Can The “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement Defeat California’s Senator Richard Pan? Yes, They Certainly Can…

As we Judeo/Christians Always Say:  “Understanding the Problem is Half Way to Solution…”

Opinion By “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Part Four of the BolenReport’s “California is Ground Zero series…

I am watching the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement operate all across America and I am very pleased.  I am seeing stumbling, bumbling, fall-down-and start-over, groups and mini-groups, look carefully at what is going on in US healthcare, get up once again, and go forward with a brand new attack, inching incrementally towards victory, teaching themselves, and their others, how to defeat what HAD appeared to be an insurmountable enemy.

I sit here like a proud parent of an infant, watching the determination of that youngster, dirty diapers and all, teaching itself the coordination to walk, embedding the moves necessary to operate into their psyche.  With their eye on where they are going.

I am watching the evolution of a brand new, up-to-date, Health Freedom Movement…

I am impressed.  This one is going to be bigger than the last one, and its opportunities to affect change are almost endless.  Currently called the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement it is anything but something that simple.  It is a true Health Freedom Movement and it is headed for immense success…

California is the key battleground.  Why?  For several reasons, the primary of which, is the simple fact that it was the emerging “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement’s first big DEFEAT.  Not only a major DEFEAT, but a resounding walloping.  From that walloping grew a national, and international, anger, and a switch in the way the emerging “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement operated.

California’s SB 277 (Mandatory vaccinations for children) is, I think, going to go down in history as the catalyst that began the destruction of the globalist Big Pharma/China conglomerate…

And, I think that destruction is well under way.  Why do I say that?  Because California’s SB 277 was supposed to be Big Pharma/China’s model for legislation all across America vaccine-damaging as many American children as possible, as fast as possible.

What happened?  The “Anti-Vaxxer” movement grew up, so-to-speak, overnight, and even though Big Pharma/China had a massive head start and trillions of dollars to bribe Democrat legislators all over America, they only won two more States making, at the end of the day, the score 47 to 3 in favor of the “Anti-Vaxxer”movement for States that forced vaccines on children.

And the “Anti-Vaxxers” were digging change out of the sofa cushions to keep going.  For amusement the “Anti-Vaxxers” could go down to the harbor, so-to-speak, and watch the Big Pharma/China money ships unload shrink-wrapped pallets of hundred dollar bills being delivered to Democratic Party legislators in those 47 States, where their money bought NOTHING.

So, let’s talk about California…

Can the “Anti-Vaxxers” take back California?  Yes, and here is why…

Understanding the reality:

(1)  Yes, San Francisco, and other ultra-liberal California “Sanctuary Cities” have issues with human feces and needles on their city streets.  It is just a simple fact of liberal life – we are NOT supposed to talk about and embarrass our elected officials.   If you MUST visit one of those places, DO NOT wear open-toed shoes, and LOAD UP on Vitamin C before you go, and for sure DO NOT SWIM in any surrounding bodies of water (yes, that is toilet paper floating in the water)…

THIS is what California has become.

(2)  Of course there is Voter Fraud in California.  California just might actually be a Red State.  But, we will never know until we deal with that issue directly.

As we all know the terms “Democratic Party” and “Voter Fraud” are long-time synonyms.  In California the problem is exacerbated by the simple fact that the governance of the State has been taken over, almost completely, by those devoid of human moral code.  It is a State full of those who see “The Ten Commandments” as “something for other people.”

(3)  Yes, California has the largest number of homeless, illegal aliens, and H-1B workers taking jobs from Americans.  It is just the way liberal elites think.

We know all this to be true.  We, here in California live with it every day.

Yes, these problems, described above, need to be solved.  They seem insurmountable (they are not) and it is discouraging. But look around.  There is a whole movement in America looking at what is happening and dealing with it.

The Democrats are trying to stop us by impeaching our President.  Is THAT working?  Nope.  We are a steamroller running right at them.

But let’s stay focused on what we do best – Health Care.  Why?  Because it is VERY obvious that the American public is awakening.  The problems described above are being worked on by our allies – those that want, and are insisting on, a return to the system based upon Judeo/Christianity.

In California we have been down this road before…

And we won the war, totally getting our way.  It took a while, but we were patient and persistent.  A battle had started in California over what is called “Alternative Medicine” in earnest, in roughly 1996.  Our ongoing battle lasted until 2003 when we totally revised California law.

During this seven year process we almost completely destroyed Big Pharma’s “quackbuster” operation.  The old California Health Freedom Movement was relentless…

More, in our anger and demand for justice, we were able to totally remove the existing California Medical Board, and get the Governor to appoint all new members.  We sponsored and got passed about five new laws protecting our interests.  We forced the Medical board to accept a “two year monitor” which in itself, forced the Medical Board staff into an objective rather than a subjective process.

