Hooray For Laura Hayes…

Age of Autism is NOT a blog where you will find true anti-vaxxer articles.  They support a different vaccine philosophy…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Until yesterday – and until Laura Hayes stepped up – and Dan Olmstead approved Laura’s article for publication.  Thank you Dan…

Laura’s article, called, simply enough, “Vaccines-Elimination Mandatory” was, frankly, the kind of thing you’d find on the BolenReport, or on Sherry Tenpenny MD’s blog, Marcella-Piper Terry blog, etc.  Not EVER on Age of Autism.   This kind of article, there, is a BIG departure over there, and, frankly, about time.

Laura, frankly, came out swinging.  Check out this excerpt:

“Why are vaccines a legally permitted medical option? They shouldn’t be.

In a country whose citizens pay trillions of dollars annually to fund government regulatory agencies charged with protecting the public and policing multiple industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, vaccines should be long gone. It is past time to mandate their demise.

Vaccines are medical procedures that never should have been approved. Here’s why:”

Then Laura tells you those reasons.  Then she gets even tougher.  She says:

“Let all that sink in for a minute if you will.  Read through that list one more time so you can fully digest and comprehend that our nation’s vaccine program is built on a deceptive and fraudulent house of cards that has nothing to do with scientifically valid truths or the health and well being of our children. 

Yet, these medical procedures, not properly tested, improperly declared safe, known to contain toxic and neurotoxic ingredients, and barbaric as they are, have not only been approved, they have been mandated. That is corruption and insanity at its worst. It is evil, and it is destroying the majority of our citizenry.”

And then, she says stuff that that I never thought would ever end up on the Age of Autism pages.

Read this:

“For those people who say they just want “choice”…for those people who think it’s okay to have to formally exempt out of vaccination versus simply saying, “No thank you”, and who are willing to beg, plead, and pay in an attempt to avoid or refuse vaccination via exemption…for those people who just want “greener” vaccines, as though it’s ever a healthful or wise idea to purposefully invade, tamper with, and taint our God-given immune systems…for those who just want the mercury removed, as though it is the only problematic ingredient…for those who say we just need genetic pre-screening beforehand, as though any human is designed to have their inner systems and brain assaulted in such a way by so many toxic, neurotoxic, and foreign substances…and for those people who say we just need more “informed consent”, which is not even possible given the unscientific vaccine studies rife with fraud and deception…I contend that those stances are not sufficient or ethical.”

Go Laura…

There’s more.  Yes, I am going to send you to read the whole thing.  I need to show you one more excerpt:

“What is required is an immediate moratorium on all vaccinations, for all people. 

That is what should have happened in 1986, versus Congress passing an Act indemnifying all who make and administer vaccines, at a point in time when vaccines were maiming and killing thousands.”

Laura’s Conclusions…

Now, I am sending you over there, to read the WHOLE article and I want each of you to thank Laura, and Dan.

And Laura – if Dan isn’t nice enough to you over there you can have space on the BolenReport in a New York Minute.


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on “Hooray For Laura Hayes…”

  1. Fantastic. The only way it could possibly be better is if they published a footnoted version so that it was undeniable to all.

  2. Wonderful!

    “What is required is an immediate moratorium on all vaccinations, for all people. ”

    Could not agree more.

    But we also need legal protection from not just vaccines, but all standard medical interventions, since any of them can cause harm, and where there is risk, there must be real consent.

    We’ve drafted a model bill, the FIRM Act (Freedom for Informed Refusal of Medication) and ask all to bring it to their representatives attention here: http://tinyurl.com/FreeVaxChoice

  3. Yes. Finally.
    Pharma is doing a smash and grab, leaving no choice but to respond in kind. There’s no reason to be subtle about it anymore. (Not that there should have been before…but brazen is the climate of the day.)

    Sallie Elkordy is doing a national moratorium on vaccination campaign, too.
    Vaccines are criminal and a human health hazard. Detrimental to public health and national security, too.

  4. I hope a new health freedom bill protects consumer choice for all treatments, drugs, procedures, biologics etc.
    Few are talking yet about gov Brown signing the Precision Medicine initiative in 2015. (Sneakily done during the 277 ruckus.) PM talks about genomics, data gathering and personalized medicine. Zero mention of holistic approaches (from what I have seen so far).

    You just KNOW they plan to mandate preventative wellness under healthcare, to include genetic testing and a vaccine or several from the 271 in development.

    Sure enough, Forbes article the other day mentioned that vaccines could become like pants, tailored to your needs.

    Meanwhile, I have already seen comments from well meaning practitioners and patients that Chinese medicine will be a part of PM.
    Fat chance. The want to co opt individual medicine terminology under precision medicine.

    I hope more see the horizon in regards to this. Because vaccines are only 1 component.

  5. Way to go, Laura!

    Meanwhile, the CDC has made another move:

    CDC Wants to Expand Power to Eliminate Measles — What You Need To Know and Do Now


    Story at-a-glance

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in the August 15, 2016 Federal Register to amend federal public health law
    Proposed rule calls for travelers suspected of being ill with contagious disease to be detained and quarantined. You have until October 14, 2016, to make a public comment to the CDC and contact your Congressmen
    Take this seriously; CDC’s proposal applies to all Americans who travel outside the country or between states. In the future, it could extend to any transportation when you cross state lines, including by bus, train or car

    The final straw?

  6. What a good article by Laura Hayes! I couldn’t agree more. This article should be shared, high and low, deep and wide. There is no compromise, and we have carried the burden much too long to defend our position. It’s high time to lay the burden where it belongs, on those corrupt agencies who promote the lie that vaccines are safe and effective. Really? Where’s the science to back your claims?

    Thank you!

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