet.

Rogan:  What does that mean?

Hotez:  They’ve got by some measures, five hundred anti-vaccine websites.  So every time you put the word ‘vaccine’ into a search engine, whether it’s Yahoo or Google, you’re going to get anti-vaccine information.  That’s number one.  Second, we know it’s amplified by social media, like Facebook and other forms of social media.  Third, look at the Amazon site.  My book, the good news is it’s the highest rated pro-vaccine book on Amazon.  The bad news is it’s ranked about twenty because there are nineteen other phony-baloney anti-vaccine books.

Does that sound like a winner to you? 

Because to me it sounds like the lament of a guy who knows his side is losing.

I was prepared to chalk it up to a fluke, but then last Friday morning an article on the CNN web-site caught my eye.  It was on the top left side of the website, which if you know about persuasion, is the FIRST place our eyes go to because in the west we read from left to right.

The title of the article was “Anti-Vaxers Are Winning the War on Social Media.  What’s the CDC Going to Do About It?” and was published on April 12, 2019.

Take a read through this section and tell me if it sounds as defeatist to you as it does to me.  Remember, top left side of the website is the message they most want you to take away from the news.

“The challenge for public health authorities, including the CDC, is formidable: to dislodge the fear of vaccines that anti-vaxers have planted in the minds of some parents . . .

“They’re persistent and vociferous, and it’s unpleasant. And so in a sense, I don’t want to get down into the mud with these people,” said Schaffner, medical director of the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases.

He added that the CDC in particular is at a disadvantage for two reasons.

“One, there’s a distrust of authority in general in the Trump era. Two, the anti-vaxers have villainized the CDC in particular, planting seeds of doubt in the minds of parents who might be hesitant about vaccines.”

Did you notice the words they used to describe us?  “FORMIDABLE.  PERSISTENT.  VOCIFEROUS.  UNPLEASANT.”

Yes, we tend to be unpleasant towards those who are hurting our children.

I’m a big fan of the work of Jordan Peterson…

…and he often says  if somebody wants to consider themselves a “warrior” they must in some sense be a “monster,” meaning you strike fear in the heart of your adversary.  These recent interviews and articles make the mad-vaxxers seem scared.

Now maybe I’m seeing things I want to see, but there’s something different in these two accounts.

In this politically divided country…

…if one side decides to close down debate on any topic, there’s going to be an immediate reaction from the other side, regardless of the issue.  That is good for us.  In addition, there seems to be a growing alliance of some members of the right and left to get us out of all these useless wars, and I think something similar might be taking place in the fight against pharma.

Yes, pharma is still paying off both republicans and democrats, and the suck-up politicians are voting in all the same the ways they have before.  But I think there are enough good people on both the right and left who have seen through this web of lies.

Five hundred anti-vaccine websites?

I think the “Mad-Vaxxers” see that their front is collapsing.

Keep up the good work, everybody!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.



Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com

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19 thoughts on ““Mad-Vaxxers” Losing Control of Argument…”

  1. Here is how we put another significant chink in the armor of mandators: Destroy the “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra.

    is a 3 min, 1/2 page, read shows where the “1 in a million risk of Vaccine Injury” comes from and why it is really 1 in 20,000
    No doctor will be comfortable telling their healthy patients take the vaccine schedule for your child, risk of injury is 1 in 20,000
    By moving the target marginally, AND based on a single government number, This is a game changer.

  2. Steven:

    If truly the statistics were “one in a million” then we would ONLY have 330 vaccine damaged children in the United States – but we certainly have a lot more than that…


    54% of America’s 73,900,000 children – 39,906,000 American children are PERMANENTLY DAMAGED…

    How about one in two (1 in 2) children are damaged?

  3. Please don’t misunderstand my STRATEGY. If we state an incidence of injury too high, it will be ignored, it will not be able to break through. We have to start with something reasonable. Just this one government statistic. Let’s see if we can get doctors to say vaccine injury is 1 in 20,000. Meanwhile my strategy must be good because in the last days my cell phone has started ringing almost non-stop with foreign numbers and 800 numbers. We have to be strategic

  4. Nice strategic stab at the lying perpetrators, good show Steve Urow..

    It’s that SUDDEN REALIZATION OF ‘THE TRICK’ BY THE ESTABLISHMENT that would send chills up the back of wary people.. Suddenly seeing that the claim was about 1 in a million DOSES but kids get FIFTY DOSES…. which makes the odds SUDDENLY HUGER THAN the one in a million YOU WERE BEING INDUCED TO THINK….

    That makes any wary person freeze that this authority figure is STEALTHILY PULLING a treacherous lie ON YOU…… AT THE RISK TO **YOUR CHILD** AND YOU

    So once that realization is reached then a whole lot of other cards fall and the anti-vax numbers start to have meaning as possibly TRUE… good going…. ttyl

  5. Steven:

    The absolute BEAUTY of the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement is that there is no ONE ARGUMENT, any more, that the “Mad-Vaxxers” can latch onto and focus their PR people on. The minute they do, and before they can even get out their Press Releases to their “owned” liberal media, there are 250 other GREAT arguments facing them…

    Two hours after that, there are another 500 arguments…

    Laugh out loud. THEY have the money – WE have the people, and OUR PEOPLE are ANGRY… We know who they are, and where they live – they are the ones damaging our children.

