Has Trump’s War Against Vaccines Started?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

In a recent article asking whether President Trump was “setting the table” to attack Big Pharma on vaccines I ended by writing:

“Send up a flare, President Trump.  Something.  Anything.  It will keep our spirits high as we wait for the arrival of the long-promised cavalry of truth on the wickedness of the pharmaceutical companies.”

If you were Trump, sitting in the Oval Office, how might you start that war? 

How about by going after Obama’s last head of the Centers for Disease Control, Tom Frieden, who, in an article in The Washington Post, was against the idea of setting up a Vaccine Safety Commission headed up by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.?

This comes from our favorite globalist publication (democracy dies in darkness, don’t you know?) The Washington Post (TWP) from January 16, 2017.  In case you don’t read the article, the headlines tells you everything you need to know, or suspect about the real villains, “Outgoing CDC Chief Talks About Agency’s Successes and His Greatest Fear.”

What was question #1 about?  You guessed it.  Vaccines.

TWP:  What worries you about reports that the president-elect has discussed a vaccine safety commission with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a leading proponent of a scientifically discredited conspiracy theory that vaccines cause autism?

Tom Frieden: The CDC is ready to work with the incoming administration to protect American people from threats.  In terms of immunization policy, we arrive at these recommendations through the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).  ACIP is  a model for transparency.  It involves not just doctors and nurses but professional organizations, community groups and consumers.  Ever single deliberation of that committee is open to the public.  All of the materials are available on the Web.  We’ve always found that sunlight is a good disinfectant.

Okay, are you getting the spin?

According to the Post and Tom Freiden, a Vaccine Safety Commission headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a bad thing.  Everything’s fine.  Let the public keep sleeping.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Fast forward to an article from The Washington Post from August 24, 2018…

…entitled Former CDC Head Tom Frieden Arrested in New York, Accused of Groping.

“Tom Frieden, the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was arrested Friday in New York after he was accused of groping a woman last year, law enforcement officials said.

Frieden, 57, turned himself in to authorities Friday morning in Brooklyn, police said.  He was arraigned on Friday afternoon and released without bail.  He was charged with sexual abuse in the third degree, harassment in the second degree and forcible touching.

According to court filings and law enforcement officials, Frieden is accused of grabbing a woman’s buttocks without her consent at about 11 p.m. on October 20, 2017.  The incident, which was reported to authorities in July, took place in an apartment building in Brooklyn, officials said.”

The article goes on further to say that the accuser is a 30-year friend of Frieden and his family.

Does any of this seem a little odd to you?

Let’s go over some of the basics.

Would I EVER be alone with a woman, not my wife, in an apartment building at 11 p.m.?  No, I would not.  That’s just my morality.  I understand it’s not everybody else’s.

And besides, if I was alone with a woman in an apartment at 11 p.m. my actual wife would probably perform reconstructive surgery on my lower extremities without the benefit of anesthesia.

Okay, with it being understood I would NEVER be in such a situation, ladies, would YOU ever find yourself alone in an apartment with a man not your husband at 11 p.m.?

I fully recognize that something doesn’t sound right about this scenario.

Which makes me suspect something else.

As the last head of Obama’s CDC, Frieden would be in the best position to fight off an attempt to set-up a Vaccine Safety Commission headed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  So what do you do?

Remove the obstacle.  Who will stand with Tom Frieden on anything after this accusation?  Only people who are idiots.

Is Trump taking out the opposing general before launching the assault?  It would be consistent with how he plans his attacks.  And yes, it is ruthless.  And it’s about damned time.

I fully understand I may be seeing what I want to see, but it is interesting to watch.  I think Trump is playing to win.  I actually feel sorry for the pain which is likely to descend on pharma and their minions.

Not really.  I’m just going to get the popcorn ready and enjoy the show.

Stay tuned…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com



25 thoughts on “Has Trump’s War Against Vaccines Started?”

  1. This author is obviously uninformed of the male sense of entitlement over women. Glad he may have a militant wife that keeps him in check–or maybe not. Most men can barely contain their sexism. I have a lot more experience than this author!

