Democratic Party “Name-Calling” – Desperate Response To Irrefutable Argument…

If You Are The Least Bit Conservative You Have To Have A Sense Of Humor To Deal With “So Serious” Liberals…

How To Have Fun With Liberals – A Primer…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton ran her 2016 election campaign right out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” handbook.

The US Democratic Party lives by these rules – for they have NOTHING ELSE to use to try to manipulate the US population into accepting their Elite-run-Agenda21-communism-socialism form of government.  They offer absolutely NOTHING that would benefit Americans.

So, they revert to “Name-Calling…”

Definition – “Name calling” propaganda occurs when complementary or pejorative words are used by governments, individuals, or the media to describe another person or group. The purpose is to subliminally manipulate or influence public opinion in order to generate conformity with the opinions of those producing the propaganda.

“Name Calling” is a Combination of Five Of Alinsky’s Rules…

In Presidential election 2016 Empress Hillary ran on a progression of buzz-words.  Liberal media picked up on them and ran with these empty words as though they had value.  We all heard them – “deplorable, racist, xenophobic, glass-ceiling, blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah, blah-blah-blah-blah…”

The Populists that backed Trump, and Trump himself, had a well thought out campaign based upon significant ISSUES important to Americans.  They laid out those issues and showed plans to solve those problems – and MADE PROMISES.

The Democrats were dumbfounded when Trump actually addressed the American people with REAL ISSUES – and solutions.  They were even more dumbfounded when he began to deliver on those promises – something the Obama-Nation NEVER did.

The Democrats had NO COUNTER ARGUMENTS – absolutely NOTHING to offer America Except Hillary as Planet Earth’s first Empress..  And an Empress she intended to be.

Which five of Alinsky’s Rules?  These:

RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

RULE 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”

RULE 8: “Keep the pressure on. Never let up.”

RULE 10: “If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.”

RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

Why this combination?  Easy answer.  

Our buddy Steve Bannon was interviewed on ABC Australian television not so long ago by an ultra-liberal idiot woman who kept interjecting “racist, racist, racist, racist” while Steve was trying to explain to this dimwit the concept of “Economic Nationalism.”  It was VERY FUNNY to watch, for this woman was SO dumb-ass liberal that she really COULD NOT understand the simple concept Steve was carefully, and patiently, trying to relate.

I know that it is impolite to openly laugh at people in public but this woman was THE EPITOME of liberal STUPIDITY – and I played some segments several times for full enjoyment.  I have the video just below.

Before I show you the video I should explain something…

Some people have the idea that we “The Populists” are conducting a defensive campaign against the globalists in the US.  Not hardly.

We are FULLY on the offense world-wide.  Those battles in France, Germany, Britain, and all of the EU are very much part of our anti-globalist campaign.

Humor – I actually found a copy of this video on the (insert laughter here) on the Southern Poverty Law Centers “Hatewatch” Youtube site. – a strong indicator of how TERRIFIED the globalist establishment is of us.

Watch the video now…

Wasn’t THAT interesting?

What if we were to turn the “name-calling” trick back on the Democrats?

What words would we use, and why?  The answers are easier than you think.  Let’s start with a few.

Blackophobic – There is absolutely no question that liberals  are TERRIFIED of black people.  All liberals, after all, live in gated communities to, primarily, keep out black people.  The infamous Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was, and still is, wholly owned by the Democratic Party.

Democratic Party President Lyndon Johnson was the ultimate racist with his “Great Society,” a working project to destroy the fabric of black families.

Should two black men show up at a local Starbucks,  liberals would call for a SWAT Team..

Heterophobic –  This one is obvious.  In the News Planning Room at CNN the idea that Conservative men and women would regularly sleep in the same bed, and would, other than for novelty, have sex together, is completely repulsive, and scary to them.  Very scary…  Ask Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, or Rachell Maddow…

To liberals “having children” is predominantly something done with a tube, or something arranged with a human trafficker crossing our southern border….

Christianophobic – This is a big one for liberals.  The biggest terror of all.  Something that makes most of them seek anxiety medication.  Why?  Because Christianity represents a direct contradiction to their religion – Secular Humanism.  From an earlier article comes:

“The ONE thing you can ALWAYS count on from so-called “Secular Humanists” is the fact that they HATE religion of any kind – NOT because of any dis-belief in a God, but because EVERY organized religion centers around, and makes rules for, the behavior of societies and communities.

When Americans speak of being a “Christian Nation” they are referring to the simple fact that our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent laws, and rules, we follow rules set up over thousands of years during Christianity.

“Secular Humanists” believe that RULES, and LAWS, do not apply to them, that THEY will decide which rules they may or may not follow – kind of like a whole GROUP of Hillary Clintons.

In other words “Secular Humanists” believe that THEY ALONE get to decide which laws and rules they are to follow, and that they, as a group, or individually, DO NOT have to adhere to ANY rules or laws.  They, in fact, attempt to change existing laws to de-criminalize their common activities – like pedophilia..

Several years ago the “Secular Humanists” tried to legalize pedophilia, claiming “it was good for children.”  Their efforts failed.  But, apparently, they had a very sympathetic ear in Barack Hussein Obama – who opened children’s bathrooms to whomever wanted to be there that day.

Watch this six minute video which includes a DETAILED report of how the “Secular Humanists” are defining sexual contact between adults and children.  They are saying that “the negative potential of adult sex with children was overstated…”

More they show us all the article where the New York Times wrote an editorial promoting the legalization of pedophilia.”

Liberal Democrats live in a world of “Entitlement,” where, to them, The Ten Commandments do not apply.  When they see Christians walking around they are reminded that there actually ARE laws that they must follow, and fear comes upon them.

