With Donald Trump We May Have Stopped the “Vaccinate Innocent Children” Merry Go-Round Just in Time…

But, Let’s Not Let Up…

We Still Have to Solve the California SB 277 Problem…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Solving the Mandatory Vaccine SB 277 problem in California is NOT going to be a cakewalk.  There are things that President Trump can do (like cut off the CDC to State Health Department funding), but we are going to have to do some important things ourselves.

I’m not exaggerating a bit when I talk about how bad California has become politically – and I’m not just referring to SB 277 Mandatory Vaccines.    Here in California, they have completely eliminated the American Two-Party System.   So, I was NOT surprised when they forced vaccines on innocent children.  They stayed in character.

In virtually ALL other States mandatory vaccine bills were BEATEN. In some places, they never got out of committee.  But, in California, the legislation ran right through, and there are reasons for that we need to do something about.

In California…

The Two-Party System is GONE in California.  Due to the passing of some self-serving legislation, Democrats don’t run for election against Republicans here.  They, in their naturally superior (sarcasm intended), elitist, positions don’t feel any necessity to have to argue politics with someone who disagrees with them – that’s not the liberal-progressive way.

For the very first time in California’s history two Democrats ran against each other for the US Senate.  Surprise, surprise – a Democrat won…

Don’t get me wrong – I wouldn’t be all that happy with a completely Republican controlled government either.

What we always need is a balance.  California has become something totally different.

No, I am not making this California situation stuff up…

The California “liberal-progressive” philosophy is simple.  It is kind of “since we leaders are all so superior to all of you, we are going to make up rules we expect you to obey on a moment’s notice. You are not allowed to question us, our decisions, our funding, and certainly not our personal values and activities.  We, however, will interfere with YOUR lives whenever we want..”

It makes you want to look out your windows, carefully, in the morning to see if there is a train waiting to take you to a re-settlement camp.

Liberal Extremism in California…

Senate Bill 277 (SB 277) – legislation to FORCE Made-in-China vaccines, with no testing of results, on California’s innocent children, is a pure example of totalitarianism.

What, exactly,  is totalitarianism?

Totalitarianism refers to a political system in which all authority is in the hands of the state. In a totalitarian society, all control of public and private life are government run.”

Lets be specific:

(1)  Although there were health claims made by SB 277 proponents, none of those claims were true.  None of them…

(2)  For the Democratic Party SB 277 mandatory vaccine promoters facts are just a bother.  Achieving their desires, whatever those may be, seems to predominate.  In the case of SB 277 there was NO argument for disease prevention at all, and the inherent dangers of vaccines were inconvenient facts to be ignored.

So, what then was the REAL reason for SB 277? 

(1)  More income generation for the liberal-progressive network.   How?  State/County Health Departments, and Pediatricians, always want more money.  The vaccine system makes those agencies the sales force, by increasing payment depending on percentage of the populace vaccinated.

(2)  In order to keep a totalitarian system running you have to keep paying the minions well – else they’ll turn on you.  That situation is the problem, and, now that we have Trump in office as the President of the US, it may also be the answer.

Trump may be the answer to take back California from the liberal-progressive crazies?  Yes….

Why?  Totalitarian systems run on money.  Those Storm Troopers they turn on the people (public agencies like a Health Department) need money to run.  A HUGE PORTION of that money comes from Federal coffers.  If we can get Trump to turn off the cash flow feeding the California totalitarian monstrosity in different ways, we can make it collapse of its own weight.

The California Democrats are already worried about that.  Trump has talked about curtailing government and regulations – and he means it.

What About the SB 277 Lawsuit?

Attorney Bob Moxley, from Cheyenne, Wyoming, called me at 6:00 AM the day after the election asking me how I knew, and was so confident, that Trump was going to win.  Bob is one of the lead attorneys putting together the newest assault on SB 277.

