Is President Trump “Setting the Table” to Attack Big Pharma on Vaccines?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

The best news I got last week was that the $289 million dollar verdict against Monsanto for their use of the herbicide Round-Up, led by Robert F. Kennedy. Jr. and his brave band of “Untouchables” caused an $11 BILLION DOLLAR drop in the price of its parent company, Bayer.

An article in Bloomberg News put it in perspective:

“The reliance of the U.S. company, and now, its German acquirer, on Round-Up extends far beyond just selling it as a weed-killer.  Monsanto genetically engineered the DNA of corn, soybeans and other crops to make them resistant to Round-Up; it now makes more revenue from seeds and traits than it does from herbicide.”

You can read the Bloomberg article HERE:

The market value of the entire Monsanto company is only $66 billion dollars.  A few more weeks like that and we’ve made some serious progress in destroying one of the most evil companies on the planet.

I mean, really, we can strike a blow against PESTICIDES AND GMOs at the same time? 

These are good days to be alive.

The other good news last week is that President Trump called on the attorney general to sue pharmaceutical companies which produce opioids.

From The Wall Street Journal…

“In a cabinet meeting Thursday at the White House, Mr. Trump asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to bring a ‘major lawsuit’ against drug companies that ‘are really sending opioids at a level that it shouldn’t be happening.’  He said he wanted the attorney general to bring the suit at the federal level, rather than join existing litigation brought by the states.”

You can read the Wall Street Journal article HERE:

I want to put an idea into your mind as to what MAY be happening. 

I will state VERY CLEARLY that I DO NOT KNOW if this is the truth.

But I suspect it is.

Before the election and during the campaign, President Trump was very clear he believed vaccines were linked to the increase in autism.

Shortly after he took office he met with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to discuss him heading up a Vaccine Safety Commission.  We also heard that when Trump met with Bill Gates they talked about vaccines, with Gates assuring him that vaccines were completely safe.

From that point we have heard nothing.

If it were any other politician our community would rightly assume that it was simply a case of another candidate, from McCain to Obama to Hillary Clinton, who pretended to be on our side to get our vote, then to later betray us.

I get it.

However, I don’t think that’s Trump.

Trump has said many times he doesn’t think it’s smart to let the enemy know your battle plan…

Consider that as an operating principle.  It’s different than the typical politician who has diarrhea of the mouth and never gets anything done.  Do you wants words or actions?

When Trump launches his war, you can be certain there will be words, delivered through the bullhorn of Twitter.

I believe Trump looks at the pharmaceutical industry as a “tear-down.”

Tear-downs are a dangerous business.  Lots of people can be hurt in the collapse and you can fail in your objective.  You need to find an area of weakness to exploit for a controlled demolition and planned collapse.  Remember, we anti-vaxxers are supposed to be”anti-science.”

The pharmaceutical companies hold the high-ground of science and trying to find answers to human suffering.

Let Trump CHANGE THE NARRATIVE by showing clearly to the American people that pharmaceutical companies have “hooked” hundreds of thousands of citizens on opioids AND KNEW WHAT WHAT THEY WERE DOING.

Do you think that in an environment where the American people were convinced that pharmaceutical companies had knowingly addicted people, they would be more open to a similar message that no such thing as vaccine safety exists?

Is it such a cognitive jump for the public to go from believing an industry that would knowingly addict people to a drug would also turn a blind eye to harm inflicted on children?  I don’t think so.

If you believe what the mainstream media says about Trump, he can’t keep his mouth shut when an idea strikes him. 

Why the silence on vaccines when he has tweeted about it so prolifically in the past?

Maybe he lost interest, or changed his mind.  That is a reasonable inference at this time with the information currently available.

Or maybe the mainstream media has it wrong, and Trump has an easy time keeping quiet when it suits his purpose.  Since the rapprochement with North Korea have you heard him refer to “Little Rocket Man?”  Nope, now it’s “Chairman Kim.”

The man knows when to talk, when to insult, and when to refrain.

Personally, I think Trump is waiting for his moment of opportunity.  I’ve made a study of the man.  He is not rash.  His provocations are strategic.  He likes to win.

There’s a danger, though, in not telegraphing your moves to the enemy.  And it’s that your allies don’t have any idea what your’e doing, either.  In the swamp I’m sure  it’s difficult to tell friend from foe.  At this point I’m about 70% convinced Trump is simply maintaining operational silence as he moves to the target.

I want to address this directly to President Trump. 

So many of us are in the dark, wondering if the dawn will ever break.  I know your enemies are legion, but please do not forget your friends.

Send up a flare, President Trump.  Something.  Anything.  It will keep our spirits high as we wait for the arrival of the long-promised cavalry of truth on the wickedness of the pharmaceutical companies.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


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11 thoughts on “Is President Trump “Setting the Table” to Attack Big Pharma on Vaccines?”

  1. Kent: I hope you’re right. He certainly is smarter than the media gives him credit for, and he does appear to think strategically. On the other hand, opioids represent one, relatively minor, pharma company. Yet the image of federal marshals storming Merck headquarters to frog-march the execs out of the building to waiting paddy wagons is too alluring to dismiss.

