Merkel and Main Stream Media (MSM) working towards Martial Law in Germany…

Big Pharma’s Angela Merkel Government Is Faltering.  Desperation Moves Are Coming…

What Is Happening in Europe is What The Globalists Had Planned For The US…

Note from Tim Bolen – Karma Singh has delivered a two-part series about what is happening, politically, in Germany.  This is important worldwide because Germany is the home-ground of Big Pharma, and Pharma runs Germany, and hence the European Union with an iron fist – the same iron fist, in fact, they used to control Hitler, and Auschwitz, in WWII.

The first part, found here, is about the upcoming chance of Martial Law being declared in Germany by Big Pharma’s Merkel government – to try to offset the angry AfD Party’s bid to run the government.  The second part is Merkel’s intent to mass-vaccinate the entire white German adult population to control them. 

But, the AfD will have none of it.  Germany, like many other European union victims, is in chaos – a complete revolt against the globalists.

With Martial Law Forced Vaccinations Are Imminent…

From Germany By Karma Singh


Martial law. Students of history may well remember that this is exactly how Hitler finally took total control.

Before we go into recent developments, a little background information is necessary.

For more than two years now…

The police in Germany complain about having to live under orders to largely ignore crimes committed by the enormous numbers of migrants that Merkel, co-operating with Soros, has had brought into the country.

Further, the police are ordered to treat any self-defence movement by the legal residents of Germany as racial harassment and to arrest those trying to give people the protection which the police do not.

During this same period…

Soldiers in the German army complain that they are not training to protect Germany but in how to rescue German politicians.

The latest development is the introduction of “disruptors” into police units whose task it is to break-up any discussion, amongst the normal police, of the injustices they are being told to foster and have the participants scattered into other units.

The largest AfD voting bloc in Germany is in what used to be East Germany before reunification. Why? Because they were promised jobs to give up communism – but instead Merkel brought in millions of Muslims who now engage in massive rape-fests across Germany un-punished, and un-obstructed by Merkel’s government.


The present temper amongst real police men and women is that, were there to be an uprising, 80% to 90% of them would actively support it. Due to their more sequestered life-style, it is less easy to determine the temper amongst military personnel but indications are that 60% to 70% would support an uprising.

It is obvious from the introduction of the disruptors that the temper of the police and military, let alone that of the general populace, is not our “secret” but also well known to Merkel & Co.

This last Sunday, 26th August in the city of Chemnitz, an incident took place which, for many residents, was the “final straw”.

For months, residents have been afraid to go out after dark due to roving bands of marauding migrants. Early on Sunday morning, three men went to draw money from a cash machine following which they were approached by two Arabs demanding that they hand over their cash.

In very prosaic terms they were told to “vacate the vicinity”, which they did only to return with eight other gang members who then proceeded to attack the three men with knives. The unarmed men were stabbed nearly one hundred times. One died on the spot, one later in hospital and the third is still in intensive care.

On the same afternoon, the local football team supporters called a protest march. Initially there were some 300 but very many local citizens joined the march and swelled the number to over 1000. Everything passed off peacefully.

For the Monday, a further protest march was called…

…and this time, other groups from the surrounding area joined in so that the official count was 10,000 (the main stream press initially reduced this by half and then later admitted that “there may have been 8,000”).

ANTIFA, the government sponsored organisation paid to disturb any protest (just like they do in the US) not in accord with Merkel’s policies staged a counter-march of their own to which approximately eight hundred came. Despite this, once again things proceeded peacefully until ANTIFA began throwing lighted fireworks into the main march.

Although these were largely ignored, a few drunkards who had attached themselves to the march began throwing empty bottles back at the ANTIFA idiots. Result, a few bystanders and one ANTIFA slightly injured by flying bottles and nine minor injuries from the thrown fireworks in the main march.

Later, after the march dissolved some of the peaceful protesters were attacked and injured by ANTIFA thugs but managed to get away.

In the main stream press, however…

…a very different story of a Nazi riot was painted which no-one at the scene could recognise at all. One obviously very drunken man was shown, it is alleged, making a Nazi salute. The next few frames, however, show that he was mocking the lying press (as they are known in Germany) and changed his movement in mid-flight to a middle finger to the camera.

A further march protesting about the lack of action in controlling the criminal elements…

…amongst the migrants has been called for Saturday. To this, many other groups have already joined and very large numbers are expected. One of the groups is PEGIDA, a nationwide organisation demanding a return to the rule of law and an end to all “special” treatment for a selected few. These, Merkel and her Main Stream Press sycophants have been portraying as a Nazi movement for years.

It is fairly certain that some part of the Merkel organisation will attempt to incite some sort of major incident.

They did try this on Monday but without success as the protestors maintained their dignity.

Out of this incident whereby ten of Merkel’s “chosen guests” murdered two men in cold blood, Merkel will try her best to create an excuse to declare martial law and avoid the inescapable doom of the next election.

One small point arose out of the protest on Monday. Three migrants claimed that they were attacked by some Germans. Neither we nor the police have any evidence of this and it is highly likely that the story is completely fabricated because;

“Any migrant who is attacked by German citizens gets a residence permit automatically no matter what his or her previous record may be.”

And the migrant murderers? The “gang leader” is well known to the police and has a long history of violent crime. Somehow, the deportation orders have not been carried out. Now he is being intensively sought and faces a life sentence in prison. In his home country of Syria, he would be executed.

