BIG PHARMA: Trump Doesn’t Want Your Money…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I know many have asked when Trump is going to move against Big Pharma.

Many of you may have fallen for the media portrayal of him as a wild man.  I don’t buy that depiction.  I see a strategic thinker.  He waits for the perfect time to strike because HE LIKES TO WIN!

I think the reason Trump didn’t run in 2012 was because he didn’t think he could beat Obama.

And he was right.  He could not have beat Obama in 2012.  2016 was the only time he had a chance in hell.  And I think we will have a democratic president in 2024.

How do you beat Big Pharma?

You wait for a moment of opportunity.  I think it has arrived with the opioid crisis.  Nobody can deny the carnage which has been caused by the pharmaceutical companies.

It’s a short article from Bloomberg News and I give it to you in a few brief paragraphs.

“President Donald Trump spurned campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry on Wednesday, calling the industry out for its role in a national opioid addiction epidemic.

“I don’t want their money,” Trump said at an event on drug addiction in Atlanta. “They have got to do what is right.”

The industry hasn’t been a big donor to Trump, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. In 2016, he got just $386,862 from donors working for pharmaceutical firms. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton received $2.7 million from them. The industry doesn’t rank among the top 20 sources of money for Trump’s re-election campaign, which has gotten the bulk of its support from small-dollar donors giving in amounts of $200 or less.

Trump’s administration has stepped up scrutiny of pharmaceutical companies as part of an initiative to combat addiction to prescription painkillers. Federal prosecutors on Tuesday charged opioid distributor Rochester Drug Cooperative and its former chief executive with felonies — the first case of its kind related to the opioid crisis.

“We are holding big pharma accountable,” Trump said.”

Winter is coming for Big Pharma…

And remember what Kanye West said about our President – “He has dragon energy!”

By Kent Heckenlively, JD



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15 thoughts on “BIG PHARMA: Trump Doesn’t Want Your Money…”

  1. No matter which Democratic Party Presidential Candidate goes up against Trump in 2020 the race is going to be Trump vs Big Pharma.

    We will get to decide whether, or not, American citizens run their own government, or whether America will be run out of Berlin Germany’s Big Pharma enclave.

    Big Pharma, prior to WWII, was the money and the power behind Hitler. It was Big Pharma that ran Auschwitz.

    We get to choose.

    I’m with Trump – It is time to make Big Pharma into Little Pharma…

    And the Anti-Big Pharma tactic encompasses one word – “prosecute, prosecute, prosecute, prosecute…”

  2. A Democrat in 2024 Kent? Well, maybe but I’d like to see what Our Donald’s daughter can do.

    Two very significan things here:-
    1) Trump refusing pharma money.
    2) Most contribution coming from grass roots, i.e. people en masse realising that, acting together, we’re vastly more powerful than all the pharmas combined and their banker friends to boot.

    Blessed be


  3. Any Democrat candidate against Trump will lose, and they should. They are all
    Owned deepstate.

  4. Trump waiting for the perfect time to strike? Lol Kent, I can’t stop laughing even though it makes me sick to do so. Trump just repeated the Big Pharma line, ‘everyone should get vaccinated’. Please tell me what I missed here, I’m not making any excuses for him like many are still doing. I don’t see how anyone could say he’s still on our side. Wake up, he’s done zero for our children, 0!

  5. President stand up to big pharma TRUMP just said –YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR SHOTS and his usual style repeated himself several times YOU HAVE TO GET YOUR SHOTS. This is Trump: He has no core beliefs; he has no principles; he has no fundamental understanding of truth; he has no desire to search for truth; his mouth and his twitter thumbs is all that matters in his world.

  6. Further more, because Trump is so unreliable, so erratic, careless, inconsistent, fickled, –no one who really understands vaccine issues give this president (small “p”) an atom of credibility to speak honestly let alone intelligently about anything. No one will follow his medical advice to get Mercks MMR. Trump drinks and sells Kool-aid tasting little different than the Obama or Hillary Kool-aid. Kool-Aid is Kool-Aid.

  7. He does need to know that the same people that voted him in, will now vote him out. The man just wanted attention.

  8. Really?

    The latest re Trump and the measles issue:

    President Trump now says parents must vaccinate their children in the face of a measles outbreak, appearing to do an about-face on his previous claims linking child vaccinations to autism.

  9. Well, sometimes you guess right and sometimes you guess wrong. I am always ready for whatever happens. Lots of pieces in play. Stay tuned . . . And remember, here in California we’ve got the democrats going full-fascist on us. This is a time for those of us on the right AND left to come together. If you know a prominent democrat you can sway, I say, ALL SPEED AHEAD! The issue is our children, not right or left.

  10. President Trump now says parents must vaccinate their children in the face of a measles outbreak, appearing to do an about-face on his previous claims linking child vaccinations to autism.

    The latest…

  11. Poor timing for this article.
    Today, 26th April, Trump came out telling people “They have to get the shots. The vaccinations are so important,”
    Not the words of a Big Pharma skeptic but definitely the words of a man who has been busy doing nothing, or the opposite, of his campaign rhetoric.
    New boss, same as the old boss.

  12. Steve,

    Just as many doctors do not automatically trash the MMR, and yet are still advocates for choice and vaccine reform, President Trump is still for choice and vaccine reform, and he will join the battlefield when the American public has readied it as a fair battlefield of ‘consumer advocates v. Big Pharma’. Currently, the liberal media has told America the battle is ‘anti-vaxxers v. science’, which is precisely how Big Pharma wants it. Run the algorithm in your mind: health freedom loses that battle.

    Think strategically. If you were going to ready yourself for a battle with perhaps the biggest infiltrated menace in the modern world (biotech), how would you position yourself? Would you make a bunch of antivaxx statements during a measles outbreak and before an election to a bunch of scared and under informed people? Americans are massively under informed about vaccines. It is our job as consumer advocates, not the President’s job, to educate people about the total toxic load on children from every source (environmental, medical, electric, food, etc).

  13. Greg, exactly, people are just really angry and we should be, but Trump is THE only hope. He is laying the long game with this issue because yes, treason and sedition are the bigger crimes to start with.

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