PANIC in Big Pharma Worldwide…

It is Not Just Trump and Anti-Vaccine Advocates – It Is a Planet Earth Groundswell…

Especially In Germany Where it All Started…

A Note from Tim Bolen – Karma’s second article on the chaos created in Germany, and hence the European Union, because of the resistance to the globalists by the rise of the AfD Party is just below. When German Mainstream Media (MSM) decided to attack German anti-vaxxers our Karma Singh counter-attacked by being interviewed on another TV media, punching big Pharma right in the face in typical unrelenting BolenReport style.

The chaos is NOT just about the millions of young Muslim men imported into Germany, and the rest of Europe, without the people’s permission, but about the globalist’s’ effort to create a single governmental system using health care as the cornerstone. – and that system is a “drugs only” health care world.  But, people are waking up, and not only just in America with Trump.  Germany will take Europe along for  a new change – and it is NOT going to be socialism/communism run by Big Pharma. 

It is happening, and Donald Trump is a great catalyst.  And, as usual the BolenReport is right there at the tip of the spear.

From Germany By Karma Singh

From their first “medical experiments” in the 1920’s leading to their construction and use of Auschwitz, to their financing and promoting Adolf Hitler and his successor Helmuth Kohl, into power, the pharmaceutical manufacturers have gained a dominant position in the politics of the entire First World.

Since they joined forces with the banking cartel even the SPD (the German socialist party), until last week the main opposition party in the German parliament, has kowtowed to their demands.

What will happen when Germany has an AfD government sworn to eliminate pharmaceutical power is something which I hope to see very soon….

Our world has been ruled by the denizens of this pharma domain for many generations but, suddenly, those who have been ruled have begun to awaken and to question for whose benefit the rules which control their lives exist.

For years I, and colleagues, have been digging ever deeper into health care; not only because, as a healer, this is my professional responsibility but also because the deeper one looks into it the more questionable the status quo becomes.

Many will be aware that it is claimed that our “health care services” are nothing of the sort but a carefully contrived “Sickness Industry” having the sole purpose of maintaining disease so as to provide constantly repeating customers for the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

I regret to have to inform you that this accusation is very probably true.

Both the detailed results of our careful research backed by hard scientific facts showing pharmaceutical medicine to be the second biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon an innocent humanity plus the new direction which we must take in order to create real health care are in the book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available from Please note, this book is NOT available on Amazon!

It is now almost four weeks since this new book went on release in the pharma-cartel homeland of Germany.

With a book which demolishes the entire foundation of pharmaceutical (also called conventional or allopathic) medicine, one hopes for some sort of reaction from them. The intensity, ferocity and stupidity of their actual reactions has, so far, been most gratifying.

It began just five days after the book first appeared.

The German “Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (BZgA for short)“ – the rough equivalent of the American CDC – the directrix of which, Frau Heidrun Thaiss, published a warning of how dangerous it is to not vaccinate your children.

She, of course, offers no scientific evidence to support this (for there is none) and then goes on to argue that those opposed to vaccination argue exclusively ideologically, i.e. with no evidence to back up their arguments. As a daily growing number of people already know, the opposite is the case: Anti-vaccinators argue (mostly) from scientific knowledge and from experience; it is the vaccine proponents who argue dogmatically and without scientific back-up.

I actually wrote the book with this in mind and have, accordingly, shown the evidence in a form which most will find easy to grasp and, themselves, pass on. As one reader has already commented:

“Please make me an offer for 10 further copies so that I can confront everyone in sight: It’s much easier than arguing when you can say, “Read that and we’ll talk about it later.””

Two days later, exactly one week after the book became available in the shops (Am: stores) Spiegel TV launched a propaganda campaign against all and any opposed to vaccination. They did, of course, not use truth, scientific evidence, statistics or anything resembling these but exclusively sought to “paint anti-vaccinators black” with any sort of nonsense, no matter how irrelevant, they could lay their hands upon.

Der Spiegel’s reaction to President Trump’s Muslim Immigration ban…

Spiegel TV is well-known for such activities and most of those opposed to pharma-dogma refuse to have anything to do with them. This, Spiegel TV were even brazen enough to actually use in the broadcast, portraying the refusal of a prominent anti-vaccinator to interrupt a discussion he was having with bystanders to film an interview with them as “aggression against the press”.

As many already know, “Der Spiegel”, of which Spiegel TV is an off-shoot, is a prominent magazine established by the British secret service after World War II in order to feed the German people with the propaganda desired by British politicians and their masters in the cartels.

