Big Pharma AND The Democrats – The “Fake Epidemic” Game…

Eight Billion Was Just the Beginning…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There is a “Special” relationship between the US Democratic Party, Big Pharma, and US Public Health. It consists of the Democrats, when in office, declaring some kind of health emergency, a pandemic, or at least an epidemic.  Then they, under the so-called US Public Health national emergency fund a vaccine for that “whatever-they have made-up-today” issue.  Eight billion goes to Pharma – Six billion comes back  to the Democrats candidates for office….

And, of course, Big Pharma makes all of the appointments to head the US Public Health agencies, federal, state, and county.

Call it “The Triumvirate.”

And, it is VERY, VERY profitable for all three…

How so?  Well, in the case of the 2009 “Swine Flu Epidemic” the Obama-Nation wrote a check to the Vaccine Industry for eight billion bucks.  No one is surprised that Big Pharma, after that kind of regular gift, funds Democratic Party candidates all around the country.

Then again, those grateful Democrats will carry “Mandatory Vaccine” bills in any and every State, hoping to get in on the funding again, and again.  Just look at California’s Dicky Pan.  All factors of US Public Health cooperate to promote Big Pharma’s interests – for that activity keeps their people in the better paying jobs at the top of those agencies.

All this comes together to form the US Health Care System based entirely on drugs, drugs, and more drugs – the system that is dragging America into bankruptcy.  The system that Donald Trump, and a Populist America, knows we have to change right now.

Are You Getting My Message?

Huge scam.  None of the participants care one bit that the result of their swindle is that 54% of America’s children are now chronically ill, or that the military is concerned about getting people well enough to defend our country in time of a real emergency.

WAY BACK WHEN the liberal media was still somewhat “real media” even THEY recognized this problem.

Take a look at this 1979 60 Minutes Expose’ sixteen minute segment just below.  Watch it all the way to the end. Why?  There are three 1976 television ads that were run to scare 49 million American people into getting the flu shot.  The recommended vaccine HAD NEVER BEEN TESTED (sound familiar?).  Huge numbers of Americans were damaged.

60 Minutes got the whole story right. This video was buried during the Obama-Nation 2009 fake Swine flu epidemic – but several people had copies and it became well circulated.

Why was this so important? Because the 2009 Obama-Nation was getting ready to declare, within their “National Emergency” declaration, “Mandatory Vaccinations” for ALL Americans.

There was a huge fight.  The side of “good” won.  Nothing has changed from then until now.  The same system is in place.

The triumvirate is still in existence, even though they do not control the US Presidency.

I keep pointing out that the liberal media is completly controlled by Big Pharma due to the immense amount of money spent on television advertising for drugs.  If you think about it, big Pharma gets MOST of those adververtising dollars from the US taxpayers, and uses them to control what those taxpayers hear on their nightly news.

And, what do the taxpayers hear EVERY YEAR?

That there is ANOTHER new epidemic coming from some foreign land, and that we all need to get vaccinated, blah, blah, blah…

Note that the so-called “Measles Epidemic” is ONLY being foisted on us in States controlled by liberal Democrats, and by US Public Health Obama-Nation holdovers.

A “Measles Epidemic?” Are you kidding me?  When I was that age my whole Catholic school class, of 60 children, took the whole week off.  I don’t doubt that the Dominican Sisters sighed in relief for the time off…  The following week we all brought “made-at-home” cookies for the class…

I am NOT surprised that the liberal media is “Anti-Trump.” They, literally, have to be, for they see the look in his eyes, and hear the tone in his voice, when he talks about Big Pharma.  They know that Donald has all of us “Deplorables” standing right along side of him – and we want change right now.

And we are getting it…

About US health care – We need to make Big Pharma into Little Pharma.  US health care has to start working for Americans…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

15 thoughts on “Big Pharma AND The Democrats – The “Fake Epidemic” Game…”

  1. The prospects do NOT look so rosy at the state level… with about 33 some states that do not allow any philosophical exemption.. and only about 17 states that do… and it looks like one of the 17 (WA) is about to fall. Even that amazing open letter posted here last week with the solid evidence that WA should have listened to.. they went by party lines in the senate..

    Since this ought to be a human right, where do we stand on SCOTUS cases, Tim, as you and Ralph are so in touch with such agendas… and how do we get some equivalent of an order to freeze the implementation of such ‘laws’ — that are not genuine law and order?

  2. I just read that now they want to fake an Ebola epidemic to force everyone to be vaccinated mandatorily. Vitamin C (mega doses) and ozone work on this.

  3. The last time I checked the republicans have been in Washington just as long as the Dems, all are corrupt as currently is visible by their silence on forced vaccination. Even our President has shut his mouth on vaccines, but running it about everything else. I won’t vote for him again that’s for sure.

  4. Suzanne you know that’s coming, I wouldn’t be surprised even if they caused deaths and then forced vaccinate everyone. They want to put a lid on the RFKjr lawsuits before any lawsuits.

