US Presidential Election 2020 – Big Pharma Vs Trump…

Let’s Get To the Point, Donald – It’s Time…

(Gasp, cough, cough).  What do you mean “Get the Shot?”

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Donald, if your friends won’t tell you when you screw up, your enemies certainly will. And we here at the BolenReport are your friends.   So…

“Donald you screwed up when you sided, momentarily, with the filth-ridden Big Pharma/US Public Health screw-America-with-vaccines-campaign…” 

Donald, Measles is a “fake epidemic” just the same as every year’s “fake flu epidemic.”  No different.  Same people. Same pack of lies.

Big Pharma and the US Public Health cabal-system are America’s mortal enemy. We are NOT going to be able to fix the US Health Care system without (1)  making Big Pharma into Little Pharma and (2)  getting US Public Health completely refocused, and out of the commissioned vaccine sales and distribution business…

YOU Donald, are America’s only hope to actually fix US health care.

The Democrats are useless for this issue and are ONLY interested in a one-size-fits-all drugs, drugs, vaccines, drugs, drugs, drugs, vaccines, drugs, drugs, vaccines, drugs, vaccines, more vaccines, more drugs, and drugs to counter the too-many-drugs-problem.

Big Pharma and the Democrats

It does not matter which Democratic Party presidential candidate wins their Primary election.  California has shown us that every one of them is already owned by Big Pharma.

Every one.

Democratic Party campaign funding has evolved since the days when blue collar labor unions provided the money.  The Democratic “elite” dumped blue collar years ago in favor of life styles that were NOT church-going heterosexual family oriented.  It went full sleaze, and full-on Anti-American.  The Democrats found a willing financial partner in Big Pharma.  Their “anything-goes” moral code is the same.

Donald, Big Pharma has been at war with you since before the 2016 election… 

(1)  Look how much money they poured into Hillary’s campaign.

(2)  Big Pharma OWNS the liberal media, for they provide over 70% of the network advertising revenue. Big Pharma TELLS liberal commentators what to say every day.  Haven’t you noticed that every day, every liberal news channel has EXACTLY THE SAME ANTI-TRUMP story, slanted exactly the same way?  They must ALL get on a 5:00 AM conference call where they get their specific orders.

(3)  Big Pharma has five lobbyists for every member of Congress.  Surely you have noticed that EVERY member of Congress has been approached by Big Pharma to “Impeach Trump!” every time you talk about how bad Big Pharma actually is.

(4)  Big Pharma contracts out to China to get all of their prescription pills made. Pills are manufactured in Chinese factories by near-starving laborers, bottled up in Chinese-made plastic bottles, then shipped to the US for the final bottle-labeling process, where the ONLY inspection by the FDA is where the FDA Inspector checks to see if the label is on straight.  There are NO FDA-type quality inspections made in China, nor in the US.

You, Donald, are trying to bring ALL manufacturing BACK to the US.  Big Pharma would go broke overnight if they could not get their pills made by Chinese cheap labor, and had to actually have REAL FDA inspections.

(5)  Donald, you are scaring the shit out of Big Pharma American Executives. Why?  Because of the Opioid Crisis Prosecutions.  You are prosecuting the Opioid Executives, not for the opioid deaths (yet) but for the way they over-marketed their products to the public.

Donald, EVERY Big Pharma drug is over-marketed that same way.  It is Big Pharma’s Modus Operandi (MO).  What the opioid manufacturers and distributors did is what they ALL do. 

(6)  I am sure they are thinking over at the Merck main offices that if you, Donald Trump, had been US President during the Vioxx scandal (65,000 deaths), their offices would have been raided by Delta Force and their Executives dragged out into the parking lot by the hair – and I know YOU would have done just that.  So would I have.  They have gotten away with this kind of crap for a VERY long time.

(7)  US Public Health, the combination of US Federal Agencies under DHHS, and the State and County Health agencies, is a cesspool, completely controlled by Big Pharma.  In that group CORRUPTION is the norm.  Big Pharma puts its own people in all the decision spots, then rotates them back to industry after a few years, for two to four times the money they got at their public job.  One big revolving door lubricated by slime.  YOU, Donald Trump, are trying to “drain this swamp.”