I laughed, telling him, in as short an explanation as possible, how I knew.  Bob, was one of those disbelievers who listened to the naysayers declaring a Hillary win inevitable.  My key point to Bob was to take a hard look at the fact that mainstream media is down to a 6% credibility rating.

But, as Bob pointed out, this changes the direction of the lawsuit dramatically – so, once again, I have to say “Wait a little longer…”

Why?  We want to see who President Trump’s top Supreme Court pick is, and research him/her.

What about those Anti-Trump Protesters?

Just an average rally for Donald Trump.

Another mainstream media failure.  Despite the efforts of all of the mainstream TV news outlets to create havoc, the total number of protesters nationwide on any given night does not equal HALF of a crowd at an average Trump Rally.  That says it all.

Then there’s this:


Starting January 20th, 2017 Hillary Clinton supporters are going to go into shock…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

6 thoughts on “With Donald Trump We May Have Stopped the “Vaccinate Innocent Children” Merry Go-Round Just in Time…”

  1. Slashing federal funding to unhealth departments will do a world of good, but I worry that Indiana’s vaccinator-in-chief has been put in charge of rounding up the names of appointees. Can we have confidence that the cesspool at the CDC will be cleansed of the fraudsters? You know as well as I do, Tim, that we can’t trust any politician. The capture of Washington by industry is so deep and vast as to be unbreakable. As for the little bands of “protestors,” we all did dumb things in our youth; I think many of them will live to regret this. In the meantime they have play-doh in their campus “safe rooms” to comfort them. Never thought I’d live to see the day when college campuses began to resemble day care.

  2. Hi Tim. Thank you for giving us a heads up on the lawsuit. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding the senate race, and the elimination of the two party system in CA. Is there anyone in our Health Freedom Movement who has access to Trump that can speak to him regarding his cabinet appointments, especially in regards to HHS? Also, what are your thoughts on the Global Health Security Agenda executive order Obama signed, sneaking it by on Nov. 4th, just prior to the election? It is not a coincidence that this comes on the heels of the new, fascist CDC rules. Although, it seems even worse, expanding the authority of the draconian disease prevention measures, such as mandatory measles vaccination, to the FBI, NSA, etc. Trump promised to reverse all Obama’s executive orders, and this needs to be the first one to go. What do you think is the best way to accomplish this?

  3. Andre: Right. However, he has the power to appoint agency directors, so Frieden is gone. Who will he choose to replace him with? The employees are apparently wetting their pants in anticipation. Lets hope he doesn’t delegate this one to Pence, whom I don’t trust for one second (don’t trust Trump, either, but he did meet with the Vaxxed team, and seemed to indicate that he is on our side). Obama knew in 2007 that vaccines cause autism, but you can see what that got us. Hopefully, too, we’ll get a ball-buster as Secretary of DHHS.

  4. It was asked in a previous article here what could be done to try and curtail the attack on health freedom. Why not play the same game the California Dems like to use: Tax everything. How about localities proposing a ‘vaccine tax’ at the Local or county level that would be used for increased ‘vaccine safety’.
    Rather than framing the issue as ‘anti’vax’ (which only will be used to try and marginalize the concerned) I think oponents of forced deadly vaccines could much better frame the issue as being proponents of ‘safer vacs’. Obviously with the damage clearly shown by the vaccine court, nobody could legitimately claim vaccines (in theory) couldn’t be made MUCH safer if only the manufacturers would spend the money to use safer ingredients and would actually perform REAL studies. Pass local taxes on any vaccines entering the locality or county and use the money for the required cinical trials that the manufacturers won’t do. Tax tax tax them and also think about passing local community Bill of Rights legislation like this one California county did. This could be a great creative way to help bring much needed change:


  5. By the way, these taxes would be placed on the manufacturers not only (or at all) on the end users. If we can pass cigarrette and alcohol taxes and have ‘dry’ county legislation in some U.S. counties, what’s to stop the taxing of vaccines and or local ordinances curtailing or barring their use in certain situations? (other than sold out politicians and corruption).

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