Jack Boots on the March Again In Germany…

Brandenburg – Worldwide Big Pharma’s “Test Case?”

From Germany – By Karma Singh

Brandenburg is one of the smaller regions in Germany and what has happened there may well be a test case, just as the attempted imposition of unlawful quarantine and forced vaccination of Jews this month in New York were.

Germany, rather like the USA, is made up of several semi-autonomous regions; just not so many of them as the US has  – plus a central government of sorts. One of these regions is called Brandenburg. You may well have heard of the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. Tor is the German word for gate and this was the old entry to the city of Berlin from the direction of Brandenburg.

Some may well note that I avoid using the word “state” by substituting this with “region”. There is a very good reason for this: Not even the Federal Republic of Germany, let alone any of its constituent regions, is a “state.” None of the prerequisites for statehood specified in the treaty of Montevideo have been fulfilled by any of them.

Further, Obama Bin Barak declared in 2009 in a speech to US troops in Germany that “Germany is an occupied land and will remain so.” The present US ambassador to Germany recently and publicly, confirmed this state of affairs.

What has happened in Brandenburg?

Using the declaration of the pharma controlled World Health Organisation (WHO) that “measles is a rapidly spreading and highly dangerous disease,” the pharma controlled “government” of Brandenburg has declared compulsory vaccination via the back door.

Completely illegally, measles vaccination has been declared to be a pre-requisite for entry to all pre-school facilities.

The national “law” is, however, very specific that no pre-requisites for such access are permissible. Legal experts in both the other regions as well as in the central ”government” have noted this illegality but, instead of quashing it, they declare that the law must be changed as a matter of priority to make it legal!

Before we go any further, it is necessary to take a closer look at the WHO declaration heading the previous paragraph: “measles is a rapidly spreading and highly dangerous disease”.

It will serve us all to take a closer look at all three claims.

(1)  Rapidly spreading? – well, no it isn’t.

For instance, in Brandenburg, there have been no measles cases reported this year so far. There have been a few very minor so called “outbreaks” in North America this year affecting a couple of hundred from the several million American children none of whom has suffered any harm.

This said, it must be most carefully noted that the purported decline in measles cases does NOT represent the true status: What the W.H.O. is talking about is the number of reported cases; the true number of cases being unknown to them.

Nowadays, the measles process has become so easy for the child – due to the vastly improved nutrition and sanitation over the last 100 years and more – that the overwhelming number of cases simply go unreported because the parents don’t seek medical attention knowing that it will be over in 48 hours and is no more dangerous than a cold.

Of the very few who do seek medical help, the majority are deliberately misdiagnosed so that the doctor doesn’t have to waste time filling out useless special reports.

(2)  Highly dangerous – As I have made very clear in my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” (https://www.tprip.com) and elsewhere, prior to vaccination there had been a rapid and continuous decline in measles related deaths due to the enormous improvements in nutrition, sanitation and hygiene.

Following the introduction of vaccines, there has been a resurgence in complications associated with measles in three forms:-

(a) The movement of the process from the ideal age of around 5 to earlier, i.e. before the child’s body is sufficiently mature resulting in many deaths, and much later when puberty, which also places very significant additional burdens upon the liver, can cause severe complications.

(b)   The “pseudo-immunity” which vaccination causes, ends after a few years and, even after triple vaccination, young adults are faced with the measles process at an age when it can be very problematical.
iii) The manufactured proteins in the measles virus have become a major cause of measles spreading.

(3)  Disease – measles is NOT a disease!!! It is a natural development process.

A baby is born with a very underdeveloped liver. Typically, it takes 4 ½ years for the liver to attain its full development. During this time, the liver has become adjusted to functioning at a very low level. Now it is time to “switch the liver on” in all of its functions.

This is a dynamic process requiring the liver to be both almost shut down for a short time as well as detoxified (from all of the accumulated residues which it could not process in the under-developed state). This is the source of the rash which sometimes appears as part of the measles process. Diarrhoea and foul smelling breath can also sometimes accompany this process.

Nowadays, due to the vastly improved nutrition and hygiene, compared to the mid-19th century when large numbers of children died with measles because (due to under-nutrition) their livers were not adequately developed, measles has become a mostly two day event causing little stress to the child provided that the measles is allowed to proceed at its intended age.

Parents will note that their children have gone through a major emotional development and become much more balanced as well as finally getting their own faces.

In some Third World countries, such as Bangladesh, where chronic under-nutrition, as in 19th century Europe, is still rife, considerable numbers of children die because their livers are not adequately developed for the measles process, thus adding further support to the postulate expressed here.

When the measles process is complete, a special protein is engendered to mark this event. This protein is constantly refreshed to verify that the measles process has been completed. The problem with the manufactured protein in a vaccine is that it is foreign material and will not only not be replicated by the child but will also be destroyed by the child’s own immune system. This is the source of the apparent “loss of immunity”; the time required for this to happen being determined by many factors such as the quality of the nutrition which the child receives, exposure to electro-smog and much else. Hence the widely varying time taken for the vaccine induced artificial “immunity” to disappear.

Great play is made by the pharma industry and the press which they control of this “deadly” disease SSPE – so “deadly” that they can’t even bring themselves to give you the name!

