I Go on InfoWars (Again!)

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I was flipping around my various conservative channels last Sunday on the internet when I saw Alex Jones doing a special report on the “measles outbreaks” across the country.

Besides being upset by what Trump had said about measles last Friday, Alex was putting forth an interesting theory.  He was saying the measles outbreaks were coming from the large numbers of illegal immigrants who have been flooding into the country over the past few months.

I thought it was an interesting argument and wanted to add my own thoughts.  I called and got through, gave my name, and waited on hold for about a half hour.  I was able to listen to the show and I have to say, Alex really understands the vaccine issue better than any other media personality I’ve ever heard.

I got about three minutes with Alex and here’s a transcript of our conversation.

(Slightly edited for clarity and to make me sound smarter.)

Alex:  Kent in California, you’re on the air, thank you so much for holding.

Kent:  Thanks so much for covering this.

Alex:  Welcome, sir.

Kent:  I am like you.  I am banned.  I’m banned from going to Australia.  I said I’m the world’s #1 anti-vaxxer, I’ve written two books, about vaccines.  PLAGUE with Dr. Judy Mikovits, a twenty-year government scientist and INOCULATED with Dr. Brian Hooker, who you know from the movie, VAXXED.

Alex:  Sure, well even the Australian government had to admit in studies that sudden infant death syndrome was vaccines.

Kent:  It’s terrible.  And one thing that people don’t understand is that when they grow these human viruses in animal tissues, yes, they weaken the human virus, but they’re getting a whole bunch of animal viruses back in the vaccines.  And that’s something nobody talks about.  There was just this great study by a lab in Italy, Corvelva labs and they found in the MMR shot there was bird virus, horse virus, cow virus, all these terrible things.  I’m so thankful for you continuing to cover this issue.

Alex:  Well, brother, when you mention that I think I’ve heard your name so send us an email, send it to the producer, and we should probably get you on as a guest.  What do you make of them admitting that it’s the illegals bringing this in, but then it’s a minor footnote and they blame people who haven’t quote, “had the up to date vaccine?”  Then the fine print admits that these new strains of measles that are coming in aren’t covered by the vaccine?

Kent:  I’m happy you brought that up because it’s so true.  We know that measles is not a dangerous disease if you have good nutrition.  We have good nutrition in the United States.

Alex:  It’s just a fever and some red spots on you.  Exactly.

Kent:  What we’re doing and I want to be a guest on your show because we’re putting together a program called VAX-FREE WORLD, with what Robert Kennedy, Jr. did which showed there haven’t been any studies as required by the 1986 law.

Alex:  Yeah, no safety studies.  Like Texas has introduced. [for the childhood vaccine schedule]  I love Robert Kennedy for what he’s doing.  Trump said he was going to do this vaccine damage study.  He said he’d create this board.  This is one of the big places where I think Trump has fallen down and not delivered.

Kent:  Yeah, I love Trump, but I was so stunned by what he said on Friday.  We are putting together with attorneys that you know and are often on with David Knight this VAX FREE WORLD campaign because we need the United States government to follow the rules.

Alex:  And let’s be clear.  We’re not even saying that technology might not exist, and you may not believe this, you may disagree.  But they’re given liability protection.  Thank you, Kent.  Let’s talk soon.  Got to move quicker to get to everybody.  Let’s talk to Mark in Oregon.  These are awesome callers.

And with that I was off the air.

I was patched into their producer and I gave him my contact information and he said he’d be in touch.  I’m going to try to get on somebody’s show at InfoWars in the next two weeks.

I wish I knew what to tell you about Trump’s statement that people need to get their measles shot.  I’ve listened to the commentary, with some saying we should break with Trump, that’s it’s a masterful chess move, because anything Trump says the media will tell him he’s wrong, (Hey, if Trump says vaccines are good, they must be bad, right?) but I just don’t know.  Was he simply tired and not thinking straight?

