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Sighing, Laughing, and Groaning at the Remarks of Senator Richard Pan during the California SB 277 Hearings…

By Celina Trevino, D.O.M.T.P (Can), C.M.T.


For anyone who was at the 2015 California SB 277 hearings, sitting, standing, lying in the hallways, waiting HOURS for their turn to oppose the bill, many of those moments were spent sighing, laughing, and groaning at the remarks of Senator Richard Pan.

The comment that stuck with me the most from the hearings was Senator (Doctor) Pan at the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 28, 2015.

“So, so, so, the term vaccine injured is one used heard used by the opposition. It’s not a technical term that we use in the medical field.”

Want to hear him say it?  See the 2:30:45 mark here:

Errrrrrrrrrrr, WHAT???????

Did he just try to convince the legislators that vaccine injury is not real?  It sure sounded like it to me.

Then, right after that, on the same video, Dr. Pan says…

“So, uh, so, in terms of the use of that term, uh that is not a term that is a uh a term that’s used within uh, sort of the medical public health field, it is used by the opposition. Uh, and so it’s not always clear what that really means. There are as I said, uh, vaccines like anything else are not, you know, there, there’s always a, a, a small risk uh that’s associated uh and in fact, uh, uh, and I said, the magnitude of the risk is much, much smaller than the disease that we’re trying to prevent. And so that’s why uh, vaccines are declared to be safe and efficacious.” 

Want to hear him say it?  See the 2:31:21 mark below:


Let’s take a look at where vaccine injury IS USED as a “real term”.

(1)  The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 – (An Act that protects vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies and health providers from liability for vaccine injury.)

(2)  The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – (A no-fault court system created under The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act to compensate the vaccine injured.)

(3)  The Vaccine Injury Table – A table of vaccines, the injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and deaths resulting from the administration of such vaccines, and the time period in which the first symptom or manifestation of onset or of the significant aggravation of such injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and deaths is to occur after vaccine administration for purposes of receiving compensation under the Program.”

(4)  ICD Codes – ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases. These are the codes a Physician, like Senator Pan, uses in their paperwork to describe the diagnosis they have given a patient.

The ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Code for poisoning by, adverse effect of and underdosing of diuretics and other and unspecified drugs, medicaments and biological substances (vaccine injury) falls under section T50.

Vaccines are classified as “Biological Products”, not drugs.

Version 10 is the latest set of ICD codes currently being used by physicians.

Let’s look at ICD-10 Code T50.B95A – Adverse effect of other viral vaccines, initial encounter.

2016 2017 Billable/Specific CodeT50.B95A is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement due to flu vaccine, or any of these listed below:

Adverse effect due to flu vaccine

Adverse effect of haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine

Adverse effect of hepatitis A vaccine

Adverse effect of hepatitis B vaccine

Adverse effect of human papillomavirus vaccine

Adverse effect of influenza vaccine

Adverse effect of measles, mumps and rubella vaccine

Adverse effect of polio vaccine

Adverse effect of rotavirus vaccine

Adverse effect of varicella vaccine

Adverse effect of viral vaccine

Adverse effect of zoster vaccine

Adverse reaction of human papillomavirus vaccine

Adverse reaction of rotavirus vaccine

Adverse reaction of varicella vaccine

Adverse reaction of zoster vaccine

Adverse reaction to viral vaccines

Haemophilus influenzae Type B vaccine adverse reaction

Hepatitis A vaccine adverse reaction

Hepatitis B vaccine adverse reaction

Influenza virus vaccine adverse reaction

Measles/mumps/rubella vaccine adverse reaction

Poliomyelitis vaccine adverse reaction

It Gets Better…

ICD Code T50.B95SAdverse effect of other viral vaccines, sequela. – Sequela: A pathological condition resulting from a prior disease, injury, or attack. As for example, a sequela of polio.

Let’s look at an example of ICD-9 Codes, which were in effect until September 30, 2015:

E 949: Other vaccines and biological substances causing adverse effects in therapeutic use.

E949.4 – Measles vaccine causing adverse effects in therapeutic use.

Adverse Events…

Do you know what an adverse event is?

“In pharmacology, any unexpected or dangerous reaction to a drug or vaccine.” 

Adverse events are the possible side effects you may have read about in a package insert if you’ve ever bought an over the counter drug or received a prescribed drug from the pharmacy.