    We have shifted our focus. We are on Offense, not Defense…

    And it feels really good.

  6. Great ideas here today. I have a small note- the word MUD- I notice it has been used by the provaxxers and we had a piece on CNN in India in which a public health official spoke in this way: ” I mean these people live in the mud” Maybe not a bad tactic. If one buys the idea that antivaxxers are pathetic disgusting people, one may not honor them with so much as a google search.
    Did anyone here notice Peter Hotez’ statement that vaccines only gave a child the usual level of aluminium that is found in the human body. Sorry , Doc , one of the best arguments against vaccines is that neither aluminium nor mercury is found as a part of the normal human body. Take a look at the biologic periodic table and see if you can find Al or Mercury.
    Speaking of people being angry, First the guys in white coats give parents the false impression that they care about them and their babies, when in fact they are working as technicians for the pharmaceutical industry, and later you learn that there are some parent s who never vaccinated and they have the healthiest, most intelligent children in the world.

  7. Hi Kent,
    the dominance position on any page is top right not left!
    This is where the eye momentarily stops in its left to right scan. This is why ads in that position cost more. The corollary, the victim position where any ad will be ignored is bottom left.

    I’m not sure that they are quite on the run yet but that which is now unfolding in Germany is such a can of worms that it’s beginning to blow up in their faces. The situation is changing so rapidly that it’s difficult to get one article on it completed. Add to that, that I’ve been on the road for the last 2 days and almost no time to write anything….
    As from right now I’m in one place for five whole days and hope to get a coherent article to Tim tomorrow.

    Blessed be


  8. steven urow says:
    April 15, 2019 at 6:54 am

    All the same Steven, 1 in 20,000 is a ridiculous number.
    Respectfully – Every Vaccine Harms – Every Time

    #It bleedin obvious Steven. Look at the ingredients list.

  9. Peter Hotez seems to think the anti-vaxxer movement is motivated by perverse anti-vaxxers who create irrational fear of vaccines, when in fact it is motivated by actual vaccine damage. The sneering condescension of pro-vaxxers is appearing increasingly moronic.

  10. The three best, IMO, arguments againts vaccines (because they are simple, irrefutable, logic based and foundational):

    1) Doctors offices are filled with sick people germs. If you aren’t afraid to visit doctors then why are you afraid of sick people germs? And if you aren’t afraid of sick people germs, why would you bother getting any vaccines?

    2) Doctors typically refuse to diagnose diseases in patients who are vaccinated so their apparent success is just a self-fulfilling prophecy. To illustrate, total rates of paralysis, sterility and congenital defects have not fallen since the polio, mumps and rubella vaccines.

    3) Nobody has ever witnessed a wild-type virus enter someone’s body and cause illness within a short period. Doctors simply *assume* that the virus entered their body shortly before they got sick. Even if they find the so-called virus in their body they have no clue when it first entered it. The patient might have had the virus on them for months, years or their whole life.
    Contrast that lack of observation with vaccine injuries. Lots of people have witnessed people getting sick immediately following vaccination. So the evidence for vaccine injury >>>>> the evidence for virus injury.

  11. I certainly don’t feel like we are “winning.”

    I’ve taken out my word sword a lot recently and done battle on the New York Times comment sections of measles and other conventional health stories and it has been tough going. They have repressed many of my comments which are strictly respectful and informative while allowing others’ comments to stand with false information, name-calling and threats to imprison us or prevent kids from participating in school or society in general. They especially hate comments where I suggest internet places to go for more information. Those ones rarely see the light of day. But I do not give up and find waiting until the reviewers go home to be an opportune time to get comments up.

    Even more disheartening is the constant false information via the networks. I caught measles disinformation at least four times today on ABC urging everyone to get the MMR..

    I really think we have a lot more work to do. Let’s make it a plan to get Richard Pan out of office for starters. Tomorrow I am loaning my copy of Ty Bollinger’s “Truth about Vaccines” to a neighbor. It really is one person at a time…

  12. K.Christensen, I understand your frustration and appreciate your unrelenting sword… but when i’m dealing with websites like that, i keep a wordpad handy and before i push the ‘submit’ at such a sight, i make a copy of my comment so that when/if it does get deep-sixed, I use their ‘share’ option and use that wordpad copy to post my rebuttal all over facebook or twitter [modified naturally]…

    Hope you can know that your own word-sword is valuable BECAUSE IN ORDER FOR THE INSIDERS TO SMASH YOUR VICTORIOUS REBUTTAL, THE INSIDERS AT THE NYT HAVE TO SWALLOW THEIR OWN INTEGRITY IN THE FACE OF TRUTH [AND IT HURTS THEIR RESOLVE & CONFIDENCE]… so you are slaying the insiders’ strength…. you are winning there as well… different target than you intended, but as valuable as ever needed. ttyl

  13. Of course the injury is greater than 20,000 but I am talking strategy here.

    Please give a long moment to understand my VERY SOPHISTICATED STRATEGY. It is a game changer and really easy to understand, don’t overthink it with added knowledge and facts.

