You Don’t Have the Right to be SILENT about Vaccine Injury…

Dante wrote, “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

By Kent Heckenlively, JD.


I’ve thought about that a lot over the past fifteen years I’ve had a vaccine-injured child.  I’ve been attacked over the fact that I’ve been “an advocate” by family, friends, and people who don’t even know me.

And yet, there is a secret side that I don’t usually talk about, but I’m sure that every parent of a vaccine-injured child has experienced.

It’s having a private conversation with somebody that the rest of the world considers to be “unlike you” in that they are rational, intelligent, and not given to being “anti-science”.  It’s that moment when that person shares their own story of vaccine injury and you have that unique experience of saying, “Wow, what would happen if you joined me in telling the world your story?”

I remember the first time it happened to me. 

I was talking to the woman who was the case manager for my daughter for the school district.  At the time my daughter was about four years old.  I was telling her all I was learning about vaccines as the cause of my daughter’s seizure disorder and vaccines when she stood at the door to our house getting ready to leave.

But something I’d said struck a memory in her and she had to talk about it.  “My son had his first seizure after a vaccine,” she said.  “I called the doctor and he said it was probably a fluke.  The next time he had a seizure was in the doctor’s office, just after he got his vaccination.  I remember thinking then, that there was something wrong with the vaccines.  He’s had seizures ever since.”

I was left almost breathless by the statement.  She was the authority with the school district.  I was just the crazy parent.  Later I talked to other members of the school district about the story she had told me.  None of them had ever heard it.  And what was even more disturbing, is that none of them SEEMED TO WANT TO HEAR IT.

The Next Time…

The next time I remember it was with my daughter’s new neurologist, who was supposed to be a brilliant, ball-busting, no-nonsense doctor.  When we first met and I gave the history of my daughter’s problems and what I’d learned about vaccines, she was subdued.  She was not fighting me.  Sensing an opportunity I pressed my advantage.  “Do you think vaccines are safe?” I asked.

She didn’t really look at me, but she wasn’t looking away when she said, “I did not vaccinate my children according to the CDC recommended schedule.” That was all I needed to know that SHE KNEW.

And Then…

Then there was the scientist at a leading university who thought he’d finally cracked the autism mystery.  “How might vaccines interact with the immune system problems you’re finding?” I asked. He was only too happy to go on at length about how he and another leading scientist had actually performed some experiments which showed how the children with autism were uniquely vulnerable to the immune stimulation of a vaccine.

“Are you planning to publish that?”  I asked.  He then proceeded to tell me that he felt it would be better if he worked on the treatment before talking about the cause.  I could understand his logic.  However, he doesn’t seem like he’s been working on those treatments very much lately.  I guess I’d have a little more sympathy for these trade-offs if anybody could show me they’ve actually worked out.  I mean, between the time President Kennedy took the bold step of saying we’re going to the moon and when we got there, was just nine years.  Andy Wakefield published his findings nearly twenty years ago.  Isn’t finding answers for the more than a million children who suffer with autism as important as going to the moon?

These are just a FEW of the stories I know or have been told to me.  There are MUCH BIGGER ONES.  I know them and I’m sure you know some of them as well.

Which leads me to an inescapable conclusion. 

(Please feel free to check my logic.)  If there are people who KNOW about vaccine injury, either in your neighborhood, your state, the halls of academia, the broadcast networks, or among our elected public leaders, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT.

What do we in the health freedom world know? 

Vaccines are causing autism.  We know that the CDC is covering up the results of their own investigations, thanks to the release of the Simpsonwood documents and the revelations of Dr. William Thompson.

In the health freedom movement we know that vaccines are causing cancer.  You need only to read the story of cancer researcher, Dr. Judy Mikovits, in our book, PLAGUE, to know this is true.  You can even go onto YouTube and watch her videos.  She is a woman who has given her life to science.  You can’t call her “anti-science” not after twenty years of working at the National Cancer Institute and serving as Director of the Lab of Anti-Viral Drug Mechanisms.

A study released in March of 2017 comparing 3-5 month old African children who received the DPT and oral polio vaccine to those who did not, showed a FIVE-FOLD INCREASE IN MORTALITY.

Besides vaccines causing autism and cancer, they are KILLING CHILDREN. Don’t believe me?  Read the actual study here:

I imagine one day I will stand in the presence of my God and He will ask me what I did during this crisis.

I imagine Him saying to me, “They took away the courts, they paid off the media, and they bought the politicians.  All that was standing between the children and harm was YOU.  I understand you were afraid, but I gave you strength enough for the battle.  Why did you hold back?”