The United States has a surveillance system to track such events caused by vaccines, called VAERS: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

This is a system that physicians are required to report vaccine adverse events to, under The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986.

Has Dr. Pan Never Heard of Any of This?

Let’s say Dr. Pan really has never heard of the term “vaccine injury”. It would be hard to believe considering he is a pediatrician, (the kind of physician that would administer vaccines).

If he has never heard the term vaccine injury, he is thankfully bringing to light the very real fact that medical doctors and osteopathic physicians learn almost nothing in medical school about vaccines.

They are not taught about the adverse events or the vaccine injuries that could occur due to vaccination, nor how to treat them.

Doctors will usually tell you they spent from zero to one hour learning about vaccines, which consisted of vaccines’ miracle qualities, to administer the CDC schedule and how adverse events are extremely rare. That’s it.

If you don’t believe me, please, I implore you, interview every doctor you know and find out for yourself.  Here about some bonus questions to ask:

“Do you know what The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 is?”

“Do you know what VAERS is?”

“Do you know what The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is?”

“Have you read the vaccine package inserts?”

But surely every physician knows what adverse events are, even if they don’t know “vaccine injuries” are a result of adverse events.

Please excuse the term “vaccine injury” used by the parents opposed to California SB 277, whose children were supposed to be protected by The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, who may or may not have been compensated by The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program because their children suffered adverse events from vaccines outlined in The Vaccine Injury Table. Pardon us all for not using a “real term”.

Pick a hearing, any hearing. You’ll find a treasure trove of gems like the ones above from Senator (Doctor) Pan.

SB 277 Senate Health Committee:

SB 277 Senate Education Committee:


California SB277 Forced Vaccination Education Committee. Click “show more” and then click on timestamps to jump forward to preferred segment. 1:27 – Hearing …

SB 277 Senate Judiciary Committee:


15:13 Chair Jackson Opening statements 22:50 Allen presents bill amendments 24:18 Technical amendments 25:10 Allen speaks on court cases 26:55 Pan presents 3…

SB 277 Assembly Health Committee:


57:37 – Barbara Loe Fisher, NVIC in opposition 1:03:21 – Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP in opposition 1:09:28 – George Fatheree, Attorney in opposition 1:16:46 – Melissa Floyd …

By Celina Trevino, D.O.M.T.P (Can), C.M.T.

9 thoughts on “Pick a Hearing, Any Hearing…”

  1. But why did he use the word Opposition, ie this term is used by the Opposition, who the hell are the opposition? Who does he work for, again?

  2. Great post! A knucklehead speaking to a group of knuckleheads (with a few exceptions). I was there, too.

  3. Pan’s scam! Every time I read one of your articles that delivers a massive, wrecking-ball-blow to SB 277 supporters -our opposition, according to Pan- I become more optimistic that this law will be obliterated in court! I’m just going to start calling you, Jim Turner and Moxley the demolition men! Time to being down the house!

  4. Opposition to barely inspected Chinese made vaccines? I avoid any food coming from China. Why would anyone trust an injectable from that part of the world, given their history of contaminated products?

    Opposition to allowing the government to completely control our decisions on what vaccines we want and don’t want?

    Opposition to being a second class citizen for refusing a vaccine?

    Opposition to the fact there are no double blind studies to check for effectiveness or side effects for most, if not all of the vaccines.

    I guess most of the citizenship could be classified as the opposition.

    I guess that attitude is why many of us no longer feel we have anyone who represent us any longer. We are not the highest bidder.

  5. Speaking of the Turner/Moxley SB277 lawsuit…where is it? Wasn’t it supposed to be re-filed last week?

  6. QUESTION: Since the NON-veracity of statements made/information presented by Dr. Pan is evident… why cannot the legislature/process somehow BACK UP… since BIG decisions made, BIG implications exist, knowingly based on Fraud. If Pan is discredited…why would the lie he sold still stand as truth?

  7. I love transcriptions of Pan’s idiocy…thank you, Celina! Pan cannot string a sentence together to save his life. His speaking during hearings for AB2109 was no different than for SB277…complete gibberish.

    Speaking of Pan’s gibberish and idiocy, here is an article I wrote after he spoke at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health.

    “SB277 Sponsor Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury” by Laura Hayes


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