(8)  Big Pharma uses this public agency connection to stifle things that compete with drugs, drugs, and more drugs. No question about it.  Since the FDA has basically NOTHING to do in the way of inspecting drugs, since they are all made in China, and hence protected from FDA eyes, their time is taken up (a)  raiding mom and pop raw milk dairies, local produce, and baked goods outlets, and (b)  raiding anything, guns drawn, that competes with drugs.

As you know, Owen Fonorow, the President of the Vitamin C Foundation, is a writer for the BolenReport.  So, I am going to show you something Vitamin C interesting.   See Mel Gibson’s one minute video just below:

(9)  But, most importantly Donald, 54% of America’s children are chronically ill.  This has never happened before.  This all started, not coincidentally, when the childhood vaccine schedule was increased once Big Pharma had no legal liability for damage from those vaccines…

One plus one equals two Donald.

US Public Health’s response to this problem? 

“We are not responsible for the fact that 54% of America’s children are chronically ill… 

There is no vaccine for that…”

I know Donald, that you have been busy.  It is not easy being President when you have to do the hard stuff to fix America…

Everything you are doing is the right thing (except for not hanging Hillary up by her heels in Guantanamo Bay, of course), and what you are doing is exhausting.  I DEFINITELY do not want your job.

But it is time, dude, to address the US Health Care problem, and I am offering to help you with that in two ways.

(1)  I, Tim Bolen, have been around the health care problem for a long time and I would like to make some personal suggestions about where to put the pressure – what buttons to push, so to speak.  I am older than you Donald.

(2)  I will do what I can (which is a lot) to bring the “Anti-Vaxxers”  to help you fix health care, not only as a huge political force, but as a deep well of information about what, specifically, is wrong with health care, and what needs to be done to fix it.  I know the leaders.  They are fine, caring people much like you and I.  In short, and in street language, I would describe them like this – “They give a shit…” And you don’t find concentrations of that just anywhere.

What is really interesting is that that they (we) can come up with 500 outstanding arguments against vaccines every day and back them up with science and logic, unlike pro-vaxxers which say the stupidest things like “It’s the un-vaccinated people that are infecting the vaccinated ones with measles…

Go ahead and laugh.   We all certainly do…

There are very good reasons why the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement terrifies Big Pharma, and they tried to bring in the World Health  Organization (WHO) to stop us from telling the truth.  We laughed at that.  Even funnier was “Little Pencil Neck” Adam Schiff writing a letter to FaceBook about us.

Fortunately for all of them we have a sense of humor.  Much like yours…

Frankly Donald, we the “Anti-Vaxxers” would absolutely LOVE to help you kick the shit out of Big Pharma and fix US health Care.

We are smart, politically motivated, there are tens of millions of us, and best of all, we are really pissed off for very good reasons.

Like you…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


27 thoughts on “US Presidential Election 2020 – Big Pharma Vs Trump…”

  1. Trump doesn’t need the criminal pharmaceutical industry’s money to win, like the desperate democrats do.

  2. My guess is, too many republican lawmakers, and soft democrats, are taking pharma cash, which they desperately need for their own campaigns. So they are begging Trump, save us on this one. We need the money.

  3. #VaxxFreeWorld

    Several urgent steps to stop Big Pharma:

    1. Stop Direct to Consumers prescription drug advertisers. Certain substances are only available by prescription because they are dangerous. Freedom of commercial speech does not include license to lie.

    2. Divest the FDA of authority over food. Maybe a couple generations ago when FDA was granted power over our food there was some connection between foods and drugs. Today they are in competition for our health. Let the Food and Drug Administration become the Federal Drug Administration and leave our fool alone.

    3. Suspend all (illegal) vaccine approvals. All vaxx drug approvals violate the 1986 vaccine safety law, as Robert F. Kennedy Jr recently proved. Join Counsel Kent Heckenlively’s White House and FDA Petitions to suspend the approvals here: — and share this link widely!