In a filmed interview with the independent German news channel “ExtremNews”…

…we went through the entire Spiegel TV “report” point by point. For those who speak German, the entire broadcast is just below…

For those who do not, the transcript (in short) is here below. Should any English speaking channel wish to film such an interview with me, please contact me soonest via the contact tab on

So, here is the video in German…


Spiegel TV:  We see a moderator who tries to look stern and worried but only succeeds in looking as though she’d filled her pants and couldn’t stand the smell.)

She says – It is impossible to have a discussion with anti-vaccination proponents because they are unable to reason; they believe what they want to and not what scientists have discovered over hundreds of years. With their horror stories, they convince more and more people to refuse to vaccinate their children.”

ExtremeNews – Editor in Chief, Thorsten Schmitt:  Is that which the moderator at Spiegel TV said true?

Karma Singh – me:  In one word, no!

First we have the accusation that vaccination opponents are unreasonable and that they contradict scientific discoveries from a position of ignorance. It is the opposite, however, which is the case here. The leaders of the anti-vaccination movement are, for the most part, people who have deeply studied the matter scientifically and discovered that things are very problematical.

Here, one must also take into consideration that everyone believes what he or she wants to believe and that beliefs do not need to conform to reality in order to be believed. Just so do many doctors believe that vaccination works because they have been indoctrinated into this belief as part of their medical training and only very rarely does a doctor of medicine make the effort to study vaccination for him or herself and discover that there are enormous problems with it.

Then there is the claim that vaccination is a centuries’ old proven science. This is sheer nonsense; the very first so called vaccine was developed at the end of the 18th century by Dr. Edward Jenner in South West England. Although this initially appeared to be a solution to the smallpox problem which killed tens of thousands each year and the British government invested a huge amount of money into it, it very quickly became clear that the true effect of this “vaccine” was to spread smallpox rather than to stop it. Despite this, smallpox vaccination was made compulsory in the mid-19th century in England and Wales which resulted in a massive increase in the number of smallpox cases and deaths. This has been quietly slid under the table.

The city of Leicester was an exception hereto; the city council was not convinced that vaccination offered any solution but was convinced that smallpox was a matter of hygiene. Leicester city council invested, therefore, not in vaccines but in improved sanitation. The result was a mere handful of smallpox cases and no deaths which we can readily compare with Sheffield, a city of similar size some 70 miles away which did invest in vaccination rather than sanitation and, in the same period, had more than seven thousand smallpox cases of which 10% died.

What is clear here is that smallpox was a matter of poor hygiene and, if we look at Northern Europe, smallpox disappeared around the end of the First World War, more than thirty years before the WHO began their programme of “eradication by vaccination”.

One country after the other, they came too late onto the scene as smallpox was eradicated by improved sanitation before vaccination could be started. In any event, the vaccines reached merely 10% of those “at risk” and, clearly, had nothing to do with the disappearance of this sickness.

Conclusion:  It was improved sanitation and nutrition which eradicated this and many other diseases and not the medications which first appeared on the scene after the event.

Spiegel TV:Germany has now become a problem country vis a vis protection by vaccination. How did things get this bad and who is behind this dangerous development?

ExtremNews:- Is it true that Germany has become a problem with vaccination?

Karma Singh:-  With absolute certainty a problem for the pharma-cartel which is controlled from Germany via the re-constituted IG Farbenindustrie. The complete pharma-cartel is in a battle for turnover as daily more and more people learn how problematical and how questionable their products are.

Spiegel TV:- A woman who took part in an anti-vaccination march stated that she does not want poisons injected into her childrens’ arteries or into her own. The interviewer asked. “Don’t you believe that vaccination prevents illness?” to which she replied, “with absolute certainty, not.”

We are then switched to a paediatrician who, herself, has very obvious serious health issues largely due to her very poor diet. We are then told that vaccination is absolutely vital in the time between six months and one year to cover the “natural protection pause” between the mother’s milk and the child developing its own immunity. This so called expert, who obviously knows very little about health, tells us that vaccination protects against serious illness. The “expert” is reported as being completely unwilling to even listen to any other point of view.

Karma Singh:- Unfortunately, there is not the slightest shred of evidence that vaccination functions. There are assertions from the pharmaceutical manufacturers that vaccination works but, when you ask them for evidence, clear answers are avoided – you just get vague and unsatisfactory contentions, like trying to catch fish with your hands but never anything clear. When you ask, for example, “Where are the comparative studies which shows that unvaccinated are worse-off than vaccinated?” You get the answer, “It would be unethical to deny a group of people the undoubted advantages of vaccination in order to carry out such a test.”

