FaceBook’s War Against Judeo/Christian America…

4.7 Million Hindus and Muslims, In The US On H-1B Work Visas, Dominate Social Media Decisions…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


A January 17th, 2018 article in the San Jose Mercury News titled “H-1B: Foreign citizens make up nearly three-quarters of Silicon Valley tech workforce, report says”  spilled the beans on FaceBook, Google and Twitter.

In short – it is NOT “Liberal” Americans, as FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg told Congress, who are blocking “Conservatives” on Social Media.  It is people from India (Hindu), Pakistan (Muslim), Bengladesh (Muslim), Iraq (Muslim) and more.

For certain there are NO Judeo/Christians in the mix.  Under the Obama-Nation 16.76 % of the US work force became, and now are, foreign born.

No wonder Americans cannot find jobs.

But, let’s focus on FaceBook for a moment…

I  hear the statement “FaceBook Censors Conservatives” often.  The fact is that the statement is only partially true.  Yes, they do censor “Conservatives. “ That is VERY obvious.  It simply cannot be hidden.

But, in reality, the situation is FAR WORSE than that.  The censoring target is a much larger group, of which “Conservatives” are only a small part.

The REAL censoring target is America and its Judeo/Christian core group…


Because the globalists need to destroy America to achieve world domination – and FaceBook is clearly centered in the globalist encampment.  The horror is that it is one of Americas primary communications tools.

So, in fact, is Twitter in the globalist camp, as we found out from Project Veritas’s excellent exposé video shown below…

But what is really important about this “block conservatives on Twitter” video is that of all of the people interviewed there was only one American citizen in the decision process.  All of the rest were in the US on some sort of work permit (H-1B?).

The interviewed woman, Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager Twitter Trust & Safety, is a Bengladeshi Muslim educated at an ULTRA-liberal US East Coast University.  She decides who, and what gets on Twitter…

Why would Billionaire Social Media Moguls Bring in Foreigners to manage Social media interests?

Three important reasons:

(1)  They get them cheap.  Foreign labor will take a job at one-half of what an American citizen would expect for the same work – AND they will pay a “recruiter” 35% of what they make as a fee for getting them a job.

(2) Foreign laborers are not encumbered with a Judeo/Christian Moral Code, and they consider Judeo/Christian Americans to be ten steps below “Untouchables”.

Do NOT, even for a second, think that Hindus and Muslims think like Americans.  They don’t make value-based decisions like Americans, at all.  In fact, it is well-documented that the Hindus, who dominate India, attack Christians regularly with the full approval of their government.  For sure, they have absolutely NO INTEREST in preserving American ideals.

(3)  They do NOT believe in “Free Speech.” 

In an earlier article I pointed out the fact that India, as a country, has COMPLETELY cancelled “Free Speech.”

I also pointed out in that article, that Trump was quietly cracking down on this problem.

Huge Differences…

What are the primary differences between Hindu and Christian thinking?   Let’s start with the obvious:

(A)  Hindus believe in a Caste System To them, the American idea that “All men are created equal” is dead wrong.

Hindus have definite ideas about who belongs where, and, consequently, what rights each member of a caste has.

With this belief instilled in their minds, these are EXACTLY the people the globalists want deciding who can say what on Social Media.  Americans, whether white, black, brown, yellow, or red are of no consequence, for we are all put, by them, into the “Untouchable” class for the simple reason that we eat beef.  Cows are sacred in Hindu India.

(B)  In India, Hindus KILL people for eating beef.  Just think about how they feel about McDonalds, Carl’s Junior, In-and Out, Barbecue, Beef Stew, Rare T-Bones, White Castle, Butcher shops, Cattle Ranchers, cowboys, etc…

An article in “The Conversation” says:

“Just this past June, at a national meeting of various Hindu organizations in India, a popular preacher, Sadhvi Saraswati, suggested that those who consumed beef should be publicly hanged. Later, at the same conclave, an animal rights activist, Chetan Sharma, said,

“Cow is also the reason for global warming. When she is slaughtered, something called EPW is released, which is directly responsible for global warming. It’s what is called emotional pain waves.”

These provocative remarks come at a time when vigilante Hindu groups in India are lynching people for eating beef. Such killings have increased since Narendra Modi and his right-wing Bharatiya Janata party came to power in September 2014.”

(C)  And, there are some pretty SERIOUS religious and philosophical differences:

(1)  In the area of Human Dignity: 

(a)  Christians believe that “All persons have inherent moral worth because Christ died for all people.” 

(b)  Hindus, on the other hand, believe “All human persons have different value, because of previous lives; the caste system states that some deserve human aid, while others do not.”

