FaceBook Is Failing – Expand To Different Platforms…

The English Speaking Public is Abandoning FaceBook Left And Right…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


There is always an arrogance to success.  Almost every successful endeavor faces, one day, the simple fact that it was NOT some special, unassailable wonderfulness that moved this project to the top, but it was, almost always, a function of public opinion of the moment.

And, public opinion can change overnight – as FaceBook is finding out.  For it is crashing – and it is not likely to make a comeback.


Poor management…

FaceBook openly changed its business model and it is dying because of that.  And that is a GOOD thing.

Business Model?  It changed from an open platform where anyone, or any group, could talk about whatever was of interest to them, to a completely controlled propaganda platform where some angry-at-the-world gender-challenged, Starbucks-charged, bicycle-riding, world-hater could shut down normal Americans on Social media on a whim.

Will FaceBook survive?


When CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the US Congress a few months ago it became embarrasingly obvious that he had no idea how FaceBook actually worked.  In other words he is NOT the manager of FaceBook at all, but just a symbolic figurehead in tee-shirts bought in bulk from a Chinese supplier.

Zuckerberg was/is just an image.  Images don’t run companies, especially when times get tough and times ARE tough now for FaceBook.

And they should be.  FaceBook deserves everything it gets from the public – for in their arrogance they treated, for instance, the American public exactly the same way Hillary Clinton did – labeling the majority of Americans as “Deplorables” who need to be manipulated – and then trying to manipulate them.

Look how well that approach worked for wanna-be Empress Hillary and the DNC.  America simply reacted.  Instead of just winning the election in 2016 we began the engagement of a plan to completely destroy those who would marginalize us – and that plan is working very well..

FaceBook Is Floundering…

They have NO IDEA what they are doing from minute-to-minute.

DumAss FaceBook management thinks that “Algorithms” are the answer to everything.

A problem of some kind arises and some 22 year-old “FaceBook Senior Management”  with a college degree in “transgender gay-lesbian regional language-of-cooking” studies makes a decision to add another algorithm to stop those NAZIs.” 

Immediately, 2,314 H-1B Indian, Bengladeshi, Pakistani, Iraqi, or Iranian (75% of Social media employees in Silicon Valley are here on an a H-1B Work Permit) go to work feverishly writing code  to get the new “algorithm” functioning before “those NAZIs” wake up, drink their coffee, and log back into their FaceBook Accounts where they might actually talk about family issues, the new job their brother got, or the vacation trip to their favorite Forest that Obama closed to humans, but Trump re-opened.

The Outright Attack on Anti-Vaxxers…

FaceBook is based in California, and as EVERYONE knows, the Democratic Party in California has OTHER IDEAS about vaccines.

Sometime I think that the average sleaze-oid California Democrat believes that EVERYONE should be fully vaccinated, dragged out of their homes at gunpoint, thrown on the ground, injected with sixty to ninety vaccines at once, an “Impeach Trump” tattoo placed on their forehead (in three languages), and their vehicles seized to pay for the “Bullet Train” project.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Then you haven’t been following the activities  of California Senator Richard Pan – the ABSOLUTE EPITOME of Democrat, the complete poster-boy for DNC national politics, and the obvious lead Democratic Party candidate for the  Presidency in 2020 – with the FULL support of Big Pharma.

Industry Leaders Talk About FaceBook’s Demise…

FaceBook, in the US, is losing Users rapidly.  As well they should.  Why?  Who are these “left coast” assholes that believe THEY can decide who can be on Social media, saying what, to each other.

FaceBook is getting what they deserve.  Don’t rely on it as a communications tool for the future.

They did it to themselves.  It isn’t like FaceBook does not understand what made them successful, it is that they simply do not care.  America wants open discussion platforms – providing Free Speech.

FaceBook obviously hates American values.

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on “FaceBook Is Failing – Expand To Different Platforms…”

  1. When are the money people going to step in and stop these social justice warriors who are destroying a great product and company?

    Capitalism and companies thrive when they provide value to people. The social justice warriors in their insane jihad are destroying a great technological platform which benefits humanity.

    When are the people who invested in these platforms (aside from the Deep State) going to step in and put an end to this nonsense?

  2. From the beginning I could sense that Facebook is actually FacialrecognitionBook and FB actually offered to do driver’s licenses for the government once — so there you go! As a lifelong libertarian (small-L) it is frustrating when everything seems to be couched in left vs. right when it should be right vs. wrong — or free vs. slave! So we should work together to end vaccine and other school mandates, so we can actually live in a free society again. And instead of leaving Facebook, we should stay and make it better by working together against “the powers that shouldn’t be” — as even Ralph Nader has advocated! But definitely the mistreatment of our kids should be the uniting issue so thanks for continuing to advance, now let’s get out there and do it!

