British Parliament Delivers BANKING CARTEL a Massive Kick in the Teeth…

What Is Happening In Britain Is Important To Americans…

Globalism is On The Wane – Big Time…

From Europe By Karma Singh

Tuesday 15th January 2019, with a massive majority of 432 to 202, British Members of Parliament rejected totally the Brexit deal proposed to them by the Prime Minister Theresa May.

To fully understand this, we have to look a little into its history.

The European Union is a collective of nation states created and ruled by the banking cartel.

Most of the leading political figures in those nation states are also appointees of the cartel. There is no democratic institution in the EU; its ruling council is an oligarchy of cartel employees who serve their masters with no regards to the people of Europe. You may have heard that there is a European Parliament but this is nothing more than a debating chamber with no power to make or to amend any laws.

Having seen just how much harm had been willfully done by the cartel’s ruling council to the European people as a whole and to the British people specifically,

Enter “Brexit…”

Donald Trump – Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage led a long fight to end this tyranny and to return self-rule by democracy to the British people. In the Summer of 2016, this culminated in a national referendum in which the British people as a whole voted to end their subjugation to the cartel.

Following the results of the referendum, the then Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned necessitating the election of a new party leader who would then be prime minister. Several highly competent people were nominated for the post but then did not only the front runners suddenly withdraw their nominations, even Nigel Farage announced his “retirement from politics” (which still hasn’t happened). What threats were made against those front runners or their families by the cartel we shall probably never know but, thus, was the floor cleared for the appointment of a nobody; a non-entity who was and is in no way equal to the task of Prime Minister.

Meet Theresa May…

Theresa May had been promised a senior government post in exchange for her loyal service to the interests of the bankers over many decades. The problems of her meager intelligence, weak personality and overweening vanity had made any such appointment difficult but now these very deficiencies made her the ideal stooge to betray the British people and to destroy Brexit for the bankers.

Following orders from her masters…

May did absolutely nothing for many months. This was followed by a period of appeasement in which she ostensibly tried to get a Brexit deal from the bankers by betraying the interests of the British people to fulfil the bankers every whim. This, as one would expect, led those greedy idiots in the EU ruling council to demand ever more sacrifices for “permitting” Britain to exercise its sovereign right to self-determination. All of this was, of course, playing for time as her masters dictated.

Finally, just a couple of weeks ago…

…and with only a very short time to run before Britain actually left the EU on the 31st March 2019, the British parliament was presented with a Brexit deal to ratify which betrayed the British people totally.

Under this “deal” proposed by May, Britain would continue to be governed by the EU, would continue pouring vast sums of money into the bankers coffers via the EU but would have no say whatsoever in the governance of the EU or what would be done with British “contributions to the EU budget”. A total sell-out of the British people to the bankers just as Theresa May was instructed.

What the bankers assumed was that, because there appeared to be no time remaining to negotiate a new deal for Brexit, the British parliament would simply swallow the bitter pill of betrayal. The massive majority with which they rejected this opens a new era of hope. The question which needs to be answered is who were the other 201 who voted with May for betrayal? As a general election seems now to be on the cards, it is important that the British people be informed.

So, what could Britain do about Brexit without a deal with the bankers’ appointees in the EU ruling council?

Surely it would be economically catastrophic to just walk away from the EU?

Not a bit of it! The bankers need to have Britain in their EU much more than Britain needs the EU.

Over many years, the EU has been prosecuting a policy of destroying the middle class, i.e. those entrepreneurs who create and expand wealth.

New technologies such as free energy, internet with neither cables nor microwaves, mobile phones using natural gravity waves as the signal carriers instead of health and environment destroying artificial electronic ones and much more have been suppressed.

Opening the doors to these new, healthier ways of business, simplifying taxation to a flat rate “everybody pays” system and reducing purchase tax (called VAT in Britain) from 20% to 5% would make Britain, in a very short time, once again the industrial and economic power house of Europe.

Once the bankers lose control over Britain, other European countries will follow.

This, inevitably, means a reduction in the power of the pharmaceutical cartel which is interwoven with the banking cartel. This, then, opens the door to health care based upon health instead of pharma-profits.

This is why the bankers are so desperate to keep control and why this massive rejection by Parliament is so heart-warming.

Blessed be…

From Europe By Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “British Parliament Delivers BANKING CARTEL a Massive Kick in the Teeth…”

  1. There are articles in the Mainstream Media that made it sound like the opposite is true, that Brexit is finished. Thanks for this.

  2. There is not a cat in hell’s chance of the UK leaving behind control by the bankers. The Union is in grave danger of collapsing since a no deal Brexit – an outcome I want – will result in Scottish nationalist moves to break away from the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Oppositon, Jeremy Corbyn, who has long been against the EU, finds himself a prisoner of his Parliamentary Party and refuses to cooperate with Theresa May unless she rules out a no deal Brexit which most Brexiteers support.

    Pressure is building for a second referendum and project fear from the media has led to many who voted out in 2016 now supporting remaining. Hard deal Brexiteers are threatening to boycott a second poll, ignoring the fact that Europe will of course welcome a majority Remain vote even if only 30 per cent of the electorate votes

    Frankly, the whole thing is a bloody mess with no more than a ten percent likelihood of a no deal exit. In any case Karma, I suggest you might spend your time more profitably campaigning for a Gexit rather than commenting on issues the complexity of which you haven’t fully comprehended.

  3. Any guesses where the 5G kill grid is going to be tested first? Maybe next year.

    Either that or there will imminently be some ‘natural’ disaster or false flag affecting the UK that will require intense cross-Euro coordination to save the innocent people in harm’s way.

  4. Garden Gal – yes, it’s all propaganda to hype a 2nd referendum.

    Kevin Morris – your analysis is right I think. All the same, Karma’s narrative is important also. Nothing wrong with blowing the victory trumpet, and encouraging for others to keep pushing. Because what I read in all this is a potentially fruitful battleground against globalism. No harm seeing it that way, in fact a lot to be gained, even if just waking people up to the bigger picture. Raising awareness of what is happening in the UK and why is all helping other nations to consider their own relationship with Europe. Nothing there that is incompatible in any way with pushing for Gexit.

    Whole nations dropping out, one at a time or en masse, dumping their obligations with 2 fingers to Brussels and unilaterally writing off their own debts to the EU would be the sweetest outcome. Make VE day look like a $2 lottery win

    Thanks Karma and all.

  5. I find the article unduly wishful and premature.
    The shenanigans called ‘brexit’ – (itself suggesting the whole thing is a psyop) is a theatre of the absurd – not least because the political class of the stage fronting for decisions made behind closed doors.

    Notice the generating of the idea; ‘populism’ (not democracy) as the counterpoint to globalism and note the associations being insinuated.

    Notice the shift in overt relations of US to EU and that the UK (Banking and Corporate intelligence etc) has always been a key element in its overseeing of the development of a one world power – that is only nominally US – being a transnational power class.

    Better to identify the various strands rather than propagate wishful conclusions that tell people what to think rather than invite them to notice for themselves.

    The world of secrets and lies may seem to be a contest as to who gets to set the narrative, but truth is beneath and yet beyond them. That we are beings of choice is because freedom is in our original nature – regardless the seductions of a wish for possession and control.

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