Is The US Democratic Party Controlled By Mainland China? Yes, and No…

Yes, The Democratic Party’s Job Is to Destroy America In Favor Of China’s Interests…

They Are Doing it Right In Front Of Us…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

A few years ago I traced Hillary Clinton’s activities on behalf of China down, regarding the Chinese manufacture of vaccines for world sales, AND WROTE ABOUT THAT.  “Empress Hillary” according to the World Health Organization (WHO), had arranged for China to make and sell vaccines in their manufacturing plants with NO ANNOYING INSPECTIONS before injection into victims.

The official publication of the World Health Organization (WHO) wrote in their Bulletin an article called “China Enters the Global Vaccine Market.”  The article points points out that Hillary Clinton, in 2014, played the NUMBER ONE  role in allowing Chinese vaccine manufacturers to completely bypass US vaccine testing requirements, and thereby allowing direct from the factory to American children WITH NO QUALITY CONTROL in between.

That was my first interest in examining the US Democratic Party’s relationship with China.  I found many more.

When You Keep Looking It Just Gets Better…

Just recently, a coterie of Democrats, including EVERY Democratic Party 2020 presidential candidate, co-authored a bill, called the “Green New Deal,” to remove America’s ability to compete in a world market, effectually cancelling American Civilization, AND DESTROYING AMERICA AS A WORLD POWER..

The legislation’s intent is to, within ten years, remove all airplanes from American skies, automobiles from the roads, shut down all electrical generating plants, cancel farming (it uses machines), and shut down all fossil fuel companies including coal, oil, natural gas, and whatever – eliminating tens of millions of American jobs at the same time, forcing the American citizenry into starvation and death.

And, by the way, providing free college and free health care for all…

Wow – what a great idea (sarcasm intended).  Criticisms abound.

More, they are going to eliminate cows (laugh here)….

Why eliminate cows?  Because according to the San Francisco liberals, cows fart…

I guess the San Francisco liberals don’t want odor competition with their downtown human-fecal-matter-covered streets.

Or are the San Francisco Democrats upset because the US cattle industry is run by hard-working heterosexual families?

Communist China Controls The Us Film Industry…

We all know that.  Hollywood stars have a new “Casting Couch” routine.  They are required to be “Pro-China,” and “Anti-American.”  Without doubt EVERYONE under the Chinese yoke in Hollywood is required to be “Anti-Trump.”  If an actor wants to work, these days, they have to adopt the “Hate EVERYTHING America” dialogue promoted by CNN.

Why haven’t we made this situation a national emergency, and seized the film companies, re-selling them to Americans only?

Good question…

The Washington Times, in their article “‘Redwashing’ the silver screen”  point out the problem in very clear language.  They say:

“Unofficially, it also means no unfavorable depictions of China (e.g., the Chinese military) and limits on favorable depictions of Americans — especially in relation to the Chinese.

The 2012 remake of “Red Dawn” had to be altered in post-production to make the invaders appear to be North Korean rather than Chinese. “Captain Phillips” and the 3-D version of “Top Gun” were rejected for theaters in China because they portrayed the U.S. military in a positive light. And “Mission Impossible III” and “Skyfall” had to cut scenes that made China look bad.

Because the monetary implications of Chinese distribution are so high, producers self-censor or accept any changes required by SAPPRFT. That means the summer blockbusters at theaters right now have been “redwashed” of anything the Chinese government doesn’t like.

China’s growing control of the movie industry also exists downstream. AMC Theaters is owned by the Dalian Wanda group, whose board members have ties to the communist government. AMC is currently finalizing a merger with Carmike Cinemas that will make it the biggest movie chain in the United States with more than 8,000 theater screens. With that choke hold on distribution, China has the power to prevent showing movies unacceptable to the Chinese government. That is a not-too-subtle intimidation of those who write movie scripts as a business.

Though it’s unlikely Quentin Tarantino-style gruesome flicks or M. Night Shyamalan supernatural ones won’t be shown by AMC, it’s also unlikely you’ll see any feature films highlighting China’s brutal human rights abuses at AMC or Carmike theaters near you anytime soon.

The implications of this control over the movie industry go beyond just dampening your summer escapism. This is a “soft power” offensive that the Chinese Communists employ — one that is well-documented in the book “The Hundred-Year Marathon,” by former Reagan administration official Michael Pillsbury. Incredibly, it is one they openly acknowledge.

This is an insidious threat to our national security. Public opinion is created downstream from pop culture. And government policy is determined by public opinion. China leaders understand their substantial control of the movie industry can influence U.S. policy.