  5. This is WAY too big for Trump to come out and say “vaccines cause autism, lets stop the vaccine program”. He’s got about half the country comprehending the “collusion” delusion performed by the Democrats and the other half still thinking they can impeach him! I think that there’s been a genuine house cleaning at the DOJ and FBI and we are being “primed” for a complete removal of the vaccinate to exterminate Democrat/Satanic cabal/Pharmaceutical death cult. Trump has to seem like he’s pandering to pharma (to a point) but when HELL breaks loose on those who’ve harmed our children, there won’t be two knees left together among them to knock together. I pray daily for justice and it is just about here.

  6. These battles have been going on for a very long time.

    During the Obama-Nation scum-a-thon Mrs Obama’s little boy Barack was in the process of creating, during his 2009 “Swine Flu National Emergency” declaration, “Mandatory Vaccines” for the ENTIRE US POPULATION.

    Somebody, probably Big Pharma, pointed out to him that the 2012 election was right around the corner – and a repeat of the 1976 “Swine Flu” debacle (as shown in the video) would make him a one-term president.

    Big Pharma needed to protect “ObamaCare,” the “Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, and more drugs, one-size-its-all, health care system.”

    So, here we are…

    And Big Pharma is treading water waiting to see what the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement has in mind for them. HINT – it involves a flushing sound…

  7. Wait a minute Tim…. tho it sure felt good thinking about flushing pharma and its collaborator-FDA… it’s a fact that COMPOSTING PHARMA’s TRASH IS MORE EFFECTIVE… and our poor enviro can’t take much more flushed pharma.. rotfl

    But that still leaves the situation of those 16 states that do guarantee informed consent [vs vaxxing] like Ohio recently did. What could blow up if the Ebola scam gets rolling with that favored mandatory vax as its goal? Do we copy that court case that the NY people used to stifle the idiot in the mayors office and circulate that… or improve it and then circulate it?

    Between you [Tim] and Ralph we should be prepared to show them down in a courtroom.. right??

  8. MJ – What’s really interesting about the Anti-Vaxxer movement is how incredibly large it is, and how diverse in its argument and presentation.

    The point being that SOMEONE is probably already tormenting Big Pharma or US Public Health with a very valid anti-vaxxine argument that we could THINK we just thought up a minute ago.

    Our major victory in the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement was getting over the hump of assuming we had to be nice, as in saying “We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff) but we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper)…

    Now we tell the truth, and if it didn’t register the first time, we hold their heads still while we scream it in their faces.

    More, we are starting to think in terms of where we are going to imprison these people, or whether we should just do what the French did in their famous revolution, and put guillotines on carts and haul them around where the pro-vaxxers are, so to speak…

    The lines have been drawn – and there is no going back…

    Vaccines are going to be line in the history books.

  9. Portland State U “scientist of the year” and skeptic arrested for child porn….hmmm both possession and producing.

  10. Thank You For finding this video. I was with the TeaParty in 2009 and took part of fight back in New York when they were demanding all Nurses take the shot. We Won because we caught the head of the Health Departments wife was receiving payouts from the Rx Companies. They are at it again. Nice to have many more on my side this time.

  11. Joan –

    I had heard about that situation in New York, but can you get me details?

    We have these scum-suckers on the run…

  12. My personal files do not contain any of the real details but with the help of the Health Ranger his files do.
    This was around Friday, October 16, 2009
    The health commission was
    New York State Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines
    It was his wife found with her hand in the cookie jar. I though I had the actual tape but can’t find.
    The law suit was in Albany
    “This decision to back off the vaccination mandate also avoids the loud public protests that were planned by NY health care workers leading up to the Oct. 30 court date. It keeps the health care workers silent and avoids the uncomfortable airing of protests on the evening news.

    In effect, it allows New York to back off the mandate while saving face. Just blame the vaccine makers for the shortage!”
    I’ll include the links to it
    Dr. Gary Null assisted as a witness and so did someone else an anti-vaccer I can’t remember his name. He is a famous personality excellent speaker It will come to me but now it is a blank

    By the way the source of my information was Jane Burger Meister A real superstar I am sure she isn’t of this world any more but there was no stopping her.
    All this links no longer work. I have more pages of this from berger mister if you want it.
    February 4, 2013
    Check out my new webiste under
    As Chancellor Angela Merkel warns a rerun of the Nazi rise to power in Germany can only be stopped by people of courage and conscience., I will be reporting on the fight for freedom and democracy from the German capital.
    Jane Burgermeister – pandemic update 25 June 2012
    The Sane Vax Mission is to promote only Safe, Affordable, Necessary & Effective vaccines and vaccination practices through education and information.
    Older resource data set many may no longer be active…Joan
    Reply by Rae Steinbrink on October 8, 2009 at 12:45pm
    . Additional Resources

  13. Joe, I realize that the Repubs are silent on mandatory vaccinations but I still couldn’t vote for a liberal rep especially those running in 2020. I think the President has said he doesn’t agree with mandatory vaccines. They want to mess up the stock market and bring in more illegals and turn the country Socialist. How would they pay for it if everything was free? Our taxes would be huge. I have heard over 50K/household over ten years.

  14. Suzanne, voting for anyone else is a waste of time. Why would I vote for anyone else? They’ve all lied, and continue to lie. I see no reason to vote for anyone, maybe I will vote for my vaccine injured son. Let anyone else win, but not Trump a proven liar.

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