“Failing” New York Times “Fails Again” on Vaccines

Normally I don’t interrupt the enemy when they’re in the midst of destroying themselves…

Opinion by Kent Heckenlively JD

However, the recent article in The New York Times entitled “How to Inoculate Against Anti-Vaxxers…”

…published on January 19, 2019 by no less that The Editorial Board of the old, feeble, and demented gray lady was just too much to pass up.

They just had to comment on the World Health Organization (WHO)’s recent ranking of “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the top 10 health threats for the world in 2019.

Got that?  The parents of vaccine-injured children, exhausted and tired by their disabled children, take time out of their over-stressed lives to mount a campaign to save other children, only to get attacked for being a threat to the public. 

I think one of the reasons I get so much satisfaction out of writing books about this issue is I know that when the truth is revealed there will be only a few sources to which people can turn to know what really happened.

My book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism will be one of those few sources. (And after you read it, please include an Amazon review.)

The New York Times gives us far more credit than we deserve.  Let’s tell the truth, there’s NO MONEY in it for those of us who are fighting against vaccines.  Those who are fighting for vaccines, are fighting for a product with nearly $50 billion dollars in annual sales and NO LEGAL LIABILITY.  Now, fifty billion dollars a year, that will buy a lot of troll farms in Russia with phony parents claiming they LOVE vaccines for their children!

Here’s a paragraph which made me howl with laughter because I only wish we had that much power.

“It’s no mystery how we got here.  On the internet, anti-vaccine propaganda has outpaced pro-vaccine public health information.  The anti-vaxxers, as they are colloquially known, have hundreds of websites promoting their message, a roster of tech- and media-savvy influencers and an aggressive political arm that includes at least a dozen political action committees.  Defense against this onslaught has been meager.  The C.D.C., the nation’s leading public health agency, has a website with accurate information, but no loud public voice.  The United States Surgeon General’s office has been mum.  So has the White House – and not just under the current administration.  That leaves just a handful of academics who get bombarded with vitriol, including outright threats, every time they try to counter pseudoscience with facts.”

According to the website Open Secrets, the pharmaceutical industry spent more than $216 million dollars lobbying Congress last year and has more than 1400 registered lobbyists against 535 elected officials in the House and Senate.  That works out to close to three lobbyists for every single member of Congress.  Can The New York Times honestly admit that we anti-vaxxers are massively outgunned?  It’s amazing what we’ve been able to do with limited resources and the truth.

According to the website, Investopedia, the pharmaceutical industry has spent more than $3.9  billion dollars lobbying Congress over the past twenty years.   

The next closest competitor, the insurance industry is far behind with $2.7 billion dollars.  The oil and gas industry, back at #6, spent less than $2.1 billion dollars over that same time period.

The pharmaceutical industry is terrified of what President Trump has said in the past about vaccines and autism.  When will that first Presidential tweet about vaccines and autism come out?

President Trump, isn’t it clear by now that both you and the anti-vaxx community have been targeted by the pharmaceutical deep state?  They have thrown the first punch.  It is now time for you to counter-punch.


I’m a little offended that the “Failing New York Times” didn’t contact me for a comment considering I’m the “World’s #1 Anti-Vaxxer.” 

Who else has been banned from an entire continent, like I was from Australia, for simply wanting to talk about vaccines?  (Granted – Australia is the smallest continent, but still, who else has a record like me?)

You know, maybe the New York Times could fly me out to New York so I could have a sit-down with their editorial board and we could better understand each other.

In a democratic country they really can’t start rounding people like me up and putting us in camps because it would raise too many questions.  Still, they do the next best thing which is trying to publicly shun us and hope the brain-dead public goes along with it.  The problem is, it’s a bad look for them.  Here we are, saintly parents taking care of our disabled kids, and they say we’re evil super-villains.

But you know, I’m all about solutions. 

If the failing New York Times had the guts to interview me and fairly present my side, here’s my five point plan as to what should be done:

(1)   Overturn the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which gives complete legal immunity to the pharmaceutical companies and allow these companies to be sued in the way we allow for all other pharmaceutical products.  If vaccines really are “as safe as sugar water” as their proponents claim, this should be an easy thing to do.

(2)  Hold Congressional hearings on the Simpsonwood Conference of 2000, in which government and industry scientists met away from the Centers for Disease Control to develop a strategy to deal with the fact that their own studies were showing that the more vaccines children were given, the higher the rates of neurological disease.

(3)  Perform a study on the neurological health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

(4)  Hold Congressional hearings on the claims of Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) who has alleged that in the early 2000s, scientists at the CDC covered up evidence of increased rates of autism in children who received their measles-mumps-rubella shots on an accelerated schedule.