However, such comparisons HAVE been recorded! All show incontrovertibly that vaccination SPREADS illness. Some of these statistics are to be found in the book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available at

This happens because the vaccination hypothesis claim that if you inject a weakened or dead virus strain into someone, they will develop anti-bodies to it so that, should they ever come into contact with the real virus, they will already have the antibodies and won’t get ill is, scientifically speaking, purest nonsense. It just sounds reasonable if you don’t know how your natural immunity functions. The problem for the vaccine manufacturers is that, if your natural immunity is in good order, you will not succumb to the disease. If, however, your immunity is weakened by, for example, stress, poor diet, electro-smog or radiation then it will not be able to react properly and the contents of the vaccine are likely to make you ill. This is exactly that which each and every comparative study shows. Many from the vaccinated group get the disease against which they have been “vaccinated”. A scientifically proven, hard fact.

Spiegel TV:-  We know, for example, that vaccination against measles also protects those who, for medical reasons, cannot be vaccinated.

Karma Singh:- First we have the supposition that measles is an illness which it most definitely is not. (I explain this is great detail in my book Then the statement that measles can be dangerous is a claim that has no scientific support. In 1840, deaths from measles were very high because people in the cities were chronically undernourished because it was very difficult and, therefore, expensive to deliver foodstuffs into the cities – no railways, nothing that we, today, would call roads, no piped water and no sewage systems.

Measles is a natural development process which takes place at around 4 ½ years of age. At that time, the liver is finally completely grown and able to take up all of its functions. Measles is the process through which the liver is switched into “adult modus”. All parents will, of course, have noticed that, after the measles, the child has made an enormous jump in its emotional development, the last of the baby fat disappears and the child finally develops its own face. Measles is a necessary process for humans but nowadays but, because nutrition is enormously better than in 1840, it is a process which presents no problems, the child is a little bit groggy for 48 hours and that was it. Most measles cases go unreported and so do not appear in medical statistics.

Now, you will doubtless have heard the propaganda that unvaccinated children represent a danger to the vaccinated and so “cannot” be permitted to enter kindergarten. If you look at this claim logically, however, it is a clear statement that vaccination offers no protection so why should you inflict this upon your children?

Clearly, the sole purpose it to create massive profits for the pharma-cartel.

Spiegel TV:-  (the paediatrician continues to speak) for we doctors, it is especially galling that steadily more parents refuse our help. It is in the time between six months when the immune protection from the mother stops and one year when the baby’s own immunity is strong enough that we need to be especially active.

Karma Singh:-  This six month “unprotected pause” simply does not exist – it is pure invention. It is something pulled out of thin air as though it were a scientifically proven fact but there is not the slightest thread of scientific evidence that this “pause” exists.

Spiegel TV:-  (We are now confronted with a relatively long piece about a boy who has an extremely rare and totally mysterious illness called “subacute sclerosing panencephalitis”.

We are told that he had “that illness” – without specifying what illness – at eight months of age but only when he was 10 did he develop this mysterious illness. This is, however, portrayed as the unavoidable delayed effect of not vaccinating your children against measles. Once again, no evidence is adduced to support the claim nor are we told just how extremely rare the disease is (four cases in ten years in Germany). They just use this boy in the attempt to frighten people into vaccinating.

Karma Singh:-  Two things are to be noted here:

The first is that this child, apparently, went through the measles process at eight months of age, i.e. at a time when the liver is not sufficiently developed to endure the measles process. So one would have expected, as in the 19th and early 20th centuries, that this child would have died from organ failure. In this case, the child survived through whatever means – one can see that the family is not German; a further indication of just how rare the disease is. We are not told from which country the child came. Just from their appearance, one could reasonably assume the Middle East or North Africa. In these countries, the health services are not as well-developed as in Germany and many come to Germany for treatment.

The fact that this boy first developed this illness eleven years after measles indicates most strongly that the two have nothing whatsoever to do with each other.

The medical hypothesis is that over many years the measles virus mutates itself into a different virus which eats the brain. There are three problems here; one is that the existence of a measles virus itself remains an unproven hypothesis. The second is that nothing which might be assumed to be the hypothetical mutated measles virus has ever been found and the third is that almost no-one who has had measles gets ill in this way (4 cases in 10 years!). A connection between measles and subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is, thus, shown to be extremely problematical and most unlikely.

From the appearance of the symptoms that we see in the video, it looks like mercury poisoning which, as the family are unquestioning pharmaceutical customers, he has accumulated through many vaccinations. Additional sources of mercury are amalgam tooth fillings, energy saving light bulbs which have a rod form and crematoria from which the mercury from the burned corpses is blown into the surrounding air.

Spiegel TV:-   Measles is a deadly disease. The director of the Children’s Polyclinic in Leipzig experiences this on a daily basis. 1 in 1700 children with measles get this deadly subacute sclerosing panencephalitis.