(2)  In the view of women:

(a)  Christians believe: “High; women are image-bearers of God.” 

(2)  Hindus believe:  “Low; women are inherently inferior to men.” 

(3)  In the view of personhood:

(a)  Christians believe:  “Our personhood is a first-person experience of reality”  (rights of individuals).

(b)  Hindus believe:  “Our personhood is an illusion (maya); we are actually part of the impersonal God”  (socialism, globalism).

It becomes obvious, very quickly, why the Obama-Nation brought in millions of these people to run Social Media…

…and sit in judgement over Judeo/Christian America, deciding who can say what on Social Media.

The globalists need to silence America.  They have already been “inconvenienced” in their Agenda 21 schedule.  As globalist Hillary Clinton said about Agenda 21“we’ve had to move our timetable to from 2021 to 2030.”  Of course when Hillary said that she was thinking that she would be president of the US and would get Agenda 21 back on track…

What We need to do…

Send them all home on the next boat…

Americans need jobs.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

17 thoughts on “FaceBook’s War Against Judeo/Christian America…”

  1. Very noticeable your comments and others have steered away from what you said was your intentions were. I know now the reason. Trump is not or will not do anything to protect our children from enforced vaccination – taking away parents rights away. Very, very disappointed in him and you.

  2. Alicia – Your liberal Democrat silliness is showing.

    As you well know, had Hillary been elected we would ALL, children AND adults, by now, been ripped out of our homes and force-vaccinated in front of the neighbors by ISIS UN troops on the same day they forcefully took our guns.

    But, Alicia, “we the people” put a stop to all that. Now, we are doing the clean-up. We’ll get to the vaccine issue in due time. There are one-or-two things ahead of it in the cue.

    For certain NO ELECTED DEMOCRAT will EVER do anything about the vaccine problem, for, as it happened in Sacramento over SB277, Big Pharma unloaded ship-fulls of cash for California Democrats.

    Big Pharma will be the LARGEST funder of Democratic Candidates nationwide in the 2018 mid-term elections, because they know, unlike you, how Trump is handling the drug/vaccine issue – by financially strangling Big Pharma, turning them into Little Pharma.

    But you go ahead and hang out at Starbucks and pretend that an eight-dollar cup of coffee with candy in it represents America…

  3. I have always had the highest regard for your viewpoint, but with this I feel you are scraping the barrel.

    A point of interest- Christians have lived in India since soon after Christ’s death, where Hindus were said to have been converted to Christianity by St Thomas of ‘doubting’ Thomas fame. For most of that time, they have co-existed perfectly well with their largely Hindu neighbours. As for the caste system, it’s rigidity is said to have come about because the British Raj, having been given an excessive view of its workings, then rigidly enforced it.

    Different social groups fall out from time to time all over the world. It certainly true that within living memory, good ol’ boys in the southern States of your country lynched negroes or set them alight for looking at white women. I believe it is also true that in many cases, blacks were treated far worse in southern states after your civil war. It is not long since the final person who knew others raised in slavery, passed away in your country.

    A few years ago a good friend of mine toyed with the idea of becoming a radical right winger. He ordered a newspaper from somewhere in the US- I’ve forgotten where. The newspaper was called Christian Vanguard. On one of its pages, a cartoon posed the question, ‘What is the difference between a Jew and an apple pie?’ The answer was that jews don’t sing when you put them in the oven. My friend was disgusted, as was I.

    The reason why your corporations employ people from India is because they are well educated, polite and cost a good deal less than your indigenous, vaccine damaged and often ignorant young. Being well educated, Indian graduates’ view of the world tends to be highly tolerant. Here in the UK, call centres tend to be Indian and extremely high levels of education are required of employees from the subcontinent. I don’t know whether the Google employees who recently refused to do the CIA’s dirty work for them were of Indian origin but they could well have been.

    I have always had the highest regard for you and although I am a left winger myself, I don’t believe that either left or right has the monopoly on human decency. I have no doubt about the dangers of mass vaccination, but this posting, frankly, is pathetic.

  4. To kevin morris… well, now you admit that the ku klux klan was openly engaging in such acts as we now see are committed by hindu fundamentalists… not some nearly 100yrs ago, but in the period from 2014- TODAY…

    So we’ll discard your holier-than-american ideas…

    And to everybody who thinks that the Democrats would ever favor racial equality for blacks, we would refer you to the work of Dinesh D’sousa (Mumbai-born Catholic, now American writer, scholar, filmmaker) which is stunningly presented in his expose of FDR and LBJ and their roles in segregation and suppression of Black Americans….