    As for Trump attacking the pharma industry? When cows jump over the moon! This is a man who is all about power and money. He has virtually no understanding of anything else, including the health of the public which he constantly treats as ignorant children at best. Having a conversation with Kennedy is nothing more than that. It is going nowhere. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. Tamarque – You are always good for a laugh… It is almost like we have become “entitled” to it.

    If YOUR experiences with men have been that bad maybe it’s time to quit hanging out in liberal “I’m entitled” land.

    Over here in “conservative-ville” Jan and I have been married now for 53 years…

    In “liberal-land,” you have as role models, Hillary Clinton (gag), Stormy Daniels (run), Maxine Waters (fart), and Anderson Cooper. Life is a series of choices.

  3. Trump is a master “poker” player.
    Very many have underestimated him, exactly as he wanted them to.

    I have, however, received information which indicates that he may have become lax about his personal security and a re-evaluation could be a good idea.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  4. Not really. I’m just going to get the popcorn ready and enjoy the show.
    Please let it be true ! haha

  5. Tim-glad to know you read my comments. One day the message will penetrate.

    As for your fantasy about liberal-land? One day you may understand the nature of this country–it is white male supremacist country which includes rampant sexism as well as racism which is what this economy was built on. In case you haven’t noticed, the vast majority of cases of sexual misconduct have been with your ‘wonderful’ entitled conservative GOP/tea party reactionaries. So please don’t show your ignorance on the subject. It is why the vaccine movement will fail since you cannot understand the nature of this country nor the concept of building coalitions. Instead you would rather trash progressives who would join forces on the vaccine issue. You would just need to stay focused.

  6. tamarque – I have never been able to figure out why so many liberals classify so many white men as supreme to them. I know people in all races, colors, shapes, and sizes in both of the two genders. I tend to use the word “superb” instead of “supreme” for any of them – white, black, blue, pink, brown, yellow, or polka-dot.

    People are just basically different in many ways – mostly good. Comparing on the basis of a rating structure is far too subjective in the WRONG way.

    It is like comparing people by their food. Now I like Thai food, italian Food, European sausages, German fare, etc. But, I LOVE Mexican food. However, Vietnamese food isn’t on my “seek out” list. And, Tibetan food will NEVER win me over.

    But that has nothing to do with whether the people are worthwhile or not. To my Vietnamese friends i just recommend a good Mexican restaurant.

    i guess I am just a bit more worldly than the average liberal, but that doesn’t make me supreme.

    But, tamarque, if it makes you feel better to consider us white male folks supreme, well, suit yourself – and upgrade your Christmas cards to Hallmark or better, please…

  7. RFK Jr. already said in another interview in these pages that Trump cut off all contact with him and the Vaccine Safety Commission more than a year ago.

    The name-calling is a waste of time and helps no one survive the scourge of forced vaccination.

    Focus on working with everyone who supports vaccine choice.

  8. Thankyou K. Christensen for your mature comments. I would say howevr, that this attack on Frieden probably does mean
    something and we have yet to learn what that may be. Could it be that Frieden is “being given an offer he cant refuse”, in the same manner that Mueller has done with Trump’s associates.
    I would say that I have a dream- in my dream Trump is standing up with his arm around the mother of Colton in Utah, holding a photo of her son who could no longer breathe on his own after the HPV vaccine. Wouldnt that be great, friends, to watch some public health folks tying themselves like pretzels trying to explain that adverse event away and tell us that giving HPV vaccines is still a good idea. And with no Thomas Frieden around to tell us what a great system they have in place for approving vaccines . When I read what I have just written, I am totally amazed that we have reached to this point where you can have a Colton in Utah and yet that vaccine is not withdrawn. It is not comprehensible to any sane person.

  9. K. Christensen – I know it is uncomfortable for SOME liberals to realize that, for the most part, the California and national Democratic party structure, is completely scum-ridden.