Karma Singh:-  1 in 1700 children. But WHICH 1700 children? Are these 1700 those who go through the measles process unnoticed by the medical fraternity or the 1700 that he gets to see because they have other problems which have caused them to be taken into hospital?

I will lay any bet you like that it is the second which is true. This subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, a disease of unknown origin, affects one in 1700 but over how many years? This we are not told. If he had seen one case during his tenure as director of the clinic, this would be typical. The Robert Koch Institute which compiles disease statistics for the German government, reports an average of one case every 2 ½ years in Germany.

Spiegel TV:-  Germany 2018: Anti vaccinators have made our country into an international immunological problem.

We are shown a map of the world in differing colours denoting the incidence of measles recorded in medical statistics. It is claimed that in the whole of North and South America, measles has been completely eliminated but Germany, with up to 100 cases per year (note this when reviewing the claims about the clinic in Leipzig), is lagging far behind.

Karma Singh:-  Simply expressed – a bare faced lie.

Even the CDC with their drastically doctored statistics, contradicts them.

The countries with the highest incidence are mostly in Africa where, thanks to financial difficulties, there is a shortage of vaccines which has meant fewer pharmaceutical deaths. What is rampant in many of these countries, however, is the sort of malnutrition which we saw in Europe in the mid-19th century. In point of fact, the pharma-cartel has often used statistics from Kenya to convince European housewives that measles is a dangerous disease.

Spiegel TV:-  We missed the elimination target in 2015 and are now trying for 2020. Measles free iss NOT defined as no measles cases but as a 95% vaccination rate.

Karma Singh:-  How could you get more nonsensical than this???

The incidence of a disease is not counted by the number of reported cases of that disease but by the amount of money paid to the pharmaceutical cartel for their useless and dangerous vaccines! The mind boggles and this guy is in charge of a children’s hospital!!!

Even the Robert Koch Institute hammers several nails into the pharma coffin by publishing statistics showing that many children who have been vaccinated twice have no measles anti-bodies and that many who have never been vaccinated and never recorded as having had measles did have adequate anti-bodies.

This is no wonder for nowadays with our greatly improved nutrition and sanitation, measles presents no problem for most children; a little groggy for 48 hours and then it’s over and, mostly, without it appearing in medical statistics. This is exactly that which my own children, who have never been vaccinated, experienced nearly 20 years ago.

Spiegel TV:-  In December 2014 (or so it is claimed) a refugee from Bosnia brought measles to Berlin. (Refugee from Bosnia??? The problems there were long over by that time!) Over the next year 1400 cases of measles were reported and, it is claimed in the video, although the Robert Koch Institute does not confirm this, that one small boy died.

Karma Singh:-  How many inhabitants does Berlin have? Several millions, I don’t know exactly. 1400 cases in a population of some millions. What tiny fraction of one per cent is that?

And then this idiotic assertion that someone brought measles from Bosnia to Berlin. NO! Measles is in Berlin because the children need it.

Spiegel TV:-  One of the best known anti-vaccinators in Germany is Hans Tolzin (we see him climbing up onto a stage). He is a qualified dairy man with a bent for the theatrical.

(Note here, this is a much used “fake news” technique in Germany because, for reasons which I have still not fathomed, there is a general expectation that, if you are qualified in one profession, you can never ever learn anything else. So, someone who worked in a dairy 30 years ago could not possibly know anything about vaccination. Obvious nonsense but, still, widely believed.)

Herr Tolzin runs a multiplicity of websites on the internet (two to be exact but that’s a multiple of one – Karma Singh) and has some unconventional ideas about normal health.

(In typical Fake News style, some of his ideas, all having nothing to do with vaccination, are taken out of context in the attempt to portray him as somehow mentally deranged.)

Karma Singh:-  So, Mr. Tolzin has discovered some problems with vaccines. Do we get to hear what he has discovered? Do we get answers to them from their so-called scientists? NO, of course not. Instead we are harangued with completely irrelevant matters taken out of context in the attempt to blacken Mr. Tolzin’s reputation.

With anyone who writes a great deal it is easy to take a few words or half a sentence out of context in order to present something completely false as reality. The main stream press are very skilled at this – they learn it in school!

Spiegel TV:-  We are then shown a clip of Spiegel TV attempting to intrude upon a discussion between Herr Tolzin and interested bystanders. He first reminds them that he has already several times refused them permission to film him but they continue to do so. He then pushes them away and demands that the camera be turned off. This Spiegel TV tries to portray as aggression against the press.