    I especially find it disgusting to see how the FDR-Democrats’ oppressive structuring of social security still exists today… in the ‘strange’ rules (confirmed by our senator) that cheat farmworkers and domestic workers, the two main workforces that were black when FDR pretended to favor them with social security… rather like his successful segregation strategy of public housing able to be ‘mind-controlled’ and physically disgraced by policing practices, masquerading as justice…..

    ttyl, and to Tim Bolen, keep up the examination of the tactic of mind-control by foreign workers in the service of the New World Order… see ya..

  5. For the record, the patterns you are seeing in social media are also seeable in the medical schools… and this latest article — although about Britain — is in line with the pattern in social media, though the usefulness of foreign students in medical roles is different than their usefulness in social media, neither of which is to Western civilization’s benefit. See what i mean…

    And Obama was very busily developing that pattern in other edu areas… as seen here, Trump is reversing it…
    https://needtoknow.news/2018/07/trumps-doj-reverses-obama-era-college-affirmative-action-diversity-policy/ and FoxNews shows one example.. medical tokenism..!


  6. I would have to agree with Kevin Morris. The real problem is the neoconservatives taking over the administration AND airwaves. All they seem to do is demonize Islam when it has really been Western foreign policies that have radicalized Muslims. Since the Soviet Union collapse, they needed a new permanent enemy so Reagan armed the mujahedeen in Afghanistan and the rest is sad history. Like Ralph Nader wrote, we need to unite across the political spectrum against the corporate state which pushes the vaccines and the other dangerous chemicals / drugs and policies. We do need a controlled and orderly immigration policy but it should be careful about ALL immigrants — not just those who come from countries without one of our Western banks! Plus we need to stop doing Israel’s bidding, since they are really the ones who want to move the Arabs out! So let’s come together to protect ALL children and adults from abuse, medical and otherwise, wherever it originates.

  7. I am truly disgusted with your ignorant bigotry. You should stick to vaccine safety and freedom of health choice. You generally made sense then. Your current political rants are just as divisive as those of the racist, fascist in office today but completely devoid of fact and human decency. And like most people who will not deal with their Cognitive Dissonance, you sling names as people who disagree with you without knowing a thing about them. You have really become part of the problem.

  8. Kevin – the law in this country about employing H-1B people is simple – the employer has to show that there were no Americans available. The fact that the H-1B people will work for half is EXACTLY the point of the law. Under the Obama-Nation foreign born workers command 16.7% of the US work force. That is one-out-of-six.

    FaceBook, etc stock numbers are going up because they refuse to hire US workers in the US, and exploit foreign workers. Are they above the law?

    The recent attacks on Christians in India are well documented, as well as the attack on beef eaters.

    We elected Donald Trump to enforce “America First” and we are not intending on slowing down.

    Watch the Project Veritas video again. It says it all. We are NOT going to allow ANY batch of people to interfere with Americans communicating with other Americans.

    Americans enjoy Free Speech – and we have no intent if EVER allowing a drunken Bengladeshi Muslim woman to decide what American can say what, and when…

    FaceBook, etc are American companies. They will follow American rules. If they don’t like that they can move their offices wherever they want.

    The fact that Britain voted for Brexit, but is now allowing their leadership to make that NOT happen says a lot about British thinking. That, and the fact that you allow the government to cover up massive rape by your immigrant population does not impress us.

    The solution is simple. Send them all home on the next boat…

  9. Tanya – there is a sale down at Starbucks on free water. It is only ten bucks…

    Go get in line. You are used to that.

    Did you get Hillary’s new book signed?

    I am thinking of buying a new Tee-shirt. On the front it says: “I haen’t seen the Democrats this angry since we freed their slaves…”

    But, you are amusing. Keep it up.

  10. Dear Tim.
    I used to tell the behaviour difficulty kids I worked with- many of them undoubtedly vaccine damaged- that when they were in a hole, the best thing to do is stop digging. I would respectfully advise the same to you. Your new ‘shock jock’ persona is a poor substitute for the wit and wisdom you once personified for it is clear that currently you are convincing nobody.

  11. A word we need for these polarising times; PSEUDOLIBERAL. (Credit: the late and brilliant Liam Scheff, may he rest in peace)

    Usage: “I’m liberal – I love freedom, I like Trump for protecting freedom, I hate injustice and small-minded politics. The democrats don’t speak for me. I’m not one of those PSEUDOLIBERALS you despise. Please don’t associate me with them.”

    We also need a word ‘pseudopublicans’, which refers to just another bunch of fascists.

