White House “Special Operations Team” Takes on Vaccines?

The Pro-Vax Squads Are Running Scared…

“AntiVax” Controls the Argument – Worldwide…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Before today I was genuinely confused as to whether Donald Trump would eventually attack vaccines as he had done so magnificently as a presidential candidate and private citizen.

On the one hand we’ve had other politicians (John McCain, Chris Christie, Hilary Clinton, and Barack Obama) who said things which seemed to support our cause at one time, only to have them later turn away in betrayal.

But now I see the outline of a plan Trump and his supporters might have hatched, and if so, it’s going to be brilliant.

This is the first three paragraphs of an article from Insider.

“The wife of one of President Donald Trump’s top aides is pushing anti-vaccination beliefs on Twitter.

Darla Shine, the wife of White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and former Fox News executive, Bill Shine, went on a Twitter rant about vaccinations after the release of a CNN report on a major measles outbreak that affected more than 100 people.

She called the report “#Fake” and “#Hysteria,” suggesting that the nation should “Bring back our #Childhood Diseases” because “they keep you healthy & fight cancer.”

Holy cow!

This is the wife of a top Trump official.  I don’t think it was an accident.

We’ve written about White House hero Darla Shine before.  You can find THAT article here.

This is part of a plan.

You know how Trump operates by now, luring the enemy into a narrow box canyon, then rain down hellfire upon them.

Because you know the media thinks they smell blood in the water and will attack Darla Shine, somebody with no official connection to the White House.  Trump is forcing the media to take the first punch.

The world will watch while the media whores of pharma go after a beautiful, accomplished woman and mother with no media of her own.  Just a friend named Donald Trump.

Grab some popcorn and watch the show!

But I don’t think the plan ends with Darla Shine and Donald Trump.  There are other people who have been activated.

For several months I’ve been following the activities, both publicly and privately of activist, Mike Cernovich.  Publicly, I’ve been urging him to read J.B. Handley’s book, How to End the Autism Epidemic.

Behind the scenes I know Cernovich has had people close to him urging the same thing.  And the release of his new documentary film, “Hoaxed” makes him a hot ticket these days.  Just below you can view the two-minute trailer for “Hoaxed.”

Which is why I wasn’t surprised to find him quickly jumping to Darla Shine’s defense yesterday, February 13.  It’s like this was D-Day for him on the vaccine issue.  Mike is no fool when it comes to the media.

He retweeted somebody named Bri, who wrote:

Vaccine injury pay out in 2019: $72,657,067.53.  Source in comments.

He also retweeted Ben Greenfield who wrote:

I recommend you educate yourself on the vaccine issue the same way I did before reaching my conclusion: watch vaxxedthemovie.com & go.thethruthaboutvaccines.com & read book “Saying No to Vaccines” and “Dissolving Illusions.” (By Dr. Suzanne Humphries)

Cernovich retweeted the reporter Sharyl Attkisson who is one of the few journalists who has investigated the vaccine court and the amount that has been paid out since the court started functioning in 1987.

$4 billion to date . . . and most people don’t know about the court or know to file, or know to file within their wildly short statute of limitations.  (And we, not vaccine companies, pay damages to vaccine injured victims thru a fee on each vaccine.)

And earlier in the day, Cernovich weighed in directly on the issue:

99% of people with a strongly held opinion about vaccinations couldn’t even tell you the name of the secret court that handles vaccination cases.  Oh, and the money is paid with tax dollars!

How can it get any better than having Mike Cernovich, author of the international best-seller, Gorilla Mindset: How to Control Your Thoughts and Emotions and Live Life on Your Terms, write in a tweet:

Are the moms who watched their beautiful children have adverse reactions to vaccines lying?  Hallucinating? 

Why is it impossible to sue vaccine makers in a real court of law? 

Let’s have a real talk, no b.s. 

Are all of the moms who watched their children changed wrong?

Just for those of you keeping track at home, Mike Cernovich has nearly 450,000 Twitter followers.  This gets the conversation started.

Jack Psobiec has nearly as many, with almost 425,000 Twitter followers.  Psobiec was quick to echo Cermovich’s comments.

The Left is now attacking @DarlaShine today because of her husband’s job.

These are the people who say Republicans are the ones waging the war on women.

Really makes ya think.

I had to laugh at a later tweet from Darla Shine after the media went crazy over her comments.  She wrote:

The #Left #MSM do they realize how I play them?  They keep retweeting my tweets and giving me exposure I would never have gotten.  Thank you!

Darla Shine, Mike Cernovich, and Jack Psobiec.  It seems like the A team has taken the field.

I’m sure you guys know what you’re doing, but if you need any advice, I’d be glad to assist the effort.

Thanks for joining the fight.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.

Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com


12 thoughts on “White House “Special Operations Team” Takes on Vaccines?”

  1. This situation is HILARIOUS.

    The HETEROPHOBIC liberal media is in a MAJOR SNIT over a mother questioning the wisdom of jamming 74 vaccines into each of her children.


    Because most times that complaining mother has no media access – but (smile) Darla Shine is married to Trump’s media guy…


  2. I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks an increase in people posting on conservative to libertarian Facebook groups “questions” about opposition to vaccination that are beginning to look like a concerted campaign to “smoke out” vax choice sentiments. Yes, they are running scared!

  3. Yesterday Tucker Carlson aired a segment where he spoke with a representative from Hungary (sorry I don’t recall the person’s exact title). Hungary has apparently decided that mass immigration is not the way they want to address their population decline. They would rather support marriage and families! Just this morning I was praying and thinking about the situation here in the US. As the mother of six children I feel such grief over what happened to my family. It’s a very long story. However, this morning two specific things came to mind: 1. Why doesn’t the US value healthy children the way Hungary apparently does? 2. Why are US mothers so universally held in disrespect?