  3. Well said! As far as I can tell, I had my Facebook account scrambled (cancelled) because I had watched a vaccine series, and all the comments had to be made on Facebook. The nasty comments I got on my “wall” were so bad, interspersed with anti-Trump garbage that I deleted my account. I had to follow a “delete Facebook” post in another email to be sure I was deleted. Now, it is interesting because my phone number, photograph is recognized by facial recognition (>probably), and I cannot even start a new account. There you go.
    There are alternative venues: Reddit, real.video, and many others that are starting up.
    Stay away from anything Google does. They are masking Mike Adams or preventing his website and emails.
    I need to choose another email, but I have so many on my business email that I would lose business overnight.
    Time will tell.
    Do not vote Democratic.
    The only way they will “win” is to pack the ballot boxes.
    Examine the Voter Integrity Project (NC). We ourselves found 4 people with our address…The NC Voter Registration Board did not take them off even when we produced evidence they did not live here. Someone is using their names to pack the ballot box.
    Thanks for the rant.

  4. I get it and am personally THRILLED. However, I’m still surviving in my business – which focuses largely on autism – through Facebook advertising. Where do you suggest that we all flee TO? It’s a serious question. I’m no fan of FB, but definitely it’s a survival thing for our company, because we can still reach some of the parents who aren’t yet enlightened that autism is indeed treatable and kids do recover from it. Have you heard of anywhere that it seems thinking people are headed to as an alternative?

  5. someone said it was the DoD project lifelog,
    I spose cambridge analytica let that cat out of the bag,

  6. Leaving FB would mean losing our platform to communicate…. We also need the alternative(s), or our voice will be silenced anyway… just sayin’ And I made accounts on MeWe etc. but am having a difficult time getting friends and family to move on over… any thoughts? Thanks for all you are doing!

  7. When the crony corporate social media conspired to deny Alex Jones not just the right to speak but also the ability to be heard it became clear that we needed to deny our patronage to these creatures of the deep state. They are not private actors. They are deep state created and contracted corporate agents and ought to be bound by the restrictions of the First Amendment.

    When AJ was banned I started Friends of Alex Jones groups on both Facebook and it uncensored, blockchain-friendly alternative, http://www.Minds.com

    Curiously, I got 17 members of the Facebook group that day, and not one new member since. My Minds group started at about the same level, but now about 500 have joined.

    The lesson is clear. Leave Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Patronize Minds.com

  8. I believe Mike Adams built the Real.video platform and is funding it through sales of his health products using the same business model as Infowars. Mike was an out of shape programmer nerd before becoming a health advocate.

    We don’t need no stinking TwitterBook.

  9. In my view there is a Huge push by the Globalist Corporate Powers worldwide for centralist control of the ‘People’ – of the world- being played out Right Now…of course not in the so called corporate msm but All Over the Internet.
    I am personally trying to not use any of them, (hard to do!) by using Startpage as browser/search, http://www.Real.video -although i still go to youtube for many ‘platforms’ not censored or kicked off yet, only use it for remaining alternative News sites; I never bought into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…. just not a social media person. ..but, family & most friends are..

    Why? ! Because this is the 21st Century! and all the above are corporate globalist Emperors-without-clothes being exposed with their old Corporate structures – leftovers from the 20th Century Internet Beginnings…that are coming to the end of the line.

    I believe this ‘Historical Moment’ is an Opportunity to develop a Whole New Alternative Safe, Non-Centralist – Private, Uncensored Platforms Network, based in Blockchain Technology. Using platforms with the built in Technological protection of Privacy, Freedom of Speech, Parental Controls, etc., which Blockchain Tech offers …Not Based In the ‘old’ top dog corporate c.i.a. infiltration global internet structure. This is the Digital age after all and with a click of the button systems change…and fire around the world.

    Just as the 21st Century presents us with Block chain Technology…offering new platforms of replacement sites – as ‘Nexus’, that offers the connectedness of facebook’s ‘social media’, video platforms like Real.video to replace youtube, Startpage like for browsers. Basically, to Stop Shopping from the globalists, and to Support the entrepreneurs of the world , preferable, those based in block chain technology. Which in my view, is opening up a whole new era, that will eclipse the ‘old c.i.a. 20th century’ internet (-built-for-spying!)which is now so abused as to be a fix it black hole only good as a Corporate feeding trough. While Blockchain is the opportunity to evolve a next level global accord respecting people and governments thru privacy and security, while building a better communications network on all levels.
    I see this as a real ‘Game Changer’. However! I am not a ‘Tech’ person ! and know not if what i envision is really possible! or a projection of desire!?? What do you think…

  10. Once again, another great & entertaining, commentary, Tim.
    Like everyone else, I have a back-up profile & several escape pods, but I refuse to just leave farcebook . . . . on principle.
    I, & many others, would spend more time on the others if the learning curve wasn’t so daunting.

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