ExtremNews:-  We’ve just seen how Herr Tolzin appears to be aggressive, as though he has little self-control. How do you see that, Karma?

Karma Singh:-  What I have seen is that Herr Tolzin was standing in discussion with two other people and then, suddenly, Spiegel TV tries to break in and take things over. That is so extremely rude that it goes in the direction of criminal harassment, I would say. Herr Tolzin has a right to protect himself against such intruders just as everyone else has. It is especially so with Spiegel TV that they are well-known for serving the pharmaceutical cartel and have little interest in truth.

I remember more than 25 years ago, Der Spiegel ran a series of articles about non-pharmaceutical health techniques with the obvious intention of saying something bad about each one of them. The one that stuck in my mind is acupuncture by which they claimed there was a great danger of getting hepatitis from infected needles. They held it to be not worth mentioning that almost all practitioners use exclusively one-way disposable needles. The risk they tried to portray simply does not exist.

It is a well-established fact that those who wish for justice, the rule of law and truth would never give an interview to Spiegel TV because they know what Spiegel would do with it.

Spiegel TV:-  The group “Impfteddy” (the name is spoken so unclearly that I’m not sure whether I’ve rendered it correctly) know of the aggressiveness of the anti-vaccinators and so wish to remain hidden. This group, it is claimed, contains doctors and scientists (but to what proportion we are carefully not told).

Karma Singh:-  Of course, we don’t know who these people are, I, however, would suggest that their problem is a different one, i.e. they are afraid of truth. They want to stay imprisoned in their “allowed thought box” and not hear what the anti-vaccinators have to say because this threatens their jobs.

When they have built a life-time career upon vaccination and everything that goes with it but the truth says that it should be forbidden by law, in a reasonable country, then they bring themselves into danger if they accept the truth. There is also a steadily growing number of scientist and doctors, including some high ranking ones, who state in public that vaccination is a great danger to human health for the profits of the pharma-cartel. These are mercilessly attacked, even physically attacked, some have even been killed. That is the sort of violence which comes from the pharmaceutical cartel.

One needs to be much more courageous to be an anti-vaccinator than to promote it at risk of hearing a few sharp words.

Spiegel TV:-  we see a disguised woman whose sole complaint is that she has been called a pharma shill who has never troubled to find out the facts. She claims that she must disguise herself so that she can avoid being challenged. She states that she is afraid of being physically attacked. What grounds for this belief she may have are not stated.

(A search of newsfeeds has not found any report of a pro-vaccinator being physically attacked but several of anti-vaccinators being attacked. We see, further, from her body posture that this woman has a severe victim programme running and, instead of doing the necessary emotional work to free herself from it, she seeks to blame anti-vaccinators for her attack fantasy. I am sure that you have seen many other instances of how the pharma-lobby abuses such “victims” to promote their own programme.)

Karma Singh:-  Of course they are prejudiced; the entire medical training is completely controlled by the pharma-cartel. They predetermine what shall be taught and what shall be “forbidden knowledge”. So what you have is not a schooling or training but an indoctrination with the sole objective of answering the question, “How can we get these people to prescribe the largest possible volume of pharmaceutical products?”

So, for example, nutrition is not once mentioned in medical training (in Germany) because at least 40% of all health issues are directly caused by inappropriate diet. This means that, if a doctor knew anything about nutrition and was, therefore, able to correct the real problem, then the pharma-cartel would lose 40% of their turnover.

Their problem is that truth will replace turnover if it reaches the public. This is why they must indoctrinate and control the doctors of medicine.

Spiegel TV:-  The “Impfgegner Gegner” have had Herr Tolzin in their sights for some time. (literally “anti-anti-vaccinators”: We’ve never heard of them and they may well be something invented by Spiegel TV for dramatic effect)

We are then treated to another disguised woman with massive health problems who states, “Herr Tolzin is a very dangerous man because he persuades people with pseudo-scientific (the next word is too slurred to be understandable) to doubt. He uses fake news or alternative facts (now just hold on there a cotton picking minute: They’re either fake or their facts – they can’t be both! Do you see here how Spiegel TV tries to manipulate you?)

We note also, from the background, that this woman, whatever group she may represent, is being filmed in the same room as the other disguised woman two paragraphs earlier. Spiegel TV tries to portray them as two separate events in two different locations but chose the cheaper option of filming them both at the same time.

Karma Singh:-  We see here another problem; they say pseudo-scientific and untrue but is that so? When there are serious problems; when a very large question mark hangs over vaccination and even the manufacturers themselves neither possess nor give any evidence that vaccination works at all, who is the liar? Who is the danger? You must decide for yourself.

