Trump’s “Deconstruction of the Administrative State”…

What it means for US Health Care…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


If you liked Jonathan Emord’s two-minute video in my last article you are going to LOVE the twenty-four minute video we have below. Jonathan explains, in simple language, but with great detail, what Trump is up to in revising US Health Care.

But, before we go there…

If I could wave my magic wand…

I’d like to see that every kid in America was excited about learning history so after he or she grew up, the world would make more sense. 

As it is, we depend on the press to explain events to us. Unfortunately, right now, the mainstream press is in such a tizzy, the bilge that is spewed out is a public disgrace.

Our Founding Fathers believed a free press was essential to educating the public on matters of public concern, so we could be able to govern ourselves.   So why are we watching wall to wall malcontents screaming invectives, spewing out hate and making up the “facts” as they go?  The fact that some of the worst screamers are well-known reporters is appalling.

Right now, we are living through one of the greatest moments in American history. 

It is bigger than anything anyone could have imagined before Trump came onto the scene.  He is not operating like a regular politician so he is hard to understand in comparison to the permanent ruling class in DC  we’ve been living with for decades.

The swamp is a little cleaner today. And tomorrow is coming…

He is not influenced by popularity polls with an eye for the next election.  So, even if he gets panned in the press, he is unaffected because he said he’d clean up the swamp and a lot of people voted for him without really caring to know the details.

He said he wanted to create jobs, bring industry back to America, wanted to control the flow of illegal immigrants, and he wanted to make sure America was respected around the world again.

For those of us in health freedom, he very specifically stated he thought vaccines caused autism.

I recently ran across a 24-minute Youtube video called Deconstructing the Administrative State.  It is a rebroadcast of part of a Jeff Rense radio show interview with Constitutional and Administrative Law attorney Jonathan Emord, the fellow I’ve mentioned in earlier postings on BolenReport.

I urge you to take the time to watch it, as it covers an astounding description of what President Trump’s goals are to radically change how America operates.

He is, in fact, repealing what is called the “administrative state” where, we the people, are being ruled by a permanent and un-elected horde of bureaucrats at the behest of the big business interests who put them in charge.

The first two minutes of the Youtube video is of Steve Bannon, a special advisor to Trump, who explained Trump’s blueprint to the audience at CPAC, the conservative political organization that met earlier this year.  Then our guy Jonathan…

Jonathan Emord’s portion of the Youtube video is actually part of a radio interview Jeff Rense had with him recently that fills in the details of what Bannon’s presentation outlined.

How Trump is “Deconstructing the Administrative State,” and what it means for American Health Care…

Was that clear enough for you?

Our Republic is based on a Constitution that was supposed to protect our individual liberties. 

At the heart of this scheme was a small government that was never intended to rule our lives.  Countless federal agencies were never envisioned as part of the deal and only came into existence through political trickery in the 1930s.

Trump’s activities are FAR from the reports of chaos the press loves to spew. 

This man’s strategy is running like a finely-tuned time piece only running so efficiently and fast, no one can keep up (except for us over here at the BolenReport, of course).  So, in the case of the press, they make up stories to claim he’s a walking disaster.

As Trump admits, he gives himself a “C” when it comes to communicating what he is doing.

In short, Trump’s appointments are not political plums to random people for supporting him in the campaign.

They are people who each have a special mission.  Those appointed to spots related to international trade are there to fact find and make recommendations regarding how our international situation can be tuned up to make sure America is a “fair-trading nation” again instead of suffering from the lopsided treaties and trade agreements we now have.  This is how jobs can be brought back to America.

Our military is now back in charge of our defense.  They are professionals who don’t need a civilian in the White House micro-managing how they operate overseas based on naive self-serving political agendas.  This also includes how we deal with terrorism which needs to be eliminated worldwide as soon as possible.

The goal for cleaning out the swamp at the regulatory level is particularly important. 

It is commonly believed that big business tends to be Republican while labor, minorities and women tend to be Democrat.  The fact is, big business, especially BIG PHARMA, doesn’t care who’s in office. BIG PHARMA runs both sides of the aisle because they want to craft regulations  to keep competition at bay.   YUP.  If you haven’t figured that one out by now, you’ve been distracted by reading too much muck from the media.

Here’s the deal…..

A Bureaucrat and their red tape are never far apart…

Trump’s whole goal is to shrink government in order to remove the power from all the petty bureaucrats that have taken over our lives.