So what can be done to limit this foreign control of pop culture? An interagency U.S. government committee called the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States already exists to prevent foreign investment in the United States that might pose a threat to national security. This is the government arm that would stop a Chinese government-backed firm from buying an American weapons manufacturer. Its charter should be expanded further to protect against soft-power communications targets, including movies, radio transmission operations and newspapers.

Congress and the Department of Justice should also review the longstanding Foreign Agents Registration Act, which requires disclosure when foreign entities seek to lobby or influence the public through propaganda or other means. By requiring the disclosure of foreign-owned media prone to censorship, the American public would gain a better understanding of foreign propaganda plays — and their impact on U.S. public opinion.

In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission should require that public companies’ filings disclose ties to foreign governments. As it stands now, the scope of Chinese (and possibly other) forms of foreign censorship in Hollywood — seemingly material information — is difficult for investors and potential investors to discern.

In short, the US film industry, just like the liberal media, is part and parcel of the “Destroy America” project.

China – the Role Model for California…

Several months ago I wrote an article called:

Want To Know What The Democrats Have In Store For America? Just Watch California…

Well, Want to Know What California has In Store for its Citizens? – Just Watch China…

Recently, the Wall Street Journal published an article called:

China’s New Tool for Social Control: A Credit Rating for Everything

Beijing wants to give every citizen a score based on behavior such as spending habits, turnstile violations and filial piety, which can blacklist citizens from loans, jobs, air travel.

Watch the two minute video below.   If THIS doesn’t scare you NOTHING will.

“Big Brother” on steroids…

Keep in mind that America’s tech world is in California – and that, courtesy of Barack Obama, 75% of its employees are here on H-1B programs from India, Bengladesh, Iran, Iraq, etc.

This program being set in place in China is just EXACTLY where California Democrats would like to take the population.   After all we already have Mandatory Vaccines for children,  and they tried to pass SB 18 – a plan to take children away from parents, handing them over to Common Sense Media, Hillary’s billionaire buddies.

China’s outright attempt To Take Over America From the Inside is Being Frustrated By Donald Trump and a Select Group Of Congressman From BOTH Parties.

Forbes tells us, in their 2016 article:

The 5 Biggest Chinese Investments In The U.S. In 2016

It’s been a milestone year for Chinese companies investing in the U.S. According to Mergermarket, Chinese companies invested a total of $51.09 billion into the U.S. via 65 deals in 2016. That’s a 360% surge from 2015 when Chinese companies invested $11.7 billion. In all, Chinese investments made up 12% of all inbound mergers & acquisitions in the U.S. this year, a big step up from previous years when Chinese investments made up about 2% or so of foreign investments into the country.

The rapid rise in Chinese investments has made some lawmakers nervous. In the past year, 150 Republican and Democrat members of Congress have written letters to the Department of the Treasury, urging stepped up authority for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS. Though Chinese companies are still interested in investing the U.S., growing protectionism in the U.S. under president-elect Trump and more stringent Chinese capital controls could dampen the flood of investment.

Read this, from CNN:

Chinese investment in the United States has plummeted 92% this 2018 year

In the meantime, the regulatory environment for Chinese investment in the United States has become much tougher.

Related: Under Trump, the US government gives many foreign deals a closer look

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, is an inter-agency panel chaired by the Treasury Department. It vets certain deals that could give a foreign investor control of a US business for national security risks.

That panel has been more aggressive under Trump. Experts say CFIUS has examined a greater number of deals, while heavily scrutinizing tie-ups that could give foreign companies access to sensitive technologies or personal data on Americans.

A number of major deals involving Chinese investors were called off in the first half of 2018 by companies who cited problems with CFIUS. This includes Alibaba (BABA) affiliate Ant Financial’s $1.2 billion attempt to takeover Moneygram (MGI), and conglomerate HNA Group’s bid for Skybridge Capital, a hedge fund.

Further crackdowns by the United States will make it difficult for Chinese investment to rebound in coming months.

CFIUS is poised to become even more powerful. Legislation that would expand CFIUS’ authority has bipartisan support in Congress and the backing of top Trump administration officials.

And the Trump administration has said it will announce new restrictions on Chinese investment in the United States by June 30. So far, details have been scant — but the looming threat is enough to chill deal-making.

In the midst of all this, what do the Democrats Do?

Introduce the “Green New Deal” so as to dismember America’s ability to produce.

The US Democratic Party-China Paradox…

The US Democratic party, without question, sees itself as the Western expression of what is currently the Chinese governmental structure – not communism exactly, but a hybrid of top-down elitist mentality.