    For a while there the world was fooled. We actually thought the left-right paradigm was broken, people were seeing the truth of politics – being about institutions versus people, not left versus right. Now Trump is on a roll, how quickly people forget the bullet we have dodged in Hiliary. The old polarising fake left-right dichotomy is back with a vengeance, and with it intolerable self-righteousness of the uber-right.

    Trump is winning, and I like it. But how many of us are ready for the post Q-anon society? Beware…

  12. It’s hilarious how far wrong can some people be in visualizing where we really are… I seriously doubt that we are safely past the q-anon society, at all… the world of whistleblowers from 9/11 says we’re still drowning in lies… dig this account by a security systems consultant to major banking industries on wall street and patiently see how wrong is the idea that we’re not in the conspiracy world any more, just because we dodged Hiliary…. it’s still populated by those same people who controlled the security architecture of the banks, the CIA, the DOD, the FBI, the Navy, the FAA, ad infinitum…. all by a small Saudi funded operation where jihadis were doing the programming and had top level security clearances to each and every one of our nation’s defenders…… see for yourself at Corbett’s excellently documented video
    PTech and the 9/11 Software
    with recognized ties to Bush The Elder and Cheney, the FBI, the CIA, and the Saudi ‘business men’ involved in corporate and govt risk architecture software [among their deep investments] that gave the 9/11 perpetrators access at the highest levels to nearly all the DOD and FAA etc interconnectivity…. including money resources for safe houses in their real estate ops, plus money laundering to complete the hand of cards that extends back in time for other NEOCON games…….

    So foreign influences in systems is a serious threat, because the deepstate is orchestrating it….

    Meanwhile some ‘real liberals’ need to see a real hero in their own battles…. RFK, Jr. Proves HHS is in Violation, of their 1986 vax-safety overseeing reporting role, totally 30 years of disregarding Vaccine ‘safety’… and RFK,Jr says Trump has his hands full with the NATO, NK, and the witch hunting, in fact he thinks Trump has closed the door on vax-damaged kids so we’re going to have to move this ourselves… see this RFK,Jr news item

    maybe Melania would take this on, but MOSTLY we have the example of cannabis to emulate… maybe homeschoolers have a role to play…. HHS was the criminal in cannabis as well, even in the opioid crisis, and even California is anti-federal so maybe we can use that… wouldn’t that be a hoot….

    In fact even the Twitter/FB censors should be awake by now to what the FDA, the infamous Gates and their henchmen are doing to peoples worldwide, India, Africa, etc with VAXXING… even google’s staff put an end to Google’s grand schemes to be in on the AI in warfare game… insurrection time in google-land…?
    And a group of refugees being resettled here as part of the neocon games to destroy america were on to the vax harm and demanding health authorities deal with stopping the harm… they could conceivably be enough trouble to scare politicians…

    Lots of free speech needed… so let’s hope Sessions can pull something grand off….. if one group starts packing, as things get hot, the other non-americans will hopefully feel disinclined to risk the climate as their ideas revolve around lynch mobs at home… Keep stirring the pot and cancel the feel-goody-2-shoes-political-correctness…. twitter away and complain loudly about censoring..

  13. To be precise, Thomas chose a spice-trading site, where jews had long been, and where there was an absence of a centralized governance, segments of matriarchic social customs and mostly just buddhists and jainists… not too challenging an assignment, agreed?

  14. MJR spot on. I agree we are a long way from a ‘post Q’ society, not sure there will ever be one. What is more likely is but a shift in equilibrium and the struggle goes on eternally yet at the same time so does life.

    The point is that if the swamp really is drained, or partly drained, or we get to the stage where everybody has had enough and settles, the extremists of the right will have been emboldened, while those of the left have dug in.

    History also shows us that when one form of despicable government is defeated, the two most likely outcomes are of another form of despicable rule taking its place and of great instability. For all the good Trump does, we cannot assume that the world will be better, more just, easier afterwards. The ordinary person may yet face huge dangers. It is not as simple or predcitable as that.

    What we seem already to have forgotten though is that the left-right charade is just theatre. The real struggle is still people against power, people against corporations, people against administration and bureaucracy, people against stupidity, people against injustice and slavery. That is what the Great Wakening is all about. When we slip back into left-right rhetoric we slide back down the snakes.

    Spot on about big IT also. In my home town are electronic billboards from Fakebook saying ‘we are clamping down on fake news/fake accounts etc’. What these prize jerks fail to realise is the people they are trying to censor are the very citizens who would fight and die for Fakebook/Google/Twitter etc’s right not to be censored.

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