    But, in the anti-vax world facts are facts. Bobby Kennedy jr, who i am always surprised to find, is actually a Democrat (apparently of the OTHER kind) is always welcome on our pages – unless of course he reverses direction – which he is not likely to do.

    But, people like you need to wake up about your own political associations. Here in California the proponents and enacters of SB #277 were, and are Democrats. The vote was clearly defined along political party lines.

    All across the nation it was ALWAYS Democrats who proposed “Mandatory Vaccinations.” Wake up…

    There are very clear lines that have been drawn. Democrats are in favor of mass-vaccinating EVERYONE, at gun-point if necessary. Republicans are not.

  10. Another article re Pew research/report:


    From what little I’ve just read, although the numbers for ‘pro choice’ in the Democrat camp seem to have fallen FOR a pro choice mantra (numbers have risen in the Dem camp for pro-mandates), it does seem as though the numbers are fairly parallel when one compares the two sides as to whether they favor mandates (most DO).

    Sad fact is that MOST (think bigger picture) people in the U.S. favor mandates for school aged children. The pro-choice crowd and/or the anti-vaccine crowd, still maintains a minority percentage.

    The numbers have tilted slightly, either way, but this viewpoint still prevails (unfortunately).

  11. *I live in CA, so completely understand that the Dems have control of our political system — that’s not my point though. Our camp is still in the minority because most people have been indoctrinated into the false belief system that all vaccines are good, no vaccines is bad.

    We’ve made some headway with real science and with the testimonies of those in the fields of science/research, but we’ve a way to go in convincing the newer generations that they should do their own research on this issue.

    For the most part, I do not see this issue as being a Dem vs. Rep issue (in some states that is the case though). Overall, the majority of U.S. citizens are firmly in the pro-mandate camp.

  12. I thought I’d give my experience as a Texan democrat adamantly opposed to vaccination. I belong to a 6000 strong group called Texans for Vaccine Choice and we have mostly Republican members and mostly try to convince our Republican legislators to oppose mandatory vaccines. But there is a small group of us that are Democrats in the organization and we go visit the Democratic legislators when we’re in session. It’s an uphill road trying to convince them of our cause and their voting record supporting vaccine choice is a big fat zero. But our group still tries to include the Dems because they are a brilliant team of women and realize that leaving out an entire party in our cause wouldn’t be wise. So please let’s all keep at those Democrats and not resort to name-calling. I have faith they’ll come around and the more we make it a bipartisan issue, the more they’ll dig in their heels and vote in lockstep with their party.

  13. Cherry Misra~Thank-you. Isn’t it possible Frieden’s groping charges are just part of the #MeToo/#TimesUp movement? If he goes, he’ll likely be replaced by another pharma bro. I know several families who have vaccine-injured kids and two of our dogs died due to vaccine injuries (a heart-wrenching experience). My vet agreed to no more vaccines for our dogs and I watched him fake a rabies shot yesterday on our little dog so I could renew my tags with the state. He also agreed that the measles hysteria is ridiculous. I had them at age nine and tested as still immune recently. While I support your dream, of course, if Trump cared, he would talk publicly about the Vaccine Safety Commission and not have cut off RFK, Jr. We need to tell everyone we know about the facts of what comprises vaccines, the nasty adjuvants, the open and closed systems of the body. Take care.

  14. K. Christensen, my feeling is vaccines have become a huge political liability. What Trump is doing as far as I can see is handing vaccine safety back to an honest due process where it belongs. Then the truth about vaccines will be properly seen and understood and no longer a matter of ‘he said-she said’. At that stage the house of cards will probably come down by itself under its own impossible physics, and there will be no political problems with that. Before he can do that has to sort out the justice system and the corrupt government agencies. I see everything unfolding as it should.

  15. Dear Tim~I looked up the results of SB277 and see that two Republicans voted for the mandated vaccines and five Democrats voted against the bill. Three more Democrats abstained. The vote was 42-30. Dr. Pan and his Big Pharma-purchased bill is shameful and dangerous to the right of informed consent and the health of kids and their families.

    The Kennedy family has been Democrats since the 1950s. Defining people as good or bad via party affiliation is a slippery slope as the fine patriot John McCain has said again and again.