  4. hey Heckenlively, when are you going to talk to infowars again because Ralph’s and your PETITIONS need that WIDE BROADCAST very soon…

    The process of ‘sharing’ is SLOW… posting in comments gets read by a few favoring people [some today, some much later] and they may or may not have time at the precise moment so only a portion of those go right away, and of the delayed ones the percentage that are distracted from their original intention is another step down… ditto with re-sharing… long term effects, yes, 100,000 in 30 days this way is not so useful or reliable..

    That’s why the leftists [like Moveon, Change, DailyKOS, etc] rely of massive databases and targeted emails that get a ONE TARGET IDEA in an email to send to MILLIONS OF FAVORING READERS INSTANTLY then they can play the petition-100,000signers-in-30days game…

    I’ve shared it everywhere i have access to but my own feedback says this is now going to need the instant broadcast approach imo… ttyl

  5. Thanks Tim, that needed to be said but let me add this:

    Dearest Donald,
    many people around the world look to you for leadership in this difficult time.
    In Germany we were making significant headway against the moves to implement compulsory vaccination and then that 10 second clip on MSNBC has become almost the biggest news item in Europe. “Trump supports vaccines”. “Trump says vaccination is good”. “Trump says you must get vaccinated”.

    A little while ago, a mutual friend from New York gave you a book from me. I know, if I read everything that was sent to me and looked at every video, my day would be at least 56 hours long – every day so DELEGATE. You may be Commander in Chief but you’re not the only general in this army. Make use of us! That’s what we’re here for. Set the policy and let us carry it out and don’t ever drop us in the shit like that again.

    So, how are we, together, going to recover the situation? It seems to have had little effect in the US but is almost catastrophic here in Europe. What can we, what can you do to get things back on course?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  6. I’m not sure what many people here don’t understand. He has come to the conclusion that he could win without Antivaxxers, or he was told. I am not willing to give him another vote since he lied about being concerned about the autism epidemic. I got a lot of people to vote for Trump that didn’t want to initially. I already started explaining to everyone why I’m against him now, and I’m changing minds. My family and some relatives, and friends will not vote for him again. I will sign in my son with autism and vote for him, just so I don’t ever waste another vote again.You guys here can be delusional and hallucinate as much as you’d like. The con man said what he said, that’s enough for me.

  7. So much blaming, and not a single bit of EXAMINING WHAT WAS ACTUALLY SAID….. as i recall, his words were ‘SHOULD’… NOT ‘MUST’… so he was NOT ADVOCATING MANDATORY VAXXING… and just for the numbers, we may be 10s of millions but this voting public is ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE LARGER, AND THOSE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THEIR OWN CHOICES.. so Trump favored the idea of CHOICE…. THE MINUTE YOU SAY ‘SHOULD’, YOU ARE ADMITTING *CHOOSING* AS THE NAME OF THE GAME…

    so get a grip and get that message in the petition RECOGNIZED… THAT ALL THESE VAXXES ARE **ILLEGAL** and never tested as required by law AND morally required by PUBLIC EXPECTATION, BASED ON AUTHORITY FIGURES’ LYING and profiting…

  8. Should does not mean ‘should not’ the last time I checked. It does not mean to establish a safety commission, or doing independent vaccine safety studies either. He is not saying that vaccines are causing autism, like he did before is he got elected. Did I miss something? You can keep reading into what he said anyway that you like, I just look at it at face value.

  9. I am so sick and tired of saying ‘I told you so’.
    So instead I’ll say ‘don’t say I didn’t warn you’.

  10. No it does not… That move is OURS with RFK.Jr and Ralph’s agenda to MAKE IT OPENLY SEEABLE THAT THE VAXXES ARE ***ILLEGAL*** which immediately throws the weight of logic and experience onto the side that the WHOLE AUTHORITY STRUCTURE IS DOING WRONG… ie corrupt and lying…….