The fight I wage is for our kids.  Because of the things Trump has said in the past I think he knows what’s at stake in this fight.  I’m happy that people as diverse as Alex Jones and Robert Kennedy, Jr. are in this fight with us.

This is about humanity.  I don’t have a single moment for pettiness.  If somebody I thought was on my side flakes, well, I’m going to figure out the next step.  If a former enemy offers a hand, I’ll take it.

I am a peaceful warrior, fighting with an open heart for the betterment of the future.  I believe the way we fight this battle, with love for humanity, rather than hatred for those who have done evil, is what will tip the balance in our favor.

Blessings and good health to you all.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.



Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com

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6 thoughts on “I Go on InfoWars (Again!)”

  1. The #VaxxFreeWorld Campaign

    Support Counsel Kent’s efforts to help Trump understand. We need 100,000 signatures on the pending White House petition by May 19th (up to 2,300 signatures already).

    Share this link immediately: http://tinyurl.com/stopillegalvaccines

    And the latest news… on Fox this morning: “Anti-Vaccine Booklet Blamed for Measles Outbreak” — Fake News Fox telling us that “anti-vaccine propaganda” among the New York Orthodox Community is to blame for the “measles outbreak.” The claim is that this booklet, entitled “Vaccines Are Dangerous” is somehow “propaganda.”

    Those who have taken the time to research the issue know that, in fact, the science is settled: vaccines are, according to our courts, “unavoidably unsafe.” (See Justice Sotomayor’s dissent in Bruesewitz vs Wyeth). Those who pretend otherwise are the real propagandists.

  2. Many of us know about the ways, with which the Illuminati tries to cull the population. Sometime ago in my dreams a very similar explanation appeared. I put them onto my facebook at several places. Start a war, which de-stabilises a large region, where numerous contagious viruses are still active but the population built up an immune system, hence they are healthy. Then encourage them to go to a country in large numbers, which welcomes them. Europe, America, where the various diseases have been eradicated, hence the locals’ immune system cannot handle them. Once the diseases (many) spread, even the the most antivax person will accept vaccination, which of course is the last stroke. History repeats itself. Do you remember Dr Mengele, the Ausschwitz doctor with his horrible experiments on the Jews? He was named : The “Angel of Death”. Why, many years later, Mengel…Merkel, Angel…Angela?

  3. “He was saying the measles outbreaks were coming from the large numbers of illegal immigrants who have been flooding into the country over the past few months.” So a question: If that were the case wouldn’t you expect a lot of tracking and investigations looking at bus travel and bus stations and bus stops? Just asking.

  4. Thank you Kent, Im from Australia and I would let you visit any day. You talk about retroviruses in the MMR, my granddaughter was damaged by the MMR I believe, she has deteriorated into a state not unlike cerebral palsy. they recently found she carries a gene that has been identified with 11 other children in the world never before seen in humans. Could you put me in touch with Judy Mikovits?, I would like to discuss this with her. I doubt there is a researcher game enough to take this on here.

  5. When an illegal is ‘caught and released’ don’t the do-gooders vax them while they’re temporarily in custody… that was the story with the migrant ‘caravans’, iirc….. so the outbreaks could easily be foreign vaxxed versions from mexico’s holding areas…

    And there was supposed to be a new method of doing the DNA of the virus in the infected victim, so that they could identify at least the viruses that are being used to make the vaxxes [about a half dozen possibles]…

    So yeah, they should be looking for it… but I just heard that the FDA, for one, only allows certain media people into briefings and only on the CONDITION THAT THEY NEVER DEVIATE FROM THE LIST OF ‘ALTERNATE’ VIEWPOINTS IN THEIR ARTICLES…. strictly demonic violations of the american’s right to decent ‘transparency’ and journalism. [Scientific American found that out through FOIAs]…

    If quality opinions from the likes of the resources of Scientific American are EXCLUDED then THE SCIENCE IS ***NOT*** SETTLED…….. in the FDA DOGMA WORLD…. TTYL

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