Subacute Sclerosing PanEncephalitis is what this acronym stands for.

Now, one thing that you can be absolutely certain of is that if your illness has a long, incomprehensible name in Latin or Ancient Greek then it actually means “we haven’t the vaguest idea what’s going on here or what to do about it but we’ll attach this impressive label so that we can write a bill.”

When we translate this name into English, we see “mild inflammation which leaves scars throughout the brain tissues” which is about as vague a diagnosis as you can get. What’s causing this mild inflammation?

Medical doctors receive zero training in the recognition and removal of heavy metal poisoning because…

…selling their quack nostra to suppress the effects of heavy metal poisoning is one of the three major sources of income for the pharma cartel. (It is even illegal in Germany for state medical insurance to pay for the removal of mercury from your body!)

Did you know what heavy metal poisoning in the brain looks like, your first assumption would be that SSPE is one of the many variations of mercury poisoning and that the probable cause, as with autism, is the heavy metals in vaccines which have been injected into babies before the blood/brain barrier has fully developed.

Nonetheless, this particular variation is very rare and between 2007 and 2017 there have only been four deaths from this “mysterious” illness in Germany – far too few for medical procedures to even begin to find a cause. Compare this with the typical 100 toddlers per years officially killed by the measles vaccine and we see the danger in much more realistic proportions.

What we are told, with not the slightest thread of scientific support, is that the measles virus has, sometimes over many decades, mutated into a completely different virus causing this fanciful SSPE. There is a large and daily growing number of people who have the necessary knowledge to recognise this propaganda for the nonsense that it is.

What is the pharma cartel doing about this problem?

A few days ago, all press passes in Germany were suddenly cancelled.

This was replaced by a new system which means that exclusively journalists working for the pharma controlled press are now accredited journalists. The German police have, further, been given orders to eject anyone who does not have the new type of pass from all demonstrations, political events, speeches etc. and to prevent them filming, recording and reporting.

Further, as the pharma cartel through their employees at the W.H.O. have demanded that telling the truth about vaccines should be made a crime, there are actually moves afoot in Germany to do precisely this.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and the like have already place a ban upon any and all information about vaccines which does not conform to the pharmaceutical propaganda and have even banned many books from being sold or even mentioned, my own “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” included.

There is still time to become informed and not only to know that vaccination doesn’t work but also to know WHY it doesn’t. It’s not yet a crime to tell you and the more people who know and tell the truth, the greater the difficulty that the pharma cartel will have in protecting this multi-billion annual fraud. There is already a petition against compulsory vaccination organised by German medical doctors who do know some of the facts and demand that the individual parent must decide.

To become informed or to be even better informed, get your copy of the book now, before it becomes a crime. https://www.tprip.com

Blessed be…

From Germany – By Karma Singh


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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

6 thoughts on “Jack Boots on the March Again In Germany…”

  1. Makes me wonder if they are not suing this to implement the mark of the beast. Especially since they are trying to get nations to refuse religious exemptions for vaccines. If you do not vaccinate very soon they may not let you buy sell or trade.

  2. The “Mad-Vaxxers” are buying adult diapers by the case-full.

    They have NEVER seen anything like the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement before. They judge “Anti-Vaxxer” leadership by comparing us to their own spokespeople like “Orac The Nipple Ripper” who, I think, wets his bed at night, calls his mom to come and change his sheets.

    While he is waiting for mom he writes 16,273 spittle-words about “Anti-Vaxxers,” before he heads off to work chopping off some Detroit area woman’s breasts.

    Then there’s Paul Offitt and his 10,000 vaccines for each baby…

    Of course, let’s not forget US Public Health, who says: “It’s not our fault that 54% of America’s children are chronically ill… There is no vaccine for that…”

  3. It seems very plausible to me that some sort of injectable chip or nano particle sized device could be the “mark of the beast”. The thing is that, as a Christian, my eternal future is safe with God. Anything that you do not have choice over is not held to your account (at least I don’t believe it is). Meaning that when we got vaccines, not realizing the dangers or the extent of the evil and later repented, we are forgiven. The thing going on here is to induce FEAR, so that people comply and then suffer the consequences of falling into the dread that I once did, thinking I had to fight this on my own with my own strength. Q has posted several times, the passage of scripture about taking on the full armor of God. I pray this daily, not because God’s protection wanes but because my faith is strengthened. I have endured a year in US Federal prison for actions I did at a Planned Parenthood while under tremendous fear and torment that my family would be destroyed by evil. Though some might consider my actions “righteous” the torment and fear I was in was NOT of God. I am convinced that we are at some kind of transition point in world history. I cannot say for anyone else (though I think this “word” may bless others) but after my “awakening” I felt God told me that He had “awakened me for Love”. Meaning not to be discouraged by the present distresses, He didn’t begin enlightening me about the true state of the world to plunge me back into darkness and despair. My children and I have all been vaccinated at one time or another. I trust God for healing AND protection. Some folks liken Hillary Clinton to Jezebel in the Bible and Trump to Jehu. I like the comparison, though I don’t want to take it too far. Read the ending of that story as well as the rest of scripture. God wins.

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