Spiegel TV:-  Other than this, the image of the enemy is totally clear; it is the World Health Organisation, the German government, the pharma-industry and the evil Main Stream Press.

We then see a “Doctor” (of what we are not told) who spouts the most amazing nonsense about anti-vaccinators being anti-democratic and wanting to create a world of dictators (for what purpose it unimaginable).

The implication that Spiegel TV tries to set into people heads is that being against vaccines is to be against democracy. Here you can either shake your head or swear vehemently. No other reaction is possible.

This “doctor” then goes on to cite what Madam Blavatsky and Rodolf Steiner said more than 100 years ago but carefully avoids modern scientific opinion used by the anti-vaccinators.

Karma Singh:-  What Rudolph Steiner 100 years ago said or Madam Blavatsky 120 years said was their opinion which they were free to express. At that time, it was “just” an opinion which they, then, could not prove. Nowadays, modern science has proved their opinions to be scientific facts!

These are, however, just side issues. The main question must be:

If scientific proof that vaccination works exists, why is nobody allowed to see it?

And then it is claimed that there is a loss of trust in democracy simply because people are asking questions that the government cannot answer because the pharmaceutical manufacturers have no scientifically proven answer.

Spiegel TV:-  Presents us with a very brief view of an orderly, licenced, public elucidation about vaccines followed immediately by a montage of a music band commentating with music on several different themes, including 9/11 but not vaccination. “In passing” a number of other organisations such as PEGEDA, having nothing to do with vaccines, are mentioned just to make the picture even more confusing.

Karma Singh:-  They say, “This isn’t PEGEDA”. Well, then why mention it? It’s not the Chelsea Flower Show either; why isn’t that mentioned? It’s not the Olympic Games in wherever that was so why mention it?

(PEGEDA is a large national movement demanding a return to the rule of law and an end to preferential treatment for particular minority groups. It is portrayed by the Main Stream Press as a neo-Nazi organisation because the illegal actions by the German government of which they complain are a daily occurrence.)

It is a public elucidation and educational effort to which the pharma-cartel and, for example, Spiegel TV have no answers and so they try to suppress it, to confuse it with unrelated events and to, generally, slander it.

What has vaccine education got to do with 9/11? Absolutely nothing, of course, other than that people who make the effort to discover the facts for themselves, mostly don’t believe that the entire N. American air defence system was set completely out of action by a guy with two mobile phones (Am: call phones) sitting in a cave in Afghanistan; if you can believe that then you’ve really had just one vaccine too many.

AND: If you really want to know the truth about vaccines and how to achieve real public health instead of obscene profits for the pharmaceutical manufacturers, I’ve written the book for you “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available only from both printed book and .pdf download.

ExtremNews:-  Thank you Karma for your expert opinion which has helped us on the way to discovering the truth.

In conclusion I wish to say that I find it shameful that journalist colleagues use the manipulation methods to make articles emotional – there should be children, there should be stories about children, there should be tragic stories, there should be irrelevancies thrown in to create fear, etc.

Spiegel TV has pulled out all stops here, using everything that one learns in the journalist training to manipulate people emotionally. Not, in this case, to disseminate truth and the Main Stream Press have no grounds for complaint when people express comments such as “Liar’s Press” and similar because they make the problems for themselves.

It would be good if the Main Stream Media would begin to research matters better, to cease mixing reports and comments because the comments which have been inserted in many places have nothing to do with a free, journalistic report. A journalist’s task is to take the reported events and to present them in a neutral fashion.

It is for this reason that we selected this video (one could take video to almost any theme from YouTube) in order to show what is being done and to give an opposing point of view.

Whatever you seen or hear from the press, please take the trouble to research matters yourself and to discover what the truth and reality are.

Thank you.

From Germany By Karma Singh


15 thoughts on “PANIC in Big Pharma Worldwide…”

  1. Thanks Tim,
    Part III is presently being written and has, amongst other things, good grounds for laughter.
    (hint: MSP 2000 – Independent 5 million!)

    Blessed be


  2. Very interesting article- I am reminded of a few incidents:
    Someone shocked to hear that I spoke of problems with vaccines, exclaimed, “But vaccines save lives !” I replied, ” After you get your life saved, it would be nice to have a brain left”

    In another incident, I met a young German man , who told me that he has Aspergers. He said, “It doesnt show so much now, but it did when I was younger” He told me that his mother had noticed him as a small infant, deteriorating after vaccines, and she stopped giving him them. She faced a lot of criticism for that but she held firm.
    In speaking to European tourists in India, I have noticed that many of them are already anti-vaccine. I wonder if this is due to the popularity of Homeopathy in Europe. Brain -washed from early childhood Americans are almost invariably provaccine, but I would say it is often not to difficult to convince American grandmothers that something is wrong with giving dozens of vaccines. Many have already suspected that- particularly if their grandchildren were born during the 1980’s and onwards.

