A “New Dawn” For Thailand?

“BolenReport Writer Karma Singh is traveling.  This week he is in Thailand looking at their parliamentary elections and what they mean to Planet Earth.  The point?  Everything on Planet Earth is tied together.  What happens in Thailand effects what happens in the US and Europe.  Read about his trip…”

From Thailand – By Karma Singh

Thailand has been, for many years, governed by a military junta.

Although this did end a time of unrest with some considerable violence, military rule is never the best option for a country.

Although military rule did restore order, because a military system is rigidly controlled, it tends to stifle the initiative and entrepreneurship which are the life-blood of all economic activity.

One of the prime factors which led to the collapse of civil order in Thailand was one Georg Soros…

…for which Thailand may well have been the test case for the breakdown of civil order and justice which he is presently attempting to engender in Europe and the USA.

As a side note, on the 20th March, the European People’s Party voting bloc in the European Parliament suspended all voting rights for the Fidesz party (which presently rules Hungary). The EPP is demanding that Hungary ceases to publish the truth about Soros’ attempts to undermine democracy and destabilize Europe.

They further demand that all reports about the chronic drunkenness of the present president of the European Council, Jean-Claude Junker as well as his criminal activities and his service as mouthpiece for Soros be suppressed. (Those with longer memories will recall that Junker was, a few years ago, implicated in a two billion Euro tax fraud but then abused his position to write himself a free pardon.)

In Thailand on 24th March, voting began to re-establish parliamentary rule.

As one would expect after many years of military rule, there are a very large number of parties and candidates.

In his first book “Conversations with God”, Neale Donald Walsch wrote that this is a world governed by lies and liars. So, what do we see here in Thailand?

Regular viewers of ExtremNews will be aware…

…that I have been called upon several times to give analyses of candidates in political elections and how surprisingly accurate these are. Of those standing for election, only one, Su Wat Lipwanlop, has any chance of pulling the country together but with such voting chaos, it is very unlikely that either he or anyone else will have a workable majority.

The problem is that the natural ability to see through to the real intentions and abilities of those candidates is almost totally atrophied. Basically, therefore, people have to decide which liar to believe or, by chance, to hit upon the very few honest and able candidates.

The majority of the candidates have little or no idea what they are up against.

Some believe that a particular dogma is THE way to save the country and will, therefore, refuse the co-operation necessary for effective government. Many are standing for election as a pure ego-trip and have no intention of serving those who vote for them. A few should be in jail rather than in parliament and the military have many candidates.

Also because the civil service is accustomed to taking orders from the military and probably do not see a stable government emerging out of this first election, little actual change from the previous purely military rule is to be expected.

This said, so long as a watchful eye is kept upon Soros and his minions…

…Thailand may come out of this relatively unscathed. As the present government is relatively friendly towards the USA and, whatever government is elected is very unlikely to change this, President Trump may well be willing to pass on any information which he has relating to this. Failing this, President Putin may well be willing to help. Madam Ferkel, definitely not!

From Thailand – By Karma Singh


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