(5)  Hold Congressional hearings on the claims of Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, the government’s own witness in the Autism Omnibus Hearings of the late 2000s, who claims he was prevented from testifying any further when he told government lawyers that he’d come to the opinion that vaccines were likely to be responsible for up to 30% of autism cases. (That’s a little like the government saying 70% of alien abductions are fake, but the other 30% are real.)

I never thought the failing New York Times would provide such a public service and raise the profile of people like me.

President Trump, the table has been set for you to start tweeting about these issues.

Well played, New York Times.  Well-played.

Opinion by Kent Heckenlively JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.

Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com


17 thoughts on ““Failing” New York Times “Fails Again” on Vaccines”

  1. They call it ‘kicking somebody when they’re down’. It’s an indication of how low our mainstream media has fallen.

    It’s exactly the same in the UK

  2. Good job “Anti-Vaxxers.” We have shaken the biggest of the globalist “weenie pubs,” the New York Times, to its roots.

    We’ve lured them out into the streets – and the streets are ours…

    Our movement is EVERYWHERE…

    Stay tuned…

    Tim Bolen

  3. Pretty good article which I will share with some very pro-NYT as well as very pro-vaccines. However, your title calling the NYT ‘racist’ is just too out of place here, altho in fact it truly is. Why would you apply it here. I would think terms like supporting Medical Fascism would be far more accurate.

    And yes, the UK is no better. REcently the Guardian did a similar type of article filled with false information. This is what globalism is about, the coordination of corporate efforts on all sides of the Pond!

  4. oh my, there’s a stealth campaign at state level in the USA to ensure that any of the brain-dead readers of the NYT don’t have to think too hard about what to do about those nasty anti-vaxxers… the state govts will solve it.. Washington, Oregon bought on..

    First maybe west coast but now middle america… Ohio’s indecent governor, has allocated $50million to send govt agents [aka social workers] around to new mothers and pregnant women to make sure they are UP-TO-DATE on VACCINES.. which is then hidden in a lot of goodie-two-shoe advice on oo-eee NUTRITION… yup.. everybody knows that’s good for govt to do.. and to make sure it’s totally shielded from criticism, they taut it LOUDLY that the GOVT IS RESPONDING TO THE FRIGHTENINGLY HIGH INFANT DEATH RATE IN OHIO… while concealing that it’s the damn vaxxing that causes SIDS [SUDDEN INFANT DEATH]….

    As the doctor [KALOKERINOS] showed with large doses of C for infants in his work down-under, which ended the epidemic that plagued the semi-tribal aborigines only after the ‘white man’ came with their vaccines — only the white man had no idea why *scurvy* suddenly became an epidemic among the semi-tribal aboriginals whose normal diet easily provided the RDAs of C, especially after the knowledgeable white man doctors began dishing FDA-level pills to stop the epidemic, and it did not stop it, huge doses were needed after ‘white man’s medicine’ came. AND STILL THE WHITE MAN’S DOCTORS REJECTED KALOKERINOS’ EVIDENCE IN AUSSIE LAND.

    Guess why you Kent were banned…. The C……. had risen into view already….

  5. Greatly APPRECIATE YOUR DEDICATION TO HUMANITY!!! Due to your work many of us remain hopeful that there will be MASS awakening of HUMANITY willing & able to join in this struggle. In my bldg. Complex alone here in NYC I’ve seen so many young children with autism and other young people dying from cancer.
    Again, THANK YOU


  6. Kent,

    Excellent post. I’d like to point out the media coordination between the NYT and the WSJ (ostensibly ‘rival’ publications in the sense that the NYT is thought of as liberal and the WSJ is considered conservative). In the weekend edition of the WSJ (Saturday/Sunday, January 19-20, 2019) there appeared a piece by Bill Gates entitled “The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made”. In the article he touts his investment in three organizations in particular. Can you guess which ones? To quote from the piece: “Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance; the Global Fund; and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative”. All the money in the world cannot stop truth which is why we are winning despite being massively “underfunded” compared to our detractors in the media. Here’s a link to the story: https://www.wsj.com/articles/bill-gates-the-best-investment-ive-ever-made-11547683309