  3. Dear Karma Singh, In my opinion there does exist a very dangerous period for young infants in western nations ! – a period during which they may catch a variety of diseases. This is a period CREATED by the pharmaceutical-medical industry by vaccinating children with high levels of mercury, which severely damaged the infant immune system . I , in fact, know of two doctors who had the bitter experience of seeing their own infants die of fevers during these months In todays world we have less mercury in the vaccines, but more aluminium, Even the lesser quantities of mercury given in vaccines now may be sufficient to impact immune systems, particularly when combined with the mercury from the mother’s fish consumption/ dental amalgams and mercury entering the mother from vaccines given prenatally.
    I think I should add, that most people, including doctors would not understand that if you put mercury into a baby through vaccines or mother’s milk, that mercury is still going to be in that baby for months or years.
    it would be difficult to find an American doctor today who realizes that American babies are still being given mercury in their vaccines . Even one single microgram in a hep B vaccine is enough to damage the immune system and what about the two flu vaccines at age 6 months ? Many states still allow those to be given as mercury containing vaccines. Other vaccines may contain “trace amounts” of mercury. Trouble is- a trace amount might be billions of atoms of mercury !.

  4. “As an electrical control systems (ladder logic -Boolean Algebra) designer, builder, trouble shooter for forty years and diy health researcher – personal lab rat investigating core cause of 16 years resistant hypertension and stroke (one damaging after 40mg coversil, 2hrs restless legs via magnesium depletion -methyl mercury detox and recirculation 2nd one momentary with no apparent further damage) Here is my experience with what I call the allopathic quack doctor (5 of them) medical malpractice system. My one and only tet vax-April 2016 (more mercury) is missing from my E-chart as well as any GP info other than blood tests results and prescriptions. Hypertension is one of the bodies protective response to mercury which accumulates in ones soft tissues and seeps out and is excreted depending on how much magnesium etc. is available. A one ages and your tissue saturates and increased detox sets in it binds with and increasingly depletes magnesium. Search medline for multi hundreds of medical conditions and deaths associated with depleted magnesium. My research aim initially was to find the root cause of my Resistant Hypertension since 2000 (also note that for males over 60 75% of American blacks and African blacks and 25% of Caucasians suffer this ) upon which multiple prescription and non prescription “solutions” had zero effect. I dumped all BP meds in Jan 2012 and started 200mcg selenium yeast ( Ref: WWW dot ccma dot ca/ / / /soqg se scd1438.pdf) . This resulted in the disappearance of minor allergies, winter flu’s, 30 pounds around waist and increased energy and stamina. After a minor stroke in Jan 2016 caused by 4mg Coversil and resultant magnesium depletion then a change in meds (up to 6 in increasing dosages) I had a momentary episode in May 2016. At the same time I receive a tox screen report indicating mercury poisoning. This connected me to allergies I had since birth (mothers milk) and after loss of photographic recall at 3-4yrs age(two years in Port Hope Ont nuclear refinery waste site), in teens (inability to memorize poems), adult (trouble with names, numbers, faces), old age 60’s BP, 70’s (numbness in feet and pain in legs) I discontinued all prescription meds(which had never had any effect on my daily BP measurements) in May 2016 and my GP (whose meds had caused 2 strokes) refused to see me anymore and refused to look at or consider the mercury link that my MAP tox screen indicated. I had one large exposed amalgam removed June 2016 – no effect on my daily wrist BP measurements I had 2nd amalgam under cap removed Oct 2016 – no effect on my daily wrist BP measurements After Nov 25 2016 my daily wrist BP measurements dropped to 80/130 or below Second GP found May 2017 and refused to take me when I refused to take his known stroke causing BP meds. No more stroke paralytics as of today September 2018 Faulty. Faulty ?Armband BP still always 200-230/100-120 . Mercury in legs still causing walking problems but I can still ride 2 wheel bike. Presently Dentists refusing to remove root canal (with mercury in gutta percha) and refusing to remove 2 more metal caps (with amalgam underneath?). There seems to be no biological dentists available in Manitoba. This is hard to understand. Contact cell text 204-981-3732 for email for some of my research files. I have in excess 200Gig.” Sept. 3, 2018.