    As BayAreaMom’s thoughtful research demonstrates, there are no party or religious lines when it comes to support of forced vaccination.

    Why on earth would Democrats wish to force vaccines on everyone “…at gunpoint if necessary. The Republicans do not.”??

    The research does not support this vision at all.

  16. BayAreaMom and Carol Jackson~Have you read Dr. Suzanne Humphries’ book “Dissolving Illusions” which is a history of vaccines? It is a good one to share with thinkers who read and are unaware of the facts. Carol, have you found any in the Texas legislature?

    Fighting ignorance of vaccine facts, I’m sure you will agree, is the way to go. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  17. A couple of the comments here referenced polls and/or mentioned the apparently greater emphasis on mandated vaccines by Democrats. I do think that Democrats (who are leaning more socialist by the day) are more adamant about vaccines than Republicans generally are. However, Del Bigtree and other prominent human rights supporters admit it is hard to find a “home” an any political party. I have been paying attention, for a number of months to the “Q anon” posts as well as various researchers/commentators on the “drops”. Several things stand out: 1.We probably should not trust poll numbers as they can be faked and/or frightened people may not say what they really think (I’ve been in that position) 2. Neither political party is truly “anti-establishment” (deep state).

  18. Well, well, who would have thought the BolenReport could attract liberals into REAL conversation – and none of you require a safe space (yet).

    Here we all thought that the Democratic Party was in “full scream” mode, and here, right on these pages are thoughtful arguments made in thoughtful discussion. I don’t know what to make of it.

    I feel like I should call somebody…

    But who?

    None of my conservative friends would believe me.

    Next someone is going to offer the beginnings of solutions. Oh shit – that’s going to be scary…

    i could never tell my conservative friends. They’d think I got some tainted CBD oil…

    Oh my…

  19. K. Christensen, I have read Dissolving Illusions! It is my favorite along with The Vaccine Friendly Plan by pediatrician Paul Thomas. Tim, a solution I’ve come up with to influence my Democratic legislators is to give the latter book to them at the moment they are making vaccine decisions for their new child or grandchild. Along with this book that details a later and less dense vaccine schedule, I included a list of my other favorite vaccine books. I think legislators would be most influenced by Vaccine Epidemic by Mary Holland, JD, because it gives a lot of the human rights arguments against forced vaccination. I have realized through the years that the most important people to influence are the legislators. Friends and family are too influenced by the media and status quo. Tragically I’m about to become a grandmother and my own daughter refuses to listen to me. I can’t even hold my grandson for 2 months because she demanded we get the Tdap which we of course refused. Sigh…

  20. …appreciated the comments here.

    A note: I am not a ‘liberal,’ nor a ‘conservative.’ I loathe labels. I tend to identify individuals based on their actions/behavior, not via political label (or any other label).

    I used to work for the National Vaccine Information Center as the CA State Director several years ago. When I did, I had the opportunity to speak with many individuals who worked in our school districts across the entire state of CA. I emailed every single CA school district about the exemptions which were then on the books and followed up with parental concerns when these exemptions were not properly handled via either the nursing staff(s) and/or by other school personnel. This lead to quite a few lengthy (and sometime arbitrary) conversations between myself and various school district personnel. It was a real eye opener for me, but I learned quite a bit about the issues surrounding vaccination in this state.

    What I found was that party line did not matter one iota when it came to the pro-choice vs. pro-mandate issue. MOST of these individuals were most definitely pro-mandate. There were a few who were adamantly pro-choice (a few nurses, school board members and a couple of school principals), but again, the vast majority of individuals I spoke with believed in the vaccine program.

    So, to my way of thinking, to paint this pro-mandate vs. pro-choice issue as a conservative vs. liberal issue is just not what the research shows.

  21. If anyone watched Mcains funeral you should realize there are democrats and fake republicans. Both are globalist elite and they all collectively hate president Trump, so he must be doing something right. Mandatory vaccines are a democrat mandated issue seems pretty obvious.

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