Is such intensive action necessary right now to protect doctors that issued Medical Exemptions for Vaccines?  Yes, it is…

I am going to give you here an excerpt and a link to a 2003 article I wrote (yes, we are talking about seventeen years ago) that outlines what we were doing in the California Health Freedom Movement.  When you read this excerpt realize that we arranged EVERYTHING that happened.  We were completely ruthless and focused on winning everything – and we did.

“The California Health Freedom Movement is tough. Very tough. It wants real, up-to-date, health care, and it wants it right now. It allows no impediments to its desires. None. Why should we? We’re Americans.

One of the last alternative MDs prosecuted by the Medical Board of California (MBC) was Bob Sinaiko of San Francisco. That case, and its surrounding activities, literally, broke the quackbuster’s power in California. They’ve never been able to recover.

The MBC, itself, was beaten silly over the Sinaiko case. The existing appointed Board, at the time, was entirely removed, and ALL new members put in place.

The MBC staff, the real source of quackbuster machinations, was reviled in the California press where it was shown that they intentionally avoided prosecuting bad doctors, and focused on solo practitioners. The NEW appointed board conducted hearings, and workshops, to get to the bottom of the problems brought to them by health activists. Things have changed.

We’ve made things BAD for quackbusters here.

Alfredo Terrazas was the State of California Attorney General prosecutor in the Sinaiko case. “T-Rex” as he was labeled by the Sinaiko strategy team, hissed in the courtrooms. His presentation was right out of the quackbuster playbook – all name calling, short on facts, long on falsehood and misrepresentation.

Sinaiko’s attorney, in an official complaint to California State authorities had pointed to Terrazas’s courtroom antics, where Terrazas had claimed that Sinaiko was “practicing junk science, voodoo medicine, pseudo-science — that is to say chronic fatigue syndrome is voodoo science — selling a bogus treatment, aggressive, loose cannon. He diagnosed Dr. Sinaiko and says he suffers from delusions, paranoia, grandiosity, he has persecutory delusions; if we are not careful, he will mutate his present form of medicine in some other form of quackery. He endangers the public. He is insidious, he uses junk science…” Typical quackbuster blatherings.

The Sinaiko case, of course, starting in 1996, had gone through the administrative hearing process, and on to the OLD appointed board

– where of course, the quackbuster mentality had influence. They took his license…

But in California – we simply went on to the next step – appeal.  Sinaiko supporters not only raised the money, but they raised public consciousness about the attack on Sinaiko. They made alliances with others groups. Bob Sinaiko has the support, in his case, from not only the California and North American Health Freedom movement, but from the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD), the California Medical Association (CMA), the Center for Public Interest Law (CPIL), and his patients. Amicus briefs (friend of the court) have been filed by most of the organizations that support Sinaiko.

The quackbusters didn’t have a chance. They won the first battle, and died in the war.

Terrazas, in the appeal phase of the Sinaiko case, began to have serious problems. It soon became clear that he wasn’t representing the opinions and policies of the NEWLY appointed Medical Board members, or the people of California. He was in trouble, for his allegation in appeal was  “The standard of care for California medicine was that only ‘widely accepted’ medicine could be used in California. All else is health fraud, and quackery.”  Again -typical quackbuster blatherings.

The first Judge Terrazas came up against openly snorted at his opinions. Terrazas was forced to use his one peremptory challenge to remove the judge from the case. Then came the new Judge – which didn’t work for Terrazas that well either. Real Judges, outside of the Administrative hearing world, actually act like Judges are supposed to act. When things started to go bad for Terrazas’s case again, he tried to have the second Judge removed. That didn’t work. Then he tried to have all those Amicus briefs barred from appeal. That didn’t work either – and T-Rex was on a downhill slope.

What we did in California carried across the nation.

We completely destroyed Big Pharma’s “Quackbuster” operation nationwide.  It was later replaced with the skeptics.

The North American Health Freedom Movement is, and was, powerful, motivated, goal and objective centered, and ruthless.  Click on this link to be connected to a series of articles (about 130) outlining the “Quackbuster’s” demise.

Stay tuned, for the fun is just beginning…

Opinion By “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

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  1. People have to insist that Dr Bedpan is uptodate with vaccines. He has to prove it by having random vaccines given by a doctor of your choice, publicly. Law applies to everyone. .

  2. 11/16/2019Vaccine ingredient warning: Ethyl mercury in vaccines 50 times more toxic than methyl mercury in fish

    Science proves that ethyl mercury is actually far MORE toxic than methyl mercury. Most nurses and doctors parrot the myth the other way around, falsely claiming that ethyl mercury is “less persistent in the body” so therefore it’s less toxic, except they have no science to back that up, whatsoever.

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