  5. Cherry Misra. I am an American mother of six children. After what I have seen in myself and my children following vaccines and allopathic care I have lost ALL trust in that “system” of health care. I sure was a believer at one time, however. I completed 2 years of medical school at the top of my class and purchased the Hep B series on my own because I thought it would protect me from dangerous occupational exposures. I think the fall of the vaccine paradigm in the US will be swift and total. I went from mostly unquestioning support to complete rejection between 1989-2017. All my children were born during that time. I have concluded that nearly all allopathic treatments are worthless or dangerous, producing further damage for doctors and pharmaceutical companies to “profitably” treat.

  6. Many corps who self-fund insurance were a $million or more behind. They $bonused and included meaningful incentives to the sick & overweight to change diets & exercise & in 1 year their self-insurance funds had huge $surpluses.
    The employees were bragging about how healthy they were getting. Sick days plummeted. Vacation days were spent enjoying various activities.
    Message? Eat right & you heal faster & DON’T GET SICK. Eat wrong . Sit too often – STAY SICK. GET SICKER.
    The Affordable Care Act and Medicare for All exchanges leave power in the hands of private insurance companies. Medicare for All takes power away from those companies and puts it in the hands of a public agency that is accountable to the public.

    BUT that public agency needs to require personal responsibility for what we stick in our mouths. Realize that the dollar profit system creates and pays for the ads that sell the mostly lifeless foods and prescription drug usage on mass media. Special interests in DC tip the scales toward the profit motives of the those companies. They treat “sickness, not health. If people got healthy these companies would go out of business.
    Reducing Prescription Drug Costs Is way off target. They treat symptoms not causes. We need to REDUCE USAGE by 90%: take responsibility for what we eat; no fried or packaged foods, pizza, dairy, red meat, or public TV ads & eat a mostly plant-based diet and exercise moderately.
    That would be a huge step towards creating a universal basic income to offset the job loss due to the tech and automation revolution. Right now it is tech first and humans second. This needs to be reversed to Humans first and Tech Second. But the HUMANS must participate by taking personal responsibility for their health.


    Take Action: New Reg. allows legal protection for untested vaccines in pregnant women
    Safety and efficacy unknown in pregnant women and their babies

    The Federal government is pushing through a new regulation that would give complete legal liability protection to vaccines makers, and the physicians who administer them, for vaccines given to pregnant women, even though vaccines are not evaluated for efficacy or safety in pregnant women or their babies. This regulation would close a current loophole in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and open-up a whole new market for the vaccine industry. The regulation would allow the CDC to confer liability protection upon issuing a recommendation that pregnant women get a vaccine. This regulation will allow all children in the womb to be used as subjects for what amounts to medical experiments. We are now at the point where we will not require even the most minimal safety measures to protect children in the womb.

  8. Calling Roundup carcinogenic distorts the intermediate steps i.e. the binding of all the minerals (especially magnesium) necessary for the functioning of the human immune system, ones heart muscles and all of the pancreatic functions .
    All sickness , cancers and disabilities (mental and physical) are a failure of the self repairing , self replicating human machine and it control (computer-brain) .
    Roundup and mercury resistant bacteria (especially in ones mercury polluted mouth) producing methyl mercury (investigate PSP) which also disconnects ones selenium based nerve ending electrical connections (corroded connections – in electrical control trouble shooting language).
    When as you age mercury stored in your soft tissues approaches saturation it detoxes binding with magnesium and depletes it as well.

  9. In 1991 the pharmaceutical corporation and their henchmen diagnosed me terminal stating my death was imminent. When I understood the worlds best medical could not save my life, I started seeing someone for nutrition. Now over 27 years later I’m not dead and am in great health but… now the pharmaceutical corporation and their henchmen have banned some of the natural supplements from my area that I use to maintain my great health because of their fake medicines failure to help people get well and their greed and so once again my health is in question caused by the pharmaceutical corporation and their henchmen.

  10. Terry Harnden says:
    September 4, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Thanks sir, invaluable information.
    I haven’t been near a GP in 20 years and fingers crossed hope for the same for another 20…

    It unconscionable, they put mercury in our mouths and fluoride in our water and they saturate our cities with glyphosate.
    I’m sure its all just a pure unfortunate coincidence.

  11. Now 65, I can recall Mothers of my generation arranging ‘Measles and Chicken-Pox Parties’, actively seeking infection of their children when at a suitable age.
    They did not, nor the mainstream medical profession view ‘measles’ as a life-threatening catastrophe, but rather an inconvenience better suffered during Primary, not High School.
    I never managed mumps, but suspect a sub-clinical measles infection. Chicken-Pox was a success…and ice-cream, jelly, chocolate and calomine lotion assuaging the discomfort.
    For my troubles, I’m rewarded with a superior and life-long immunity to those pesky, childhood diseases, the same ones now regarded with terror & trepidation by the “Vaccinate Everything” religion.

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