The Measles “Epifraud…”

A Scam – Designed To Cover Up US Public Health’s Inability To Accept Responsibility For What They Have Done To America’s Children…

And the children of the world…

From Britain – By Karma Singh

In a desperate push to sell all of their so called “vaccines” before the use-by date, the pharmaceutical cartel, with the assistance of certain pre-purchased politicians, has mounted a “mass measles scare.”

The presumption upon which this is based is that measles is, in some way, dangerous…

The pharma-hope is that no-one will notice this sleight of hand.”

Measles used to be, about 170 years ago, somewhat dangerous; not of itself, you must understand, but because of chronic under-nutrition and almost non-existent sanitation. It is these which made this natural development process which we call measles difficult for a child’s body to cope with.

During the century from 1850 onwards, most of these problems were solved and the last measles death in the UK occurred in 1958, exactly TEN YEARS before the pharma cartel began pushing their vaccine. This is clearly shown in British medical statistics in this graph copied from the book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” ( with permission of the author.

In some Third World countries, such as Bangladesh…

…where similar living conditions prevail today as were typical for European cities in 1850, some children are too weak for this development process and many hundreds die each year BUT EXCLUSIVELY IN THE THIRD WORLD! There has not been a problem with measles in the First World since the 1940’s – long before any measles “vaccine” was even thought of.

Nonetheless, with no supportive evidence of any sort, we are constantly bombarded with calls to “emergency action” to ensure 100% compliance with measles vaccination. This has, so it has been reported to me, gone so far as to have the pre-paid politicians in one New York county impose house arrest upon the unvaccinated.

I’m pretty sure that this is unconstitutional and I hope that Ralph Fucetola, a lawyer and regular reader and contributor to the BolenReport will let us have his expert opinion. The “justification” for this curfew is the claim that the unvaccinated could pass on measles to the vaccinated.

This pinnacle of absurdity is nothing other than the open admission that vaccination offers no “protection” against measles and is, therefore, a complete waste of time, money and other resources…

There are many, many problems with measles “vaccination”

Although the pharmaceutical industry lays claim to having almost eradicated measles from the First World there has, in fact, been no reduction at all! What has happened is that, due to much better nutrition and sanitation, the measles process which brings the child’s liver into full function, has become so quick and easy that in most cases medical assistance is not sought and so it does not appear in the medical statistics. Additionally, many doctors, seeing that the child has absolutely no problem with the measles, don’t waste their time filling out measles report forms – they have better things to do which are much more useful to mankind.

In most cases (fortunately) vaccination has no effect at all and, where it does have an effect this is exclusively temporary and simply shifts the time for the measles process from the natural, ideal age of 4 – 5 years to a later time when the child’s body has much greater difficulty coping with it, i.e. measles “complications” are mostly caused by the measles vaccine.

Research carried out in 2015, using genetic markers to identify the source of particular proteins, showed that 38% of positive measles tests owed their origin not to natural measles but to the vaccine. This means that not only is there no “protection” engendered by the vaccine, the vaccine itself is a major CAUSE of measles. To what extent this indicates that the present so called measles “epidemic” has been deliberately created by the pharmaceutical companies with adulterated “vaccines” is something which only a criminal investigation could determine.  (unfortunately, a highly technical publication not intended to be understood by the layman.)

The vaccine is, at least, 105 times deadlier that any measles complications. This is made clear in Dr. Hooker’s report to the Washington State Health Committee mentioned under point 2 above.

Claims are made about “deadly” measles “complications” with no supporting evidence whatsoever.

The one pushed most heavily in Germany is called “subacute sclerosing panencephalitis”. Note here the grandiose name intended to be imposing, to confuse and, generally, tell the reader nothing at all. There are very, very many such terms in common usage in the pharmaceutical sickness industry. So much so that if your malady is in Greek or Latin you can be pretty sure that it means, “We haven’t the vaguest idea what’s wrong here or what to do about it but we’ll put this label on it so that we can write a bill.”

So, when we translate “subacute sclerosing panencephalitis” into English, what do we get?

We get, “a general mild inflammation of the brain tissues which leaves scars.” This is a pretty accurate description of mercury poisoning as is that other “mysterious illness”, Multiple Sclerosis (in English: “Many Scars”. And where does the mercury come from? One major source is the Thimerol “preservative” in vaccines.

