Hillary Clinton “One-Worlders” In a Panic Over Hard-Charging, Heroic, Anti-Vaxxer Movement…

The US Mandatory Vaccine Program Has Nothing to Do With Preventing Disease.  It is Just a Vehicle For a GMO Delivery System…

New Vaccines in the Approval Pipeline Are Designed to Genetically Modify Children…

But Anti-Vaxxers Are Mangling the Grand Plan…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Genetic Manipulation? Yup.  You don’t have to look very far to find the world of genetic engineering in vaccines.  It is right here in front of us.

Everyone in the autism world knows about the “Autism Research Funds” scandal.  Congress allocated 1.6 billion dollars to find the causes of autism – twice.  But NONE of the money was EVER spent on Autism research.  It all went into studying genetics.

Huh?  How did that happen?  Good questions…

The Reality…

The intent, I  believe, of the Childhood Vaccine Mandates has NOTHING to do with eradicating infectious diseases.

We know that that “vaccines are saving humanity” story is false, for ALL of those infectious diseases were wiped out in the US, long before vaccines came around – with improved sanitation, better food, and more of it.  Public health records show the truth.

The Childhood Vaccine Program, in the US, I believe, is a DNA and Population Control Program where health officials will be able to decide whether YOUR family name survives the cut – meaning “Will YOUR children be allowed to reproduce?”

I think this program is the next generation combination of (1) A “Hitler’s Super Race” operation (on steroids), and (2)  The establishment of the means to create a “Delta” society similar to what Aldous Huxley wrote about in “Brave New World.”  From Schmoop:

“Like Greek life on college campuses around the country, the society in Brave New World is split into five castes: Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons, with a few minor distinctions in between.

Because of the technology wielded by the World State’s leaders, caste is pre-determined and humans are grown in a manner appropriate to their status; the lower the caste, the dumber and uglier the individual is created to be.

As adults, the upper two castes interact socially with each other but never with the lesser groups—that would totally be social suicide.

Class is yet another mechanism for stability and control on the part of the government. It’s also a big part of the reason that personal identity goes by the wayside in this novel—Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons are simply faceless drones in color-coded outfits who exist to serve the more intelligent Alphas and Betas.”

Can Vaccines Actually Do That?

Yup.  They sure can.  And they are.  Just look at all of those little eleven year old girls whose parents were too stupid to block them from getting the “slut vaccine.”  Have ANY of those little girls survived that without damage?  Probably not.  Those parents need not worry about having grandchildren – they are going to be too busy, anyway, taking care of that now eleven year old, when she is fifty-five and still slobbering…

Vaccines to Change Your DNA?  Your Child’s DNA?

Oh yeah…

Several years ago a Crisis Management client of mine in the world of natural anti-aging medicine asked us to come up with a reason why they, and their whole anti-aging industry, were under attack.  I found the answer – and it surprised me at the time.  Read, just below, what was happening behind the scene – and who was responsible.

What is Anti-Aging medicine?  BolenReport Author Bill Faloon writes on his Life Extension Foundation website:

“When Saul Kent and I established the Life Extension Foundation in 1980, we had no idea what we were in for. As young men, our objective was to raise public awareness about the fact that pathological aging need not be an inevitable consequence of human maturation. We were convinced that if the public could be enlightened about the importance of anti-aging research, greater resources would be devoted to finding ways to significantly extend the healthy human life span.

Few people in 1980 thought that intervention into biological aging was possible, and many questioned why we would want to interfere with nature. We argued that aging was the greatest scourge afflicting humanity and that if people had the opportunity to live longer, many of society’s problems would disappear.Back in 1980, few scientists believed that anything could be done to prevent the degenerative effects inflicted by aging. To counter this misconception, Saul and I pointed to then-current scientific studies showing that it was possible to prevent some age-related diseases and to slow the aging process itself, at least in animals. We argued that if enough funds were committed to research, therapies to retard human aging could be developed that would result in the greatest revolution in medical history.

We based our philosophical arguments on theories that people with limited life spans are not particularly motivated to protect society’s long-term interests, since they themselves have only a relatively short time to live. Longer life spans, we asserted, would result in people behaving in a manner that would make the world a better place, since they themselves would have to exist in the environment they create.  

Costs of Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Being controversial carries a heavy price. The news media viciously attacked our position and had no problem finding academic scientists to denigrate us in every way possible. The federal government raided our facilities twice, initiated an 11-year criminal investigation, and threw us in jail in 1991.