  7. I’m hoping , but I no longer expect Donald Trump to do anything about it. I voted for him for his public stance about autism and vaccination He made a public gesture calling Senator Kennedy to head the Anti vaccine commission. Senator Kennedy waited waited and waited while Trump never actually did nothing. Months have passed and other than ordering the lowering of medications price he has been strangely silent on the issue. His trust has been and is the economy of this country, I am sad to say that for him vaccine/ our children ARE NOT priority in his agenda. He is after all, and most of all, a man who is in the business of creating/stimulating financial abundance, and the country is benefiting for it. But he is an astute businessman, and he knows that big Mafia Pharma is a conglomeration of inmensily rich and absolutely politically powerful investors. He is totally immeshed in the political game of trading causes : you give me this and I give you that… and the children will keep on been maimed or killed in the money altar. If elected for a second term we will see more of the same. His seemingly banal and provocative Tweets are just so both reps and dems present a public spectacle that engages the public attention away from the Autism/vaccine campaign propaganda that gained him the vote of the antivaxxers. I have grown tired of the theory that he is doing it in secret. This man is mercurial and prone to say the most stupid remarks because of a big ego. I have watched all his public speeches before and after and his body language and demeanor, even the rhythm of speeches are not of the man we voted for. He lost my trust.

  8. WHO is a trade association, pure and simple, using a public health framework to disseminate the good news about their own products and services.

    Asking WHO about vaccines is like asking the National Milk Producers’ Federation what they think of eating dairy foods.

  9. Alicia, I agree that there is nothing going on with Trump, he just has a big mouth, and when the drug companies pushed back, he made a deal with them. I certainly won’t be voting for him again. He’s been in office for over 2 years and still nothing, believe me, there’s nothing going on behind the scenes.

  10. You can expect that the dying snake will thrash its tail and the vitriol will get louder as it feels its power being undermined by the educated masses who are increasingly rejecting so called “experts” funded by industry – this is happening. Interesting I put in a google search for news articles on vaccinations and 100% I get pro-vaccine news. It is obvious that Google is part of the propaganda machine.

  11. I am not so disappointed in Trump as you are. My disappointment is in the anti-vaxxers’ ability to pile onto opportunities.

    When Kent got a door open at the govt offices where we could enter our objections to vaccine agendas then in play, the response was underwhelming. And yeah I circulated his proposal and the link and the encouragement….

    Ditto when Ralph set up the Funding webpage and it would have been not too difficult for anti-vaxxers to chip in $5 as asked for, by the millions, but again the deadline came and went, with not much action, but fortunately he got an extension on the time and so maybe the judge was at least fantasizing that the sum was growing…

    RFK, Jr, and his group has been stellar, so that’s where i joined his group and pushed, posted, tweeted, and whatever and donated. So that was the sole whirlwind and groundswell, with BigTree etc,

    And RFK’s involvement came from Trump’s interest, as did Trump’s authorizing of the ‘association insurance policy’ agenda at the behest of Rand Paul. That has great potential in view of what we could do if a few key ‘associations’ offered insurance policies that only covered things that we in the alternative medical world would want and be at a loss to cover ourselves.. like select surgeries only, then the cost would be minimal and we’d develop our ‘association’ claim history.

    Combine that with Ralph’s lawsuit and we could even add other policies that covered those alternate treatments that the association we belonged to did promote for health.

    So I don’t see that Trump did so bad after all. Humanly, I do see this as progress and do not think anyone should be demanding santa claus to ride into DC and board up the FDA and CDC to suit us. ttyl

  12. I’m wondering about Judith’s google search as indicating google’s ideas instead of the forces of the snake’s blowback that she opened with. Plus ‘maybe’ something about the user’s own use of google’s resources.

    I don’t see google as so unreasonably biased. To compare my impressions of google’s performance with Judith’s who apparently got 100% pro-vax when she entered ‘vaccine news’, I did that same search on my chrome browser and got predominately the forces of the snake BUT MERCOLA MADE IT about half way down the page.

    Yahoo did almost the same with the addition of NATURALNEWS…

    Duckduckgo inundated the top of the page with pro-vax videos, but had the mercola and naturalnews surrogate pages half way down, plus one more near the bottom. Yet the impression was colored by one blaring a headline about CONSPIRACY-PSEUDOSCIENCE

    Bing had the duckduckgo list but maybe a bit further up the page. So I don’t see much in the flood of pro-vax ‘news’ other than the proverbial snake’s intent to strike back.

    I don’t recall anyone protecting Google when they faced the Chinese govt a few years back, so whatever was built into the searching, at the behest of controlling govts — on top of the h1b workforce’s biases — is obviously built-in and the US govt has their triggers in place. But the same factors apply to the other main search engines, near as i can tell. And google only favors videos as highly as the others unless you ask for them so for those who favor reading over being-shown, I still favor google. And I am leery of the attacks on google just because it was the leader that pioneered the field and holds a pre-eminent name recognition status. Don’t you think that’s accurate?