For us health freedom folks, many of these regulations are designed to strangle innovation and deny us access to products and services to maintain our personal health.

Once Trump forces the FDA, in particular, to get rid of strangling regulations to protect Big Pharma’s market, we will see all manner of natural products in the marketplace without Jonathan having to sue the agency in federal court to force the FDA to follow the law.

Trump’s strategy has many facets.

(1)  His cabinet secretaries are assigned the task of keeping their individual agencies focused on eliminating unnecessary regulations and to make sure everyone under them stays on task.

(2)  He is directing agency personnel to find two regulations to eliminate for every one they want to create. This forces agency personnel to think clearly about what they want to achieve instead of heaping some new regulation on top of all the rest willy nilly.

(3)  Trump appointed task forces inside every executive branch agency to continually comb through regulations to find more and more to eliminate.

(4)  The head of the Office of Management and Budget is in charge of keeping all these activities on task and report the details to President Trump so he can stay on top of things.

(5)  Trump’s chief political strategist, Steve Bannon, has reached out to all those who are regulated, large and small, to get their input regarding what needs to be deregulated and why!!!!!

(6)  Agency personnel are now compelled to figure out how to eliminate a lot of regulations on their own.

(7)  Budgets of these agencies are being cut by 15% to further emphasize the need to downsize.

(8)  Trump ordered a hiring freeze.

In a nutshell…

Having come to Washington during the Reagan years as an attorney working for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Jonathan has seen Washington politics ebb and flow during six presidencies.  As a Constitutional and Administrative Law specialist, he is also more than qualified to understand what he sees.  So when he points out that this is the first time in modern history something this BIG is happening, we can take his observations to the bank.

He sees there is a comprehensive commitment from both inside and outside each agency, from the top down, to deal with entrenched career bureaucrats and static regulations that have plagued those regulated for generations.  In short,  with glee in his voice, Jonathan told the audience that Trump is knocking the “crap” out of these agencies to downsize them and make them work right.

Other parts of the discussion covered the fact that the current regulations were put into place with the help of well-paid lobbyists on K Street eager to protect their clients (i.e. Big Pharma) from competition coming from smaller, more innovative companies that were either priced out or regulated out of the market place.

The really good parts…

The business community is now buzzing with excitement about how they can expand (read new jobs) and bring new products to market.  Meanwhile, the big guys won’t be able to hide behind government regulations to protect their markets.  So, these guys are not too happy.

Political Economist, Adam Smith, told our Founding Fathers that competition in the marketplace lowers prices, increases choices and improves quality.  Smith also pointed out that….

“People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”

Our current medical system is strangled with regulations and limited choices thanks to the political power of Big Pharma and allied industries.  We currently have the most expensive medical system in the world and we are among the least healthy people in the industrialized world.

A Massive Shift…

Students of history, like Jonathan, can see what is happening here.  Trump is orchestrating a massive shift away from the administrative state that found its beginning here in America in the 1930s when all these federal agencies were first created.  Later, it was in the 1960s, when Medicare, Medicaid and other Great Society programs were established, that armies of regulators, lawyers and other bureaucrats needed to set up shop in Washington to meet the needs of these new regulation-heavy programs.

As a businessman, Trump is running our government like a business where cost controls, efficiency and achievement of clear objectives in a timely manner are all marks of success.

What he is doing is what any businessman would do after taking over the management of a failing business….. assessing the assets and liabilities, and cleaning house, something previous presidents didn’t do.  In the process he is disrupting entrenched bureaucrats and  peeling away the regulations that protected special interests.  In short, he is deconstructing the administrative state.

Trump is blunt…

Since Trump is a blunt, sometimes rude person, he has pissed off a whole lot of people who do not seem to have the capacity to ignore Trump’s foibles and see what he is actually accomplishing.

In addition, those who’s comfy lives as bureaucrats and entrenched power brokers, are now in a state of panic with all sorts of unwanted changes to deal with.  They are no longer going to be in charge.  Many are expressing their displeasure in a variety of ways the press is eager to report rather than do their job properly informing the public about the bigness of what is really happening.

The good old days…

I miss the great newspapers of old with their investigative reporters who were eager to expose the corruption of government.  Or, better yet, would vie for the privilege to be first to dig into what Trump is up to.

But, sad to say, the economics of the media has changed and there are no longer budgets for great trumpeters of truth like Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite.

Big Pharma advertising is now the lifeblood of the mainstream media so there is no hope to see real news about, for example, the multitude of vaccine scandals happening right and left.  That work is left to internet specialty news outlets like the BolenReport to cover.