    So even though it’s not an even playing field WE HAVE TO GET THE PETITION’S MESSAGE INTO THE BROAD DAYLIGHT…

    The ‘scientists’ were OBLIGATED BY LAW to do the testing AND NEVER DID.. so why did they BREAK THE LAW AND NOT DO WHAT THE HOLY CHURCH OF SCIENCE CLAIMS THEY DO AS THEIR HOLY MISSION IN LIFE…. which then makes all the dependers on ‘science’ recognize that SCIENTISTS ARE PAID AND CONTROLLED BY BIG MONEY just like every other ‘product’… don’t you see how important it is to realize RFK’s MESSAGE IS BROADCAST…

    **We’ve** got the missing STRATEGIC piece in our hands right now…

  11. Optimus, I was afraid of this. They had his head spinning with the Mueller probe, and was fighting for his political life. Now he can come out and say what he wants, yet he keeps that big mouth shut.

  12. MJ, I am not criticizing RFK Jr here, he’s done a lot, unlike Trump that has done zero for the our nations children. If he has, please show me how he has improved the health of children and what his plans are for stopping the autism epidemic. Kennedy is who they are really trying to stop, that’s who they are afraid of and the dream team he has assembled. This is why the Big falseflag measles epidemic is all over, they want to beat our legal team to the punch.

  13. a) Trump basically DELEGATED that outsider job to RFK, Jr so the movement would take that leadership offered and RFK, BigTree, the Vaxxed crew, and the Children’s Health Defense team have come thru and thrived in the alternate media world

    b) Trump has been working on getting us better judges and we are seeing some changes in that arena.. not just for our agenda, but for a much wider view of what’s needed… but important to our cause in many ways

    c) Trump’s own anti-PC agenda, his continued disgracing of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA keeps them from overwhelming the voices in the outsider arena, and keeps people running away from those information sources as used to control the narrative totally.. which benefits us in this movement

    d) even his role as an elegant target for the DeepState’s failed coup, has cast a darker image on government OFFICIALDOM AS CRIMINALS even though they were pretending to go through the regulations’ required… which plays right into RFK,Jr’s discovery that the VAXXES ARE ILLEGAL AS IMPROPERLY UNTESTED AND not MADE SAFER AS REQUIRED..

    This time and responsibility to ‘come through’ is ours… ttyl

  14. I like this message, Donald its a Smart president, he will do protect us, I like to help to kick the shit out of big pharma. Pharma has hurt our family and the government have protected, I want to see the time when we can take care of them, and I hope they Repent and do some good, or we are mad as hell and will do whatever it takes to bring this Money hungry Hitlerian Down.

  15. I think Donald Trump is our Jehu (Bible reference). If you remember Jehu betrayed the prophets of Baal and other supporters of the false worship of Baal. He (Jehu) declared that he would “serve Baal” more than his predecessor Ahab. However, when he got all the priests, prophets and worshippers of Baal together he had them ALL killed. Johnathan Cahn has presented eerie parallels between Bill and Hillary Clinton and Ahab and Jezebel in ancient Israel. If Trump is like Jehu he will feign friendship in order to gather the “false prophets” together and deal with them. I confess to having so much anger about this issue (looking at what happened to me and my family) that I would not bat an eye if pharmaceutical executives were pulled from offices, properly identified, tried on the spot and executed by the military. Our country needs to be rid of this excrement: People who maim and kill under the guise of being healers. I’ve honestly never seen or heard of anything quite that wicked before, unless it is the overt worship of the devil and human sacrifice to satan (which is what demanding a toxic injection really is, it is being asked or coerced into sacrificing your child’s health to a cult).

  16. Be patient? Yeah, ok just go ahead and keep on making excuses for Trump. The time for promises has come and gone, but if you want to still believe him just go ahead. Natural news blocked me a few years back because I just said the truth about how I felt. I do give credit to Tim Bolen for allowing a conversation and differing opinions on this. I really wish that I turn out to be wrong on this, and that everyone tells me I told you so.

