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Analysis by Alan Hysinger

Everyone is focused on the election of our new President, Donald Trump. Response is varied across the Healthcare Freedom movement. Given that Trump is a States Rights Advocate, it seems the California Elections have much more relevance to us here in California.

Let’s celebrate our victory

California Health Freedom Activists organized an campaigned against Anaheim Republican Assembly member Young Kim, who went against party lines, voting Yes on SB 277. And effectively ended her short political career.

OC Activists Oust Young Kim. Shout out to BolenReport author Karri Lewis, on the front lines
OC and South Bay Activists Oust Young Kim. Shout out to BolenReport author Karri Lewis, on the front lines

Kim surrenders her seat back to Democrat Sharon Quirk-Silva, whom Kim defeated in the 2014 election. I think we can count on Quirk-Silva voting against Health Freedom, but we have sent a message to proponents of SB 277. And the activists here cast an example of what is possible, should you all be willing to invest the time and energy into your own local races for state representatives.

Now for the bad news

In the State Assembly, Democrats Cheryl Brown from Fontana, and Patty Lopez from San Fernando, who voted against SB 277 were ousted by Democrats Eloise Reyes and Raul Bocanegra, respectively.

Like 9 other Assembly races, these elections were Democrat vs. Democrat as a result of California’s “Top Two” Primary Law, voted in as Prop 14 by California’s sleepy voters in 2010. I believe something else was in play in these two elections however. These Assembly members disregarded a key resolution in the California Democratic Party Platform, Resolution 15-05.15, which compels Democratic Law Makers to support the repeal of Personal Beliefs Exemption to Mandatory Vaccinations, or face the consequences. The most likely consequence is the party refusing to allocate CADEM General Funds to a candidate’s campaign. But it also seems that Prop 14 can be used as a weapon against party insiders, by the party funding of another Democrat to unseat non-compliant party members. I didn’t intend this post to be a referendum on Prop 14, but it has some pretty pernicious effects.

And it gets worse…

Also in the State Assembly, Republicans David Hadley from Torrance, and Eric Linder from Riverside, both voted No on SB 277, were ousted from their seats. They will be replaced by Democrats Al Muratsuchi and Sabrina Cervantes, respectively.

The significance of this change is now the Democrats have a 2/3 majority in the State Assembly, to add to their standing 2/3 majority in the State Senate.

How does this change the balance?

In summary, assuming the freshmen Republican Senators will carry our agenda, the net effect is one “Yes” on SB 277 seat was likely replaced by another enemy of Health Freedom, and two “No” on SB 277 seats were lost, and similarly replaced by enemies of Health Freedom in all likelihood.

Yep, this isn’t good. Perhaps you should take it on to emulate the tactics of the  Anaheim activists during your next local election.

Other changes

Notably, numerous incumbents in the Senate and Assembly were retiring this year. In the case of the Assembly, the retiring seats were won by members of the same party.

Within the Senate, we have promotions from Assembly to Senate for both parties.  Republicans Scott Wilk and Ling-Ling Chang replace Sharon Runner and Bob Huff. Democrats Bill Dodd and Toni Atkins replace Lois Wolk and Martin Block.

Additionally, other retiring Senate Democrat incumbents were replaced by other Democrats.

Whether this ends up changing the stand of the legislature as a whole on Health Freedom issues remains to be seen.  My take is, overall, things got worse.

What does this mean for us?

It goes without saying we should meet our legislators who are new to their positions. We need to know where they stand and make them aware of our presence. Some might choose to engage them legislatively, and if that is your calling, please do. It might just work.

But I am not a fan of engaging legislators to enact laws on our behalf. I much more favor finding ways to use the system as a weapon against itself. Educate Advocate’s Neglect Report Campaign, which seeks to engage parents and patients to file complaints against their doctors with the California Medical Board is a good example of what I mean.

So think up your dirtiest of dirty tricks, and get busy. To be clear, I mean dirty tricks that are still legal (and hopefully fun to pursue); I’m not inciting illegal acts. Neither am I telling you what you should or should not do.

Aside from that, though it may be a distraction from our core mission, looking at putting together an initiative to repeal 2010 Prop 14, would be a worthy campaign. In most districts in California, if two Democrats run in the Primary, it is likely two Democrats will be on the ballot, and no candidate from any other party. I don’t call that Democracy.

Analysis by Alan Hysinger

4 thoughts on “Health Freedom and The California Legislature Elections…”

  1. Excellent article Tim. Thank you for informing us about Propisition 14; it looks like fighting to repeal it is a worthy cause. It is important that health freedom fighters across the nation stay vigilant, and activists in CA need to realize that our work has just begun.

  2. Thank you for explaining why there are two dems running against each other. This state is doomed unless we can repeal prop 14. Any suggestions how to begin? You are absolutely correct that medical freedom will suffer immensely unless we can get real opposition elected. This is a dem agenda but the people of CA are too ignorant to see it happening and it is already too late!

  3. Hi Laura and Robert,

    Thanks for your comments. In California, ballot initiatives like Prop 14 can only be repealed or modified through new ballot initiatives. So the best first step in my mind is identifying someone from our movement or friendly to our cause who has run a successful ballot initiative in the past. Second would be someone who has a close associate or friend who has run such a campaign.

    It is so much more than filing the papers in Sacramento. It requires voter education, contacts in the media, and an agile publicity team that can meet and disarm the onslaught of lies and deceit the Democrats will spew to try to protect this unfair ballot box advantage.

    If anyone has a lead on such an individual, send a message to Tim through the Contact Page and we will take it under advisement.

  4. Yes, proposition 14 is bad for freedom and bad for California! Thank you, Alan for helping to shed light on this.

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