We retaliated by filing multiple lawsuits against the federal government, which resulted in the return of all the property it had seized from us. We rallied health freedom activists to keep the FDA from turning vitamins into drugs. We enlightened Americans about the availability of lower-cost prescription drugs in other countries. And we eventually convinced the US Attorneys’ Office to dismiss the criminal indictments brought against us by the FDA.”

So, Who Was Behind the Attacks On Anti-Aging?

The usual suspects….  In the beginning, just those with INFLUENCE, for various reasons, at the FDA.

But then, when “genetic research” reared its ugly head, a couple people popped up screamingly criticizing natural anti-aging therapies.  What we found was that two of these guys were involved in a funded research project to create an “anti-aging vaccine” that, according to the information on the research grant, would, if injected in a mid-thirties human, change their DNA immediately, so that when they got into their sixties and seventies, they WOULD not get Alzheimer’s, etc…

Yup – they were making GMO Humans…

Fortunately, in that research project case, the vaccine failed…  But, believe me, there are a lot more of those in the pipeline.

I think that the intent of California’s infamous SB 277 (Mandatory Childhood Vaccines) had NOTHING to do with improving California’s ability to fight off infectious diseases, and everything to do with creating an unquestioned system to manufacture Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons” as described in Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” 

Why else would Hillary Clinton set up a vaccine system with no product testing after Chinese manufacturing?

I’ve already answered that question in an earlier article.  I said:

(1)  The Roman Catholic Church Council of Bishops in the African country of Kenya last year pointed out the WHO laced millions of vaccines headed for child-bearing age Kenyan women with a sterilizing agent.  I wrote about that here.  Below is an excerpt:

“Let’s first mention what happened in the Czech Republic in 2009, where scientists there were horrified to discover that millions of Flu Shots provided to them, for national distribution, by the US company Baxter, were found to be laced with the deadly avian flu virus.  Read about that here.

But, what happened in Kenya, uncovered by 27 Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, is, to me, the signpost for “The Plan.”  There, in Kenya, just three months ago, vaccines were used to permanently, and without their knowledge or permission, sterilize forty-two million (42 million) young Kenyan women.  The World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF, were caught, by the Catholic Church leadership, lacing what they described as “Tetanus Vaccine” with Beta-HCG, a hormone that, when combined with the ingredients in the Tetanus vaccine, leads to sterility.

It is NO Secret What the WHO Vaccine Program is Being Used For…

Why would anyone think that it couldn’t happen in America?  Of course it is happening.  California’s Mandatory Vaccine legislation SB 277 was/is the test case.

Many other State’s innocent children are under vaccine assault.

But Then, Along Came the Anti-Vaxxer Rebellion…

In spades.

Hillary Clinton-like Liberal/Progressive Democrats across the country went into spastic orbit when REAL PEOPLE began to, en-masse, call the US Vaccine Program BULLSHIT.  How dare NORMAL people voice an opinion different than “Big Government?”

Didn’t people understand that Empress Hillary, and her friends, were here to do our thinking for us? (sarcasm intended).

And the panic began…

What panic?

Vox.com is one of those arrogant, “I’m better than you, so you need to listen to what I tell you, and think the way I tell you,” Liberal/Progressive internet publications.  A great case could be made that Vox.com is the poster boy for Liberal/Progressive thinking.  So, when they came out with the article titled:

“Hillary Clinton is now the only candidate not pandering to the anti-vaccine movement”

I had  to read it.  And now you can too.  Why?  Because the Liberal/Progressives are IN SHOCK about how badly Americans are beating them up over vaccines.  We have made vaccines a presidential campaign issue…

“The small blow-up put attention on yet another bizarre element of the 2016 election: Out of the four big presidential candidates, only Hillary Clinton seems to be fully pro-vaccine, meaning she’s the only one aligned with the scientific consensus on this issue. Republican Donald Trump is a straight-up anti-vaxxer, and the other two candidates — Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson — have mixed views on the issue.”

In Short, My Friends, Keep it Up…

Increase the pressure…

Start imagining what kind of prisons we want pro-vaxxers to end up in.  We have only just begun.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


15 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton “One-Worlders” In a Panic Over Hard-Charging, Heroic, Anti-Vaxxer Movement…”

  1. Wow, well said “”Everyone in the autism world knows about the “Autism Research Funds” scandal. Congress allocated 1.6 billion dollars to find the causes of autism – twice. But NONE of the money was EVER spent on Autism research. It all went into studying genetics.

    Huh? How did that happen? Good questions…”” about sums it up eh?