There is now one major difference between Hitler’s Germany and that of his putative granddaughter: The doctrine of absolute obedience to the state was, in 1933 unquestionable.

You may recall how many of those tried in Nuremberg for war crimes claimed that they had no responsibility because they were “just following orders”. This has changed greatly in this century and even the overwhelming majority of the police are prepared to disobey.

Next Article – Angela Merkel’s attempt, with the cooperation of Germany’s MSM, to implement a German “Forced Vaccination” Program.

Merkel may well have seriously miscalculated and her lying press won’t save her.

From Germany By Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

8 thoughts on “Merkel and Main Stream Media (MSM) working towards Martial Law in Germany…”

  1. In the country in which Merkel grew up these agents were called “political commissars” and their job was to maintain regime control over army and police.

    “The latest development is the introduction of “disruptors” into police units whose task it is to break-up any discussion, amongst the normal police, of the injustices they are being told to foster and have the participants scattered into other units.”

  2. I believe the plan for the US, under Empress Hillary (had she won), was going to be far worse.

    Why? Because the US is the last bastion of freedom against the globalist monsters.

  3. I look forward to the day when we can switch out ‘forced vaccination’ with euthanasia… or maybe we should just let ‘vaccination’ continue to be a cuss word and let it die off along with the practice of shooting poison into people. Better yet… I hope all this stops so we don’t have to deal with these words any longer… just sayin’

  4. I think “eugenics” is the word that pairs well with vaccination — like the autism-generating shots that adversely impacted the African-American community. It’s all about the Rockefeller / Nazi megalo-medical agenda of depopulation. Alex Jones made a great documentary called ‘Endgame’ that explains a lot, so everyone should watch that. Then for a much-needed Christian perspective, watch ‘Pharmakeia – The Sorcerer’s Wand’ and share these with your friends and social groups!


    Vaccine injury lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree, producer of the suppressed anti-vaccine documentary, Vaxxed and the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) are credited with this victory. They demanded the relevant government documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality over the past 32 years — and there were none.
    Here are the huge legal and practical implications in this legal victory for the American people:
    o This means that the US Department of Health and Human Services and all vaccine makers have been lying to the American people for over 30 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines; this may
    ultimately mean that continuing the existence — at least in their current form — of five US “healthcare” agencies are now in doubt: the CDC, the FDA, the IOM, the NIH and the “Health” part of DHHS itself;
    this may also threaten the existence of state medical boards and exclusive medical guilds like the AMA:
    o This means that vaccine makers have been fraudulently exempt from what all other pharmaceutical drug makers have been forced to do concerning biannual recertification for quality and effectiveness — meaning that that their vaccines have never been tested for quality and have had no proven safety or effectiveness for over 30 years;
    o This case can now be legally cited by all parents fraudulently mandated by any government/organizational regulation/requirements that they must vaccinate their children for school or any other activity to stop
    the forced vaccination of their children;
    o This case can now be legally cited by all employees being mandated by their employers to be vaccinated in order to retain their jobs;
    o This case can now be legally cited by all those who seek compensation for vaccine injury, making it likely that the pharmacidical vaccine industry can in the near future be legally bankrupted out of existence, like Bayer-Monsanto after the landmark legal victory won by the dying landscaper in San Francisco several weeks ago, as well as their stock value plummeting precipitously;
    o The future of allopathic medicine in its current form is now in doubt, as well as that of the global pharmacidical cartel, since almost all of the drugs allopathic practitioners prescribe come from pharmacidical corporations which have also committed vaccine fraud and injury;
    o The existence of the deep-state corporate mainstream news media will now also be further endangered, since 70% of their income stream comes from the global pharmacidical cartel, which in America has been
    responsible for 750,000-1 million human sacrifices per year for at least the past half century;
    o Autism rates will now likely plummet, freeing the American people from another deep state-engineered debility, and providing further evidence of mass vaccination-caused autism;
    o All government officials who have passed laws legalizing vaccine fraud at the state, national, or international level, or otherwise aided and abetted this vaccine fraud can now be charged with vaccine fraud, criminal malfeasance and in some cases, war crimes under the Nuremberg Code.

  6. We’ve heard almost nothing about this on the BBC. In the UK I and my family have been repeatedly attacked by immigrant neighbours, and the police have always taken the side of the criminals against us. Tommy Robinson seems to be leading a challenge to the police support for muslim criminality, and again we hear nothing on the media about his efforts, and the abuse he has consequently experienced form the legal system. The BBC, like the police and the politicians, always take the side of the immigrants against the indigenous people.

  7. This is an unconscionable crime !!

    MONDAY, Sept. 3, 2018 — All children 6 months of age and older should have a flu shot, the American Academy of Pediatrics says.

    A flu shot significantly reduces a child’s risk of severe illness and flu-related death, according to the policy statement published online Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

    “The flu virus is common — and unpredictable. It can cause serious complications even in healthy children,” said Dr. Flor Munoz of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases. “Being immunized reduces the risk of a child being hospitalized due to flu.”

  8. Grace Green. We are in a global “war”. The upside down justice, the promotion of violent, anti-Christian mob rule and the like are all part of this, as is the weaponization of the vaccine program. If you are not already following the posts of “Q anon” you might wish to look into them. It took me some weeks of doing my own research on this to conclude it is a sincere attempt by high level people, likely in US military, to oppose this genocide of godly people. I will pray for you and your family today.

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