Liberal billionaires SNEER at the people of the Red States, while comfortably placing their Blue State followers into neat little boxes awaiting their morning message via CNN about what they are to think and say today – and their rank-and-file dutifully obey.

Three things happening in China though DO NOT dove-tale with PUBLIC Democratic Party expression:

Muslim re-educational training camps in Xinjiang Province

(1)  The re-education retraining camps holding over a million Muslims called the Uighur, in Xinjiang Province, is NOT something leading Dems want to talk about.

According to Vox:

The Chinese government recently admitted that it’s forcing religious minorities into “reeducation camps” as part of its crackdown on extremism — but new details show that these centers have a lot more in common with concentration camps.

Thousands of guards carrying spiked clubs, tear gas, and stun guns surveil the government’s “students,” who are held in buildings ringed with razor wire and infrared cameras, according to a report published Wednesday by the French news service Agence France-Presse.

AFP journalists who reviewed more than 1,500 publicly available government documents also describe disturbing purchases made by government agencies that oversee the so-called education centers: 2,768 police batons, 550 electric cattle prods, 1,367 pairs of handcuffs, and 2,792 cans of pepper spray.

These descriptions are a far cry from Chinese government propaganda that claims these centers in Xinjiang, the autonomous region in northwestern China where most Uighur Muslims live, provide “free” education and job training to counter the spread of terrorism and religious extremism.

In one of the government documents, officials argued that to build new, better Chinese citizens, the reeducation centers must first “break their lineage, break their roots, break their connections, and break their origins.”

(2)  The “For Any Reason” re-education retraining camps exist throughout China…

A camp for those who said the wrong thing on the internet


(3)  The Great Wall of China anomaly…

Sometimes, when dealing with Democrats, you just have to laugh out loud.  To hear the Dems, building a wall on our southern border is inhuman.  They fail to notice that China built its own 13,000 mile border wall.  They started it over two thousand years ago, completing it in the 17th century.  In its heyday the Chinese KILLED anyone trying to get over it.

No, The Democratic Party Is NOT entirely (yet) under China’s control. 

A big slice of Democratic Party loyalty goes to Big Pharma, the Fake Climate Change Billionaires, and Planned Parenthood.

And then, of course, there is Agenda 21.

If it appears to you that the Democratic Party is going off in twenty different directions it is because they are…

But one thing is for sure – If “Empress Hillary” had been elected she would have made China look like a humanitarian effort in comparison.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

6 thoughts on “Is The US Democratic Party Controlled By Mainland China? Yes, and No…”

  1. don’t know whether the heterosexual cattle owners comment was sarcasm or…. but dr google finds an unappetizing set of stats, precisely…….

    “What percentage of meat comes from CAFOs?”
    When you take into account the fact that factory farms raise 99.9 percent of chickens for meat, 97 percent of laying hens, 99 percent of turkeys, 95 percent of pigs, and 78 percent of cattle currently sold in the United States, it’s shocking how much time we waste debating each other, rather than trying to actually …Oct 19, 2011
    It’s Time to End Factory Farming | HuffPost

  2. Tim,
    There is a point that I hope you will spell out clearly as you continue to discuss China and vaccines. For US National Security, ingredients from possibly hostile foreign countries should NEVER be injected into American children. This is inviting a nefarious act. Nor should injections created by multinational corporations EVER get near the bodies of American children for similar reasons. Taking the whole idea to its logical conclusion mass “preventive care” involving an injectable product is pure insanity. Any type of health care should always be something sought by the individual (or in the case of minor children, their parents) and paid for by the individual.

    Thank you for saying what other people are afraid to.

  3. Qno – It works on all of my computers. Try going up to the words above about the article, click o nthe article link. You will find the video there also .

  4. Red China has its tentacles into our media, into the socialist Democrat party, into Congress, into the Washington swamp, and now into the White House. Everything that the Biden administration has done and not done supports the intentions of Red China from the backwards pullout of Afghanistan, to the open borders, to the Chinese fentanyl streaming into our country, to the high inflation rates, to the high energy costs adding to the high transportation costs for goods, to the reduction in tariffs on imports, to the ridiculous prosecution of people involved in the setup at the Capital on January 6th. After two bogus impeachments against Trump and all of the actions taken to stop border security and the trade deficit, it became obvious to many people that the socialist Democrats are a clear and present danger to our Republic and they decide to demonstrate their contempt for the Democrat corruption in Washington. This was an unarmed demonstration that created no damage. Compare this with the BLM insurrections that created billions in damages. It is painfully obvious that the Democrats have two standards. Not guilty for them and guilty for everyone else. Socialist Democrats lie, cheat, intimidate, threaten, and attack anyone in the way of their gaining despotic power!

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