    Goal: To destroy the mantra: “Vaccines are safe and effective” Because this is the foundation from which all mandates, vaccine promotion and anti-vaxxer attacks stem from.

    The mantra will not work if it is based upon 1 in 20,000 risk. Yes, we know injury is higher but presenting it as such is unnecessary and moreso, harmful to the strategy. It is easier to get people to believe 1 in 20,000 than 1 in 200. People look around and they don’t see vaccine injury or the 1 in 34 on the ASD. They can’t relate to those numbers and CAN’T believe them.

    This single, most indisputable and verifiable government statistic gives them no wiggle room. This is how we get them to accept the 1 in 20,000 injury. Now can we do EVEN that? It will be against their brainwashed mindset to even admit to this number. Do you get a warm comfortable feeling about a 1 in 20,000 risk? It’s nowhere near 1 in a million. Though it is still pretty good odds we will have separated their troops.

    Leaves less wiggle room. It is much harder for the pro-vaxxers to argue that these court awards were erroneous than it is for them to argue the VAERS data is of little value because it is self-reported. LEAVE VAERS OUT OF IT (initially). It is absolutely detrimental to my strategy. We don’t want a number that is more unbelievable, just get them to believe injury is 1 in 20,000 that would be a major accomplishment. The greatest minds cannot comprehend the true injury rate and we have to remember where we began when things obvious now were impossible then.

    The reality is that risk is 1 in 20,000 at best, let me show you how. USA government’s HRSA Vaccine Injury Compensation Data webpage states: “for every 1 million doses of vaccine that were distributed, 1 individual was compensated. ”

    By compensated they mean a person who won their claim in “Vaccine Court,” (Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) for their child suffering a serious adverse reaction.

    Just about everyone would agree that a 1 in a million risk is reasonable and that it could be claimed “vaccines are safe and effective” if that was the full story. However, that statistic refers to doses, not people and during the 2006 to 2017 period each child received an average 50 doses (from gov CDC webpage). This means a child had 50 chances to suffer an adverse reaction and that it was serious enough for them to go to Vaccine court. A million doses covers 20,000 children if each child gets 50 doses. So the chance of a serious adverse event 1 in 20,000, not one in million.

  14. MJ Huebener, thanks for the support. I appreciate your way of getting around the repressors, but I don’t do social media.

    I agree that the NYT reviewers/writers/editors are a worthy focus and have found that if I see an error or criticize the paper itself, that comment is toast. But I want them to know that I know what is happening. Journalism is my field.

    It is obvious NYT has let a lot of editors go so there are often wisdom gaps that show up in stories. Any experienced editor would’ve directed the reporter to go a different way or shared their wisdom and prevented an error from showing up in the story. Had any of the talented investigative news reporters been assigned to look at vaccines, none of NYT’s shoddy vaccine (and health in general) reporting would’ve made it to press. Obviously, something is going on behind the scenes, something appalling, depressing and possibly corrupt. Why are they afraid to take on Big Pharma?

    One thing interesting though, often, many of my comments are put in at the last minute before the story’s comment section is closed. This makes me think they are debating and give in. However, another sick thing they do is cleanse the story comments before the story/comments are archived. That’s when my battle comments are really purged, as are a few others who are standing up for the facts. You can actually see pro-vax trolls responding to my comments, yet my original comment is…gone!

    I have sent quality vaccine explanatory stories to the NYT Editorial Board and also the new girls in Congress who aren’t yet corrupted as well as Kamala Harris who has to know the truth. I’m putting packets together for a few others, some who could have a lot of influence once they see the facts.

    Did you know when you are inducted to the Society of Professional Journalists, you take an oath? I take that seriously. It is heartbreaking to see what has happened in the media with vaccine reporting.

    But, we can never give up fighting for health freedom and stopping forced vaccination.

  15. Steve Urow~ that’s an interesting strategy and certainly valid.

    One thing I like to explain is the open and closed systems of the body. Everyone has experienced what happens when they ingest something their body rejects–massive puking, sweating, diarrhea. That’s the beauty of the open system–your body can get rid of something nasty before it does you harm. Everyone identifies with this experience. And they clearly remember how great they felt afterwards once the body is cleared out.

    Now, there’s the closed system with shots/vaccines/injections where the body has no healthy way to deal with heavy metals, foreign proteins, aborted fetal tissues. Hence, vaccine injuries. And they’ve connected the aluminum to Alzheimer’s, which most all of us live in fear of getting.

    Everyone should learn about the open and closed body systems. That’s where vaccines harm the body.

  16. I’ve noticed these are going to my spam folder. I would mention that, so people can check for it.

  17. Keep going everyone.
    The more polite, respectful, honest comments are posted the more desparate the NYT et.al. will become because your integrity will gradually wear down those who have been charged with suppressing truth.
    They will then begin to research it themselves and then to talk about it with their colleagues.
    Then, every nowand then, an honest report will be “overlooked” for deletion.

    Strp by step by step we have to win even those who get paid to lie to the public.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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