Although the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC claim it would be “unethical to deny anyone the obvious benefits of vaccination to carry out comparison tests”, many such comparisons have actually been carried out over more than 100 years. Uniformly, they show that vaccination doesn’t stop diseases it SPREADS them! If you know how human immunity actually functions, this is precisely what you would expect. See “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” for details, comparison tables and scientific explanation written for the layman.

So, all in all, we see that vaccination is a major source of sickness and death which does nothing at all to prevent illness…

For more information on this, please read “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.”

As Amazon has banned all books unsupportive of the vaccine industry, you can only get this at source from

Also the e-books “Plague” and “Inoculated” from Kent Heckenlively are very informative upon such matters.

Blessed be

From Britain – By Karma Singh



Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “The Measles “Epifraud…””

  1. RFK, Jr. and others recently pointed out that HHS had to misrepresent its own expert to maintain the lie that there is no vaccine-induced autism. The measles hysteria helps bury the problem of vaccine-induced autism. Anthony Fauci recently testified that the chance of brain injury from measles complications is greater than the chance of brain injury from the MMR vaccine. What do you think?

  2. The term “Epifraud” is appropriate. Let’s take #Epifraud viral!

    When a govt buys up mass amounts of vaccines, as the US Govt did in 2009 when it spent $6 billion on the Swine Flu Vax, plus another half billion on squalene to “stretch the supply” does that in effect bail-out the pharmaceutical companies? That’s billions in revenue with zero risk of responsibility for vaccine injuries.

    I believe the US Govt has bailed out the drug companies this way several times. A good issue to research.

    This is a key point: when a drug company unveils a new product, it gets ready for the law suits… except when the product is a vaccine! Only profit; no risk.

    So let’s stop Big Pharma Bail-Outs!

    When the US Govt buys vaccines, does it pay the tax on the vax that is used to support the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program? Does it tax itself to protect Big Pharma?

    Just asking…

  3. The other (biggest) reason for the apparent decline in measles is that most doctors call it something else if the patient is vaccinated – like roseola or 5th disease or hand foot and mouth.

    And measles cannot spread. It’s caused by separation traumas – traumas that typically are experienced by an individual but occasionally as a group (like siblings being separated from their mother). This shared trauma gives the appearance of contagion but it’s just an illusion.

    Think about it. Rashes are *focused*. Indeed, very often they appear on corresponding parts of the body! On both hands. Behind both knees. Etc.

    How could they be focused if they’re caused by a virus? They can’t. The only thing in the universe that knows which parts of your body correspond with other parts is your mind.

    So it is 100% certain that the mind is always responsible for rashes.

    Measles is a healing phase. Zero people in history have died or been disabled from it – only its treatments or doctor induced panic. The rash and sore eyes are the rebalancing of the trauma phase symptoms (rough skin and increased long range eyesight). The symptoms in the trauma phase helps the person resolve separation conflict and the rash and sore eyes are the opposite to restore the body to balance.

  4. Rtp,
    The mind is not the same thing as the brain, although it is contained within the brain as one of its many functions. A rash, or eczema, appearing symmetrically on the body is a sign of a neurological cause, which is not the same thing as saying it appeared because the patient thought or felt like it. Your explanation hints at blaming the patient (or the patient’s parent).

  5. Grace, I am sorry if I wasn’t clear. It is the sub-conscious mind that causes the rash. Obviously people don’t really want the rash to be there. However, the rash is a healing phase (of a separation conflict). In fact, during measles, one of the other symptoms is an apparent leap in intellectual development – which most people would be happy to have.

    All of this is because measles is a rebalancing of our physiological symptoms (again, caused by the sub-conscious mind) that occur during a separation trauma. Those symptoms (which we don’t typically even notice) are rough, desensitised skin, absent mindedness and good far-sighted vision.

    During the healing phase (ie when we no longer are, or feel, separated) the symptoms are the opposite – skin inflammation (rash), sore eyes (light sensitivity) and better memory (which stays with us after the healing phase).

    The issue of “blame” is meaningless because rashes are a survival mechanism. We are lucky that our bodies are designed this way (to change in the presence of trauma) because if they weren’t, no organism could have survived. In our world of hospitals and ipads, these attributes probably don’t help us, but in nature they are critical.

    Read more about this at – it explains absolutely everything.

    Karma Singh would know who Stefan Lanka is and Lanka follows German New Medicine.

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