I want to have an answer.  I’ll take a little heat in this life to avoid the hot place to which I would be rightly sent for eternity.

I am not holding back.  Here is what I am telling everybody.  If you have a story of vaccine injury, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE SILENT.  I don’t care if you’re the janitor at the local junior high, a big screen Hollywood actor, or one of the most powerful people in the country.

No group of despots in history has ever given up power without a fight.  They have shown they will not listen to our “inside voices.”  There will be no “back-room deal” which makes everything better.

This fight needs to be out in the open. 

If you have not told your story, then you need to do it.  If you know of the mighty and powerful who have their own story, request of them that they tell it.  If they do not, I suggest YOU tell it for them.

This is a fight for the survival and health of humanity.  YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE SILENT ABOUT VACCINE INJURY.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD.
Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&


10 thoughts on “You Don’t Have the Right to be SILENT about Vaccine Injury…”

  1. I believe my youngest was damaged. He is in his 30’s now and doing well in college. Nonetheless, if, at one of his many commitment hearings, I had suggested vaccine injury, they would have scoffed harder and thought me crazier than when I mentioned head injury. This is such a tragic story, repeated so many times in what should be thought of as case studies. I am sorry for your loss and for mine, and for out pain in fighting for our kids.

  2. My son was vaccine injured, the results were allergies, asthma and of course autism. Theses stories need to be told, theses children deserve to have their voices heard.

  3. I was forced to receive one dose of Gardasil – and other shots – in order to enter the US on my immigrant visa back in 2008. I suffered from adverse reactions including anaphylactic shock, unspeakable pain and temporary paralysis in my arms, and who knows what else that was not immediately obvious.

    Now I hear from a private source that it has been reveiled in a very recent cancer meeting that the HPV-cervical cancer link is probably not true:
    “The vaccine will not be a preventative for cervical, rectal, or head and throat cancers. These cancers are instead “caused by” bacteria from the groin area infiltrating into the vulnerable tissue and causing a white cell response that becomes chronic when the foreign bacteria become incorporated into the local microbiome.”

    It’s more than time to lift the suing ban and start charging these people into the ground!

  4. I’m constantly astounded at the inability of many people to hear these histories.
    The phenomenon is not confined to vaccinations, but it seems to me that as a species we have an issue with processing information that does not fit in with our paradigm.

    That’s a general statement, but my broader observation here is that This effect is so intense it appears to me almost hypnotic in force.

  5. Thank you. This. This is the part of this fight I have the hardest time with. Literally most people I know have some level of questioning on vaccine safety. Yet most people I know will not step forward and make their voices heard. What might happen if everyone stood up?

  6. Yes, thank you! I agree with Barliman: This effect is so intense it appears to me almost hypnotic in force.

    I hear about/see the vaccine damage in family/friends and they ALL deny it. Are the children really not damaged? or am I just imagining this?

    examples I’ve seen / people I know in the last couple of years:

    a) a newborn: the baby was fine but then couldn’t breathe and was in NICU for 3 days on a ventilator. (HEPB)

    b) a 3 yr old: he just stopped talking. i don’t know why

    c) about an 18mo old: yes! thank you for asking! she is fine now but was in the hospital for a week! we almost lost her! doctors couldn’t figure out what it was. said it must have been some sort of freak virus. (18Mo shots)

    d) a 14 mo old: her eye is crooked? where? (said her mother after I pointed out the eye stroke in her girl) (Eye stroke. See Andrew Moulden’s work)

    c) a 10mo old: our baby hasn’t slept since he was BORN. He still doesn’t. (HEPB)

    d) a 4 yr old: he hasn’t pooped in 6 days (screams&cries when he tries to go) but I think he just eats too much cheese

    The whole situation makes me want to vomit.

  7. I appreciate this article. I agree that those of us who realize that vaccines are causing harm to our children and stand by and do or say nothing will be held accountable for our silence. These children have no voice but ours. The parents do not know about the safety or lack thereof concerning vaccines and they trust the doctors and nurses who administer them. The medical professionals need to do their due diligence and research the ingredients of vaccines besides just what the CDC prints. The doctors rely on the CDC and go by their guidelines and we have now seen the fraud they (CDC)are guilty of in regards to vaccine safety studies. This is a major healthcare issue and nurses and doctors need to educate themselves . Families trust nurses. Let us earn that trust. Most of all” FIRST DO NO HARM.
    Rose D. , RN, BSN

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