The Sordid History of Vaccines, Mandates, and the Big Lie…

By Ralph Fucetola JD

It used to be the law in nearly every state that parents could opt-out of vaccines for their children, since vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” and where there is risk there must be choice. That’s called the universal right to Informed Consent.

And you could sue the drug companies if you or your child was injured by a vaccine. Then the law was changed, in 1986, with the promise that vaccines would become safer.

And what happened to that promise? And what happened to the vaccine exemptions? That promise was a Big Lie.

At the end of 2018 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Esq., the environmental and health care public interest lawyer, and the Informed Consent Action Network voluntarily dismissed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), after the agency admitted it could not find any vaccine safety reports. That dismissal punched a huge hole in the pro-vaccine Big Lie.

Earlier that year the Network sought copies of those vaccine safety reports that the infamous 1986 Vaccine (sic) Safety Law required the Secretary to provide to Congress every year.

Not one such report has been filed in 30 years.

Vaccines continue to become less and less safe and the government pays out billions to the families of the victims, from the tax-supported “Vaccine Injury Compensation (sic) Plan.”

Let’s remember where that all started.

In 1976 we had the First Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine. Over 400 people died from the vaccine and the drug companies had to withdraw the vaccine. Subsequently, there was no flu pandemic.

The lawsuits started. Then the companies told Congress they would withdraw from the vaccine business unless Congress “protected” them, because, after all, as the Big Lie goes, “The Science is Settled” vaccines “are safe and effective (sic)”. Congress gave Big Pharma what it wanted.

The 1986 law, which unconstitutionally took away from us our First Amendment Right to Redress of Grievances (suing the drug companies) regarding vaccine injuries, also commanded the Secretary to make sure vaccines got safer, and to report to Congress about that every year.

As we’ve known for some time, that never happened. Vaccines got much, much more dangerous and the Secretary never told anything to Congress.

And then the Second Swine Flu Vaccine Panic was decreed by FDA/CDC in 2009.

The agencies claimed that the new flu strain that year had the potential to trigger a world pandemic… but, though a “new” and thus potentially lethal strain, it wasn’t necessary to test the 2009 Swine Flu Vax for safety.

The US government bought the entire vaccine output of several vaccine makers, including a so-called “live” virus spray vaccine, for over $6 billion. Enough doses for 150 million Americans. However, the Secretary of HHS announced to Congress, under oath, that she wanted to vaccinate all Americans, starting with the volunteers. In order to do so, the supply of vaccines had to be stretched, to meet the “need.” They planned to stretch the supply by adjuvanting it with squalene, fish oil, which was to be added to the vaccines in the 90,000 planned vaccine shot centers… you, know, grammar school cafeterias, town hall basements… real sanitary facilities. The government spent a half billion dollars on squalene.

What does the government know about squalene?

It owns the patent about how much squalene to inject to cause irreversible infertility. Squalene ingested is a food. Squalene is safely used in cosmetics. But when injected into the body of a mammal it can kill, if the animal is small, like a lab rat, or cause infertility if the animal is larger, like a human. It is routinely used to “sacrifice” lab animals.

Secretary Sibelius testified that the FDA’s scientists would not “sign off” on the use of squalene, so it could only be used in the event of a National Emergency. President Obama obliged, a week later, and declared just such an emergency. However, millions of Americans pushed back and flooded Congress with a simple message: we will not volunteer to be vaccinated.

For example, when they announced that Boston would only have 50,000 doses for a half million people and you’d better line up early, with police dogs and yellow lines to keep Order; only 500 showed up for the shot. The whole program collapsed.

What does the government know about vaccine safety and efficacy? They are not telling you, or Congress, the truth.

The drug companies remain immune to being sued when their vaccine products kill or injure. Without such market incentives to make safer vaccines, the number of injured and dead children and other vaccinated persons continues to escalate. The upward curve shows a dangerous trend. There are some of the Big Lie propagandists who claim, for example, that autism is “the new normal” rather than a vaccine adverse reaction. Anything but admit that Big Pharma’s cash cow, mass vaccination, is based on a pseudo-science and misunderstanding of the human immune system.

In order to keep the Big Lie going Big Pharma’s shills must make mass vaccination mandatory. Contrary opinions must be censored.

If a significant portion of the population remains un-vaccinated and healthier than the vaccinated masses, the “sweet deal” between corrupt politicians, crony bureaucrats and drug companies will continue. No matter how much harm is done. Think of the history of tobacco and the medical community. Your silence is required to continue to Big Lie.

How to stop the Big Lie?

Demand your right to Informed Consent. Assert your right to Informed Consent. Do not submit to vaccination! Refuse to be censored in the social media by inundating the “private” censors with more and more data showing that vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but rather, are guaranteeing chronic illness and drug company profits.

Don’t be silenced. Join us in telling the FDA that the Big Lie stops now. 

Join the Vaccine Suspension Petition here:

By Ralph Fucetola JD

5 thoughts on “The Sordid History of Vaccines, Mandates, and the Big Lie…”

  1. Ralph, the link on that page that looks like this:
    [1] Sign Citizens Petition FDA-2019-P-1130-0001
    is incorrectly sending the visitor back to the same page as the link is on….

    It should be sending them to the page, right? With the docket chosen as CITIZENS PETITION FDA-2019-P-1130-0001 …. and the visitor then posts a ‘comment’ of their own in support of the ideas of ceasing vaxxing as well as advertising such lying.

    Or is there a separate way, that Dr Laibow has organized where only a signature is needed, as appears to be offered way, way down your linked page?

    it’s confusing… tia… I was patiently writing to newsletter organizers and trying to enlist support and to explain what to expect their own readers to have to do, and ran into this confusion… ttyl

  2. As a UK national, its not for me to tell the FDA anything. That said there has been much talk in the media here about vaccine denialists being anti socials who haven’t got a case and who threaten the health of those who are vaccinated. It doesn’y make much sense but for the first time I remember, there has been a call for unvaccinated children to be denied an education and even for the parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated to be prosecuted for endangering the lives of their children.

    It might be an act of desperation but from where I stand, people seem to be increasingly swayed by this nonsense. Interestingly, in a call in programme, it was the nurses who actually administered vaccines who, whilst they argued that vaccination is totally safe, at least called for parental choice on the matter. That somewhat reassured me but from where I am we are entering dark days

  3. My son had second DPT shot at approximately 5 and one half months [Feb. 1968]. He had a raging fever [105, 106, plus for three days. Only treatment was put him in the bath tub with tepid water. You are a nervous mother of six children. Did not want to see him in office. All normal development ceased. At age four tests showed straight line on brain activity. “Get ready to put him in a state facility within the year as he will never improve. He is autistic [one out of 10,000 in 1971] ! He is now 51 years old and has made many giant improvements but still needs 24/7 care. My conclusion of terrible health problems caused by vaccinations is because of greed, control and destruction from the top down for nefarious goals.

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