Thinkophobia – Liberals are troubled by the fact that Conservatives think things through, and apply facts and logic to concerns before making decisions. Liberals, we know, probably due to a liberal Public School Education, are unable to do this.  When they see Conservatives do this, sometimes right in front of them, their bowels get loose…

How To Use Big Words To Stun Democrats in Public…

Liberals LOVE to throw Big Words around (Sesquipedalianism).

Once a liberal rank-and-file hears a new “Big Word” on their morning CNN, and they have looked it up, they have all morning to feel special, mouthing the word to anyone they see.  This is very important to liberals – that ability to appear smart by using “Big Words.” 

For fun – you can frustrate then using several tactics –

(1)  Nod your head knowingly and say “Hmmmm…  Sesquipedalianism.” Then smile and walk off knowing you have ruined their day.

(2)  Nod your head knowingly, while looking them right in the eye and say “Hmmmm… and use one of the “phobic” words listed above Then walk away as though you had just detected a bad smell,

(3)  If you REALLY feeling mean widen your eyes and spout off  TWO “Big Words” in a row, hesitating slightly between each word, then say “wow” and walk off letting them quickly grab their Smart Phones and try to look up the words you said.

Am I, with this article suggesting that liberals are easily suggestible? 

Easily led? Yup.  They sure are.

Look at how many,  not counting the dead people, and the illegals, that ACTUALLY believed Hillary’s Identity Politics rhetoric, and VOTED for her…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


8 thoughts on “Democratic Party “Name-Calling” – Desperate Response To Irrefutable Argument…”

  1. Just like an observation I made about salesmen years ago:
    Salesmen are experts in the art of deception, but none are more gullible…

  2. In the UK, it is very clear that it isn’t liberals who are engaged in pedophilia. Rather, the evidence points the other way: judges, senior policemen, allegations point to senior politicians, most but not all admittedly not all of them Tory. Jimmy Saville of course had friends in very high places, including Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Family. A few years ago the then British Home Secretary, now Conservative Prime Minister promised that the many victims of pedophilia would finally receive justice. Several years later, it looks as if the whole subject is being swept under the carpet. We shouldn’t be surprised because the evidence points to such behaviour being the preserve of the rich and powerful in society who know that they can go about their behaviour with impunity. Meanwhile, those sad individuals who try to behave in a similar manner but without the privileged position that wealth social standing confers do time and often end up beaten to death by vigilantes.

    Just because a crank stands up and calls for rights for pedophiles, please don’t extrapolate that into ‘liberals support pedophilia’.
    That is dishonest. Frankly, it’s not just dishonest- it’s gutter politics of the foulest sort.

  3. Kevin Morris,

    I think Tim is pretty right on for the situation in the US. Of course, I know that wealthy elites (of either major political party) get away with more, but here in the US, Christian Republicans have been pushed to the margins for some time. Supporting any variant of normal human sexuality is, in my experience one way of currying favor with those who have the power to hire and promote people. I don’t think Tim is engaging in “gutter politics” on this, at least not for the US.

  4. This is very good and should be spread to more Americans so they can understand what the democrats are trying to do. Though as I said it’s very good reading it’s also very dangerous and people need to know what they’re up against. I truly believe President Trump is our last hope !

  5. Kevin:

    In the US clear lines have been drawn. “Liberals” as we call them here (different from liberals in Britain), have embraced an anti Judeo/Christian philosophy primarily because Judeo/ Christians believe in social rules based on the original Ten Commandments – and THEY do not.

    In the US our whole system of laws, and the way we treat people, is based on that philosophy. Liberals, using what is known as Secular Humanism as their base feel no obligation to follow any rules.

    Look, for instance, at the liberal US TV media.

  6. Tim, and Kevin Morris,
    I think those you call liberals, Tim, might equate to our term “the politically correct” here in the UK. They are Secular Humanists, and liberal with a small “l”. Also, don’t assume that all judges and high ranking police are right wing, Kevin, even if they vote Tory. Many now see themselves as social workers, supporting the “under-dog” as long, of course, that he’s aware he’s an under-dog!

  7. I do not wish to comment on secular humanism so called. I do know though that one post Vietnam era Republican president has been mentioned several times in respect of child sexual abuse. To be fair though one prominent Democratic political family has been mentioned too. I strongly suspect that as in the UK it is power that abusers often cleave to. In the UK, our secret services have been mentioned several times in the context of child sexual abuse and I would guess that your CIA might well be implicated too. Frankly, the cloak of secrecy that such organisations confer make ideal protection for aberrant behaviours.

    I am not a Christian nor a follower of any of the so called ‘religions of the Book’ but as a Buddhist there is nothing in the Ten Commandments that I take exception to. I would be surprised though if any of the secular humanists I have met would either.

    Although I’m British, I would have voted for Donald Trump had I had the opportunity. I would have done so because his opponent is a warmonger. I approved of his announcement that he would ‘drain the swamp’. Sadly, I have seen little evidence that he is capable of doing so. I suspect that had he even appeared to do so he would have ended up the same as JFK. Much that seems wrong about the US to me, an outsider, is that the rich and powerful have increasingly managed to get to the ear of those in government, whilst the little guys are not afforded such luxuries.

    I am not a Christian, so do not believe in the literalness of the Book of Revelations, but it is clear to me that whilst the US is on the way down, the rich and powerful don’t give a damn for they will go about their wicked ways until things collapse around them. Sadly, it is more than likely that we will all be caught up in that process. Meanwhile, the rich and powerful will simply decamp to their private islands or to lands that will welcome them with open arms, such as Israel- a major player in sexual exploitation. It’s already started to turn ugly but they don’t care. Why should they since they are untouchable, especially when those who might have the moral authority to call them out see the enemy in other places.

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