  2. I was once one of those progressive Democrats, until Pan came along, and the scales fell from my eyes. I am now a one-issue voter. I had planned on voting for nobody for president, but now feel comfortable voting for Gary Johnson, as he is the only one who opposes forced vaccination. Hillary will win, of course, because that is what the oligarchs want, and they are the client of the vote-counting software companies. This will just make us stronger, bolder, and in their face. Good thing they’re getting nervous.

  3. I think we have to cut this off at the source… turn it around completely. What about a “no vaccines” campaign? Something that the world hasn’t seen as yet. Exposing the practice of vaccination for the barbarism it is.

    All campaigns to date are defensive – let us have the choice…

    No, eliminate the barbaric practice. It isn’t worth being part of medicine!

  4. Anyone who has a vaccine is opening their bodies to unknown contamination created by corporations whose very profits and livelihood depend upon cradle to grave illness:

    “The control of adventitious agents include sourcing of raw materials for prions, testing, cleaning/decontamination, filtration, heat, low pH and gamma irradiation for the remaining agents. The efficacy of these modes of control depends on the agent’s resistance to physical and chemical inactivation and retention by filters. Many viruses may contaminate the biopharmaceutical processes and each family of viruses possess unique resistance to physical and chemical treatments and retention characteristics with filters, thus one approach will not remove or eliminate all viruses. At least ten virus families have been reported to contaminate CHO cells the workhorse for the biopharmaceutical field and the majority of these contaminations have originated from raw materials”…http://www.americanpharmaceuticalrevi

  5. Trump is not an anti-vaxxer. Further, he is not pro-human. I am a progressive liberal Democrat living in a red state that poisons our environment on a regular basis, fights the EPA, and sprays pesticides like they’re water, and are frackingsaid and drilling the hell out of us. We have lives. We were ASD before ASD was a diagnosis. Those affected by vaccines cannot afford the time it takes to wait on the government to change its mind about our LIVES. It is NOT a nd should not be a partisan issue. It is a health and human issue. We have to be able to stand up to WHOMEVER makes the deisions en masse.

  6. Let us add a little more fuel to the fire – a little more eachday until we have a fire storm.

    Science works on four levels:
    A Postulate, i.e. “I have this idea, let’s see if there’s anything to it.”
    A Hypothesis, i.e. “This seems to work; see if you get the same results.”
    A Theory, i.e. “Lots of people have been getting the same results and, over a period of some years, it seems to hold true.”
    A Law, i.e. “For many decades, no exceptions have been found.”
    A gernally accepted example of the latter is “The Law of Gravity”. The last few years, however, have produced a number of ittitating exceptions so it should be downgraded to a Theory.

    An example of the first, a postulate, is the Postulate of Vaccination which proposes that by injecting a weakened virus into a human body, the “immune system” can be pre-triggered into creating antibodies to that virus so that, when the “real” virus enters their system, they will not get ill.
    There are four major problems with this postulate:
    1) a fully functional immunity will produce the antibodies anyway and so nothing has been achieved by the vaccination.
    2) a weakened immunity can (and often does) lead to the vaccination actually causing the recipient to become ill through the viruses injected.
    3) There has never been any testing of the postulate.
    4) Of the few comparison studies of vaccinated and normal population groups, all show that the vaccination leads to a significant increase in the incidence of the disease against which the recipients are purportedly being protected.

    Science also has another term; “Fataly Flawed” as in “your postulate is fataly flawed” meaning, in everyday terms, that science has shown it to be total bulshit. This is the status of the Postulate of Vaccination.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  7. Sepp:

    You have an open invitation to write for the BolenReport.

    Remember? We could use a European Correspondent…

    Tim Bolen

  8. Stan K: Thanks for the link. Another idiot running for president. I’m sticking with Nobody, the only candidate who opposes forced vaccination. I should have had a clue when Johnson appeared to never have heard of Aleppo, one of the world’s most ancient cities.

  9. Why Tim?
    I’ve been writing this stuff for some time. I’ve even sent articles for you to consider but never even get the simnple courtesy of a response!
    Suddenly, someone called Sepp takes up the war cry I’ve been sending for years and HE is asked to write for you????????


  10. I feel angry and helpless. I just hope that if GOD is really throwing rocks our way: 2016 QA2, He has the filthy rich crooks in mind.

  11. Is there a reference for the sterilization in Kenya? Was the Gates Foundation involved? I recall reading about a year ago that a sterilization agent was included in a vaccine (tetanus I think) in another African country administered through the WHO to about 2.3 million child bearing women.

  12. Appears the number was suppose to be $ 4.2 million instead of $42 million which is the total population of Kenya? For credibility -this should be corrected.

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