After seeing Jeff Rense’s Youtube Video, it helped me clarify in my own mind just what Trump is doing to make America great again.  I hope you find that to be true, also.

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

10 thoughts on “Trump’s “Deconstruction of the Administrative State”…”

  1. I fear you are much too optimistic about Trump’s decisions regarding vaccines and rug companies. He’s as much a puppet of the military, industrial and medical complex in Washington as every other president. Where is the RFK, Jr. commission on vaccine safety?

  2. Maurine:

    Thanks for your comments.

    Please explain your comment about how you think Trump is a puppet of the military, industrial and the medical complexes.

    As for the RFK, jr. Vax Commission…. Several of us here at Bolen Report have direct contact with him and others who work with him. A lot is going on behind the scenes so stay tuned. It takes awhile to get something like this organized.


  3. I have to laugh when you indicate that Cronkite was a trumpeter of truth. More like a trumpeter of the CIA’s “truth” of which he was an agent.
    And giving the War Dept, that already cant account for 8 Trillion, an extra 50 Billion per year to waste is not exactly going to lead to govt efficiency.
    Nature abhors a vacuum. Reducing the power of the Fed is only going to lead to corporate powers moving into the vacuum, unless something is done simultaneously to reduce corporate power. But that wont happen. Just watch your Comcast & ATT bills increase and their control of the market increase under Trump’s blind eye.
    Im not advocating for Fed power but a lot of wishful thinking going on in this article.

  4. Roger:

    That “missing 8.5 trillion at the Pentagon” is an urban myth. 8.5 trillion dollars was the ENTIRE US Defense budget from 1996 to 2012. Some totally STUPID mainstream media nitwit started that assinine story.

    The bottom line here is that America is either going to be a Republic or an “Agenda 21 socialist collective.”

    Try playing the 24 minute video. It is VERY informative about what is happening behind the scenes.

    Tim Bolen

  5. So lets go with the number 2.5 Trillion that Rumsfeld admitted in a press conference the day before 911 when an explosion occurred in the section of the Pentagon where the accounting records were being processed. See “Behind the Smoke Curtain” and the youtube video of the press conference.
    My main point is that deconstructing the administrative state sounds great unless you have oligopolist and monopolist corporations to fill the power vacuum. These bureaucracies were created to fill a need, that wont be met by just eliminating the bureaucracies. Do we think that Merck will just walk away from the billions that they make from vaccines?

  6. Here are two links to pages that index over 20 articles discussing the Financial Coup d’Etat and the missing trillions of taxpayer dollars from our federal government, including a link to the video of Donald Rumsfeld admitting they could not account for 2.3 Trillion from the Pentagon alone.

    This is not an asinine story started by mainstream nitwits. This is an issue the mainstream media refuses to discuss much like the vaccine issue.

    In order to properly understand the complexities of the missing money I recommend following Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari Report. Catherine is the antithesis of an asinine nitwit. She is a brilliant financial analyst educated at the Wharton School of Business, a former partner at the Wall Street firm of Dillon & Reed and the former Deputy Secretary of HUD under Bush I. She spent 10 years battling the federal government in court after she designed a software program that uncovered massive government financial corruption.

    She has hosted numerous members of the health freedom movement on her show, as well as highly reputable independent journalists, foreign policy analysts and financial analysts like John Rappaport, The Saker, Franklin Sanders and many more.

    In fact, getting the The Bolen Report in cahoots with the Solari Report would create a network of readers with some serious clout.


  7. In regards to Elissa’s awesome article on deconstructing the administrative state, I have to agree, I do think this is one of the areas Trump is making actual headway because this is his wheelhouse. I’m still not quite sold that he will crack the FDA/Big Pharma/Media mafia because I doubt he will outlaw direct advertising or dissolve the vaccine court, but if he gets the ball rolling by holding the CDC accountable and the FDA deregulation actually makes way for natural products to come to market then kudos to him.

    He is also having a real effect on illegal immigration despite being blocked in some areas by the courts. Illegal border crossings in March have decreased by 72%, just based on the announced intent of the DOJ to uphold the law. He’s also transferred 50 judges to the border courts to clear the backlog. That’s solid progress that deserves to be acknowledged.

    I do not believe he will make any headway on the missing federal money, nor will he be able to challenge the deep state on foreign policy, central banking, backing the petro dollar, or auditing the fed. That job will be left to the Libertarians.

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