  13. Despite your very reasonable sounding posts here, I must strongly disagree with you. The fact that a few lawsuits and letters were written to Trump does nothing as he and his forces have done nothing to change the focus of health care. The drug and insurance corporations are just as much in control as they always have been. You should be looking at the new Congress and the number of progressives that we have now. These are people who show some understanding of corporate power and how it is used against the public’s interest. If approached from this viewpoint, I think they might be educable on the issue real health care and real choice as opposed to the corporate medical model that we have now.

    You spoke correctly on the poor organizing efforts around the few ventures tried. What you miss are the millions of people who are not Libertarians but who question and/or oppose vaccines. I have posted here several times that if you really want a serious effort it is necessary to work in coalition with others who will agree on this particular issue. Stop wasting time attacking Liberals who are clearly not understood here or Progressives who do understand the need for structural changes in the country. Altho I am not so sure Libertarians understand that. Look at Italy and their revolt over the vaccine issue. The people, all of them, not just right wing people as the press wrongly reports, rose up and not only got the mandate recinded but destroyed the government itself. Unfortunately, like the US, looking for anything that looked different voted in a right wing fascist type government.

    As for your second comment about Google, you are again wrong. Google and other servers are refusing to deliver holistic health newsletters to millions of people. Over the past 3? years almost all mine have stopped coming to me. Mercola’s newsletter that I received for several years can no longer be delivered. Mike Adams newsletter also. Progressive political newsletters are also being repressed and most of the ones I read are sending out notices that they are being purged from Facebook and Twitter which apparently has a major impact on their income and operating budget. We are seeing massive censorship and repression of information in this country. I am waiting to see if RT and Tel-U-Sur stop getting delivered. This country has done nothing but support corporate control of the media regardless of how wrong the information. Further, even is a progressive holistic news URL is included in a search but it is way down the list, people will not read it readily. They will read the top 1 or 2. I find this true all the time with people to whom I send URLs to read but they think they are smarter and do their own search and only come up with corporate centered information.

  14. Alicia–I am sorry you had to have been so disappointed but Trump is always what he is–a flaming narcissist, a blatant liar. This is his modus operendi. He is not a good deal maker or business person judging from all his failures and commentary from his biographer. I just see him as a goon and thief. His style and tactics were learned from the street and Mafia and he prides himself on his ability to bully anyone into submission. He has no respect for the public, much less our children. Every cabinet member he hired was installed to destroy that cabinet and against the interest of the public but he uses our money for his personal betterment; ie, thievery. But all life experiences are a learning as we move forward.

    What I would suggest is you read the Buzzfeed article on creating a conspiracy theory around George Soros. The tactics discussed were also used for Trump and other right wing, fascistic people in the world. Here is the link:


  15. There’s a reason why there are hundreds of vaccine awareness websites. Vaccines are the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity and more and more people are waking up to that fact.

    And as far as the CDC not having a public presence—what do you call the NY Times… and other mass media, who are all publishing identical articles in a very coordinated effort? That’s more press in one day than the hundreds of anti-vaccine websites would get in a century.

    No media support, no PR budget… we only have the truth. Which is why we’re able to convince more and more people to switch sides every day!

  16. This is getting interesting. One of us got NOTHING but the govt vax postings but I consistently get a few of the opposition. And it doesn’t matter much if i use other search engines, i still get about the same list.

    Otoh, you don’t get your mercola and natural news letters, yet mine are not affected. They are there, including their various spinoffs.. Who’s pulling the strings here.?

    I do have the practice of specifying that i want ‘natural’ this or ‘natural’ that when that’s my intention so maybe google gave up on censoring me.. I have posted protests at facebook over their censorship of my posts, and not gotten flack that i’m aware of… why…. i think i recall one of the early TED talks where the speaker [an insider at google] had said that google’s search engines responded to your history of choices so that would be a possible reason, as i am adamant about what edges of research i want. Strictly a good servant.

    Other than RFK, Jr where have you seen democrats that understood what the healthcare situation is? and even he limits himself to attacking irrefutable treachery in operating principles, not acknowledging the frankenstein we deal with.

    Since you’ve self-assigned your agenda on approaching democrats, how about putting up a list of those that see the picture so we can watch for opportunities to push their ideas when we see them. No sign of them on my radar.

  17. Tim and others, there are several heads to the hydra. It is time I think we turned some attention to the way medicine, commerce, politics and law have somehow united to create an illegal euthanasia system/elder killing machine on a massive scale hiding in plain sight.

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