“Brexit” Now Spreading In Unexpected Directions…

The European Union (EU) Is Coming Apart…

The Globalists (Bankers and Big Pharma) are on the run…

“Brexit” opened people in  Europe’s eyes.  France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, the Netherlands, and Sweden are openly skeptical of staying in the EU.

Recent polls from the European Commission show support for the EU has dropped in all countries bar two, mirroring the rise in support for anti-EU parties.

A “Brexit,” of itself, is a very easy thing to achieve in any and all EU countries – assuming one has some backbone.  And it is well on its way in Europe.

From Europe by Karma Singh

For Instance, In Britain, Only Three Points are Necessary to leave the EU…

(1)  All EU institutions and regulatory bodies are to leave the UK forthwith.

a) Any employees who have lived in the UK for at least three years and have paid UK taxes or are married to UK citizens are free to seek alternative employment. Others are to return to their country of origin.

(2)   The free movement of peoples, with the safeguards which have been in place for more than a decade, is of benefit both to the UK and to other EU countries. No change is needed here.

(3)   Free trade has been of benefit both to the UK and other EU countries and there is no need to make any changes.

Then we have the “Red Herring” of the Northern Ireland / Eire border.

Many decades ago, before the UK joined the then European Economic Community, I was in charge of a department in a shipping company sending goods to and fro across this border. The arrangements then worked very smoothly and we never had a delay at the border. This can easily be resurrected and inconvenience almost no-one.

There is, further, not the slightest justification for the enormous bill which the bankers seek to impose upon the British people for “allowing” them the right of self-determination. This is not something that the bankers can sell because they do not own it (but selling things that do not have and do not own is the core of the banking business – so no surprise there). Such demands are to summarily dismissed.

The essential point here is that the British People have declared their will for a return to self-determination. The EU Bankocrats wish to keep us in complete subjugation to their despotic will. Theresa May has been their willing tool to betray the British people and I am rather disappointed that Parliament didn’t have the backbone to sack her.

On other fronts, however, a consortium of “lesser” EU states, specifically Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia and (maybe) Austria are beginning to work together on a programme to eliminate the banker’s plutocracy and absolute rule of the European peoples and to end the connivance of George Soros who, very obviously, gives them their instructions. Their aim is the return to self-determination for the European peoples within a looser framework controlled by the people instead of the bankers.

Germany and France, on the other hand, are pushing hard to eliminate the nation states by fudging the borders, i.e., for example, Franco/German territory being forced upon Poland and Spain and vice-versa.

More details here…

Pictured: Salvini meets with Poland’s Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński in Warsaw on January 9.

In the present Europe of traitors, Macron (France) and Merkel (Germany) seek to circumvent the will of the people by destroying the very fabric of their lives; not the least by mass-immigration of ill-educated, economic migrants (the Soros Plan).

An article from the Gatestone Institute says:

“During a visit to Warsaw on January 9, Salvini, now the most powerful politician in Italy, said that populists from Italy and Poland should spark a “European spring” and forge a “new equilibrium” to replace the influence of Germany and France in the European Parliament:”

“The Europe that will be created in June will be different from the one of today, which is managed by bureaucrats. In Europe, one has always spoken of a French-German axis. We are preparing for a new equilibrium and a new energy in Europe. There will be a joint action plan that will infuse Europe with new blood, new strength, new energy. Poland and Italy will be the protagonists of this new European spring, this revival of true European values, with less bureaucracy and more work and more family, and above all more security.”

An all-pervasive bureaucracy is the bankers’ objective.

In this, there is no room whatsoever for self-determination by the European peoples; a fact which is becoming daily apparent to ever more citizens: Hence the “Yellow vest” and other citizen offensives against the bankers.

“Yellow Vest” in France – against the fake “climate change” carbon tax.

Those readers living in the USA may notice that this is also the policy of the loony left which is also controlled by Soros. These movements will inevitably grow and it is Britain which has supplied the lead. Hence the need to at least sack Theresa May if not to prosecute her for treason and to give the task on completing this simple matter to someone with backbone and the interests of the European peoples at heart.

Following the completion of Brexit, a review of EU regulations adopted by the UK over the past years has to take place.

Those which do not serve the interests of the British people are to be rescinded. A shining case in point is the “Data Protection Act” which does absolutely nothing to protect personal data or to eliminate fraud and spam but imposes an additional heavy burden upon small and medium businesses with no benefit for anyone. It is a part of the bankers’ plan to eliminate the middle class and leave us all subservient to the cartels which they control.

Now, what can an independent Britain do to regenerate and to repair the damage imposed by the EU?

I have mentioned a couple of things in my last article on this topic and there is much more.

For many years, it has been possible to eliminate 99% of spam but the Internet Service Providers are unwilling to make the necessary investment to attain this. Legislation enforcing it for UK internal traffic will make UK ISPs preferred internet providers and force others to follow.

There needs to be a special online channel showing people exactly how online frauds are perpetrated. Most victims fall prey to the fraudsters because they do not have the knowledge to recognise a fraud and to tell it from the real thing. An online service in which the frauds are shown in detail and which offers the ability to test the veracity of a particular offer are very easy to create. This can be offered in other languages for sale to other nation states.

Set the people and, especially, the entrepreneurs, free to do their thing and a blooming economy is certain.

Blessed be

From Europe by Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

4 thoughts on ““Brexit” Now Spreading In Unexpected Directions…”

  1. I am more and more convinced that that the EU parliament is simply an out post (outschwitz) of the Illuminati. As we all know, many of its members are connected to George Sarosh (it is the correct pronunciation). It seems that in France the yellow jackets are anti EU, but President Mikron (his new name) seems to be in the pocket of the Illuminati. Angela Mer-nem- kell (her Hungarian name) is still influential. It seems that the EU supporters, expected a landslide victory and they were not prepared for Brexit. The question is whether, in case of a new election, the results will be falsified. The media certainly can influence it. According to Shakespeare: “If money go before, all ways do lie open”

  2. Hi Gasston,
    you must separate the European Parliament from the EU Council.
    The Council is the banker stooges who actually give the orders.
    The Parliament is a debating chamber with no powers to create or to amend legislation – a sop to misguide the public.

    Blessed be


  3. Gaston you are right about the EU and what it really is. We have to be really careful what sense we make of uprisings, because the uber powerful always know how to recruit every side to their own cause and turn every outcome to their advantage.

    Check out the recent Truthstream Media video ‘What’s really going down in Paris?’. The opening quote alone is startling:

    “The greatest success of the Bavarian Illuminati conspiracy was the French Revolution of 1789”

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