  17. Being patient is NOT what I am saying, although it may have seemed like it.. What i’m saying [see one of my other comments] is that WE HAVE RFK, Jr’s DYNAMITE in our hands and it will be on our heads on our watch if we FAIL TO USE IT.

    Ralph is so polite, as you may agree or not, but these petitions MUST reach their potential and get the media shock effect so that refusal of the FDA TO PULL THE VAXXES OFF THE MARKET, will open the door to a BIGGER LAWSUIT AGENDA… as was talked about on Ralph’s linked page, nearer the bottom, below the video and linked petitions…

    Patience is not my name either. Don’t you agree it’s time and WE HOLD THE DYNAMITE… so now we have to get the sort of BIGGER NEWSLETTERS and VIDEO BROADCASTERS into this game….. right? ttyl

  18. I like everything that is happening.

    I was ecstatic when Big Pharma used WHO, their personal health tool, to try to condemn our movement, for it brought out, very clearly, the absolute uselessness, and the total manipulation of what MOST people thought of as a world health entity with goodness in their heart (WHO).

    The farce was revealed…

    Even better was when “little pencil neck” Adam Schiff, was recruited to write a letter to Facebook. I nearly spit out a mouthful of coffee, laughing, when I read THAT. It tied ALL of the culprits into a nice, neat little bundle. The only thing missing was a believable location for the announcements.

    If they would have had a Press Conference, on the street, in front of a San Francisco Starbucks, with human excrement, and 200 needles under their feet, while they all stood there with glasses of Nancy Pelosi’s wine, with satisfied sneers on their faces, and one of them carrying a “Trump is a Racist” sign, they could have told their WHOLE story in one step.

    Their whole stinky blanket is unraveling…


  19. Joe – Trump reads the BolenReport..

    Vaccines are NOT the problem. They are just PART of the bigger issue of Big Pharma’s murder mayhem. The “Anti-Vaxxer” movement, to their credit, has figured this out on their own, and are narrowing their targets for strategic bombing, so to speak.

    Big Pharma, itself, needs to be reined in. Arrests need to be made, Trials need to happen. Death sentences performed on. Whole international companies assets seized. Big Pharma needs to become Little Pharma.

    US Public Health needs a whole reshuffeling. Right now they are no more than a vaccine promotion and distribution unit of Big Pharma- a group of totally useless to America bureaucrats that go to meetings wearing nice clothes, and telling themselves how important they are.

    None of this is easy to fix. Big Pharma PAID for all of that liberal media attack on Trump, so as to stop him from getting to the point of fixing the US Health Care system. But they failed, and like the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement, his anger has been building, and building…

    We are sitting her at the beginning of this saga, with fresh popcorn in hand. I don’t want to miss even one of the gun-raids on Big Pharma’s offices and the homes of their monster minions…

    It has started. We have made our points.

  20. I’m not going to defend Trump’s urging to get the shot. That was really disheartening.

    Let’s forget about that for a minute. We don’t know the extent of the organization we need to expose and remove or correct. We can see certain evidence of how pieces fit together, but we don’t see the whole beast. And you need to really understand an enemy before you go after it.

    There’s so much to consider. Public perception for one. So many people are brainwashed to believe the medical system does no harm. (How do we handle this? It’s not easy to undo decades of brainwashing. What happens when a person’s core beliefs or sense of reality are challenged? Besides mentally tuning out, or naked rage, we could see heart attacks or something like that.). Foreign bribed MSM is another. Hard to get the truth out if MSM is spouting lies. Censorship. We see what’s happening all over clown owned social media with censoring and shadow banning. And we see the medical complex has their tendrils in all of these. How do you go after a giant octopus?

  21. dearest Sunshine, once the hammers start to nail the obvious criminals, solidly, then the others will likely flee the scene… so lets target the public myth of safe and effective…

    #1… read Ralph Fucetola’s article [next issue] on the SORDID HISTORY of the law that gave them ‘immunity’, because that clearly shows that ALL OF THEM KNEW AND SAW THAT THE VACCINES WERE **NOT** SAFE… hugely so,… so the ‘safety’ is clearly a LIE by all of those pushing vaxxing..