    The school system teaches children that their parents are ignorant, health authorities undermine families, and it is okay to verbally abuse or other wise harass mothers (and fathers!) when their children are killed or maimed by demonically derived death injections euphemistically called “vaccines” (in honor of the fact that they take healthy children and turn them into “cash cows” for the “pharma” “herd”).

    For many years I wanted to have grandchildren. However, it is really best, in my current view, to refrain from marriage (unless maybe you are infertile) and live apart from the world until the return of the King, Jesus our Lord.

  4. Alexis, I admire your comment and very much agree with you in everything you say. I just want to add one little comment for the reason Hungary is standing with the immigration issue. I happened to be Hungarian and knowing the bloody History of our country, that for many decades Hungarians stood the Ottoman invasion and by this sacrificed themselves almost to total annihilation only to defend the rest of Europe from the Islamic take over. How in a right mind can Hungary ignore this and to bow down to the faceless bureauocrates in Brussels and open it’s gates to Islamic take over? As for Europe for it’s indifference in this matter and letting themselves be flooded by these useless mobs, bitter future awaits as Moslem’s will never integrate with the rest of the world, never. Their aim is to get the world dominion on their terms. Dark days ahead is sure to come perhaps new-dark ages.

  5. If you didn’t hear yet, Kent Heckenlively,This is just off the grapevine, here Downunder: the Australian Govt. wasting $12M. in advertising to combat the ‘antivaxxers’. Panicked to be found out. what will be their next step?

  6. Ralph I have noticed the increase in comments against non vaccinating as well. The 18 year old who decided to get vaccinated in spite of his non vaccine upbringing had “nurse Kaci Hickox and her CDC intelligence officer training” written all over him. It was over the top promoted in media sources. Indeed they are very desperate.

  7. I love it and from someone in the Administration! The only thing wrong with being an anti-vaxxer are the lies that are told by the mainstream and the possibility that a full vaccine schedule for each person could mean that you are not allowed to fly, drive, go into federal buildings. I know Argentina is trying this. Kids without vaccines are much healthier than kids who have been vaccinated.

  8. Suzanne,

    Your comment just gave me a “light bulb” type moment of insight. Isn’t Argentina stereotyped to some degree as a haven for WWII war criminals? Weren’t those some of the same people that thought human experimentation of the worst kind was okay? I’m sorry I can’t give a good source for this information, but wasn’t it Daniel Best, a former pharmaceutical insider and a newly appointed official tasked with reining in drug prices who died mysteriously after apparently discovering the plans for Argentina-style uses of the “REAL ID”? If we were not vaccinating our children and feeding them “Agent Orange” (what I think the full formulations of glyphosate based herbicides really are) saturated food, I suspect pharmaceutical profits could be reduced to zero. That is why both “Big Food” and “Big Pharma” seek to dominate MSM with their fake news and fake science about vaccines, GMOs and chemical agriculture.

  9. The last thing I shared on Facebook was this article and they have locked me out of my account 3 times since. Funny how Nathan from Lift The Veil on YT has just informed that Facebook are clamping down on Anti-Vax “Fake News”
    Apparently this article now constitutes “Suspicious Activity”
    Keep up the good work

  10. Kent,
    Where does Scott Gottlieb’s statement about the feds stepping in if “lax” exemption laws aren’t closed fit in to Trumps big plans to defend us?? Seriously asking. He hired Pharma swamp monsters to handle the FDA and HHS. This is a first from the federal government, why shouldn’t we be concerned? I know I am

  11. ^^ PARENT writing to KENT about GOTTLIEB (Feb 22, 2019) ^^

    I’m sure you have since noticed that Gottlieb randomly “stepped down”… Not exactly a rare event for employees, but I’m pretty sure that whatever is happening, Trump has everything under control. I also like that POTUS remains publicly positive about his ex-employees, even if he himself is directly responsible for the person’s departure, e.g. Rex Tillerman.

    Just know that, if Trump has people in his administration who are Deep State, he is absolutely aware of their presence and their true position. It is even most likely that their instalment was/is purposeful. Inevitably, they will be handled. In the meantime, they will receive no viable opportunity to actually establish anything that could have a negative impact upon America and Her people.

    As it has often been inferred: This is somewhat a game of strategy… and Trump is a chess MASTER, most often at least 4 moves ahead of his opponent/s.


    Thank you very much for all you do here! I am much better armed knowledge-wise in the world of general Pharma and anti-Pharma activism across social media. Never have I questioned your motive; I know you are one of the good guys.

    I urge you to please >> SEE: QMap.pub >> SEARCH: InfoWars >> Go for Gold; read the titles of Q-drops and open whichever of those you please.

    Among the array of information will be a Q-drop titled (words to the effect of) “InfoWars is on MOSSAD payroll”. Like Epstein, Hugh Hefner, Edward Snowden, bin Laden, Bush Sr., etc; however, they all serve their own purpose/s but, ultimately, for the same goal.


    Anyway… Again, thank you very much for all that you do in the name of anti-Pharma and general truth!! ♥️


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    Everything Happence For A Reason:

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  12. Nic,

    Check out today’s blog post here on this web site. Elijah Cummings is getting called out for ignoring pleas to help the black community address the allegations that the CDC covered up a statistically significant link between early MMR vaccination and autism in black boys. It’s happening!

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