  2. What I want our friend Donald to do FIRST, on our behalf, is to issue a Presidential Executive Order STOPPING Big Pharma from advertising directly to the public. The United States is the ONLY country on Planet Earth that allows this.

    Big Pharma accounts for 70% of the MSM News hour advertising – hence they control what is said on the news.

    I predict that the day after such an Executive Order was issued US Main Stream Media (MSM) would be turning in their pink Bentley convertibles to the leasing agents. and we would start to see “$99 clean your whole house carpet ads” instead of drug commercials.

    Just think – besides getting our media back under control of Americans, we’d all be much healthier and our carpets would be clean…

  3. I will support any party that: see below. But my research (so far) seems to indicate that all the establishment parties, MSM and gov. bureaucracies have been infiltrated and compromised be big pharma
    Opens your eyes to the mass sickening and assassination big pharma is waging against all of us via mercury poisoning via Vaccines (mercury and aluminum etc.), Amalgams, Root canals, and Roundup (binding-depleting minerals-nutrients which destroys our immune systems)
    There is a mercury detox glyphosate connection to all sickness
    The treasonous sabotage of our food and medicine. The mercury secret enabling continuing sickness and shortened lifespan. Who benefits? Follow the money to Pharma and Farma.
    The destruction humanity via our health and our economic productivity.This includes everyone even the doctors dentists and farmers who think they are benefiting from this travesty.
    Magnesium depletion and manganese depletion links Glyphosate and the detox of your mercury over saturated fat cells (most often as get older and they oversaturate).
    Why is nobody looking here ?
    Incremental assault, bankruptcy and murder via mercury and Roundup
    Allophathic medicine is a global fraud to keep everyone sick until bankrupt then off us.
    A one two economic hit leading to sickness and reduced lifespan A medline search Magnesium Depletion : gives ample proof that mercury detox and recirculation is the core cause of all allopathic “diseases” and cancers because of the way it decimates ones immune system. No prescription treatments necessary . No allopathic doctors needed.
    Magnesium depletion is also enhanced by the binding effect glyphosate has on the nutrients in the soil and food grown in such soil and its antibiotic effect that can destroy all your good biome.
    And then there is Fluoride and Bromine.
    Reference exposing glyphosate and political corruption
    Glyphosate mass poisoning India, the unpleasant truth
    Tony Mitra
    Canada and USA as well.

  4. I’m with you right down the line there Kent.
    Anyone who expects “Our Donald” to act like a politician is an idiot but, as they say, old habits die hard and when you’ve had government eating out of your hand for decades, you tend to expect that they will continue to do so.

    Donald doesn’t!

    Don’t wait, however, every push that we make helps Donald with his plan. Demolish the pharma-cartel brick by brick and soon the walls will be weak enough for General Trump to just walk through them.

    Blessed be


  5. Well, much as I’d like to see the pharmaceutical industry dumped in the trash by the victory this month, i just can’t imagine their brass had any illusions that sooner or later they’d run the glyphosate game into a wall. So like all execs, they would have more options, more chemicals that work with their GMOs and even now the Bayer labs have their own ‘magic’ to ‘save the world’… all waiting to spring to market with a solid push…. i just don’t think they bet all their houses on never being caught…

    So yeah i agree with Tim, that EO to deal with drugs — don’t call it anything respectable like pharmaceuticals unless we’re demanding separation of nutriceuticals or foods or homeopathic remedies from the clutches of the FDA– let’s get that ban…

    Meanwhile, how many rural people are getting the court news, like we are…? To them, Monsanto was a boon, that made donations to local boys clubs, to school sports scholarships and community projects… and you can bet their TV, local papers and radio, have no favorable things to say to refer to the court case, just more corrupt court complications that have no meaning yet. That would be where the non-hodgkins side would resonate, based on the cancer centers advertising constantly in rural papers…

    Anyone seen the state extension agents reactions yet? Not a word on the seed situation the this case represents, total silence from the advisers on this blight, or that agri-tech, all the usual end of summer focus on county fairs and their winners… ttyl

  6. Tim says US only country that permits DTC advertising. Not quite! New Zealand (1981), US (1985), Brazil (2008 with restrictions), Hong Kong (1953). All except NZ carry a citation supporting date.
    This article seems to cover our situation. As the Medicines Act 1981 did not prohibit, DTCA became legal by omission (deliberate or otherwise). – paragraphs 7-8.
    “Such industry funded ‘health information’ campaigns have been banned in almost all industrialised countries since the 1940s. New Zealand and the United States are lonely exceptions.

    To what does New Zealand owe this dubious honour? While most other developed countries enacted legislation prohibiting this practice approximately three quarters of a century ago, the New Zealand Medicines Act 1981 failed to address DTCA, seemingly more by accident than design”

  7. If you have been watching the news the department of health just got in a heap of trouble. Robert Kennedy Jr. found out they where supposed to be testing vaccinations for safety. They never have, president Trump arranged for him to meet them face to face to confront them on this issue. So I think it is slowly taking care of things. He stated the other day that he thinks the pharmaceutical companies should have to pay for all the drug addictions they caused. Vaccines are based on science that has been proven wrong. Germ theory has been proven wrong many times and they base vaccines on germ theory. The only reason the pharmaceutical companies have the upper hand is because they have convinced people the fake science is real.

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