    #2… keep a copy of any of the various graphs that show that VACCINES DIDN’T APPEAR ON THE SCENE OF THE DISEASES TIL **AFTER** THE DISEASES WERE NEAR NOTHING LEVELS…. no big risk in not taking them BECAUSE YOU CAN DO YOUR OWN DEFENDING WITH **SANITATION, CLEAN WATER AND DECENT FOOD** AS THEY WERE WHAT REALLY DEFEATED THE TERROR OF DISEASE EPIDEMICS… there’s a beaut from the CDC as well as one from the UK and Wales.. and more… just google and keep them handy…

    Once the lie of ‘safe and effective’ is smashed, then the rest falls… with the couple of graphs of the comparison of healthiness of the unvaxxed compared to the vaxxed, we move from mortality to fraudulence of immune system benefit… even now a survey in europe with the question of whether vaccines frequently caused serious harm or not… 48% said YES they did, and 41% said NO… get up to speed as we need all hands on deck… ttyl

  22. I agree with you Sunshine. I don’t know if you follow “Q” but he/she said in one of the “Q drops” that the truth would put people in the hospital. I think that is true. Imagine having to come to grips with the fact that YOUR OWN GOVERMENT sold your body as property and conspired to introduced genetic changes (or to maim, kill, sterilize,etc.) under the guise of “public health”. At minimum the 1986 Act that gave pharmaceutical companies “immunity” from prosecution for vaccine harms, turned “injury” into “desired outcomes”. When the GOAL of the pharmaceutical industry is to have each person on at least two pharmaceutical drugs for life, why wouldn’t they WANT vaccines that cause Type 1 diabetes (as an example)? For the typical person to face this, along with all the other propaganda hoaxes unleashed on us (the truth about 9/11 and Las Vegas as examples) would be “jarring” to say the least. What about doctors who may have to acknowledge that they perpetrated massive harms on their patients?

  23. The doctors who should be blanket malpractice convicted are THE PEDIATRICIANS…. so that opens the door for them to be thrown under the bus, EXCEPT FOR THOSE THAT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, OR HOLISTIC OR etc… and we see strong moves for those doctors who are waking up to see that the organization to get certified in functional medicine is thriving.. Their defense is that they were misled by the evil drug money that structured their training and they were also victims…… so you see they will wake up and swing hard and angry even though they will not renounce their medical training but simply switch to a new designation to distance themselves from the evil establishment drugs with the added defense that not all their medicines were as evil and were needed in appropriate cases… divide and conquer…… Q sees their dilemma without seeing their open door to escape with academic testing, something they are excellent at, historically… plus a few more letters after their name, and adjustments in the advertising…..

    Historically, when the obstetricians were humiliated in the huge survey of results compared to midwives [80 some years ago] the MD profession switched to new lying [with the new antibiotic appearance] and demoted the obgyns in their ranking internally.. granted the internet was not around to expose the midwives’ results back then but…. it seems the progress of the new emphasis on finding causes [functional medicine] not merely stifling symptoms appears to offer a way to split the medical world… imo…… ttyl

  24. Customs and Border Protection, in San Diego, aren’t damaging and aren’t letting anyone damage children with vaccines. The state is raising the children fenced in at immigration detention centers, after having been separated from their parents.

    Records show this is a Nazi system. Records for new world order plans to eliminate middle class.

    A new generation, undamaged by vaccines with live monkey virus , adjuvents like mercury and aluminum and any thing else that should not be inside us or intentionally nano sized so that it can cross our blood/brain barrier to clog our organs or block neural pathways, could potentially be the replacement should the telecom death ray infrastructure kill everyone not in a shielded cage.

    If a Bill Gates type of “really effective,” vaccine program had been in effect here in the U.S. before his time, say when I was born in 1959, my generation would not have had children or our grandchildren.

    Include running zig, zag, in your workout so you can dodge any CDC person trying to stab you with a vaccine. This skill will be needed to avoid 5G beam form paths between a 5G antennas and a 5G devices.

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