The Fall and Fall of Angela Merkel…

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

Almost as big a shock to the cartels as the election of Donald Trump is the rise, in Germany, of a very new type of political party called “Alternative for Deutschland” (AfD for short).

Basically, this party is made up of politicians and supporters who could no longer stomach the exploitation of humanity, as a whole, for the benefit of a tiny elite.

In the general election of September 2017, they came from almost nowhere (the party had only just come into existence at the previous general election in 2013) to take 92 seats in the German parliament (called the Bundestag) making them the third largest party overall at their very first properly contested election.

There were very many voting irregularities and it seems probable that very large numbers of votes for the AfD were “miscounted” in the attempt to shore-up the Merkel regime. Nonetheless, thanks largely to the AfD, Merkel’s CDU/CSU Union no longer had anything resembling a working majority (see previous article, Big Pharma, Germany, Merkel and the Kohl Legacy for details on this).

On the day following the election, George Soros financed organisations began a campaign of vilification against the AfD thus showing very clearly whose side the AfD is on.

After much to-ing and fro-ing, Merkel did manage to create a very shaky coalition government in March 2018 – six months after the election!

Three months later and it’s all over; bye-bye Merkel.

What has brought this about?

There are many factors; Merkel’s increasing arrogance, inability to suppress the rapidly growing independent press, Bilderberg concerted actions in the human morpho-genetic field and others.

Merkel’s personality –

Just over 4 years ago, Angela Merkel was involved in a fall on a skiing holiday and, reportedly, broke her pelvis. Just over 2 weeks later, she was walking normally. This has led to persistent rumours that she was about to “blow the gaff” on the whole banker exploitation structure and was replaced with an advanced clone.

Some who have been near “her” since then report a machine-like energy instead of human. More and more of her political colleagues found it increasingly difficult to work with “her” leading, finally, to the break-up of the decades old CDU/CSU Union.

“Her” refusal to answer questions of great importance to the German people, especially on the unrestricted immigration she fosters, has estranged her from popular support. Recent polls show that the CDU has zero chance of winning an election.

The Independent Press –

In a similar way to events in North America, people are recognizing that the main stream media (MSM) frequently do not tell the truth or, at least, not all of it.

People are gradually noticing the enormous discrepancies between the portrayals of presidents Trump and Putin and their achievements. What is different here in Germany is a growing “uprising” of journalists as a whole demanding that the suppression of truth be stopped and the publication of fake news made a criminal offence.

The growing numbers of independent news providers have been and are being subjected to persistent attacks by the Merkel regime. Illegal tax demands on money which has never existed are, for example, used as “justification” to confiscate bank accounts.

There is a most peculiar law in Germany which, so far as I know, exists nowhere else on Earth. This permits private citizens to impose fines upon any German business with neither court hearing nor any formal complaint being made. There are several large firms of lawyers which live from doing nothing else. They are more than willing to abuse this law to harass independent news channels for Merkel & Co.

This has resulted in the independent media becoming more sophisticated, moving ownership “offshore” and banking in third countries which do not co-operate with the Merkel bureaucrats.

Bilderberg –

The Merkel has disappointed “her” creators and failed to convince the German people that mass immigration and islamification of the country is a good idea.

She is, therefore, to be replaced and the successors were named in the Bilderberg meeting in Italy earlier this month. The anointed successors are, however, human and could, at any time, decide to work for the good of humanity instead of the cartels. This is the biggest problem which the Bilderberg Group has been facing with increasing regularity in recent years and the main reason for them setting back their plans again and again.

The Human Morpho-Genetic Field –

Codified by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – – but described in detail in Ken Keyes Jr.’s book “The Hundredth Monkey”. This describes how mass expectations and assumptions are the actual source of human destiny. If sufficient people assume something then almost everyone will believe it and follow its’ dictates without ever thinking about it. The numbers required to effect massive changes can be almost unbelievably small, especially if the change is focused at specific key groups.

This effect has been used throughout recorded history – an ancient Chinese war lord stated, “The highest military art is to so weaken your enemy’s will the he gives up without a fight”.

Propaganda is based upon the same principle. As Hermann Göring (Adolf Hitler’s deputy) stated, “If you repeat a thing loud enough and often enough, not matter how ridiculous it is, people will believe it.” The skill in using it in this way, as the Catholic Church and the Pseudo-Democrat “resistance” well know, is to not allow any dissenting voice.

The same tactic is used with the Global Warming scam – those questioning it by showing that actual data (as opposed to the computer model predictions) shows that it is not happening are shouted down and receive death threats for being “heretics”.

There are very much more subtle ways without the need to invest large resources in programming people intellectually; you can go past this and straight for the core beliefs. Black magic is used in this way: Please bear in mind that those who expend the greatest efforts in persuading us that is does not exist, are those who make the most use of it; if you believe it doesn’t exist, you’re not going to make any effort to learn how to cope with it, are you?

There is also another way. By strengthening the natural human bonds and community, it is possible to make elitist systems lose their coherence and collapse.

This is what we began on 31st May and, just days later, disention in “The System” broke the news reporting Merkel’s personal involvement in human trafficking which led directly to the break-up of her coalition government.

 What’s next in our European Reporting?

Next we take a look at the job Theresa May is doing for the bankers to punish the British people for having the temerity to throw of the banker’s yoke in “The Blighty Wound”

By Karma Singh – from Germany...

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

2 thoughts on “The Fall and Fall of Angela Merkel…”

  1. The central psychology of propaganda’s effectiveness appears to be the idea of “cognitive ease”.
    Something that is repeated often enough, even if it is complete nonsense (such as an inventied word) becomes not only familiar, but gains approval.

    It’s about a common laziness of thought, which is an efficient human process in most cases.

    That is why it is so important to keep truthful opposing views in vision. And that is presumably why truthful views are suppressed, or constantly trolled whenever they gain a mention.

    As an example, remember that homeopathy is effective good safe medicine, and that “authoritative” reports briefing against it are bogus scientific fraud.
    But watch the trolls any time it’s mentioned.

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